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    • By KumHole
      Hi anyone know where a good place to stay in Sydney for a chemed up cumdump looking for tops to walk in and use me? Heading there after new year and plan to lit and have my hole used over a weekend. Hotels require u to pick up visitors from the lobby so that won’t work. Any suggestions I’d appreciate it. Once I’ve found a suitable place I’ll let you all know so u can swing by and pump me full of ur seed.

    • By FuckHardSF
      I'll be in Sacramento later this week (Thurs 11/11) looking for a hosting cloudy top(s) to use my ass. I'm sleazy, wild to very wild bottom pig looking for fun, aggressive tops (alpha's) who get off using a partied-up, cock-hungry, pig hole hard. Into long, sweaty, connected cloudy fuck sessions. I like sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/mine), and rough/hard (give/take) verbal breedings. Into anon scenes and loads, adventurous pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, and fantasy exploration. Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, trucker dick, wasting poz dads, & sub tops that I can use as hard. I can be a sadistic fucker who will give as good as I get.
      Kinks include:
      - Verbal/Rough Alpha Tops
      - Restraints / Bondage
      - Forced Chem Play
      - Choke Fucking
      - Spit / Piss
      - Slings
      - Cock Pumpings
      - Ripe Pits
      - Group Fucks, Bathhouses/Sex Clubs

    • By oyakoslamers
      Following daddy's order, heading to East Side Club for the first time. Promised to be a good boy getting pimped out. Door unlocked at all time, At ALL Time, yes, that's the point. Help me become the kind of pussyboy daddy will be proud of, as he discreetly passing by my opened door and monitor my actions. 
    • By CmDump
      Young 24 BTTM CumDump here, I’m based in East Croydon (next to station). 

      Any TOPS looking for a ass and hole to use, breed and fill?  No loads Refused!
      I’m free after 17:00. My door unlocked, walk in, find me ready and waiting on bed! Do anything you want! No Limits! 
      Leave me used and filled deep, dripping full of Cum! 

    • By RachelRage
      There are so many fakes on this site but I'm for real.  I'm proud to be a slut.  Anyone with a cock has the right to use me any time. My only rule us that cum always has to go in my ass pussy.  I'll swallow anything else I'm told.  I'm a crackwhore and love getting used when I'm high but its not essential.  If you want to use me get in touch.  Ideally looking for an owner and to be a live in slave long-term
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