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  1. greedy sod - good for you! can't be too infected, especially when you're passing it on!

    1. blnpig74


      there is nothing like "too infected" to me lol

    2. BBPerverT


      same here....the sicker the better....unmedicated HIV 1 and 2 here, not tested on anything else for 3 years....love all STDs, med resistant AIDS and HEP C strains, bloodslams, blood as lube, cruel condom....love also group STD parties with other bloodthirsty junkies

  2. pozboy


    as it should be
  3. lovely story of young depravity!790801341_Matt3.jpg.ebefd1294d7994266538bd2635de144e.jpg

    1. ronnie4u


      O.M.G. !   FUCK YES !   My Daddy depends on me and I must OBEYING HIM !    :)

  4. so few of these poz tops not on meds around - thanks budy, keep at it!1427620836_Greasetankgang.jpg.57ada646d5234b34e9c0653728b36286.jpg

  5. pozboy

    Older cum dump

    30 years of barebacking has to be great - if we all did this, the viral count would be off the scale by now and we'd have built resistance to every med there is, like we dream
  6. pozboy

    Pozzing Marky at an Orgy

    hot stuff, how young boys should be used, pozzed and dumped or passed on
  7. pozboy

    Incest cum swallowers

    course you should let him fuck you - always encourage depravity!
  8. pozboy

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    nah, tie em down so they take everything, want to or not
  9. pozboy

    20 black guys vs 8 college boys

    love be fucked, this is good oldfashioned lust, let's go further
  10. pozboy

    Guys into paying to be beat up

    easier to film it and put it online?
  11. As you're from Africa, maybe this is a better pic to send you1801956992_theHun3.jpg.9db2d540678c298e9d2b4b63b1027021.jpg

  12. This guy will spread the plague as far as he can, and thats far, believe me

  13. Don't just think about prolapsed rosebud - do it. More room for more cum, fistys, arms, etc

  14. pozboy

    Cunt is a State of Mind

    This post explains why we fuck, why it HAS to be bareback, why it HAS to be with as many men as possible, why it HAS to be as depraved as possible
  15. pozboy

    AIDS wasted top breeds muscular bottom

    just like we all want to become, then spread hot, hot, hot

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