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Anal Tattoo San Francisco

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3 hours ago, ASS-UP-ANON-PIG said:

A good style of flames is nice.

Potentially something more tribal and d have to see some more examples 

I'm seeing more and more examples online/in porn of some very hot asshole tats. Flames/star/sun encircling the hole all look so hot and enticing....and of course a biohazard 😜

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Sorry people, I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer here. But the baseline is just wrong IMO. Why does the artist have to be gay as a prerequisite? I don't get it. Even after I slept on it. Still just a petty indulgence into fantasy.

The artist needs to be good and better-than-good. It is very constricted space, all curves. Skills and patience are required, not rainbows. That thing gonna stay there forever, and it needs to be sexy hot even years after installation. It's not a reminder in the calendar when you were previously married to a woman. Not a blob of leaky ink from a 'compliant' Cali provider. That skin gonna stretch, and you want quality work long term. I guarantee it. Because you're not using only gay cars over there just because you need to get somewhere. And not only gay trolleys. Although those trolleys are pretty gay.

Develop a design you like, that will take some time, even if it is a copy from someone else. Make it work for your vision well. Bring it to an (say, recommended) artist. Hell, take it to a few to shop around. All they have to know about location at this point is that it is an intimate area. I am sure they are not shy and can figure it out. At the same time you need to develop an opinion about entirely something else.

If the artist can enhance the design - perfect. If it matches their prior work - even better. Then consider pricing, skill/execution detail level, and whether or not they have a gyno chair to do it. Then, if that person happens to be gay in the middle of Kansas, - sure, why not. It's only SF for crying out loud.

This is how I see it being done.



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But a woman would. And I've seen detail level and articulation from the ladies much better than from men - hands and fingers are smaller. Not all, but that's why I wouldn't discount all. Some - you just need 1 to do the job. Not a busload of them for a gang bang - that would come later, hopefully.

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While I agree with skinster that the most important factor is the skill of the tattooist, I don't know if I agree with his suggestion that a woman would do it. I had a large tribal piece inked on my back by a female tattooist. She was the owner of the shop and made it very clear that they would not ink or pierce genitals. This statement was made after a young guy opened the door of the place and loudly asked " How much would it be to have my knob pierced". Her piercer was also female. I guess that I could understand why she would be so cautious. The parlour was situated in a quiet street and they were probably worried about being overpowered by a customer.

It might be worth checking out websites of  tattooists in your area. Many will have pages showing previous work. There are a few I've looked at that had pics of clients that had been inked in pretty intimate areas. If you're worried about asking face to face, why not sent them an email or ring to see if they can accommodate your request.

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