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Can anyone suggest places in Ohio where I can get fucked and service anonymous guys?  No load refused pig bear.photo_1574541441.jpg.d76eeb7338e4b0af7ee93f7809429100.jpg Columbus has one bathhouse, no real adult bookstores. I'm looking for groups, or locations. Can travel to Cleveland or Cincinnati.  Wish I could find a master to whore me out.

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It's not in Ohio but MineralWells, WV is only 2.5 hours from Columbus and they have a Lions Den at a truck stop that has gloryholes and buddy booths. I have sucked a ton of guys there and got my ass fucked more time than I can remember. Fritz the Cat in Wheeling, WV is an amazing place for gloryholes and is about the same distance.

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On 10/9/2021 at 6:44 PM, BearPleaser said:

Is Fritz the Cat still open? I was there years ago. Also mineral wells. Worth a road trip! Thanks!

[think before following links] https://fritz-the-cat.business.site

[think before following links] https://www.lionsden.com/store-7The booths are still closed at the lions den but I think fritz is still open. call first.

I have taken a ton of cocks at both so it's a win win.

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      Party pig slut coming to PDX looking for poz gifters to cum by and drop a load or two
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      Young 24 BTTM CumDump here, I’m based in East Croydon (next to station). 

      Any TOPS looking for a ass and hole to use, breed and fill?  No loads Refused!
      I’m free after 17:00. My door unlocked, walk in, find me ready and waiting on bed! Do anything you want! No Limits! 
      Leave me used and filled deep, dripping full of Cum! 

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      Long time reader, first time writer on here! So here goes nothing 🙂  Yes I am actually trans and I speak for me + my fantasies. Other trans guys may feel differently so please don't assume we're all like this ❤️ 
      Chapter 1
      Remy wasn't new to the city, but he was new to having his very own apartment. It was a fairly modest efficiency with no frills or luxuries other than his balcony, but it was closer to downtown which he really liked. It was to become the faggy bachelor pad of his dreams. Although a little on the shy side, Remy loved to show off - on cam, on several fetish websites, hookup apps, you name it. He lived for the attention - loved showing off his boycunt and knowing that men everywhere were getting their rocks off watching him. Sometimes the men would try to meet him to get a taste of that cunt for themselves, but all too often, he would say no. He was more about the attention and particularly picky about just who he would allow to fuck him. That said, stoned popperbating had a way of melting down any reservations he had to the point that he found himself jacking off on his balcony. Being on the 3rd floor, he figured it was just high enough that no one would actually see him, but it would be thrilling to expose himself in such a way nonetheless.
      And thus began his new nightly habit of going out on his balcony to smoke n stroke. At first he would look at porn on his phone and had a chair in front of him as sort of a small privacy screen. As time went on, he brought out his laptop as a better source of porn, connected his webcam to continue his love of showing off, huffing the poppers he hid under the fold of his still busty chest as he did so, legs spread wide without the chair in front to shield the view of his dripping wet cunt anymore. He'd moan quietly as people walked their dogs on the sidewalk, wondering if anyone would ever chance looking up at him stroking his cock like the exposed faggot he so desperately wanted to be. The deeper he got into his gooned out bate, the more he would seek out the filthiest, extreme, out there porn and erotica to edge to. Reading stories on breeding zone was one of his favorites as was the hypno porn that he hoped would brainwash him into the cumdump he wished he could be. 
      Remy was having a blast with this relatively safe way to expose himself, but he found himself taking it a little further each time. When the sun came up in the wee hours of the morning, he would usually go back inside or cover up a bit in case someone did see him the light of day. Now he found himself continuing his bate anyway, sun out in its full splendor to shine a light on his drooling, gooned out bate face, legs spread wide, hairy cunt glistening with his wetness, light glinting off the metal of his piercings. I mean, it was still like 6AM, who would really be out there to see him anyway?
      One day, he got a message on twitter that said, "Hey faggot. I know what you like to do on your balcony. Let me use that cunt." The message came from an account with some various retweets about breeding, raw is the law, DPO, and what appeared to be an intense level of smoking judging from the clouds in the single video the user had posted. It seemed a little weird and Remy chose not to respond. He figured they only knew about his balcony adventures from the stuff he posted online.
      A few days went by and another message came through from the same person, "Hello again faggot. When are you going to let me use that cunt since you keep showing it off every morning? I thought you wanted to be a cumdump." Remy hesitated, going back and forth as to whether he should reply, block the guy, or once again leave him on read. He typed out a response and deleted it several times before finally settling on asking for pics. Perhaps it would be worthwhile if this guy was his type. 
      "I thought you said you wanted to be a faggot cumdump. Why does it matter then what my cock looks like? You need to learn boy. You will meet me in the park across from your building at 9PM tonight. Don't worry about what I look like. I will find you." It was starting to get creepy so Remy blocked the account. Who the fuck was that and who do they think they are? He laughed and went about his day. That fool thought he could have power of him, but not today! Or so he thought.... At 6PM that night, a message came through from another account, "I know you think you're cute trying to block me, but you can't get rid of me that easily. Here's your fucking pic. Meet me at 9PM tonight." 
      Remy opened the message and his heart started racing instantly. It was a photo of him jacking off on his balcony - only it wasn't a photo that he had taken, it was clearly taken from someone who was looking up at him from the street! How in the hell.... He did lose track sometimes, but couldn't recall seeing someone just staring up at him at any point during any of his bates and he definitely didn't see anyone that appeared to be taking pictures. What was he going to do? Block him again and hope for the best? Although it scared Remy to know that someone has been watching him closely, he also found himself immensely horny. He could not deny his dripping wet cunt or the way his cock twitched at the thought that someone has been watching him expose himself! 
      He messaged the guy back and quickly received a response, "Good boy. Here are your instructions and I expect them to be followed to the letter. You need to wear loose clothing to be slipped off easily, a jock strap, bring your poppers, and sit in this alcove behind these trees. When I approach, you are to look down and DO NOT make eye contact, understood? You'll know it's me when I call out to you." Simple enough, now the excitement began to build as Remy went about getting himself ready for this meeting. He was smoking a bowl and getting ready to leave when another message came through, "By the way, don't even think about standing me up or looking at my face." Another photo was included, it was of him walking down the street dressed in his work clothes. Holy shit... It wasn't on the same block as his job but now he began to worry. Does this person know where he works too!?! He wasn't sure and he didn't want to find out, only 10 minutes left until meeting time. 
      He bustled out the door, super baked, wearing a jock under his loose basketball shorts, sleeveless shirt, and a hat, poppers in his pocket. It didn't take him long to find the alcove and he waited by a tree. "Hey faggot. You know the drill." He was here! He looked down and adjusted his hat too so that he couldn't see the person's face as instructed. His heart was racing, but his cunt was pulsing with heat and hunger too. The man placed a hand on his back and began guiding him deeper into the alcove of trees until he reached a tree stump. "Now bend over, pull those shorts down, and let me see that cunt." He did as instructed and before he could even get comfortable, felt the head of a cock start to tease along his dripping wet slit, dipping down to rub up against the hard nub of his pierced little dicklet. A moan escaped his lips before he even fully registered what was going on. Without even thinking, he pulled the bottle of poppers out of his pocket and took a long deep huff. Mmmm. Fuck! "Good boy"
      The cock plunged right into his cunt without warning and Remy had to put a hand over his mouth to keep from moaning too loudly. As the man started to fuck him, he saw a flash and heard the click of a photo being taken. The light remained on and he realized that a video was being taken! The cock felt so fucking good as it plunged deep inside him. He huffed some more poppers when all of a sudden, his hole was empty, begging to be filled back up again, wanting and so very hungry.... "Please fuck me some more!"
      The man chuckled. "You really are a cock hungry faggot, aren't you? Now say it for the camera." But Remy hesitated even as his cock threatened to override his sensibilities. "Say it right now or I'm going home to leave you like this." Another hit of poppers, his cheeks were flushed red as he stammered out, "I... I am a cock hungry faggot!" The cock plunged back inside him hard and deep! "Good boy, keep huffing faggot" Before too long, the man grabbed his hips and began to pound him harder, grunting as he deposited his load deep inside him, causing Remy to cum hard at the same time. 
      The man pulled his cock out of him and grabbed his hair to turn him around, shoving the cock in his mouth before Remy even had the chance to protest. "Good boy. You're going to learn that it's good to listen to me and very bad not to. You will clean my cock off like this every time I fuck you, and you will make yourself available anytime I ask. I'm going to leave then you're going to wait 5 minutes before you do the same. Remember, no peeking at my face or else."  
      Remy pulled his shorts back up as the load dribbled out of his cunt to soak his jock, waited 5 minutes, then went home. That was fucking hot and not so bad after all, but he was a little worried about the command to make himself available whenever asked. He still wasn't sure if that guy actually knew where he worked or just saw him on his commute.... And he didn't want to find out. Nonetheless, he still found himself so horny thinking about it after he got home that he once again sat out on the balcony, using the man's cum as lube as he stroked himself to another intense orgasm. Fuckkkk. He had no idea who that was or what they looked like. It both scared him and aroused him all at once. 
      (More to cum 😉 Hope this is a good start!)
    • By Cutedelicategay
      Edmonton is my home town and it used to be a better place for gay hookups. However that has since changed and not sure if it is changing demographics or something else but every time I have visited Edmonton it has become difficult to hookup. 
      Again I am in Edmonton for 3 weekends 16-17 Oct, 23-24 Oct and 29-30 Oct staying at Days Inn downtown 100ave/106street. Just need some bare tops to breed me. Open door and open ass fun.
    • By rapazsolitario
      This is a 4 part story. It's a sequel to "Sold To My Teacher", so it would be good if you read that first.
      PART 1
      It was late at night and I hadn't gotten a slut to suck my cock at that damn party, so I decided to go home. Since I started living alone, I had fucked a woman a day in the apartment, but today was not my lucky day. I was already totally drunk, so they weren't very interested.
      I left the club around four in the morning and walked to a taxi stand. My fucking cell phone was dead, so I couldn't order an Uber. There was a taxi stand a few blocks away, so the walk would be good to sober up a little bit.
      I was almost there when I decided to cut my way down a dark street. The place looked empty, so there was no danger in passing that way. Besides, I'm a six-foot-tall guy, no one usually messes with me. At least that's what I thought.
      I was halfway down the street when that white van appeared out of nowhere and skidded to a stop beside me. The men who descended from it were wearing masks and they had guns. Holly fuck.
      "Put up your hands and walk backwards to the wall!" one of them yelled.
      "Please don't hurt me", I asked. “You can take my cell phone and my money; I don't have anything else.”
      "Hurry up, do as he say", shouted another man.
      There were four of them and they were armed while I was alone and about to piss my pants. I did as he asked and walked towards the wall of a shed with my eyes closed. There were no houses on the street, just businesses that were empty at this hour. There was no one to help me there.
      I had only taken a few steps when one of the men grabbed me from behind. He squeezed my arms tightly and pressed his body to mine. Something was poking my ass, but I didn't know if it was a gun or if he was horny. I opened my eyes, but all I saw was a rag coming towards my nose. I tried to resist, but there was some strange substance in it. My body lost its senses until I finally lost consciousness completely.
      I woke up with a huge headache. It was dark, but it took me a while to realize I was blindfolded. Someone held a reeking pot under my nose.
      "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty", the man said.
      A few laughs echoed through the room and I could see that it wasn't just the four men from the van there. I tried to ask where I was, but my tongue was rough, too dry, so my voice sounded weird.
      "Easy, easy," said the man closest to me. “In a little while you'll understand everything, so calm down.”
      I tried to get up, but it felt like I had my fists and legs trapped somehow. When I moved, the whole world swayed, as if I were in a hammock. It made my head hurt even more and a sick feeling washed over me.
      "I think he's ready now", said another man, whom I recognized as one of those in the van because of his voice.
      The man closest to me pulled away, making wind towards me with his quick movement. The air that hit my body showed that I was completely naked, just the way I came into this world. My legs were lifted high and, by the swing, I was strapped into a sling.
      Shit, those guys were going to rape me.
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