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    Out since 2003, poz since the same time, almost never used rubbers.

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  1. Sound like my kind of top, just want to get sadistic pleasure out of it, no sloppy kissy-kissy stu-what a tours to spread it as wide as poss - what a star!

  2. This guy sounds be a star, and should be contacted by as many guys as possible, tops to keep his count rising,bottoms to get converted by him, and all to make him the hero he is

  3. You got the right attitude mate!

  4. I've done both, but had periods of durnken drugg taking and groupo barebacking too . enjoyed both.
  5. so when you stopping meds?

  6. You're a model for every guy on this site and deserve every load you get/give. Hot!

  7. Great attitude - get it done and pass it on!

    1. BBFan29


      Thanks man... I'm definitely trying to do my part. 

    2. pozboy


      I hope we all are doing all we can to make the world a worse place - more depraved and riskier

  8. Right. Apologies.

    1. drscorpio


      No worries. It's a rather recent ruling that from the admin that I know not everyone has heard. 

    2. pozboy


      Well, I have now, and am just glad they didn't ban me again. it's all a balancing act.


  9. Latest pics hot and sick  -great! deparaved and risky, that's how life should be

  10. Don't say if you're poz BearPounder? Sounds like you should be!

  11. What an inspiration to us all - thanks pigskintop. It's great to know there are guys like you all round the world converting guys and turning them into gifters. Thanks a million!

  12. pozboy

    Smoking fetish

    This is all hot stuff - barebacking and chainsmoking is so hot . wonder how many guys are pozzed with a cig in their mouth?
  13. pozboy


    This guy is living life like it should be lived - should he be thinking about junking the meds?
  14. pozboy

    Smoking fetish

    Smoking while barebacking is a great combination, wso you can surely get through more than one pack?
  15. This boy needs converting NOW!

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