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Gun Sex


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1 hour ago, pozboy said:

How many of you find guns a real turnon? Sure I'm not the only one!

I blew a dealer who had one in his pocket when I blew him. I started kissing it but he pushed me away. Total turni on

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I once got loaded up by a cop with a gun.  He walked in and quickly made it clear he wasn't here to bust me but wanted to bust a nut in me.  He stripped really fast and wrapped his gun in his clothes, putting the bundle away from us.  He was a white dude, fit, tatted older guy, a salt and pepper flat top,  early fifties.  I asked if he was a cop because I just somehow knew he was.  The leather jacket in the dead of July was a giveaway. He said yes, from the next county.  As soon as he sat on the sofa, I put away my favors and  kneeled and sucked his dick furiously.  I was relieved that he wasn't interested in the T and accoutrements.  Soon, he smiled and said can I breed you.  He seemed pleased with himself for knowing some lingo.  I got up and kneeled on the sofa.  He grabbed some lube from the coffee table, dabbed a bit on and then slammed into me.  He only spoke  once more during, asking me if I liked that raw dick.  I did.  He grabbed  my hips and shot into me, spazzing for a long moment.  Quickly, he pulled out, and carefully unrolled his clothes from the gun.  In a flash, he was dressed.  Saying don't call me.  I'll call you.  He then said, stay out of trouble and was gone.   The cop, the gun all turn on for me. I love every hue in the rainbow, but getting fucked up the ass by a white cop was the biggest turn on.  And if I wasn't turned on, I was gonna.give it up anyway.  Thank God be was there to bust nut and not me.  And thank God he was sexy as hell. The only shooting gun was in his pants.

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My Daddy always told me about what he wanted me to do while I was spun. He once described a scene he had where the sub had gone done on the gun barrel while he held it and asked me what I thought. I wasn’t spun enough to tell him I’d be into it and to this day I’m glad he never brought it up again. 

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