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  1. there'll be lots looking forward to this again! specially if favors are available!
  2. nice to see another old perve! the urge never goes, even if hardons get difficult
  3. they could make a living out of that, there'd be plenty wuold pay!
  4. this is totally immoral ruthless and wonderfully slutty. i can see we dont want anything said that could get the site taked down, but the legal minimum age in Europe is lower than the US
  5. should ring his wife and let her hear the whole thing!
  6. think you'll have a queue for that!
  7. I agree with this - like many things done for the first time, afterwards you wonder why you never started years ago.
  8. agreed that is so hot - met a couple like him years ago in Manchester. it wasn't long after I came out and stupidly I alloed them to use rubbers, didn't know that should never have happened
  9. you smoke? if not, get him to staert you off if you enjoyed that
  10. long as he gets pleasure and you accept it, I guess
  11. that certainly ought to count, magnificently depraved as it is - has the husband been told? he ough to be, to encourage him to do similar
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