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  1. [think before following links] https://fritz-the-cat.business.site [think before following links] https://www.lionsden.com/store-7The booths are still closed at the lions den but I think fritz is still open. call first. I have taken a ton of cocks at both so it's a win win.
  2. When I was young I would spend a lot of time at the Gloryholes in my town. The one I spent the most time at had these massive square'ish holes that were about a foot square and the wall was a couple inches thick so there was a nice ledge that often had cum on it. Most days when I went there was cum on it and down the wall below the hole. I enjoyed licking under the hole. pic is of one of the actual holes at this place.
  3. The cum being almost the exact same temperature as your hole makes it so you will almost never feel it. If it was just a couple degrees warmer or colder you would know. I still enjoy feeling the throbbing, pumping, and the moaning. They also hold onto you tight and that’s always nice.
  4. It's not in Ohio but MineralWells, WV is only 2.5 hours from Columbus and they have a Lions Den at a truck stop that has gloryholes and buddy booths. I have sucked a ton of guys there and got my ass fucked more time than I can remember. Fritz the Cat in Wheeling, WV is an amazing place for gloryholes and is about the same distance.
  5. My favorite part is right before my top pumps his seed in me the moaning and grunts followed by the pulsating cock deep in me. I also love the way they treat me like a whore or a plaything, something lesser or beneath them. It reminds me of calling to bring men pleasure.
  6. When I was pretty young I was introduced to bareback and anal sex in general by my next door neighbor. He was a much old retired guy who was extremely active in the daddy/leather scene in the 70’s and was very committed to protecting the traditional gay cultures and one of the tenants that he was strict about was guys don’t wear rubbers when fucking guys. I was his boy for quite a few years and he shared me with other guys who were also old school leather daddies and not once did the use of a condom ever come up. I never made a top wear a rubber till I was in high school and I quickly learned that it wasn’t for me so I stayed bb.
  7. Idk, it’s probably not the most popular response but I always let it run out of my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get pissed on but I just never warmed up to swallowing it other than a couple times as a teen.
  8. It does help but I always had better luck using real amyl nitrite.
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