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  1. hardnow

    My first time at the baths

    I've just reread the story! What a hot filthy dirty blast!
  2. hardnow

    Filthy Sauna

    Best sequel start ever!
  3. hardnow

    No 18

    We want more!
  4. Hot conclusion or will we get more?
  5. hardnow

    Scottish Delight

    nice happyend
  6. Hot Story and excellent jerk-off material! Hope there will be more soon!
  7. hardnow

    Filthy Sauna

    Will there be a sequel?
  8. hardnow

    Lost in the dark

    Perfect new chapter. Again well written and so filthy. Wonder if he had now seen the man who popped his cherry.
  9. hardnow

    Lost in the dark

    What a well written new chapter. I like every detail of the filthy encounters. It seems that we will meet his first daddy again. I hope that there will be a lot of new chapters. Thank you
  10. hardnow

    Lost in the dark

    I'm glad to hear that it will be continued.
  11. hardnow

    Lost in the dark

    Please more! One of the best written stories need a sequel!!
  12. hardnow

    Lost in the dark

    What a hot and filthy story and very well written! Love it! Please more!

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