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Some Gravy on the Side

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This is a work of complete fiction - I make no representation as to either Ryan Grave’s or Jonathan Toews’ sexual orientation… but a man can dream… and they are both incredibly hot and the thought of Ryan being drugged up and dominated by a sadistic Jonathan is almost enough to make me spontaneously bust a nut! This story is inspired by two sets of gifs… one of Toews in his sweaty gear handing an award to one of his team mates; and the other of Graves being interviewed in his sweaty compression top.

Ryan Graves had been walking to the locker room when the reporter cornered him for an interview. Not actually a reporter, she was on staff at the club and provided content for the fans and for the club’s social media channels. In truth, the content effectively made the players pieces of meat to be consumed by the female and gay male fans of the club. Ryan didn’t mind. In truth, he had received a fair few advances from male fans and had taken a few of them up on the offer, so he didn’t’t mind the free advertising!

This time, he actually wasn’t particularly keen to talk… he had played the entire game stuffed with a combined anal lock, cock ring and urethral sound that made every step torture. He hd burped a steady stream of pre-cum into his jock that would certainly have contributed to the festering brew of cum, sweat, pre-cum, lube and ass juice that the jock had soaked up over the season… yes, the season was almost over and he had worn the same jock every game and every practice; every gym session, every sex session, and every night’s sleep since the start of the season. Thank God hockey was a sport of smells and stink… .otherwise he would never have got away with it.

He finally escaped the interview and walked into the deserted locker room. He breathed deep as he entered. Despite the best efforts of the team’s equipment manager - who diligently managed to keep the worst of the infamous “hockey smell” away from the team’s gear, the familiar damp, sweaty smell assaulted his nostrils as he walked to his stall.

He loved the fact that the smell was still in the air. His dick gave a lurch in the confines of his jock and he groped his package in lust. He Brought his hand to his nose and breathed again. “Fuck!” He thought to himself, “That’s getting rank even for me!”

He felt another drop of sweat make its way from his hairline, down his chilled jaw, down his neck to join the hundreds of similar droplets that made his tight compression top cling to his defined upper body. Every curve of his muscular frame was visible thanks to the way that the material clung to his frame.

He knew that the base layer smelled too - he was not exactly a heavy user of deodorant - preferring the natural smell that comes from a hard workout. He was surprised the reporter had not made a remark on it. He knew she could smell it.

He stripped off his jock, base layer, and socks; quickly stowing them in the sealed plastic container that made sure they were always “fresh” and headed to the shower. Despite his filthy proclivities sexually, he loved to get under the steaming hot water to rinse away the ups and downs of the game. He made a detour past the toilet stalls and eased the ass lock out of his aching hole. He made sure to lick the ball clean, videoing the act to post to his Onlyfans account. By some miracle, he had somehow managed to keep his Onlyfans away from the media. He unlocked the cage and his dick sprang free. He resisted the urge to jerk himself off to a massive orgasm, satisfying himself to a few stray tugs before sauntering to the showers.

He loved the feeling of the hot water cascading over his tired muscles. He allowed his mind to wander: first to his team mates and then to the captain of the opposing team: Jonathan Toews. What a fucking stud! His dick started to rise as he recalled the videos and gifs he had watched of the “Captain Serious.” From the ice bucket challenge to the gif of him handing some award to a team-mate, to the one of him being put through his paces in the gym; he was a picture of physical fitness. “What I wouldn’t do to see him naked,” he thought to himself as he gave his dick another tug.

He froze for an instance, convinced that he had heard someone in what he assumed was the deserted locker room. “Must be my guilty conscience,” he thought to himself and went back to his shower.

He got out of the shower. Still damp, he pulled his rank jock back over his thick thighs and locked cock; revelling in the familiar smell as it reached his nostrils. Old sneakers, faded, tight blue jeans and a tight t-shirt completed the look. He surreptitiously glanced over his shoulder and reached into his locker. His hand found the familiar little baggie of crystals from the locker, smiling to himself as he considered all the possibilities for the rest of the weekend. He felt something else and her retrieved an envelope addressed just to him in the locker.

He opened it and his blood ran cold. “I know what you’re into” was all that was written, with his Onlyfans user ID where he knew he had his slam videos and some of his heavier content.

He was terrified he might be ruined…. He did not even notice the presence behind him until he turned around coming face to face with Jonathan Toews. “Hello Ryan,” the stud drawled before reaching out and cupping his balls in his hand.

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Gravy on the Side - Part 2


Jonathan moved in close to Ryan, keeping a firm grip on the latter’s straining cock. Both men inhaled deeply, lost in the competing smells: the muskiness of the locker room, the damp equipment surrounding them and the freshly showered scent from each of their bodies.

Toews leaned in close to Ryan and nibbled at his neck. Ryan threw his head back and closed his eyes. Toews licked his way up Ryan’s neck and ran his tongue seductively along his jaw. Ryan groaned. Toews loved the reaction he was getting from the younger man.

“Turn around…” ordered Toews as he turned Ryan around and had him grasp the lockers with his hands and spread his legs wide. Toews ran his hands seductively up and down Ryan’s lean body until he reached the pockets of his tight jeans. “This is what I am looking for,” he said and removed the bag of crystals from Ryan’s jeans.

“Time to take these off,” he announced and tugged Ryan’s jeans down his powerful thighs. He gasped in appreciation as he saw Ryan’s dirty jock keeping his cock in check. “Dirty fucker,” he said hoarsely as his fingers started to probe Ryan’s ass. He leaned in and inhaled deeply.

Ryan’s entire body started to shudder as Toews’ tongue started to slowly penetrate him. A drop of sweat trickled into the cleft of Ryan’s arse and Toews moaned as he lapped it up appreciatively.

He stood up and reached a hand around Ryan’s head and stuck his index finger into his mouth. Ryan groaned. He could taste a mixture of sweat and arse juice on Toews’ finger as he suckled on it. Toews removed his finger, gave Ryan’s butt a slap, and then inserted his wet finger into the bag. It came up coated in Tina. Ryan hissed as Toews shoved his finger as deep into his rectum as it would go. But the burning quickly gave way to a hunger in his arse that demanded attention.

“You like that, you dirty bitch?” Asked Toews.

“Fuck yeah,” answered Ryan.

“Let’s take this elsewhere,” answered Toews

“I don’t think…”

“I don’t give a shit what you think….” said Toews sharply before Ryan could bring some sanity to bear on the proceedings.

Toews turned Ryan back around and led him, hand still firmly squeezing his cock through the jockstrap, to the Physio room, just off the locker room.

Ryan’s eyes went wide as he saw straps on the massage table and a tripod with a GoPro already set up.

“You’ve ben busy,” he said.

Ryan smirked and said, “You want this for your OnlyFans don’t you?” and switched the camera on.

He ordered Ryan to strip naked and get onto the massage table. Then, he quickly secured his hands, his legs, and his torso. He reached into his pocket, retrieving a jockstrap even riper than the one Ryan had been wearing and his open mouth. The younger man groaned in appreciation and Toews placed some athletic tape over his mouth to secure it in place.

Toews took a rig of caverject out of his pocket and grasped Ryan’s cock, cocking his head to one side, seeking permission. Ryan swallowed and nodded his head. Toews inserted the needle into Ryan’s cock and drew back the plunger to make sure he was not in a vein. He then depressed the plunger, delivering a huge dose to Ryan’s dick. “This’ll keep you nice and hard,” he said as he took the needle out. Next, he did his own dick; making sure the camera captured the detail.

Toews reached into his bag and took out some lube. He lubed up his fingers, and shoved three into Ryan’s arse, twisting them, opening the younger man up. With his other hand, he stroked his 10” cock to full erection and lodged his mushroom head against Ryan’s entrance. He wiped his hands on Ryan’s t-shirt.

“Now for the best part…” said Toews and he brought out a prepared rig.

Ryan’s eyes went wide, but there was clear hunger in them too.

Toews took an alcohol swab and wiped down Ryan’s arms.

“Fuck you’ve got hot veins,” said Toews. He took the rig and inserted it into Ryan’s arm and drew back the plunger to register. “Fuck yeah,” he muttered and easily depressed the plunger to deliver the payload into Ryan’s system.

As Ryan’s eyes flew wide and he started to breathe heavily (he never coughed), Toews shoved all ten inches of meat into his vulnerable hole. He stayed there, right on the edge of a huge orgasm, while Ryan’s arse spasmed around his dick, milking him right to the edge.

“My turn,” said Toews and took out a smaller slam for himself.

“My veins are almost as good as yours,” he remarked, as he found a vein easily, registered, and slammed himself. As the rush took him, he started to jackhammer into the younger man, sweat pouring off both of them. With a roar, he came, slamming repeatedly into Ryan’s hole.

Ryan’s entire torso was covered in sweat, and a massive pool of pre-cum coated his belly. Toews reached over and grabbed the rank josjstrap that Ryan had been wearing earlier and wiped him down with it.

“Round two,” he said as he started to grind his still hard dick in Ryan’s now loaded hole.

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Unfortunately, the GIF set that I mentioned before is too big (apparently 2MB is the largest size allowable), so I have pasted the link to the post of the Ryan Graves interview that inspired the start of the story... He looks forlorn and dejected and as if he would like to be anywhere other than talking to this reporter! Haha! And I can only imagine how good that top must smell!

[think before following links] [think before following links] https://crossfitandtradies.tumblr.com/post/648201085820043265/gabelandeskog-avalanche-wild-112119


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