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I had gone to the bar as I usually did after work.  I had met up with Tom and Joe; they were tops that I usually met up with for sex.  We were having a beer and chatting.  They had spoken with me about the upcoming bareback party.

"Fred, you're going to the party, aren't you?" Tom asked.  He was leaning against the table where I was sitting.  Joe also leaned against the table as he said "You'd best be there, they need more good bottoms."

I wasn't sure what he was implying, but I took a gulp of my beer and said "Sure, I'm going; are you both going to be there?"  They both shook their heads yes.  Tom and Joe were looking for the younger type of men they preferred, and one by one they left and joined the crowds prowling. I finished my beer and left, as I didn't want to become one of their or others targets.

On the Friday night of the party I had pondered about it and decided for sure I would go.  I parked about two blocks away and walked there.  I paid the entrance fee and then stripped in the locker room.  I wore my usual black leather harness and jock strap.  I scouted the party area and found it fairly well occupied.  Several men were looking for bottoms, including Tom and Joe.
Tom walked over to me "Are you picking out who you want first?" "Of course" I replied.  Joe said "The slings are busy, but there's a St. Andrew's Cross across the floor over there.  Want to let us get you started?" I figured I'd start out easy, so I said "Sure."

We walked over and they put my arms up in the padded cuffs, making sure I was facing the cross, and spread my legs, not bothering with the ankle cuffs.  Joe had some lube with him, and he greased up his cock and my ass, and he slid in without as much as saying anything. I had previously greased up my ass in advance, as I figured I'd be bottoming for most of the men there.  Joe was pretty much the same as he'd always been, just a fast fuck.  He didn't cum, just looked at Tom and when he pulled out, he took over.  He was also a fast fucker, but he didn't get off either.  When he pulled out he turned to Joe and said "Let's go see what else is available."  They left me attached to the wrist cuffs, so I was stuck where I was.  

At this point I was pissed.  I wanted to be really fucked, but they had left and I couldn't get out, as the cuffs were secured to the posts of the cross pieces.  So I had to just stand there and listen to all the guys that were enjoying themselves.  I could look over and see a couple guys in the slings, both being well fucked, with a crowd of men around, urging them on.  

As I hung there, kind of discouraged, I smelled cigar smoke.  Then a man walked up to me.  I looked down and saw the fingers of a black man working my nips and balls. Then I felt his hardness against my ass, about the same time as I was aware of a big black cigar coming over my left shoulder.  He took a big drag and then removed the cigar from his mouth and let a big cloud of cigar smoke surround us.  

"You feel left out, young fellow?" he asked as he slipped his cock up my greasy hole.  I inhaled a big breath of the smoke before I responded "Yeah".  He grasped my hips and pulled me back a little to make my ass more open to him. The cigar was still over my left shoulder and he took another big draw on it as he went up my ass. "You're pretty open, boy, but not all the way" he said, as he hit my second sphincter.  Now at this point he was pretty much as far up my ass as any man had ever been, and I was shaking from the feeling.  I think he realized that as he took another big drag on the cigar.  "How about I let you down off this cross and give you a nice ride on one of the slings?"

I didn't want to loose his cock out of my ass, but I did think it would be better to be lying down before he pierced my second sphincter, so I said "Sure."  He unfastened the two wrist cuffs and I was able to get my arms down.  It made me feel weird from tired muscles, but I was able to turn around then and see who this man was.

He looked to be over 40, was about 6'2" tall, black, as I already knew, and was wearing a harness and chaps and a leatherman's cap, plus big boots. He had a nice face, sort of long, with bright eyes, and a big smile. I couldn't see his hair, but he had a short beard and mustache and what I could see of his body was muscular and covered in short curls of hair, and some of it was just beginning to turn gray. And of course he had a big black cigar in his jaw. He was standing there with his hands on his hips, just looking me over as I was doing the same to him.  "You like what you see?" he asked.  I was really staring at his big cock, which had to be at least 10" long and so thick I didn't think my hand would reach around it.  I looked up at his eyes, and said "Yes, I do."  He smiled and took the cigar out of his mouth after he took a big drag, and he took me in his arms, bent me over and kissed me and let the smoke out as we kissed.  He was holding me close, and it's a good thing, as I felt like I was going to collapse from the kiss and the smoke.  

He pulled me up, put the cigar back in his mouth, and turned me around toward the slings.  The first one in front of us was open, so he led me over to it. As I began to get into it, he removed my jockstrap and laid it aside.  Then he let me get in and got my feet into the stirrups and made sure I scooted down so my ass was over the end.  Then he walked around the sling, took another drag and leaned over me and gave me another big smokey kiss.  One thing I can say, regardless of the smoke, he knew how to kiss.  I would have been happy to have spent the evening just kissing with him.  

He walked around to the front of the sling, made sure his cock was erect and greased well, and he penetrated me as if I was not there.  I wasn't prepared for that.  He was right against my second sphincter before I was ready for him. He had a hand on each sling chain and began to move the sling against him; out as he pulled out and in as he fucked.  My second sphincter was bounced against, then seemed to be opening up, and then he was in all the way, ALL the way.  I had never had a man so deep inside me. He was smiling around the cigar, smoking it silently as he proceeded to fuck me.  

I was in sort of a suspended animation feel.  There was something inside me that felt deeper into me and it was thicker than I had ever had before, and it kept going.  I loved it!  He was really fucking me, like I'd never been fucked before.  And then he stopped, took another big drag and bent over and kissed me, pulling the sling to him as he did it.  I took in the smoke with his kiss, and it was like he was kissing me and letting me in on some big secret, at least it felt like it.  Then he stood upright again, put the cigar back into his mouth, and began to really fuck me.
It was like what had gone before was just preparation, now we were fucking.  The chains were rattling and men began to gather around.  There was the usual shouted comments, "Let him have it! Show him who's the Daddy now!  Fuck that ass, man!  Breed him!"  I was hanging onto the chains for my life, it felt like.  He was really digging in deep, long strokes.

And before I was ready for it, I could feel him cumming in my ass.  I don't think I'd ever felt it like that before.  My cock was up stiff and I began to spout.  I couldn't ever remember a time like this before.  He was grinning at me as he continued to fuck me, until he finally went flaccid enough to come out of my ass.  

When he came out I heard the cum splat on the floor, so I assumed he'd given me a big load. As usual at these events, he walked away from the head of the sling and there was a man to rim me and clean my ass up and eat all the cum, and then men began to take turns, getting into my open ass.  He came up to me, took a big drag and bent down and gave me a long smokey kiss.  "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!" he said.  I was being pounded again, so I just said a happy "Yes", and he walked away.  

I guess it was three other men that fucked me after the big black guy. None were as good, and if they came, I couldn't tell it.  When I was finally left alone, I felt wasted, worn out.  I began to try to get my legs out of the stirrups, and found I couldn't move them well enough.  As I was fumbling with this, the black guy came back and helped me out and up. As I tried to stand up, I couldn't do it, so he helped me along to a bench at the side and made sure I could sit properly. I thanked him, and he sat down beside me. I noticed his big cock was now just flaccid and floppy.  It was still long, longer than mine erect.

"My name's Leroy" he told me.  "I'm Fred" I said.  He looked at me.  "Would you mind coming home with me tonight?" he asked.  I thought about it.  "I have a big place outside of town, big garage for your car."  He had realized the reason I had not responded was I was afraid to be in a black area and leave my car out.  I felt very badly about it, but I said "Yes, I'd very much like to go home with you."

We disposed of our "party" apparel and dressed in our "normal" clothing at the lockers.  Leroy said he was in a big SUV, and I said I was in a Ford Focus.  He said he would wait for me out front.  When I pulled up, he set out.  It took us nearly a half hour to get there, including a little windy road through the trees, when we got to his place. He had a big separate garage with space for three cars, so there was plenty of room for mine.  When I got out, he was closing the garage doors and invited me to follow him.

I was pleased he lived in a rather large old home, and it was clean.  He was still smoking the same cigar when we arrived. He took a final big drag on it, turned to me and kissed me so hard he wrapped his arms around me and bent me over, again releasing the smoke as we kissed.  I had to admit I was getting accustomed to cigar smoke when he let me come up.  He put the cigar in one of the many ash trays around the living room, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom.  Again it was clean, so I was impressed.

He didn't say anything, just began taking my clothes off, as I took his off.  When we were both naked, he again took me in his arms in another big kiss.  I could still taste cigar on his lips, but it was a fine kiss.  He led me to the bed, turned it down, and let me get comfortable in the center of the bed. He climbed in over me, laid down on me, and we had another big kiss, or we just continued to kiss as he moved my legs about, getting himself between my legs.  Then he bent down and took my cock in his mouth, all the way to the balls, and began to suck on me.  

Now I've had blow jobs.  Some were quick, some were long, but he was sucking me!  I had my hands in his hair and working his shoulders. He grinned when he tasted precum, but he just kept sucking. I couldn't help myself, I just went with it, and eventually I filled his mouth.  I thought he was going to suck everything out of me.  When he let me loose, he climbed up over and kissed me, sharing the load of cum in his mouth.  I think that was the first time I'd ever had a guy suck me and let me have some of my own cum in a kiss.  I felt wiped out.  He held my head as he continued to kiss me.  

Then he moved back down, picked up my legs, put them over his shoulders, and began to rim my ass.  I didn't say anything, just wondered if he was tasting more than his own cum.  When he had both of us trembling, he rose up and stuck his cock in my hole.  Now I know I was wet, but it had been at least an hour, if not longer, since anyone had been in there, and he was not lubed.  But he just slid all the way in; I guess his previous load of cum had been enough to grease my channel.

As he moved I had moved my legs from his shoulders to around his waist and he put his arms down beside me as he proceeded to fuck me like he was trying to fuck the shit out of my ass, really hard fucking  You know I'm not a virgin; I've been fucked more than I like to admit.  But he really did it.  He was kissing me and loving me the whole way through. His dick was so long, I was wondering where he was putting it, feeling like it would soon be in my stomach. And I was kissing him back as he kissed me.  I was in heaven.  When he finally blew, so did I.  I can't remember cumming like that, or receiving a load like that.  He laid down on top of me, still filling me up, and continued kissing me, until we both fell asleep.

Sometime Saturday morning, must have been after 9 AM, we both came awake.  He was beside me, holding me in his arms, and I was enjoying being cuddled.  We looked at each other, and he asked if I needed the bathroom.  Did I?  I was about to burst. So we got out of bed and he showed me the adjoining bath, and we stood side by side, pissing.  Then he gave me a fresh toothbrush and got his and got us both toothpaste, and we brushed.  Then we could kiss.  

"So, do you want some breakfast, or do you want to fuck first?"  I was hungry, so I said "Breakfast first, then fuck."  He smiled at me and though we were both naked, led me down the hall to the living room and then the kitchen.  I took a seat at the table.  He asked me "Cereal or bacon and eggs?"  I said "bacon and eggs," so he got them out and gave me the bread to make toast and showed me the coffee maker and coffee.  We worked side by side in the kitchen, he wearing an apron, and then as the meal was ready, he removed it and we ate beside each other.   After my second cup of coffee, he asked if it was time to fuck yet.  I said "Sure!"

Now this time we didn't go back to the bedroom.  First thing he did was go to the humidor and get out two cigars.  One was long and black, the other was shorter, smaller around and cigar colored.  He explained that the black was called Maduro and the other was called Natural.  He showed me how to cut the rounded end off and moisten the end.  Then he let me have the smaller one and he took the larger one.  He lit the big one using a lighter that was very small and gave a very tight flame.  He drew on the cigar to get it going.  Then he lit the cigar for me.  I'm not used to smoking, so I was coughing.  He said to sip the smoke, like a coke, and then let it out.  Don't inhale it like a cigarette.  I tried it, and it was OK.  The taste was not like what I had inhaled last night. It had more flavor.  He said only suck in a little smoke for a while, and get used to it.  

Then he led me to the basement stairs, and we went down into what was revealed as his "play room".  I was standing in the center, just looking around.  There was a sling hanging with a stool ready for a person to sit in front of it if he was going to fist, a St. Andrew's cross on the other wall, and the opposite wall consisted of shelves covered in various sex toys.  Over in the corner was an open shower, surrounded with tile flooring and a drain.  

While I was just standing there, occasionally smoking, looking around, he came over to me, wrapped his arms around me and turned my head to him, and kissed me.  This was another big kiss, and my legs were about to let go.  He helped me over to the sling and put me in it, and got my legs in the stirrups.  Then he did something no one has ever done.  He came to me and offered me his cock.  I've sucked cock before, but never when I was in a sling.  The head of the sling was down slightly, and there was a pillow of leather, so sucking him was easy, except for the length.  I gagged several times, never being able to take his full length.  I doubt I ever would be able to.

When he felt he was "moisturized" enough, he went around to the head of the sling and greased up his fingers with one of the many lubes on the shelf beside him.  He used his greasy fingers to open me up, first one, then two, then three, and when he was making me crazy bouncing around on my prostate, he finally began to use his cock.  He gradually began to take longer strokes, until he hit my second sphincter.  He then began to bounce off it, gradually getting it to open and allow him in again.  Then he proceeded to show me what an early morning fuck was like.  
I was occasionally taking a drag off my cigar; he was smoking his all the time, never taking it out of his mouth, except when he would lean over and kiss me.  I was having great fun again, feeling how deep he went.  As he began to really get into it, moving the sling with his fucks, he began to slam into me.  Long strokes, me moving close to vertical, then down to slam into him.  I was having trouble holding on to my cigar.  He could tell, so as he began to get close, he brought the sling down and just really fucked me hard.  I took one final drag from my cigar and let it out as he really got into his final strokes.  My cock and his let loose at the same time.  I was spouting cum like a sprinkler in the center of the garden.  He gradually let his strokes get smaller and smaller until he got to the point that he fell out of my ass.  He leaned over and kissed me again, and again it was a long one.  

By this time it must've been noon or later, and my stomach was making noises.  He smiled, put the cigar back in his mouth, and began to release me from the sling.  I had put my cigar, what was left of it, in one of the many ash trays around the shelves, and he pulled me up and out.  He also pulled me into one of his long kisses, filled with smoke.  After that we took a short shower in the playroom shower room, and then dried off with the towels there.   And of course he had to kiss me as he did that.  

As he released me, he looked at me with a question in his mind.  I was standing there, looking up at the man.  Even naked, he was taller than me, built, muscles everywhere, though he was not built like those muscle men you see on TV.  He kissed me again, gently, and asked me "Would you consider coming back here sometime?"  I thought about it as we climbed the stairs.  We went back to the bedroom and I began putting my clothes back on and finding my shoes.  He just stood and watched me.  

I finally decided.  "Yes, I'd like to come back sometime.  When do you want me?"  He smiled at me and bent down and gave me another long kiss.  "You think you'd like to live here?  I am in need of a partner, someone to share my bed and my life."  I thought about it.  "Do you ever let anyone fuck you?" I asked him.  "It has been known to happen, if the man is with me long enough to be sure."  "Then I'd like to apply!" I said.  He picked me up and kissed me and kissed me.  

Now it was not an easy thing, but we worked it out.  It took a long time for my family to get used to an older big black man like Leroy.  But when they discovered he was a good man, good to me, and good for me, then we were OK.  And we always liked to fuck!

Jerry Prince
November, 2020

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