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    • By Masc
      Discreet masc servicing bwc at baltimore hotel
      All night starting around 10pm
      Bring a bud or come by urself 
      Door will be open
      Use my throat and shoot where u want 
      36, 6’3”, 215, 7c, neg, d/d free 
      Masc white dude here for same
      Married, bi, straight dudes cool
      Discretion assured 
      Kik: Cleanmascnyc
    • By SimiSucker
      Been using the new app Sniffies  (new for me anyways).
      Top hit me up with very specific instructions.
      Meet him in the Restroom by Macy's at the local mall.
      Identified him by his shirt. 
      Stepped behind a partition wall and stripped to the blue panties he specified.
      He pulled his cock out and fed it to me.
      Took about 2 minutes and he fed me his cum.
      Nice big load.
      He was gone in a heart beat and I was was kneeling on the floor of a dirty bathroom, in panties, at the local dying mall, with cum in my mouth.
      I love being a fag!
    • By Qilly55
      Yesterday, I was looking to suck some cock , I was crusing online and found a guy that was hosting at his place. We went back and forth ,he was a little aggressive which I liked.  But all I wanted was to suck some cock. It his a 30 minute drive to his place, I was in the middle of nowhere when I arrived. I pulled into yard, it was a mobile home.not really the prettiest ,grass unkept, old car in driveway. I was going to leave, but I wanted the cock . I went up to door, screen door and he shouted get in here whore. I walked in , it stunk like cigarette, he was standing there in shorts and bathroom that was open. Out of shape, stomach hanging over shorts. I wanted to leave,but saw his huge cock outlining in his shorts. He told me to undress and fold clothes neatly on floor and told me to get on my knees. Always calling me cunt, faggot, slut, whore. Made me kiss his cock through his shorts and the made me pull his shorts down with me mouth if I wanted his cock. I finally managed. He then fucked my mouth hard. Making me choke, spit all over the place. I was scared but turned on and started to stroke my hard cock. He saw this and slapped me . Hard saying he didn't say it was ok.after about 15 minutes of him fucking my throat he had another cigarette while I was made to kneel. After that he made me crawl to his bed room, made me look into a mirror and told me to jerk off and look into the mirror.  I was ashamed and wasn't looking at myself and he saw that and paddled my ass. It stung like hell . I want to run out of there. He had another cigarette while I had to continue jerking off.  He told me don't cum. But I was having trouble staying hard. He then laid on the bed and he told me the fun is just starting. More of me sucking his cock,then he ordered me to eat his ass. I never did that, wasn't a thing I liked. I hesitated. He smacked me and asked if I wanted the paddle. I ate his ass. After a while with that and his cock in my mouth, spit all over my face he told me to get on hands and knees. He gave me a bottle of poppers, been a while with those and told me to start inhaling. And don't stop. I was getting all dizzy, feeling good and felt the cold lube hit my ass.
      I don't fucknoften and when I do, it's condoms. He showed me a huge vibrator, thick, like beer can thick and told me he was going to shove it up my ass I started getting scared again ,he told me to start huffing , I was feeling horn y. Hard, now wanting it.in one motion he shoved it up my lubed ass. It fucking hurt. He called me all types of names as he fucked me with it, slapping me, yelling for me to inhale poppers .I thought I was going to pass out. I was feeling so good though. He then removed the big vibrator. I felt empty, he then stood in front of me and shoved his cock in me .told me to get it all wet. He held that bottle of poppers under my nose and told me he was going to fuck me,  I wanted it, but scared.
      He took his cock from my mouth,slapping my face with it ,and told me to get ready. I told him condoms please. He laughed told me to inhale poppers , he got behind me ,I felt the lube hit my hole, I wanted it, I didn't want it, to late, he slipped his cock in my lubed ass. First time bareback. It felt so fucking good.
      He fucked me hard for about 10 minutes, I kept inhaling thosee poppers, he then pulled out, told me I'm a pig, whore, told me to kneel and he jerk ed off that big mushroom headed cock by my face. He ordered me to open my mouth. He then shot a huge load of cum all over my face, in my mouth. He then backed up, told me he was done with me and to get dressed and get out.
      I asked if I could wash, he told me to get out. I felt used, cum drying on my face, I drove home and started feeling disgusted with myself. My ass hurt, that dildo, his cock, the dried cum on me. I got home took a,shower. Laid on my bed and jerk ed off.I shot a load if cum like I never saw before.
      He sent me an email later that evening and told me he is on prep, and said I am a good slut.
      I can't wait to go back
    • By TotalTop
      For HIV only how safe is giving oral? Do you know anyone who became poz from sucking cock? I know three guys who did, the one sucked off 100s of men at glory holes, sex clubs in SF, and figures he had a cut or sore in his mouth and got it that way.  The other two had recently had dental work and figured it was fine to suck cock and became poz this way...
    • By Oz-Top4flip
      Like to know what are the nicest tasting lubes for arse to mouth ect with all the listed tags... normal water based lube seems to taste sickly sweet, so what are the other choices for making arse-eating, rimming, cum-swapping, felching etc etc more tasty and palatable ?

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