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  1. Ban prep - raise that viral count! raceplay mean white power?

  2. that spiked PA sure must do damage and help bugs in!

  3. pigs like you, prepared to go all the way, getting and passing on everything, step to the front of the line!

  4. I often need to delete contacts to be bable to chat, but can't alawys remember all those I've tagged. Is there a way to see a list?
  5. get fuckin poz!


  6. Guys like you are heroes, keeping the bug carrying all off in its wake. At this time, we all need something to look forward to. so let's plan for the biggest bugfest ever seen when all this nonsense is over. can you picture a monthlong orgy with a thousand guys and no limits?

  7. so now to really thank him you n eed to drop your meds, forever
  8. looks like you know how to have no holds barred fun and are in UK like me?

  9. then get online - does it matter who gives you loads, long as you get them raw?
  10. don't bother ever, it's hot as it is, righr?
  11. get yourself infected to the max in weeklong methslamming orgies!

  12. weeklong meth orgies rule!

  13. sadism chems and bloodslamming rule!

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