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Submissive bottom bbc slave

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    • By sundevil5
      I was horny all day. Woke up horny, cleaned myself out, drank a smoothie, and drank coffee and water all day at work. My cock was sensitive when I peed and hung loose and long all day. My ass twitched now and then while I worked. I fairly bounced out to my car, I felt good, sexy, horny.  I hummed along with the radio as I drove to my favorite place, pinching my nipples as I maneuvered through the traffic.  I pulled into the parking lot and it was reasonably full.  A sexy black man in a gray track suit came out the front door and sauntered towards me, his cocktail swinging and bulging, visible to me as he walked and entered the car across from me. I watched as he lit a cigarette drew in deeply and exhaled through his nose and mouth. I was instantly hard as he did it again and settled his eyes on me and smiled and winked at me.
      I got out of my car and he followed me into the store. I bought some tokens and half listened to my sexy follower talking to the sexy clerk about "things looking up". I went into the booth with holes on both sides. I stripped and kneeled on the floor and started the movies. I pinched my nipples, played with my cock, rubbed spit and precum on my hole and fingered myself. I heard the door open in booth next to me saw a movie startup and heard the rustle of clothing.  A very nice cock came through the hole, shiny and big and black....my favorite. I licked and sucked on the head, up and down the shaft. Swirling, swallowing, sucking, liking and then....it disappeared. And then he fed me his balls, one at a time. I loved them too. And then his pretty asshole. I ate it, tongued it, slobbered all over it until he gave me back his dick. My nipples were extra sensitive and swelling by now, my hole twitching, my cock leaking precum, I was so turned on. A voice behind me then whispered,  "stand up boy, back dat ass up over here". I looked and saw a big wet black dick behind me. So I stood bent over and backed up onto that beautiful dick as I kept working my man's dick in my mouth. I sank down to the wall on that dick behind me and heard him moan. I myself moaned around the cock in my mouth and just lost myself in pleasing these men.  They came inside of me within seconds of each other after stretching my holes for what seemed like joyous hours. I slaked my thirst for cum on both ends. Got dressed and with a full belly and ass I sauntered back to my car. I smiled at the clerk and the sexy tracksuit man as they blew smoke my way while they leaned on his hood. I rolled down my window and said," see you soon I hope" as I drove past those sexy men with their sexy dicks bulging in their pants.
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