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    I love hairy men, specifically older daddy types (DILFs, Bears, Mature). Dirty jockstraps are a turn on. I'm growing to appreciate piss. Always ready for cum in my beard, in my mouth, and far up my ass. Sometimes, it's nice to lose control.

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  1. I love the idea and love watching videos of guys sounding, but I've had issues with infections before, making me a bit afraid of trying. With my luck, I'd get an infection no matter how hard I try to make everything clean and safe.
  2. In college, my roommate played on one of the sports teams, and he'd leave his gear in our room to smell up the place. I didn't find those smells to be a turn on as they burned the eyes rather than got me hard. It wasn't until he went away for a few days with some of his laundry in our room not done that I got the chance of smelling some of his used boxers. I spent every night with a pair over my nose, smelling the ass and licking the cum stains. I loved those days. I even cleaned myself up one of the nights after I came. He never knew that the underwear he was throwing into the washing machine later was full of my cum. He just thought it was his.
  3. Part 9: Will discovers something BIG Arriving home brought about anxiety. For some reason, I believed my parents were going to be able to smell the gay on me, as if my breath would smell like the dick I’d been sucking. As I pulled into their driveway, I saw that my brothers had already arrived. I rang the bell, my mother greeting me. “You’re here!” she exclaimed. “Hi, Mom.” “How are you? You look good.” “I feel good,” I told her. There was no need to tell her that I was HIV positive and fucking a man almost twice a day. “Where is everyone?” “Your father is at church,” she said. “Naturally.” “Now, Zack and Bridget are in his old room. Uncle Michael is in your old room. You and Jay will have to share.” “For a week?” “Just until Sunday. Uncle Michael leaves then.” “This is ridiculous.” “When you’re married, you can have a room all to yourself and your wife. Until then, you share with your brother.” “Fine,” I said. I went and got my bags, hiking them up to Jay’s old room. Posters of bands we hadn’t been allowed to listen to covered the walls. Though Zack and I had remained in our faith, Jay decided early on to live his own life by his own rules. He got flack about it from our parents, but he didn’t care. I guess I’m the black sheep now, I thought, dropping my bags on the floor. “I get the bed,” a voice said from behind. I turned and saw Jay standing in the doorway. While I shared a resemblance to our mother, Jay had our father’s features. He was a bit shorter than me, but his muscles were more pronounced. In many ways, he reminded me of Doctor Wade. Just the thought caused my dick to jump in my pants. “Why do you get the bed?” I asked. “Because it’s my bed,” he said. I already knew this was going to be a long week. I called Dominic every chance I got. “I feel so anxious here,” I told him. “I feel like I’m about to jump out a window.” “Do something to get your mind off of it,” he told me. “Jerk off a few times. That should help.” “The bathroom door doesn’t lock,” I told him. “And I’m sharing a room with Jay.” “Jay’s the one with the six inch dick, right? Shorter but ticker?” “Are you really going to talk about my brother’s dick right now?” “I’m trying to make you laugh. I know this is a stretch, but are there any adult video stores nearby?” “What?” “Adult video stores. You know, where you go to buy porn instead of looking it up on the internet. Go to one of those and jerk off.” “In what, their parking lot?” “They’ve got private rooms in the back,” he said. “Trust me. You’ll feel better after. Besides, sometimes there are gloryholes you can suck a dick through. Maybe sucking someone’s dick will help you calm down.” I hated to admit it, but the idea was growing on me, and not just because my dick was growing at the thought of sucking someone’s dick. I told my parents that I was going to drive around a bit, see some of my old stomping grounds, and that I would be back before dinner. I knew of one adult video store outside of town, far enough that if anyone saw me, they wouldn’t know who I was. When I got there, I went inside and looked around. There were aisles of porn DVDs and magazines. A sign in the back advertised private viewing booths. I went back and found one that was open, stepping inside and locking the door. There was a tiny tv and a slot for quarters, telling me I had to pay to watch. I guess that made sense, but Dominic hadn’t told me to bring quarters. Realizing I had wasted my time, I turned around and was about to leave when I saw the hole in the wall. I had seen enough porn to know a glory hole when I saw one. I knelt down and looked through, seeing a shadow pass the wall in the room next door. I moved my face closer, trying to see if it was a man or woman, when my answer was given to me. Immediately, a dick came popping through the hole, a bead of precum handing from the tip. Without hesitation, I grabbed the dick and licked the precum off the head, hearing a groan from the other side. Instantly the dick started to grow. It wasn’t huge. It was smaller than mine, but it looked beautiful as it pulsed in front of me, wishing for my mouth to return. I sucked the head and took the balls in my hands, massaging them, feeling their weight. They were hairy, a musky odor clinging to the skin. I breathed it in deep, relishing the smell. It wasn’t nearly as good as Dominic’s, but it was still incredible. I opened my mouth and took in as much of the dick as I could. Since sucking Dominic off, I had gotten better at holding off my gag reflex. Now, I could take a dick down my throat without a problem. I sucked slowly, allowing the intensity of the feeling to build. I could feel the heat radiating off the dick, more precum oozing out. It tasted so good. I started to move my mouth along the shaft, my hand replacing my mouth to keep the pressure going. After a few minutes, I could hear the man on the other side of the wall groan, his body pressing harder against the wall. “I’m… gonna… cum…” he moaned. As I opened my mouth, the voice of the man replayed in my head. That voice, it sounded familiar. I looked at the cock in my hand and did a quick calculation of its measurements. It was six inches. It was a thick cock, thicker than normal. The taste of the precum reminded me of the first time I had tasted my own. Can cum taste the same if it’s from the same family. As I realized who was standing on the opposite side of the wall, his cock throbbed and ropes of cum shot out, filling my mouth and covering my face. “Fuck, man,” the voice said, the spurts of cum subsiding, leaving me drenched. He pulled his dick back through the hole. “Thanks, dude. That felt fucking great.” I remained on my knees, listening as the door of the other room opened and closed. I wanted to look out and see his face, but there was no need. I knew it had been him. I sat in the chair in my booth, my face reflected in the television screen. Cum was dripping down my face, collected in my facial hair. Most of it was in my mouth. I tasted it, knowing it tasted like my own. Not knowing what to do, I swallowed Jay’s cum and sat in silence, wondering what I was going to do. “You’re sure it was him?” Dominic asked. “I’m positive,” I told him. After I left the adult video store, I called Dominic, telling him what had happened. “It was Jay. It was Jay’s dick. Oh my God. I just sucked my brother’s dick. I just swallowed my brother’s cum.” I waited for Dominic to say something. “Dom?” “I mean, it’s kinda hot,” he said. “Are you serious?” “I’m sorry, but it is. I grew up wanting to suck my brother’s dick. Then, when I realized I was bigger than him, I wanted him to suck my dick. I know you’re weirded out, but I can’t even begin to explain to you how turned on I am right now. Honestly, my dick is in my hand and I’m ready to blow.” “I have to share a room with him,” I said. “How am I supposed to look him in the eye after that?” “Look him in the eye, just don’t look directly at his dick.” “Be serious.” “Listen. You’re not going to get what you want from me. I’m jealous. I know a ton of guys who would love to suck their brother’s dick. And besides, didn’t you say he called you dude? That means he knew it was a guy on the other side. That means he likes guys sucking his dick. Maybe your brother is gay.” “And if he is,” I said, “he’ll see my tattoo and figure out that I’m poz.” “So what if he finds out?” “He’s not good at keeping secrets.” “He must be pretty good if you never knew he was getting his dick sucked by guys. I’m just saying don’t freak out. Up to the point that you discovered it was Jay, were you enjoying it?” I sighed. “Yes.” “Alright. Hold on to that. If I were you, I would be getting into his pants the second I could again. But, if that’s not an option, you’re just going to have to lay low. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Also, wear a t-shirt when you sleep so he doesn’t see your tattoo. Problem solved.” “I guess,” I said. When I returned home, everyone was back. We joined together for dinner, my mother placing Jay on the other side of the table from me. I tried to avoid eye contact with him, but I knew he saw me looking over a few times with a shameful glance. “How’s your church, Will?” my father asked. “Good,” I told him. “We’ve had several new members. I’ve actually become friends with one of them.” “A woman?” Zack asked. “A man,” I said. “Are you dating anyone?” my mother asked. “Not at the moment,” I told her. “You should really be trying to find someone,” my father told me. “People want to see their pastors married. You must be their example.” “If he doesn’t want to get married, he doesn’t have to get married,” Jay said. “I never want to get married.” “That’s because you're a dirty heathen,” Uncle Michael said. “That’s me,” Jay said, smiling. “Hell, table for one.” “If you don’t believe in God anymore, why are you here?” Zack asked. “Are you planning on making a spectacle of yourself?” “That’s an idea,” Jay said. “No. Regardless of what you think of me, I still love Dad even if I don’t love God. I’m here for him.” “How about we change the subject,” my mother said. Once dinner was over and a bit of television was watched, I went to Jay’s room and started getting ready for bed. I blew up an inflatable mattress and searched through my bags for clothes to sleep in. “What are those?” Jay asked. “Pajamas,” I said. “You’re a grown man,” he said. “Sleep in your underwear or sleep naked. That’s what I do. Besides, the central air is broken, and it’s almost eighty degrees in here. Maybe more.” “I’m fine,” I said. I went to the bathroom and changed, checking my white shirt to see if the tattoo was visible. It wasn’t. As I reentered Jay’s room, I found him standing by his bed completely naked. My eyes were drawn to his dick, the same dick which had been in my mouth only hours before. “See something you like?” he asked. I ignored him. “I don’t need to tell you just how much the ladies just love a thick cock. Oh, that’s right. You don’t know. You’re the last virgin in the house. Maybe on the planet. Well, let me tell you, they love it.” “I don’t care, Jay.” “They love it when I shove my tick dick into their tight pussies. I’m too much of a man for most of them. When it comes to their mouths, forget it. I break jaws.” “I said, that’s enough.” “Fine,” he said. “Jealousy is an ugly thing.” “Why would I be jealous of a dick that’s smaller than mine?” I said. There was silence. “First of all,” Jay said, “congrats on using the word ‘dick.’ Second, your dick is not bigger than mine.” “Yes, it is,” I said. “Really?” “Yes.” “How big?” I turned to him. Jay was now standing next to my mattress, his dick waving above me, almost completely hard. For a moment, I wanted to reach out and touch it, to lick the head, to taste his precum. “You really want to know?” “I’m a little over six inches,” he said. “Over six inches around too. Seven even.” “Eight,” I told him. “No, I’m not eight around.” “No,” I said. “Eight inches. I’m eight inches.” Jay laughed. “No, you’re not.” “Yes, I am.” “Prove it.” “What?” “Prove it,” Jay said. He turned and went to his desk, opening a drawer where he dug inside before pulling out a measuring tape. What was with Dominic and Jay keeping measuring tape at the ready? “You kept Mom’s measuring tape in your room so you could measure yourself?” I asked. “So?” he said. He threw me the measuring tape. “Prove it.” I stared at him for several seconds before taking the measuring tape and pulling it beneath the covers. “No,” he said. “Out and proud. I want to see what you’re working with.” “Are you serious?” “If you’re going to tell me that you’re bigger than me, I want proof. I want to see it with my own eyes.” “I’m not hard.” “Then get hard,” he said. “You want me to pull up some porn on my phone? Is porn too extreme for you, Pastor Ryder?” My temper had reached its limit. I threw off my covers and stood up, standing in front of Jay. I pulled down my shorts and boxers, revealing my dick. For a brief moment, I saw a look of uncertainty on Jay’s face. “Jerk it,” he said. I reached down and started pulling at my cock. Seeing Jay standing in front of me naked helped the blood flow. Images of Dominic fucking me pushed me even further, my dick springing to life. “Fuck,” Jay said as I ran the measuring tape along my dick. “See. Eight inches. Actually, Eight and some change. I’m not as thick as you. Still only five inches. Congrats on girth. Are you happy now?” I threw the measuring tape at him and leaned down to pull up my boxers and shorts but stopped as Jay spoke. “Why were you at the adult video store today?” I froze. “What are you talking about?” “Your car. I saw it at the adult video store. Why?” “That wasn’t… I wasn’t… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I showed the guy at the counter a picture of you on my phone,” Jay said. “He said he saw you go back to one of the booths. He also said he saw you looking at the gay porn.” “I wasn’t looking at gay porn.” “But you were there?” I was silent. Jay stepped closer. “It was you, wasn’t it? In the other booth? You were the one that… that sucked my dick.” I couldn’t breathe. My heart was racing. He had known it was me. He had put his dick through the hole knowing it was me on the other side. He had wanted me to blow him. Why?
  4. Part 8: Will gets a tattoo Dominic and I spent hours at his apartment watching porn. While I thought I had seen everything, it turned out that there was so much more to gay sex than I had ever known. We watched the video of me fucking Doctor Wade a few times, each time resulting in Dominic and I fucking our brains out. Though I bottomed most of the time, Dominic did take me back to his room where he laid down on his bed and lifted his legs, revealing his hairy hole. “Are you sure?” I asked. “I want to feel you unload in me,” he said. “From Doctor Wade’s comment, it sounds like you’re a real shooter.” We took a few hits of the poppers, Dominic giving me some lube he had stashed in his fridge. “It’s more poz cum,” he said. “Are you always collecting cum?” I asked. “Can’t let a good thing go to waste,” he told me. “There’s a group of guys I fuck with every once in a while who spend a whole night jerking off into a bowl. We split it up into bottles and take it home.” “And you have to be poz to go?” “That’s the requirement,” he said. “That, and you have to have a big dick.” “The next time you go,” I said, “can I come with you?” He smiled. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to come but you.” I lubed up and shoved my dick into his hole, watching as his eyes widened and his smile grew. “Fuck, is that what I feel like?” “That, plus two inches,” I said. I started pumping. I watched as Dominic fisted his dick, rubbing his thumb over his head, beads of precum oozing out. He collected the precum on his finger and held it out to me. I wrapped my lips around his fingers, tasting him. I had never tasted anything as good as him. “You’re a fucking natural,” Dominic said. “God, you dick feels amazing. I don’t think I even need to jerk off. I’ll come all on my own.” My pace quickened, shorter thrusts, rubbing his prostate in quick bursts. His body started shaking. “Fuck. Oh, fuck,” he said, his hand reaching out and grabbing my arms. “Oh, fuck me. Oh, God. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Ropes of cum shot out of his dick, hanging in the air before splattering down on his chest. I lost count of how many times he shot, but by the end, there was a pool of cum in his chest hair, leaking down his treasure trail, and collecting in his navel. The sight alone was enough to make me shoot. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” I moaned, my body shaking as the orgasm took hold of me. It felt even better than with Doctor Wade. “Are you still cumming?” Dominic asked, watching as my face continued to contort. “Fuck, Son. You are impressive.” “I learn from the best,” I said, catching my breath. “Shit.” “What?” “I need to piss.” “Go ahead.” I started to slip out of his hole when Dominic grabbed my arms, his legs moving down to my waste, pulling me back inside him. “What are you doing?” “I said, go ahead,” he repeated. “What, inside you?” He nodded. “I don’t… I don’t know if I can.” “You haven’t tried,” he said. “Go on. Fill me up.” With my dick still in his hole, I concentrated as hard as I could until I felt a stream of piss shoot out into his guts. “Fuck, yeah,” he moaned, his hands leaving my arms and resting on his stomach. He massaged the cum around, mixing with his hair. “I can feel it. It’s so warm.” I kept pissing until I had to strain to get anything else out. Carefully, I pulled out my dick, a tiny spurt of piss shooting back and running down my leg. Dominic sat up, his asshole clenched shut. His hands remained on his stomach. “Feels good,” he said. “I didn’t know you liked piss,” I told him. “Piss, yes. Shit, no. Even I have my limits. How about you?” “Not sure,” I told him. “I watched some videos while you were gone. It seemed kind of hot.” “Let’s see what you think, then. Come on.” He maneuvered off the bed, his hole still clutched tight to keep my piss inside. I followed him to the bathroom where he pulled back the shower curtain and motioned me inside. “Lay down,” he told me. I did as he said. “I’m going to push your piss out of my ass and back onto you. Got it?” I nodded. Dominic turned around and pulled his cheeks apart, his hole staring me straight down. After a moment, a stream of piss shot out of his hole, hitting my chest. It was warm, dribbling through my chest hair and down toward the drain. As the piss kept coming, I found myself leaning forward until it was only an inch from my chin. Before I knew it, my mouth was open and my piss was shooting out of Dominic’s ass and into my mouth. “Fuck,” Dominic said, looking back and watching as my mouth filled with piss. The taste was strong, but it found it didn’t repulse me as much as I thought it would. Once it became too much to hold, I let the piss fall out of my mouth and over my body. At this point, Dominic had emptied his ass, my cum dribbling out at the end. “How was that?” “Hot,” I told him. “Warm, I mean.” “And hot,” he added. “Did you like it?” “I kinda did,” I told him. I ran my hand over my chest, feeling the warm liquid over my skin. There was something intoxicating about doing something dirty, something I knew I would have recoiled at a few weeks before. “Now it’s my turn,” Dominic said, pointing his dick at my face. “I want you to take it in your mouth, and this time, try swallowing some.” “Is that safe?” “Perfectly,” he said. “It’s a good way to fill your stomach. Are you ready?” I nodded. A golden stream of piss shot out of his dick, splashing on my chin before entering my mouth. It was warm and the taste was even stronger than my own. Once I knew it was about to overflow, I swallowed. The taste was even more prevalent as it went down my throat. It wasn’t a flavor I liked, but knowing that it was coming from Dominic made the whole experience worth it. I continued to drink down his piss, swallowing four times before he was empty. “That’s a good pig,” he said, shaking his dick and splashing me with drops. He reached out and took my hand, pulling me up. He stepped inside the shower and held me close, his mouth meeting mine. We kissed for what felt like forever. We took a shower, Dominic sticking his dick in me and pumping out a load so that we were both even. As we went to bed, he asked me a question. “Did you give any more thought to getting a tattoo?” “I did,” I told him. “I want to do it.” “Really?” “Yeah,” I said. “I want something that marks me as poz. I know I can’t let everyone know, but having something on me that shows who I am, what is in me, feels right. That way, when I’m not here with you, I can look at it and know that you’re still a part of me.” Dominic smiled and pulled me close, kissing me. “How about tomorrow? You come with me to work and we’ll do it then. I’ve got something I need to do tomorrow too. We’ll do it together.” “Absolutely,” I said. I’d never set foot in a tattoo parlor before, now, here I was, walking into the tattoo parlor owned by the man who pozzed me, ready to get a biohazard symbol on my body. Dominic took me back to a private room so no one would see us. He wanted this experience to be private, intimate. That was fine by me as I was starting to feel nervous. I watched as Dominic started to prepare the tattoo gun, my interest peeked as he went about his usual business. “Pretty cool, right,” he said. “A lot cooler than you watching me do my job,” I said. “I like watching you,” he told me. “It’s hot seeing you stand in front of everyone, commanding respect.” I never thought of my job as being hot. Knowing I had this secret while everyone around me saw Pastor Ryder instead was hot. Just thinking about I started to get a boner. Seeing Dominic handle the tools of his trade made my boner even more pronounced. It didn’t go unnoticed. “Looks like someone’s excited,” he said. “Now, where did you want the tattoo?” “I don’t know,” I told him. “You’re the expert.” “How visible do you want it?” he asked. “On your arm, anyone can see it. On your bicep, only a few people can see it. On your chest, you can only see it when your shirtless, obviously. Mine, you can only see if my shirt and pants are off. On your ass, you can only see it if your naked or wearing a jock. We could always tattoo it on your dick.” “No,” I told him. “Not on my dick.” “So, where?” “Well,” I said. “I want it somewhere I can see it.” “So, not on your back.” “I don’t want it on my arm. I wear short sleeves at church.” “Not that anyone there would know what it means.” “They can Google.” “How about where mine is?” “Too close to my dick,” I told him. “How about on my chest?” “People will see it when your shirtless.” “Not many people see me shirtless.” “How about at the gym?” “I like showering at home.” “You’re missing some good fucks at the gym,” Dominic said. “Guys in the know like to see the symbol.” “I want it on my chest, right over my heart. That way I can see it. That way, when you fuck me, you can see it too.” “Sounds good,” he said. “You’ll need to shave your chest.” “All of it?” “Just where the tattoo will go. I’ve got some razors in that drawer along with shaving cream. Go into the bathroom and come back when you’re done.” I went to the bathroom and started shaving. I’d never shaved my chest before. Once hair started growing while I was in high school, I felt like a real man. I knew it would grow back, but I hated shaving it off. The tattoo would be seen underneath in the end. As I shaved, I felt my heart pounding beneath. Was I really going through with this? Too late to think about going too far, I realized, knowing poz cum was currently brewing in my balls. This was a minor step toward identifying as a poz man. I returned to Dominic, finding him in the process of tattooing himself. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Adding my fiftieth line,” he said, showing me his arm. Where there had been only four tally marks, there were now five, ten sets complete. “This one’s for you.” Looking at all the lines, I thought of all the men he had fucked, all the men he had converted. Was I just another one, marked on his arm and soon forgotten? What happened to all those men? Doctor Wade I had met, but what about the other forty-eight? “I know what you’re thinking,” he said. “I’m not thinking anything,” I told him. “You’re worried that you’ll become just another mark. You’re worried that I go through men like they’re nothing to me. That isn’t true. Yes, some of them were just quick fucks. Others wanted to be poz. I don’t connect to people as well as you might think. With you, with you it’s different. The sex is hotter, sure, but you’re a good man. I want to be around you. I want you always close to me. If it was possible for you to be the one to poz me, I’d do it. I’d want a part of you in me forever. Do you understand?” I nodded. I climbed into the chair and sat back, watching as Dominic readied the tattoo gun. He placed the stencil on my chest and transferred the ink. I looked down at the symbol, watching it as it pulsed above the beating of my heart. I wanted this. I didn’t turn away the entire time. I watched as the ink was injected beneath the skin. I felt calm feeling Dominic’s hand on my chest. After a few hours, he was finished. I left the chair and looked in the mirror, seeing myself, but different. Now, a black biohazard symbol adorned my chest. In the center were the initials D.M. “So that you’ll never forget the man who claimed you first,” Dominic said. “How could I forget?” I asked. “You’ll need to take care of the tattoo. You’ll moisturize the spot, keeping it clean. Don’t worry. The hair will grow back.” His smile widened. “Fuck, you’re hot.” His hands ran down my body, reaching my pants. He unbuckled them and slipped them off, moving me back to the chair. I pulled off my boxers, watching as he pulled down his pants, his dick flopping out. “Ready to continue earning that mark?” “Yes, Sir.” I spread my legs, opening my hole. “We’ve got no poppers,” Dominic said. “You’ll feel all of this.” He spit in his hand and rubbed it on his dick. He spit again and rubbed it on my hole. “Looks like your hole is already getting bigger. Clearly, we’ve been fucking a lot.” “Not possible,” I said. “Let’s test that theory,” he said, shoving his dick in my ass. It still hurt, but the pain turned to pleasure immediately. His thrusts started slow and then intensified. His eyes were focused on my chest. “Your chest was a good choice,” he said. He leaned down and bit my nipple, causing me to rise off the chair. “You sure you don’t want to pierce your dick?” “I won’t say never,” I groaned, catching my breath. “But not today.” In no time, Dominic blew his load in my ass, my load shooting up and catching in his chest hair. He almost fell forward, stopping himself. “We can’t get cum on your tattoo. We don’t want it to get infected.” “I’m already infected,” I told him, smiling, nodding to the tattoo. “Remember?” “I’ll never forget,” he said. “Let’s get cleaned up and head home. We can fuck there.” “Sounds good to me,” I said. My chest hair grew back, the tattoo still visible underneath the hair. From a distance, it was hard to see, but that made being shirtless a bit easier should someone see me. Several weeks went by, Dominic and I continuing to fuck whenever we could. There came a Sunday after church where we fucked in my office, and we were almost caught by Pastor Kline. As we dressed, Dominic said, “Have you ever wondered about Pastor Kline?” “What about him?” I asked. “He’s a good looking man.” “I guess,” I said. “To be honest, I think he looks a bit like my dad.” “Still hot,” he said. “Actually, I think he might be in the closet.” I turned to Dominic, surprised. “What? Pastor Kline? No. He’s married.” “Wouldn’t be the first time a gay man had a beard,” he said. “I think he’s hiding something.” I shook my head. “Just because you were right about me, doesn’t mean you’re always right.” “I’ve got a good track record,” he said, showing me the tally marks on his arm. “Ten of these were married men with a secret. In the end, I gave them a secret too big to conceal. Actually, two of them are together now, spreading their seed in New York.” “Don’t try anything,” I told him, “especially while I’m gone.” I was traveling back home to see my parents. My father was retiring, and they wanted me there for his party. Dominic couldn’t come with me unless we wanted to raise suspicions. “I'll only be gone for a week,” I told him. “I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ll be there Sunday. I’ll be back two days later. It’ll be fine. Just stay out of trouble.” “Will do,” he said. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ As of now, we're about 48 pages into the story. I've got a total of 100 pages (and counting) written, but I'm not sure if I'll upload everything. We'll see what happens. I have no conclusion in mind, meaning almost everyone could be toxic by the end.
  5. Part 7: Will Meets Dr. Wade I spent my day doing something I had never done before. I sought out as much gay porn as I could find. Sure, I had seen straight porn before. At one point, I had fantasized about eating a woman’s pussy and even impregnating a woman. Now, all I wanted was to suck a dick and have Dominic impregnate me. My searching took me down the rabbit hole. I saw everything. There was a great deal that I knew I would never try, but there were other videos I found myself surprisingly turned on by. I watched as one man peed into another man’s mouth, and I found my cock rising to life. Never had I thought about putting my mouth anywhere near urine. Even when I got some on my hand when using the bathroom I freaked out. I saw men sticking metal rods into their dicks, something they called sounding. It looked like a UTI waiting to happen, but it also looked hot. All the while, I watched the tops and bottoms, wondering what it would be like to fuck someone like Dominic does. I still hadn’t fucked anyone with my dick. I’d jerked it off and had it sucked by Dom, but that was it. Would Dominic let me fuck him, I wondered. I’d never thought about my role before. For Dominic, I was a bottom, but would I always be a bottom with him? Would I be a bottom with everyone? Would there be other people other than Dominic? There was so much I still didn’t know. Once I had masturbated six times, my loads thinner with each jerk off, I stumbled out to the kitchen to get some more water. I wore nothing but the dirty jock strap which I had been using to collect the loads. It was soaked through and showed all manner of stains. I was excited to wear it to the gym for the first time, adding my sweat to the mix. I already knew Dominic’s essence was infused within the fabric. It would be my turn soon. There was a knock on the door. I checked the time and realized how late it was. Dominic didn’t have a key, and the spare he had used was in the kitchen where he left it all those days ago. He’d need to keep it until I had one made. Feeling a bit sexy as I stood in just a jock, I sauntered to the door, ready to greet the man who would be fucking my brains out. Instead, I found Pastor Kline. He stood holding a container of soup which he nearly dropped upon seeing me almost completely naked. “Will,” he gasped. “Mark,” I said, ducking back behind the door. “I’m so sorry. I thought… well… I wasn’t thinking. My brains in a bit of a haze. You know I wouldn’t open my door like this normally.” “Of course,” he said. He craned his neck, eyes looking for what was behind the door. “How are you feeling?” “Better,” I told him. “I should be good enough to be back this Sunday.” “Don’t rush yourself,” he said, his eyes still distracted. “We’d hate to have you falling over in the lobby as you greeted everyone.” “I feel so much better. I’ll most definitely be back.” “That’s great to hear,” he said. “This is for you. My wife thought you’d like some soup. It always does the trick for me.” “Thanks,” I said, taking the soup. “Do you know what it was?” he asked. “Not yet,” I told him. “Could just be a bug.” “Could be,” he said. “Maybe food poisoning,” I added, seeing behind him Dominic coming down the hall. “Uh…” Pastor Kline turned, spotting Dominic. “Mr. Moore? This is a surprise.” “Yes,” Dominic said, his pace slowing. “It is.” “What are you doing here?” “Uh, well…” “He brought me some food the other day,” I lied. “You see, we were supposed to have a meeting on Tuesday, but because I didn’t feel well, I canceled. He felt bad for me and brought me food so I didn’t starve.” “Great minds think alike,” Pastor Kline said. “I told you, Dominic, that I could bring the containers to church with me Sunday,” I said, trying to act cool. “You didn’t have to come all this way.” “Well, I thought I’d just check in since I was in the neighborhood.” “Isn’t that nice,” Pastor Kline said. “Seeing someone who has only started to become a part of our family already making connections.” “Great connections,” Dominic said, passing me a quick wink. “Well, thank you, Pastor Kline,” I said, pulling the container of soup into my apartment. “I’ll see you Sunday.” “Sounds good, Will,” he said, leaving my door. He watched as Dominic continued forward. Dominic and I mimed a conversation until Pastor Kline was out of sight. “That could have been bad,” Dominic said. “I thought he was you,” I said. “We don’t look alike,” he said. “I mean, he’s good looking and all…” “I answered the door like this,” I said, stepping out to show him the lone jock strap. “Fuck,” he said, smiling. “How much did he see?” “Everything,” I told him. “I lied and said I just wasn’t thinking clearly.” “That explains why he was so stunned.” “I’ve got to be careful,” I told him. Dominic followed me inside. “I was able to get you an appointment Sunday,” he told me as I placed the soup in the fridge. “After church, of course.” “What appointment?” “To see if you’re poz,” he said. “But I have the fuck flu,” I reminded him. “Still, we need to make sure.” “Wait,” I said. “I just said I didn’t want anyone to find out. How am I supposed to go to a doctor without everyone finding out? Everyone around here knows the church. They’ll recognize me. Everyone will find out.” “I got you an appointment with my doctor,” he said. “On a Sunday?” “He owes me a favor,” Dominic told me. “What kind of favor?” “I pozzed him,” he said. “See, this one’s him.” He pointed out one of the tally marks on his arm. “You pozzed your doctor?” “I pozzed him before he was my doctor,” Dominic said. “We met online. He was a chaser and wanted to get pozzed. I offered my services. After he told me he was a doctor, I figured it was better to have not only a gay doctor as a friend but also one that understands all the kinks guys like us enjoy. He won’t tell anyone.” “If you’re sure,” I said. “Alright. After church.” Dominic and I fucked several times before Sunday, even sneaking one in before church. We arrived in different cars so no one would suspect us. As I stood in the lobby greeting everyone, I shook his hand just as I did with everyone. Everyone looked at me like the good man they all wanted their sons to become as they got older. Little did they know that the mouth that was greeting them had been sucking a dick only an hour before, poz cum running down my throat and into my stomach. We got to the doctor’s office to find only one vehicle in the parking lot. Their sign said they were closed, but Dominic said a door in the back had been left unlocked for us. He guided me inside and into an exam room in which a man was sitting. “Dom,” he said, standing and shaking hands. “How are you?” “I’m good,” he said. “The business is doing well.” “I hope so,” he said. “I’m hoping to get in soon for another tattoo. And who is this?” “Sorry. This is Will. Will, this is Doctor Wade.” Doctor Wade was shorter than Dominic and I, but his body was muscular, showing that he spent a good amount of time working out. His grip nearly crushed my hand. He was handsome, blonde hair which was styled perfectly. His eyes were a pure blue. “It’s good to meet you, Will,” he said. “And don’t worry, Dominic already told me all about you being worried that I’d tell people about you. Don’t worry. I’m the picture of discretion.” “Thanks,” I said. “We better get started,” he said. “I’m going to be taking some blood samples from you. If you could just strip down.” Dominic took a seat as I removed my clothes. Once I got down to the jock strap, Doctor Wade stretched out a hand, waving for me to hand over the jock. “This thing has seen some action,” he said. “Do you mind?” “No,” I said, not knowing what he meant. Doctor Wade lifted the jock to his nose and breathed deep. Seeing this man inhale my cum along with every other odor helped shoot my dick straight up. “There’s nothing better,” he said, placing the jock down on one of the open chairs. “Looks like Dom has found himself a hung bottom.” He went to the counter and opened a drawer, extracting a short measuring tape. He ran it along my dick. “Eight inches. You tear up holes too?” “No,” I said. “Not yet,” Dominic added. Doctor Wade sat on a stool and examined my dick, moving down to my balls. “Not just a big dick. You’ve got large testicles. Is your dad this big?” “I’m not sure,” I said. “I’ve never seen him naked.” “You’re a genetics jackpot,” he said. “Brothers?” “Two,” I said. “How about them?” “Jay’s dick is smaller,” I said. “His is thicker, though. Zack’s is the same size as me.” “This is a family I’d like to meet,” Doctor Wade said. “Hop on the table and I’ll start getting samples.” Dominic watched as Doctor Wade collected his samples. Once they were taken, Doctor Wade left us in the room while he started the tests. “How do you feel?” Dominic asked. “A little nervous,” I said. “I don’t know why. I already know I’m poz.” “This’ll be the proof,” Dominic said. His hand had started rubbing his dick through his pants. As I watched, my own dick started to harden, standing at attention once more. I started running my hand along my shaft, a bead of precum collecting at the top. “We’ll have your results in a few minutes,” Doctor Wade said as he entered the room. He looked at Dominic and me, a smile filling his face. “You know, it’s been a while since I’ve been fucked. Are there any takers?” “How about Will?” Dominic suggested. “Me?” I asked. “But, I haven’t fucked anyone before.” “Then I’ll be your happy first,” Doctor Wade said. He was already unbuttoning his shirt, revealing a ripped chest beneath. He was hairless, his muscles clearly seen. As he removed his pants, I took the time to notice the tattoos on his body. There was a tribal tattoo on his shoulder while a scorpion tattoo was on his right peck. With his pants removed, he slipped out of his underwear, revealing a six inch dick which looked to be the same thickness of a soda can. He’d easily tear someone open from just his girth. Above his dick were the words, “Demon Dick” in cursive. “Let’s switch places,” he said. I climbed off the table, Doctor Wade taking my place. In his hand he held a bottle of lube and a popper vial. He squirted some of the lube in his hand and reached down to his ass, slathering his hole. He gave me the lube as he started taking hits off the poppers. I squirted some lube on my dick and made sure I was covered. “Fuck,” Doctor Wade said, finishing his hits. “Want some?” “Sure,” I said, taking the poppers. I inhaled, feeling the world spin and my body heat up. “Shove that huge dick inside me,” Doctor Wade said, spreading his cheeks. I’d never seen an asshole before. It looked so small. I couldn’t imagine anything fitting in there. I turned back to Dominic who was watching with interest. He nodded to me, his eyes directed to Doctor Wade’s hole. I tried to remember how Dominic had fucked me. I lined my dick up with Doctor Wade’s hole and slowly started to push inside, feeling slight resistance. “You’ll have to push harder than that,” Dominic said. “You can’t break me,” Doctor Wade told me. “Shove your cock into my hole. Give me your strain.” I did as I was told and shoved hard, my dick disappearing inside. Doctor Wade cried out, his hands tightening their grip on his ass. “Fuck, you’re huge!” “Are you alright?” I asked him. “Fuck, yeah I am,” he growled. “Come on. Fuck the shit out of me.” I pushed the remainder of my dick inside until my pubes met his ass. A wave of pleasure and warmth washed over me, my dick never feeling anything like it. I’d thought my hand could do the job. Turns out I had been wrong. Nothing felt like this. I pulled out slow and then pushed back in, trying to remember how I had seen them doing it in porn. I was clumsy at first, Dominic and Doctor Wade giving me orders. Soon, I was fucking Doctor Wade’s ass without a problem. “Fuck, you’re tearing me open,” he groaned. “I can feel you in my chest.” “Fuck, really?” I asked, wiping beads of sweat from my forehead. I could feel myself getting close. I looked back at Dominic and found him holding up his phone, recording us. “What are you doing, Will?” Dominic asked? “I’m fucking Doctor Wade,” I said, keeping my rhythm up. “And is this your first time fucking someone with your dick?” “Yes,” I said. “And what kind of cum are you going to shoot?” “Poz cum.” “And who pozzed you?” “You did, Daddy.” “And who else did I poz?” “You pozzed Doctor Wade.” “And now you’re giving him another round of poz cum?” “Yes, Daddy.” “Are you going to shoot?” Doctor Wade called, his hand jerking off his own dick. “I’m ready to cum.” “Almost,” I said, my thrusts quicker. “Fucking shoot in my hole,” Doctor Wade said. “Knock me up with your babies. Give me your poz cum. Infect me again.” “I’m infecting you with my poz cum.” “Do it. Shoot in me. Fuck, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” Doctor Wade’s hole tightened around my dick, pulling me further inside him as ropes of cum shot out of his dick, splattering his face, chest, and abs. From his spasms my body shot into overdrive. “I’m cumming,” I cried, closing my eyes as the most powerful orgasm shook my body. My cock wouldn’t stop shooting into his ass, my cum flowing out of me like a faucet. I held onto Doctor Wade’s legs for support, my body shaking. “Fuck, it just keeps coming,” Doctor Wade said, looking down at me as my body continued to squirt more of my cum inside him. “You should have been a sperm donor.” “He’ll be donating his sperm,” Dominic said with a wicked smile. “It’ll be a little different than that, though.” Once my orgasm had ended, my cock slipped out of Doctor Wade’s ass, a drop of cum hanging from the head. Looking down, I realized I was seeing my cock for the first time being used as it was meant to be used. Doctor Wade climbed down from the table and handed me some wipes to clean myself up. He didn’t clean himself up, though. Instead, he left the room with my cum dripping out of his ass and his cum dripping down his body. “What’ll you do with that?” I asked Dominic, pointing at his phone. “I’m going to keep it so we can watch later,” he said. “Don’t worry. It won’t go online.” As I finished cleaning myself, I realized that there was a part of me that didn’t care if it was put online. There was a part of me that wanted other men to see me fucking someone like Doctor Wade. I wanted people to know that I had a huge dick and could keep cumming for what felt like an eternity. I wanted people to know. “Well,” Doctor Wade said, reentering the room. “I’ve got the results right here.” “And?” Dominic and I asked. “Congratulations,” Doctor Wade told us. “You’re positive. You’ve officially joined the brotherhood.” I turned to Dominic who was sporting the biggest smile I had ever seen anyone wear. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug, holding my naked body close. “I’m so proud,” he whispered, kissing my cheek. “Now, you’ll have a piece of me with you forever.” “I’m yours forever,” I whispered back, meaning it.
  6. “Sleep.” Brian’s face fell, the trance taking over. His body relaxed, breathing slowed. Cum was dripping out of his pussy, quickly caught in the thermos. Mr. Miller shoved the butt plug back inside and took the thermos, handing it to Matt. “Drink this,” he said. “When you’re done, undue the restraints and bring him upstairs. We’re going on a trip.” “Yes, Master.” Mr. Miller collected the gym clothes into the duffle bag and went upstairs, dressing himself. He took his phone and went through his contacts, finding the name The Director. “Hello,” a voice said over the phone. “We’re on our way,” Mr. Miller said. “Get everything ready. Make sure everyone is there.” “Yes, sir.” Mr. Miller packed the duffle bag into his car, removing two jockstraps and two shirts. “Put these on,” he told Matt and Brian as they entered out of the basement. “While I like the idea of traveling with two naked slaves in my car, it wouldn’t do for people to take notice of you.” Both Brian and Matt pulled on the shirts and jockstraps and climbed into the backseat of the car. Mr. Miller drove for an hour before he drove into an alley on the side of an old brick building. He pulled the car into a garage in which other cars were already parked. “Matt, get the duffle bag out of the trunk,” Mr. Miler said. “Slave, you will walk directly behind me and not say a word. Matt, you will follow last. Understood?” Both Brian and Matt said, “Yes, Master.” “Good.” Mr. Miller had walked through the building many times before, knowing where he was headed. He had brought many slaves to this building over the years, several leaving with new masters by the next day. He glanced back at Brian and Matt and wondered if either wouldn’t be leaving with him by the time he left. He couldn’t imagine leaving without Brian seeing as there was so much more he needed to do before his new slave was broken in. Brian still hadn’t been tested yet to see if Mr. Miller’s strain had taken hold of his slave, though he knew it would after several days. Mr. Miller knew he wouldn’t keep Matt forever, though he didn’t know when he would assign him a new master. There was a man in Florida who wanted Matt, to add him to his growing number of slaves. The man even went as far as removing the genitals of his slaves, leaving their pussies as their only form of pleasure. Mr. Miller liked Matt’s cock, but it wouldn’t be up to him in the end. As of now, however, Mr. Miller didn’t know if he wanted to part with Matt yet. They entered a hall in which a man stood at the end, guarding a door. He was wearing leather shorts and a leather vest, his hairy chest and stomach sticking out. The lights in the hall gleamed off his gray hair and highlighted his bulge which was significant. Mr. Miller knew this man well. He had once been a respected business man, married with kids, but Mr. Miller had been paid by the man’s neighbor to hypnotize him, making him a leather slut. It had almost been too easy. The man had been closeted, making the brainwashing easy. His wife took the kids and ran off with someone she worked with. In the end, everything worked out for the best. The man remembered little from his life before becoming his neighbor’s leather slave. Memories often had a way of diminishing over time. “Hello, Sir,” the leather man said, bowing his head. “Is everyone here?” Mr. Miller asked. “Yes, Sir. They wait for you inside.” “Good. Before we leave, I plan on fucking you at least once. Do you understand?” “Yes, Sir. My pussy is all yours to fill.” He stepped aside, opening the door, allowing Mr. Miller and his slaves into a large room in which a warm light glowed. In the room there were several slings hanging from the ceiling along with ropes on which wrist restraints were attached. There were crosses on which leather straps were attached. Holes were built into the side of one wall, just large enough for a man to fit inside, his ass and legs hanging out, giving other men access to their holes. There were plastic bins around the room in which sex toys were piled along with gags, butt plugs, rubber suits, leather suits, cock cages, rods for sounding, and every other item a master could want to use on their slave. There was even a corner in which there was a station set up for piercings and tattoos. Mr. Miller had spent years constructing this getaway for masters and their slaves. A friend of his kept watch over the facility, known to everyone as The Director. To Mr. Miller, he was Simon Key, the first man he had ever converted. Now, Mr. Miller sent men on occasion to Simon to work as escorts, erasing their minds until all they could think about was cock and cum. Mr. Miller could see that several of Simon’s recent escorts were in attendance along with several other men filling the room. It was easy to tell the slaves from the masters. Masters wore whatever they wanted, whether suits, leather gear, sometimes redneck getups if that’s what they were into. All the slaves were required to attend naked, a requirement Mr. Miller appreciated. “Matt and Slave, remove your clothing.” “Yes, Master,” they both said, removing their shirts and jockstraps. There were six other Masters in the room, all of whom Mr. Miller knew well. He created their mind control programs, keeping them well stocked in whatever type of man they wanted. Mr. Miller noticed Wesley Anderson, a tall, muscular man who wore a suit and was flanked by five naked men. Mr. Miller knew Wesley’s type. He only ever went after married men. Wesley was also a lawyer, often representing the wives of the men he had taken control over, making sure the wives walked away with everything, making the men dependent on him. Once they were, he had them branded on their chests with his initials, thinking of them as cattle. Wesley was a dirty fucker, and Mr. Miller liked him. Perhaps he’ll take a liking to Matt, Mr. Miller thought. He could represent Matt’s wife when the time comes. “Welcome, gentlemen,” Simon Key said, entering the center of the room. “All of you know why we’re here. Each of you is experienced, having come to this gathering several times before. I’d like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Miller, our leader and supplier of content.” The six men applauded. “Happy to do my part,” Mr. Miller said. “And I believe,” Simon continued, “that each of us along with several other men were fortunate enough to watch the stream of your new accomplishment.” He motioned to Brian who remained unmoved to the attention. “Out of all your students, I think this one is by far our favorite.” “Thank you,” Mr. Miller said, looking back at Brian. “My slave has only just been broken in over the weekend. My other slave, Matt, and I spent the day torturing him today. I look forward to each of you contributing your toxic loads and that of your slaves as well.” “I’m ready when you are,” another Master said, reaching down and grabbing his crotch. The man was wearing a leather jockstrap which had thick pubes sticking out at all angles. “It’s been a while since I’ve fucked anything that young.” “You’ll get the chance,” Simon said. “I am training him for testicle torture,” Mr. Miller said. He came to Brian’s side and kneeled down, wrapping his fist around the young man’s scrotum and pulling down, showing his already low hanging balls. “I’ll be working on extending his balls and scrotum down to below his knees.” “Is that possible,” another Master asked. “We’ll find out,” Mr. Miller told him. “Though my other slave I will part with eventually,” he continued, motioning to Matt, “I plan on keeping this slave for myself.” “Keeping all the good pussy for yourself,” a third Master called. “If that were so, I wouldn’t have brought him here,” Mr. Miller told them. “I brought a scrotum weight if you want to use it,” Wesley said. “I’d love to fuck him with it on, watching his balls pulled down to the ground, hitting against the sling as I fuck his brains out.” “And with that,” Mr. Miller said, “I believe Wesley has just solidified himself as the first to fuck my slave.” The men around the room groaned in jealousy. “Instead of talking about fucking, why don’t we simply start,” Simon told them. “For some of you, I know you have newly toxic slaves, so we will be performing biohazard tattoos later in the evening. I’m also meant to tell you that George Truss, a Master from Ohio, will be streaming the castration of one of his slaves this weekend. If you wish to watch, let me know so I can send you the link. Anything else?” The men were silent. “Alright then, gents. Time to start fucking.” The men dispersed, the Masters checking out the bins full of toys and equipment before directing their slaves. Mr. Miller approached Wesley, Matt and Brian following behind. “It’s good to see you, Wesley,” Mr. Miller said, shaking the man’s large hand. Mr. Miller knew that the rest of Wesley’s body was equally as large, his dick nearly eleven inches long, by the far the biggest cock in the group. They had once brainwashed a man with a dick over a foot long, but his Master wanted him only for a bottom, so he had the man’s dick surgically modified, leaving him with a two inch penis. It was no surprise that the men Mr. Miller knew were depraved. “I’m happy to be here,” Wesley said, eyeing Brian. “I came hard watching you put this one under your trance. You make it an art form.” “I do my best,” Mr. Miller said. “Would you mind if I have one of your slaves fuck Matt.” “That’s right,” Wesley said. “A returning favorite. A married man if I remember correctly.” “That he is.” “Any news on that marriage?” “I’m projecting a divorce soon,” Mr. Miller told him. “I’ll make sure to pass your card along to her.” “And what about her husband?” Wesley asked, licking his lips. “When will you be passing him along to me?” “I haven’t tired of him just yet,” Mr. Miller said. “But, when I do, I’ll make sure you’re given notice.” “That’s all I ask,” Wesley said. One of Wesley’s slaves approached, holding the scrotum weight, handing it to his Master. “For allowing me to fuck your new meat first,” Wesley said, handing Mr. Miller the weight, “consider this a gift.” “Much appreciated,” Mr. Miller said. He had already bought several along with a leather extender, all of which he purchased using the money he got from selling some of Brian’s possessions. He also had access to Brian’s bank account, but he wouldn’t be taking money out of that right away. He didn’t want Brian’s parents to become too suspicious yet. I wonder what Brian’s dad is like, Mr. Miller thought, his dick jumping at the thought. Mr. Miller attached the weight around Brian’s scrotum, but, instead of letting it go gently, he let it drop, watching as it pulled down on his slave’s testicles, bouncing a bit and hitting against his legs. “You really think you can get his balls to below his knees?” Wesley asked. “I’m hoping he can get them so far down,” Mr. Miller said, “That he’ll be able to put them in his own mouth.” Wesley moaned. “God, I love it when you talk dirty.” Mr. Miller smiled. “Matt, go with one of Master Wesley’s slaves and get at least five loads into your ass before the hours up. Understand?” “Yes, Master,” Matt said. “Reggie,” Wesley said. “Take Matt and fuck his ass until his ass drips with toxic cum and blood.” “Yes, Master,” one of Wesley’s slaves said. Matt left with the slave, both heading toward one of the available slings. “Reggie has a big cock,” Wesley said. “He’ll tear him up good.” “Family?” “I just finished representing his ex-wife. She got all the money from the business he owned. He has two sons, both quickly coming up to their 18th birthdays. I think I’ll be making a reunion happen soon. He loves drinking piss. I haven’t used a toilet to piss in weeks.” “Saving water.” “I’m doing good work for the planet,” Wesley joked. He looked beyond Mr. Miller and eyed Brian again. “Is it time for me to take a ride?” “He’s all yours,” Mr. Miller said. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I'll be doing a side chapter soon about what else Mr. Miller gets up to in connection to a sperm bank.
  7. Part 6: Will Converts Two Sundays later I was meant to preach, but when my alarm went off, I found myself waking up to the worst feeling I had ever felt. I felt so sick, as if the worst flu of my life had taken hold. I rolled over and grabbed my phone, calling Pastor Kline. “Hey, Will. What’s up?” “I’m really not feeling well,” I told him. “I don’t think I’ll be able to be in for the service. I’m sorry.” “Don’t worry,” he said. “Just rest, and we’ll see you when you’re better.” “Thanks,” I said. I fell back to sleep for what felt like hours. My phone eventually woke me up, Dominic’s name on the screen. “Hey, Will,” he said. “Hi,” I groaned. “Is everything okay?” “I’m really sick,” I told him. “I’ve never felt this bad before.” “How long have you felt like this?” “Since this morning.” “Look, I’m on my way back. I’ll come over. Just text me your address and where you keep a spare key.” I did as he said and fell back to sleep. When I woke up next, I felt something pressing against my back, something warm and big. “You’re awake,” Dominic said, whispering into my ear. “You made it,” I said. “Wait. You should go. I don’t want you to get sick.” “I won’t,” he said. “What do you mean?” “I’ve already been sick.” “What? When?” “Twenty years ago,” he said. I didn’t understand. “Dom, you can get sick again.” “Not with this,” he said. “What are you talking about?” “You’ve got the fuck flu,” he said. “You can only get it once.” “What, like when you lose your virginity?” “No,” he told me. “Only when you’ve been pozzed.” I waited quietly, trying to understand him. “What are you talking about?” “When someone who is poz fucks someone who isn’t, that other person, hopefully, becomes poz too.” “But, what does poz mean?” “It means positive,” Dominic said. “Positive with HIV.” I was silent as the reality set it. “You mean, you’re HIV positive?” “Sure am,” he whispered into my ear, kissing my neck. “And now, so are you?” “What?” “That’s why I fucked you four times,” he said. “I needed to make sure that my strain infected you.” I felt my stomach turn, my skin growing cold. “You knew this would happen?” “I was hoping it would,” he said. “That’s why I opened the cut in your hole again. That’s why I dug my nails into your hole, making sure my cum could get to your blood.” “You did this on purpose?” “Of course, I did,” he said. “But why?” “To make you mine,” he said, holding me tight. “I’ve converted forty-nine men in my life.” He looked down at his arm, running a hand over the tally marks. “I remember each of them. But with you, you’re different.” “Why am I different?” “You’re the forbidden fruit,” he told me. “You’re the man of God, the incorruptible. From the moment I saw you at the gym, I knew I wanted you.” “At the gym? We met at my church.” “That’s where you saw me,” he said. “I saw you at the gym weeks before. From the moment I saw you, I knew I had to meet you. When one of the workers told me who you were, I knew I had to fuck you, to convert you. That’s all I’ve been able to think about for weeks now. Honestly, I wasn’t sure it was going to work. It wasn’t until last Sunday when we were talking after your sermon that I knew you wanted me. All I had to do was get you to my place.” “This was a trap?” I cried, my chest heaving as I tried to hold back tears. “You did all of this to infect me? Why would you do that?” “To be with you,” he said. “I didn’t just do it to stealth you. I did it because I want to be with you. I want you to be mine. I want my strain to be a part of your body forever. I want you to carry a part of me until you die. That’s why I did it. I wanted you. And I know, deep down, you want me.” “No,” I cried, trying to push him away. My arms were too weak. “You may not feel it now, but you’ll realize it soon.” “No. I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to go to the hospital.” “It’s too late,” he told me. “You’re already converting.” I closed my eyes tight and cried. “I know it’s scary now, but soon you’ll understand how much I want you. I’m not leaving. I’ll stay until you feel better. If you still feel the same, I’ll leave, and you’ll never see me again. But, if you change your mind, which I think you will, I promise to make you mine and show you a life you’ve never even imagined.” I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t. I was reeling. How could someone do something like this? I thought back to that night, going over everything he said. I remembered him saying that he wanted to make me his. I remember him saying that he wanted to convert me. I just didn’t understand what any of that meant. I did now, and I was scared. I fell asleep for several more hours. My mind was still filtering through everything I had just learned. I was now HIV positive. A lead pastor, a straight virgin, was now poz from having been fucked four times by a gay man. What had I done? Moments from the night played in my head, the way I sucked his dick, the way he inserted his fingers inside me. I could still feel his cock inside me. I could taste the cum. I could feel his warm body against mine, holding me close. It all felt amazing. It all felt like exactly what I wanted. Why can’t you have it, my mind asked? If Dominic can have it and he’s poz, why can’t you? You loved being with him. You loved having him inside you. You loved tasting him and smelling him. You never imagined sex with a woman being that good. Why run away from something that can feel so right? Maybe your life isn’t ending. Maybe it’s just beginning. I woke up, my eyes glancing over to my alarm clock where I could see it was early morning Tuesday. I’d missed Monday entirely. I turned over and searched the room, finding Dominic standing in the corner, his phone to his ear. “I won’t be in today,” he said. “I’ll be out for a few days. Reschedule my appointments if you have to. Thanks, Chris.” He turned back to me and caught my eye. “Hey,” he said. “How do you feel?” “Bad,” I told him. “But not as bad.” He nodded. “Still hate me?” I thought about this seriously. Yes, there was a part of me that was furious, but there was an even greater part of me that found the whole idea exciting. “No,” I said. He smiled. “Good.” “I feel warm,” I moaned, pushing at the covers. “Here,” he said, pulling them off me. As he did, my naked body was revealed. Both of us took notice of my hard cock. “You know,” he said, “Sometimes, while you’re converting is when you’re the most horny.” “Really?” I asked. My hand moved down to my cock and took hold. “You’re right,” I groaned. Dominic pulled his shirt off and removed his pants, revealing no underwear underneath. “You look ready to go,” I said. “Well, call me hopeful,” he said. “I was almost sure you weren’t going to kick me out. I wanted to be ready.” I smiled. “Hold on,” he said, running out of my bedroom. He came back in with a water bottle. “Remember this” he asked, shaking the contents. “These were some of your last negative loads,” he said. “I wanted to save them to use as lube for when we fucked again.” “How romantic,” I said. I was too weak to lift my legs, so Dominic did it for me, resting my legs over his shoulders. He opened the bottle and poured out my cum into his hand, rubbing it on my asshole and then rubbing it on his dick. What remained he poured on my cock. “Use your neg loads to shoot our your first poz load,” he said, rubbing his own dick. “Fuck yeah,” I said, jerking my cock. He lined up his dick and pushed inside, my ass resisting the intrusion. I winced at the pain. “Here’s some poppers,” he said, holding out the vial. He pressed down on my nostril as I breathed in. Then he moved to the other one. Once I was high enough, he closed the vial and threw it to the side. He started pumping into me, his rhythm quick and sharp. “Are you ready for another dose of poz cum?” “Yes, Daddy,” I said, jerking my cock. “You want my dirty load?” “Yes.” “You want me to infect you again?” “Yes.” “Don’t shoot without warning me,” he said. “I want to collect it in the bottle he said. You understand?” I nodded. He kept fucking me, my ass tearing open again. “There’s a lot of blood on my dick,” he said, smearing it on his fingers. He slipped his fingers into my hole along with is cock, resulting in a cry of pain from me. “That feel good?” “Yes, Daddy.” He pulled out his fingers and reached them out to me. “Taste your hole.” I stuck out my tongue as he reached his fingers inside my mouth. I could taste my cum, my ass juices, and my blood. All together, it tasted amazing. “I’m going to cum, Daddy,” I moaned, my hand picking up its pace on my cock. Dominic grabbed the water bottle and did his best to hold the opening to my piss slit. “I’m cumming,” I cried. “I’m cumming.” “Do it. Shoot your first poz load.” I cried as my cock shot out ropes of cum into the bottle, hitting the back and pooling inside. After nearly twelve pulses from my cock, my orgasm subsided, leaving me panting for breath. “Fucking hot,” Dominic said, holding the bottle up to his eyes. “Now, I want you to drink it the moment I start coming. Do you understand?” “Yes, Daddy,” I said, taking the bottle and holding it close. Dominic continued to fuck my ass, his pace speeding up as his breathing became shallow. “Here it comes,” he said, his eyes locked on mine as I lifted the bottle to my mouth. “Are you ready? I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” I poured my poz load into my mouth, holding it over my tongue, savoring the flavor of what I would soon taste every time I came. Dominic’s body shook until his orgasm subsided. His chest was heaving. I watched the hairy beast of a man who had pozzed me with wonder. Never had I imagined wanting to be with anyone as much as I wanted to be with Dominic. He was everything a man should be. He was perfect. For a brief moment, I realized something that both scared me and filled me with the greatest happiness. I believed Dominic was the one person I could truly love. The fuck flu lasted several more days. Once I was feeling good enough to move around on my own, I insisted that Dominic return to work. “You’ve got bills to pay,” I told him. “I’ll be back tonight,” he said. “Have your jock on, ready to fuck.” “I will.” “Do you think you’ll feel better in time?” he asked. “To fuck?” “No,” he said, smiling. “For your job? Remember, you’re a man of God.” “Oh,” I said, admittedly forgetting all about the church. “I don’t know. Maybe.” “Could be hot,” he said. “I’d love seeing you up there preaching, knowing that I converted your ass but no one else knows.” “There’s no way anyone can know, right?” “You don’t have the biohazard symbol on your forehead,” he said. “Speaking of which, once we get you tested, do you want a biohazard tattoo?” “I never thought about getting a tattoo,” I told him. “Show me yours.” Dominic smiled. “You just want me to undo my pants and lift my shirt.” “I like seeing your body,” I told him. He undid his pants and lifted his shirt, revealing his tattoo. Admittedly, it did look hot. Knowing what it meant, knowing that it was proof of him being poz, being dangerous, it intensified his sexiness hundredfold. I reached out and pressed my hand against the tattoo, feeling his warm skin. “You’re getting me hard,” he said. “And you know I don’t have time to fuck.” “I’ll think about the tattoo,” I said. “If I say yes, will you do it?” “I wouldn’t have anyone else,” he said, kissing me. “What about a Prince Albert?” “You know I don’t know what that is.” “If I don’t tell you, it’ll be easier to get you to do it.” “Like when you converted me?” “Exactly.” “What is it?” “It’s a piercing,” he said. “It’s a metal ring through the head of your dick.” Just the idea made me wince. “I don’t think so.” “Could be hot.” “Keep thinking that.” “Fine,” he said. “I’ll see you later.”
  8. Part Five: Will's Round 2 Once Dominic stopped shaking, he looked down at me as I continued cleaning the cum off my body. “Fuck, that’s hot,” he said. “Does Daddy’s Son like the taste of his own cum?” “I do, Daddy,” I said. “It tastes so good.” “In that case,” he said, “I’ve got something for you. Hold on.” Slowly, he pulled himself out of my ass and went to his desk. “First, I want to keep my cum inside you. You wouldn’t want to insult your Daddy by losing his cum, would you?” I shook my head, tilting my hips back, fearing his cum would pour out of my hole. He came back with a little device that looked like a weird triangle with a knob at the end. “This is a butt plug,” he said “It’ll keep everything where it needs to be. I’ll need to open your whole up again to get it in. This might hurt a bit. Your hole is tender from fucking.” As Dominic inserted his fingers, I felt a sharp pain. The cut must be opening again, I thought. It hurt worse this time, but seeing Dominic’s look of pride at sticking his fingers inside me made it all worth it. “Here it goes,” he said, shoving the butt plug into my ass. Feeling myself once again full brought about a sense of completion. It was as if I couldn’t live anymore without being filled. I waited as Dominic left the bedroom, returning a few moments later with a Tupperware container in one hand and a plastic water bottle in the other. In both there was something white, the container being solid while the plastic water bottle sloshed around. “Seeing as you like cum so much,” he said, opening the container, “I’ve got a treat for you.” “What is it, Daddy?” I asked. “Frozen cum,” he said. “I’ve been collecting cum from condoms I’ve found and I’ve frozen it in this container. What do you say, do you want to suck on it while I fuck you again?” “Are you ready to again?” I asked him. I looked down at his dick and saw it standing at the ready. I could also see cum still sticking to the head along with traces of blood. This worried me at first, but Dominic had warned me that bleeding sometimes happened. “Is it going to hurt again?” “I’ll use this,” he said, shaking the water bottle. “It’s some of my cum. I’ll use it as lube. Are you ready for round two?” While a part of me couldn’t imagine going again so soon, I saw my dick growing, ready for another round. “Fuck me again, Daddy,” I told him. “You’ve got it,” he said. He reached into the container and pulled out a large glob that looked like ice except for the white-yellow color. He lifted it up to his mouth and ran his tongue along the outside. “Cum tastes so fucking good. Here, this is for you.” I took the cum, struggling to hold it as it was both cold and slippery. A drop fell onto my chest, mixing into my chest hair. “Eat up quick,” Dominic said. “If you don’t, it’ll melt.” I brought the cum to my mouth and did as Dominic had done, running my tongue along the outside. Other than it being cold, it tasted just like my cum. I licked again and again, savoring the flavor. How had I gone twenty-nine years without knowing this taste? How had I jerked off so many times before without realizing the delicious miracle I’d been shooting into socks or down the drain? As I licked the cum, Dominic grabbed my legs and pulled them toward the ceiling. “Tilt your hips up again, Son. I’m going to take the butt plug out, but I don’t want any of my cum to slip out. That’s right. There you go. Let me see. Your hole’s staying open all by itself. That’s a good boy. Soon we’ll have your hole nice and open all the time, no lube needed. Alright, I’m going to pour some of my cum from the bottle into your hole, Son. Hold still while I work it inside of you. This may sting again. I’ll try to be careful.” I watched as he brought the bottle up to my raised ass and started pouring the cum into me. “That’s it. That’s going in nicely. I’m going to push some in, Son.” He worked his fingers inside of me, my hole stinging even more than before. “It hurts, Daddy,” I whined. “Take another hit,” he said. “But the cum.” “Put it on your chest and take a few hits,” he said. I did as I was told. After a few hits, the pain had lessened. Taking the cum, I found some of it had melted on my chest, joining the glob from before. “You don’t want to waste that cum,” he said. “Rub it into your chest hair. It’ll soak into your skin and make you strong.” “Alright, Daddy.” As I licked the cum with one hand holding the cold glob, I messaged the melted cum into my chest hair, slicking it around until I was covered. With my hand covered in cum, I reached down and rubbed it into my pubic hair. With the cum that melted on my face, I rubbed it into my stubble, making sure all my hair except for the hair on my head and in my armpits was covered in cum. “That’s hot, Son,” he said, lowering my legs. The water bottle was nearly empty. What remained he poured onto his cock which he started to rub until he was completely covered. “I’m not going to ease myself in this time, Son. I’m going to fuck hard from the start. Are you ready?” I nodded, not wanting to remove the cum from my mouth. “Round two,” he said, grabbing my ankles and shoving his dick inside. I cried out, stars appearing before my eyes. I nearly dropped the frozen cum as he slammed into me. As my cry died down, I could hear the sloshing of his dick as it pumped into my ass, his cum moving within my hole. “Fuck,” he groaned. “Your hole is just as good as the first time. Maybe even better.” “Fuck me hard, Daddy.” “I will, Son. You’ll be full of my cum before the night’s over. Don’t worry. I won’t let you leave without your stomach being full of cum.” “Fill me, Daddy.” “I will, Son.” Dominic was slamming into me, resting my legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, hovering over me, looking into my eyes. “Get a big glob of cum in your mouth and kiss me,” he said. I licked until I had a suitable amount and then placed it on my chest again, Dominic leaning in and kissing me. The cum mixed between our tongues, filling our mouths. His chest was pressing into the frozen cum, our combined body heat melting the cum over my body. By the time he was done, the cum had melted on my body, leaving me drenched. He ran his hand over my chest, stopping over my heart which was pounding. “This is forever,” he said. “Right here. Is that what you want? Do you want this forever?” “Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, the smell of cum filling my mind. It’s all I could smell. It’s all I could taste. It’s all I could feel other than Dominic’s huge cock which was intensifying its thrusts. “Are you ready for load two?” “Give it to me, Daddy. Cum inside me again.” “What are you?” “I’m yours, Daddy.” “No,” he said, looking deep into my eyes. “You’re my cumwhore. You’re my pig. You’re my deviant fuckhole that needs Daddy’s cum. Tell me. Tell me what you are.” “I’m your cumwhore. I’m your pig. I’m your deviant fuckhole that needs your cum.” “That’s right, Son. Here it comes.” He pushed inside one more time and then held me close, his cock pumping his cum into my ass. This time, my cock didn’t shoot any cum. This time, it was all about Daddy. As he came down from his high, he looked down at my cock and saw it still rock hard. Pulling himself out, Dominic pushed the butt plug back inside and lowered me down, sliding off the bed himself. He pulled the jock’s pouch down under my balls and held my cock at the base, angling it toward his mouth. He looked at me in the eye as he took the entirety of my cock down his throat. “Fuck,” I cried, my body shaking as he blew me. He ran his hand along my shaft as his mouth played with my head, licking my slit. “That’s right, baby. Give me your load. Give me your last clean load” My body tensed as my balls rose into my body, my cock pumping into his mouth. I came even more than before, more than I had ever in my life. As my last spurt ended, Dominic rose from my cock and grabbed the water bottle from before and brought it to his mouth, dribbling my cum inside. “We’ll save that for another time,” he said. “So, what did you think?” “That was… incredible,” I said, still trying to catch my breath. “Was it everything you wanted?” “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “Yes, Daddy,” I said. I sat up and moved my legs off the bed, Dominic’s hand reaching out and stopping me. “Where do you think you’re going?” “I was going to clean myself and go home,” I said. “You aren’t cleaning yourself,” Dominic said. “And you aren’t going home. Not tonight. I want you to sleep here with me.” “Really?” He nodded. “I want to give you two more loads before you leave tomorrow morning. I’ll let you rest tonight, but tomorrow morning, I’m opening you up again.” I smiled, happy that he wanted me to stay. I crawled back on the bed and laid back. I watched as Dominic took the water bottle with my cum inside back out of the room, returning later wearing a new jock strap. He climbed into bed next to me, slipping the jockstrap I had on off and wiping it across my chest, collecting the remaining cum. Once the fabric was soaked through, he slipped it back on me. He moved me to my side and pressed himself against my back, wrapping his arm around me. I felt so warm. There was nowhere else I wanted to be. Dominic fucked me twice the next morning. By the time I left, we had both cum two more times. Both of my loads he collected and added to the water bottle from the night before. I asked him what he was going to do with it, and he told me that I’d find out eventually. I left with the butt plug in my ass while I was also wearing the jockstrap from the night before under my clothes, my boxers staying with Dominic. “You can get them the next time you’re here,” he said. “When will that be?” I asked. “I’ll be out of town later this week for a convention,” he told me. “There’s a tattoo convention that I’ve been dying to go to for years. I’ll be back sometime late next week.” “I’ll see you then,” I told him. “Yes you will,” he said. “Keep the plug in for a while.” “Why?” “Just trust me,” he said. As the elevator stopped, the doors opened and I found a man standing inside. Upon seeing me, his eyes got wide and a huge smile filled his face. “I don’t fucking believe it,” he said. “He actually did it.” “Did what?” I asked. “Who are you?” “Dominic told me he was inviting a pastor over to his apartment. I’m guessing you’re him.” “Uh, yeah. I am.” The man’s smile grew. “He fucked you.” “What? How do you know that?” “Honey, I know the walk of shame when I see it.” The elevator doors closed, and we waited as it descended. “So,” he said, “how was it?” I blushed. “It was good.” “Just good?” “It was incredible,” I told him. “Not that I have anything to compare it to.” “Shut the fuck up,” he said. “You’re not telling me that was your first time getting fucked by a guy, are you?” “It was my first time, period,” I told him. “Why am I telling you this?” The doors opened and I left him standing stunned. I went to my car and climbed in, finding my ass hurting from being fucked. I checked my phone, having forgotten to check it last night. There was a voicemail from Pastor Kline. “Hey, Will. It’s Mark. I just wanted to ask if you spoke any more with Dominic Moore? I saw you still talking with him when I left, and I just wanted to know if you were able to get any further with him? Give me a call when you can.” I dialed his number and waited. “Hello, this is Pastor Kline,” he said. “Hi, Mark. It’s Will.” “Will, how are you?” “I’m good,” I told him. “I just heard your message. Sorry, I was busy last night.” “That’s fine,” he said. “So, did you go any further with Mr. Moore?” “We did,” I told him, grinding my ass on my seat, feeling the butt plug pressing against my prostate. “I think it’s the start of a great friendship.” Almost two weeks passed with little happening. I left the butt plug in like Dominic said, taking it out only when I finally had to shit. When I pulled it out over the toilet, I was shocked by the amount of cum that came rushing out. I was also surprised by the color. It was a deep pink. I moved my hand back and touched my hole, cringing at the soreness. Looking at my fingers, I could see the pink cum and bits of blood. I tried to calm myself. Dominic said this happens. Just keep cool. Everything is fine. I cleaned myself and threw my clothes in my hamper, keeping the jockstrap hanging in the bathroom. Dominic wanted me to let the cum from the night before to dry on it. He also wanted me to jerk off twice a day until I saw him again, making sure each load ended up in the jockstrap. I was more than willing to take these orders. At work, I couldn’t think of anything but Dominic. All I wanted was to feel him inside of me. Every night I jerked off thinking about him. Each morning I jerked of wishing he was next to me. On Wednesday as I was in my office, I found myself rubbing my cock through my pants. Slowly, I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped, reaching inside and pulling out my cock. I started pumping, getting hard immediately. I didn’t have the jockstrap with me, but I needed to cum. I blew my load on my shirt, leaning back in my seat until I could regain my breath. I opened my drawer to retrieve my spare shirt but realized I hadn’t replaced it from the last time. I sat in my office with my cum drying on my shirt. What was I supposed to do? I closed up shop and snuck through the church, racing to my car before anyone could see me.
  9. Part 4: Dominic takes Will “Take of your pants.” He said. I backed away and unbuttoned my jeans, kicking off my shoes. With my pants to the side, I ran my fingers along the waistband of my boxers, hesitating for a moment. I watched as Dominic removed his pants, revealing a jockstrap underneath. We stood almost naked taking each other in. I slipped of my boxers, revealing my cock and balls. Dominic smiled. “How big are you?” he asked. “I’m six foot,” I said. “No,” he said. “How big is your dick?” “I don’t know.” Dominic turned and moved to his desk, opening a drawer and taking out a tape measurer. “Get hard,” he said, walking to me. I reached down and started jerking my cock, though seeing Dominic in his jockstrap was doing enough on its own. With him standing so close to me, I could feel his warmth. It was intoxicating. “There,” I said, pushing out my pelvis for him to see. He kneeled down, holding the measuring tape out along my shaft. “Eight inches,” he said. “Big boy.” “Is that good?” He smiled up at me. “That’s perfect. Just think, this cock was almost wasted on an ungrateful woman. Good thing I got to you first. Still, it also means that I’m still king.” He removed his jockstrap, revealing a semi-erect cock that took my breath away. “Ten inches and thick.” “I don’t think I can take that,” I told him. Feeling once again worried about my choice. “Don’t worry,” he said, kissing me again. “We’ll go slow… at first. Here, wear this.” He handed me his jockstrap. I looked inside and found some stains. I assumed they were cum and piss stains. Normally, I would recoil, but now, taking it from Dominic, I wanted nothing more than to wear it. As I lifted a leg, he reached out and stopped me. “Smell it first,” he said. Slowly, I raised it to my nose and breathed in, my head spinning from the smell of sweat, piss, and cum. I wanted more. I breathed in deeper, pressing the fabric to my face. My tongue slipped out and ran along the fabric, tasting him. “What do you think?” he asked. All I could do was moan. “Put it on.” I hated that I wasn’t going to smell or taste him, but he wanted me to do what he said. I slipped it on, finding the pouch a bit larger than needed. He really was a big guy. Now with his jockstrap off, I could see the tattoo his towel had been hiding. It was a biohazard symbol, the type you see near fallout shelters. It meant to stay away. For me, I wanted to get closer. “Kneel down,” Dominic said. I did as I was told. He stepped closer, his cock in my face, hard as a rock. “Taste it,” he said. I opened my mouth and took in his mushroom head. I’d never tasted someone else. Not like this. Already my jaw was straining to take him in. On my tongue I could taste his precum. It was sweet. “That’s it, baby,” he said, running his hand through my hair, holding on to the back of my head. “Take in a bit more.” He pushed his cock further into my mouth, invading my throat. I started gagging. “Don’t worry,” Dominic said. “You’ll learn to fight that. You’ll have to. How’s it taste?” His cock fell out of my mouth, saliva dripping down my chin. “It tastes amazing.” He slipped his cock back into my mouth, his hand guiding me further down. I gagged again. There was no way I could take him all. I wanted to, but I knew my limits. I bobbed on his cock, trying to keep my teeth away. I knew little about blowjobs, but I knew you weren’t supposed to use your teeth. I looked up and saw Dominic’s head tilted back. “Is it alright?” I asked him. He looked down at me, a wide grin on his face. “You’re a natural,” he said. “We’ll have my whole cock down your throat in no time.” “How?” “Practice,” he said. My cock was throbbing against Dominic’s jockstrap. I reached down and started rubbing, moaning with pleasure. “A born cocksucker,” Dominic said, watching as I pleasured myself, trying to shove more of his cock into my throat. I was halfway. “Time for something new. Get on the bed.” I stood up and followed him to the bed, crawling to the middle. He went to his desk again and pulled out a tube and small vial. “These will make everything easier,” he said, turning to the bed and climbing up next to me. “Spread your legs. Let me see your hole.” I did as I was told. Several men had seen me naked at the gym when I went in to shower. That experience wasn’t new. Having someone else see my butthole was a new experience. I had yet to have a prostate exam, and other than the fooling around I had done days before, it had been an area unexplored. Dominic looked down and then at me. “You’ll need to open wide for me,” he said. “Pull your knees up to your chest. Show me.” I pulled my knees up to my chest, stretching in ways I’d never done before. “Beautiful,” he said, reaching down and running his hand over my hole. I flinched. “Sensitive,” he said. “Let me see what I can do.” He slipped off the bed and leaned down, bringing his face to my hole. “You’ll enjoy this.” My body seized and I gasped. I looked down and saw only the top of his head as his mouth was open around my hole. I could feel his tongue licking. Is this sanitary, I wondered? Do I care? I’d never felt anything like it. My body shuddered, his tongue probing even deeper. I could feel him enter me. I looked down again and saw his eyes watching me. The same ferocity was in his eyes. He was eating me, devouring me. After minutes of this passion, he moved back and took a deep breath in through his nose. “You smell good,” he said, licking his lips. “You taste even better.” “Really?” He smiled. “It’s time to open you up,” he said. “Here, open his bottle. Close your one nostril and breathe in deep. Try to hold as long as you can.” “What is it?” I asked him. “It’s called a popper.” “Is it a drug?” I asked him. “I don’t do drugs.” “Don’t worry,” he said. “It’s an aid. It’ll help you open up.” I nodded and unscrewed the lid. I held it to my nose, held one nostril closed, and breathed in deep. I almost dropped the bottle as my head continued to spin. I felt light, a warmth rushing through me. At the same moment, I felt something push against my hole, forcing itself inside. I looked down and saw Dominic’s hand out of sight. His eyes met mine. “One finger in,” he said, starting to move in and out. He took the bottle and squirted something on his hand. “Take another hit, and we’ll try for two.” I did as I was told. “Good boy. How about three?” I was in another world. I took two more hits. “Four.” Another two hits. He smiles at me. “That’s five, baby.” His hand pumped in and out of me, my hole open. “Looks like you cut yourself,” he says. “What happened there?” “My finger,” I told him. “It… slipped.” “Sure it did,” he said. “It might open up a bit. That’s not abnormal. Trust me. Sometimes there’s blood.” “Blood?” “Don’t worry,” he says. “Don’t you trust me?” My breath caught. “Of course.” “I think you’re ready,” he said. “Wait,” I said, arresting his attention. “Do you… I mean… do you have a condom?” His face falls. “I don’t use condoms,” he says. “But, don’t you have to?” “If you’re afraid of knocking a woman up, sure,” he said. “But between men, never. There’s nothing like feeling skin against skin. That’s where the true connection exists, feeling your partner’s body, their most sensitive points and places. That’s what it’s about.” “I’m just, I’m not sure,” I told him, my legs dropping from my chest. “I don’t fuck with condoms,” he told me. “I can’t stay hard with one on. Real men don’t use condoms. If you don’t agree, you can leave. That’s up to you.” I saw him leave the bed, standing at full height, his cock curving up, fully hard. Never had I seen anything as beautiful as the man in front of me. I wanted him. I wanted him more than anything. I thought of my dream and how much I had wanted it to be real. Now it was. Why would I lose this chance willingly? I grabbed my legs and pulled my knees back to my chest. He smiled. “Alright then,” he said. “Time to take your virginity.” Dominic crawled onto the bed and returned his hand to my hole, massaging it. “I’ll go slow at first,” he said, “but once I’m in, I won’t be able to stop. Understand?” I nodded. “Then here we go.” He lined up his cock to my hole. “Take another hit,” he said, nodding to the vial. As I breathed deep, I felt what must have been his entire hand pressing against my hole. “Almost in,” he said, smirking. There was a searing pain, my body willing me to move away from this unexpected intruder. “Don’t back away,” he said as if he could read my mind. “There,” he said. “The heads in.” “Just the head?” I asked. He laughed. “Let’s keep going.” The pain increased as he pushed more in. “Keep breathing,” he told me. My hands were shaking, losing the hold of my legs. Dominic grabbed my ankles and held them steady, spreading my cheeks even more. His eyes closed as he continued to surge forward. “Fuck,” he groaned. “You feel so tight. It’s been years since I had a virgin ass to myself. Tell me, baby. Tell me your ass is mine.” “My ass is yours,” I whimpered, still trying to push through the pain. I felt like I was being torn in half. My heart was pounding. How much more of this man existed that was still outside of me? “Almost there,” he said, biting his bottom lip. “Just a bit more.” For a brief moment, I thought I was going to die. A ten-inch cock was entering my body. How was anyone able to handle anything so big? I thought of my own cock, knowing it was only two inches shorter. Would someone feel this way if I fucked them, I wondered? A new sensation met me as I felt hair press against my ass. I looked down and saw Dominic’s pelvis pressed against me, his pubic hair mixing with the hairs on my balls. “You did it,” he said, smiling. “All ten inches. You’re not a virgin anymore.” I’m no longer a virgin, I thought. There’s no going back now. “I’m going to wait and let your ass grow accustomed to my size,” Dominic said. “Alright,” I said. “Daddy,” he said. “What?” “Call me Daddy,” Dominic said. “Say it. Call me Daddy, Son.” “Daddy,” I repeated, the word hanging in the air. Dominic smiled. “What do you want your Daddy to do, Son?” “I want you to fuck me,” I said. He raised a brow. “I want you to fuck me, Daddy,” I corrected. He slid out of my ass and then slowly pushed himself back in, causing me to wince. “Who does your ass belong to?” “You, Daddy.” He pulled out again, pushing back in, this time with more force. “Who does your body belong to?” “You, Daddy.” Out and in. “Who does your soul belong to?” “You, Daddy.” “And who will you listen to and do whatever he tells you to do?” “You, Daddy.” “Who’s your master?” “You, Daddy.” “Who do you want to convert you?” “You, Daddy.” “That’s fucking right,” he growled, his pace quickening. I could feel his cock all the way up in my chest, reaching for my heart. With every thrust, he hit a spot in my body that I’d never felt before, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. “You feel that, Son? That’s your prostate I’m hitting. Only the biggest dicks can make you feel that way, obliterating the spot that makes men quake.” My hand was down to my crotch, reaching beneath the jockstrap, grabbing my cock and balls. I was the hardest I’d ever been. Precum was oozing out of my piss slit, collecting in my pubic hair in puddles. “Let me see that cock,” Dominic said. I pushed the jock’s pouch down beneath my balls, my cock springing to life. A drop of precum flew through the air and stuck to his treasure trail. Without missing a beat, he left go of my ankle and collected the precum on his finger, bringing it to his mouth. He moaned. “You taste so sweet,” he said. “So pure. So clean. Let’s see if we can change that.” His pace quickened, the bed shaking beneath us. He started grunting as I moaned, my body unable to contain the waves of ecstasy flowing over me. I took hold of my cock again and started pumping, stopping as Dominic’s hand grabbed my wrist. “Don’t jerk off,” he said. “I want to see you cum hands free.” “Can I do that?” I asked. “Only when a big cock is inside you,” he said. “You’ll see.” He pounded harder. His breathing started to quicken. “I’ve got a huge load for you,” he said. “I can feel it boiling in my balls. Tell me where you want it, Son? You don’t want me to waste it on your stomach, do you?” “No, Daddy,” I said. “You only want it in your ass, right?” “Yes, Daddy.” “Tell me that’s where you want it.” “I want your cum in my ass, Daddy.” “You want me to convert you?” “Yes, Daddy.” “You want me to knock you up?” “Yes, Daddy.” “You want me to make you mine forever?” “Yes, Daddy. Make me yours forever. Cum in my ass.” “You’ve got it,” he growled, pushing as far into my ass as he could, his head thrown back as he cried out. “Fuck. I’m cumming. I’m cumming in your ass, Son. Can you feel it?” “Yes, Daddy. I can feel it.” I could feel his cock throbbing, a warmth spreading inside of me. At that very second, my own cock came to life, shooting ropes of cum into the air, splattering down on my face, chest, and stomach. Taken over by the pleasure, I scooped up my cum and started shoveling it into my mouth, relishing the taste of my first hands free cum. “I’m still cumming,” Dominic cried, looking down at his cock. His body was shaking with each pulse. “Fuck. It’s like it won’t stop.” “Don’t stop, Daddy,” I said, still bringing my cum to my mouth.
  10. Mr. Miller’s dick was starting to hurt after two days of constant fucking. It wasn’t until Monday morning when a knock on the door arrested his attention. He had just been planning to check on his slave when the guest knocked. Answering the door, he found Matt before him, his glazed look returned. “Master,” Matt said, “my wife has left. I am here as you instructed.” Mr. Miller smiled. “How long will she be gone?” “Two days.” “Plenty of time for what I have planned,” Mr. Miller said. “Go and get your used gym clothes and bring them here.” “I also stole clothes from the gym like you told me.” “Very good,” Mr. Miller said. “Have you pissed this morning?” “No, Master.” “Good. Don’t. And did you collect your cum like I told you to?” “Yes, Master.” “Bring that as well. You have five minutes.” Mr. Miller went down into the basement, finding Brian on the floor, asleep, Matt’s sweaty shirt clinging to his own sweaty body. His testicles were pulled back, still attached to one of Mr. Miller’s weights. His scrotum was red, his testicles showing some swelling. The television screens were still playing until Mr. Miller opened the app and sent the screens to black. “Wake up,” he said, crossing to his slave and slowly stepping down on his balls. Brian jolted awake, Mr. Miller’s control taking over quickly after. “Good morning, slave,” Mr. Miller said. “You’ve done well these past few days. I believe you’ll serve me well. I do want to try something new today. Undo the strap around your testicles and climb up into the sling.” Brian did as he was commanded. As he stood up and crossed to the sling, Mr. Miller took notice of his balls which looked to be hanging lower than before. With his slave in the sling, Mr. Miller strapped his hands and ankles tight, doing so further up with his legs and arms. Once he was sure his slave was secure, Mr. Miller looked deep into Brian’s eyes. “Awake.” Brian gasped, the glazed look which had set in since Friday now gone. “What, what’s happening? Where am I?” “It’ll take some time,” Mr. Miller said, reaching out and running his hands along his slave’s legs, “but you’ll soon remember.” “What have you done to me?” “I’ve given you what you wanted,” Mr. Miller said. “You said you wanted me to fuck you. I have. You said you wanted me to impregnate you. In a manner of speaking, I have. Everything you’ve wanted, I’ve given to you. I’ve also given you things you never knew you wanted. I’ve made your life simple. You live to serve me as my sex slave. You’ll never have to worry about making a decision again.” “But,” Brian said, his memories of the last few days returning, “What about my life? What about what I want?” “I’ve given you what you want,” Mr. Miller said. “I’ve blessed you with dozens of my poz loads. Soon, a part of me will be within you forever. I was planning on keeping you under my control forever, but I think I’ll allow you to regain some awareness. You still can’t run away. I won’t release you that easily. You also can’t hurt me. But I want to see you accept this fate. The brainwashing I’ve set within your mind will continue to break you down. Soon, I won’t have to put you under any trance. You’ll want to stay because whatever part of you that could resist me will be gone.” “Master,” Matt said, the man standing in the doorway of the basement. “Perfect,” Mr. Miller said. “You see, Brian, this is Matt. He is a man who I have under a trance, but only when I see fit. What I plan to do to him, to remove his will slowly, I am doing with you this summer. I’m giving Matt more time, though I’ve already pozzed him, making his loads toxic. Isn’t that right, Matt?” “Yes, Master,” Matt said, entering the basement. In his hands he carried a duffle bag and a thermos. “Place the bag on the ground,” Mr. Miller said. “Today, Brian, I am giving my dick a break. We’ve been fucking constantly, and, as you’ve noticed as I’ve sat here watching you pull the weight around by you balls, I like to watch every now and then. Matt here, another of my toxic slaves, will fuck you, unloading his toxic cum in your hole.” “I don’t want—” “Quiet,” Mr. Miller said. Brian’s mouth closed instantly, his eyes looking pleadingly. “Matt will fuck you, contribute his loads, helping ensure that you will be poz. There’s no doubt that you will be. I’m highly potent, as is Matt. But first, Matt here hasn’t had the chance to piss yet this morning, and I’d hate to have a strong bladder-full of piss go to waste. Brian, you will open your mouth and drink down Matt’s piss. Understand?” “Yes, Master,” Matt said, walking to Brian’s head. Brian struggled slightly against his restraints, but as soon as Matt was next to him, his mouth opened. Matt pulled down his pants, revealing a cock that was slightly shorter than Brian’s but significantly thicker. It looked to be the same girth of a soda can, covered in veins. On his cock there was a tattoo, that of a biohazard symbol and the initials A. M. in the center. “Drink up,” Mr. Miller said, opening the duffle bag and pulling out several pairs of clothing, dropping them on the floor. Matt grabbed Brian’s hair and pulled his head down to his dick, unleashing a thick stream of golden piss into the slave’s mouth. Brian’s eyes widened as the liquid cascaded across this tongue, the pungent smell permeating the air. Even though he didn’t want Matt’s piss in his mouth, he started to swallow, just as Mr. Miller had ordered. Meanwhile, Mr. Miller sorted through the clothing, finding several pairs of jock straps, a few pairs of briefs, shirts, and socks. One of the briefs sported a streak of brown on the ass while one of the jock straps was discolored yellow from years of stains. The jock strap Mr. Miller pulled up to his face and breathed deep, taking in the smell of unwashed months, piss, cum, and sweat attached to the fabric and sporting the odor of man. The smell alone got him hard. He looked across the basement to where Matt was still feeding Brian his piss, the young slave desperately swallowing to keep up, making his erection even firmer. “I’m done, Master,” Matt said, turning to Mr. Miller, small drops of piss dripping to the floor. “How did that taste, slave?” Mr. Miller asked, eyeing Brian who was shuddering as he swallowed the remaining piss in his mouth. “Bitter,” Brian said. “The taste of piss is something else you’ll soon crave,” Mr. Miller said. “You’ll want it more than water. Do you have to piss?” Brian nodded. “Matt, drink Brian’s piss.” “Yes, Master.” Matt circled around to Brian’s caged cock, lowering his mouth over the cage as piss splashed out, running down over Brian’s body. Matt slurped up the piss as well as he could, his hand reaching down below Brian where he caught extra drops which he brought to his mouth. Mr. Miller pulled on the briefs which had the stain on the back and brought the stained jock strap over to Matt who was finishing his drink. “Is this yours?” he asked Matt. “No, Master.” “Who does it belong to?” “A man named Wes Little, Master.” “The police chief,” Mr. Miller said, examining the jock again. “I wonder if he likes wearing a stained jock? Maybe, it’s communal for all his officers.” He ran his tongue alone the crotch, savoring the flavor. “Get me more of Chief Little’s clothing for the future.” “Yes, Master.” “And is that your cum?” Mr. miller asked, nodding down at the thermos. “Yes, Master.” “How many loads?” “Twenty-three.” Mr. Miller took the thermos and opened it up, breathing deep the scent of stale loads. “Just think, Matt, if it hadn’t been for me, all of this probably could have been used to make a person. A person you’d have to raise with your bitch wife instead of letting yourself fuck hundreds of people, no cares in the world. It’s a good thing I found you when I did. Now, all you have to do is do exactly what I tell you.” “Yes, Master.” “And what I’m telling you,” Mr. Miller said, drinking a large gulp of cum from the thermos, “is to fuck Brian’s brains out.” Brian tried to escape the sling, but the restraints kept him secure. “I don’t want my brains fucked out,” Brian shouted. “Too late,” Mr. Miller said. “I’m in your mind. I’m slowly wearing down your defenses against me. Soon, you will serve me without the need of a trance. Just wait and see.” Matt spit into his hand and rubbed it over his dick, lining it up to Brian’s hole. He grabbed Brian’s legs to stop the his moving and shoved his dick inside. Even with Mr. Miller’s constant fucking and the use of the butt plug, the girth of Matt’s dick proved to be too large, sending Brian into a blinding pain. “FUCK!” he shouted, head tilted back, his body trying to move away from Matt’s intrusion, without success. “Everyone talks about wanting a big dick,” Mr. Miller said, drinking more of Matt’s cum from the thermos. “But they only ever mean long. Sure, I love a long dick, 8, 9, 10 inches. But a thick cock, one that fills you up, opens you wide, that’s a different experience. It tears you open. That’s what Matt’s dick is meant to do. It’s meant to tear open holes and infect the ruined pussies with toxic cum.” Matt’s thrusting had increased, a steady motion breaking Brian’s pussy now sending both waves of pain and pleasure throughout the slave’s body. Matt’s dick was pressed against Brian’s prostate, a constant feeling of pleasure spreading throughout his restrained limbs. His caged cock tried to break free from the cage, but it was no use. “Once Matt is divorced from his wife,” Mr. Miller said, finishing the thermos of cum, “I’ll have him sleeping with as many men as possible, ruining their holes, filling them with toxic cum. Imagine every man being pozzed.” Matt’s grip tightened around Brian’s legs, sweat pouring down his face, his chest hair slick. Mr. Miller approached, standing behind Matt, kissing his neck, tasting the sweat. He wrapped his arms around the man’s body and ran his hands through Matt’s body hair. While he loved Brian being smooth, Matt was the type of man you didn’t want to see hairless. His hair intensified his sexiness. Mr. Miller looked down at Matt’s cock as it entered and left Brian’s pussy, the tattoo seen between thrusts. “What a beautiful cock,” Mr. Miller said. “Who does that cock belong to, Matt?” “It belongs to you, Master,” Matt said, his breathing labored. “I belong to you.” “That’s right,” Mr. Miller said, his eyes now looking at Brian who was looking up at the ceiling, his own body covered in sweat. “Matt knows who is in charge. Matt knows who he serves. How about you, slave? Who does your cock belong to?” Brian looked down at his caged cock, anger and acceptance in his eyes. “You.” “I’m sorry?” Mr. Miller said. “You,” Brian said, the word an effort to say. “Master.” Mr. Miller smiled, grabbing Matt’s face which he turned and started kissing. Matt continued fucking Brian’s pussy, blood covering his dick. “I’m gonna cum,” Matt said, his eyes focused on Mr. Miller. “May I cum, Master?” “You may,” Mr. Miller said, his arms around Matt’s body, one over his heart, the other reaching down to his dick. “Fill him up with our strain.” Matt burrowed his dick deep inside Brian’s pussy, hands squeezing tight on Brian’s legs as his body shook. Mr. Miller could feel Matt’s heart racing while everything around his dick pulsed with each squirt of the toxic load. Brian’s breathing was strained, his chest heaving, cock straining for release. “I’m cumming,” Brian whimpered, eyes focused on his restrained dick. “I need to cum.” “Do it,” Mr. Miller said. He reached down and grabbed Brian’s swollen testicles and pulled them hard. “Matt, put these in your mouth.” Matt pulled his dick from Brian’s pussy, pink cum pouring out, splattering on the floor. Mr. Miller held Brian’s balls steady as Matt sucked them into his mouth, fitting both inside. “Bight down a little,” Mr. Miller said, watching as Brian’s face contorted, his body trying to release his load but Matt’s hold on his testicles along with the damage done keeping him from cumming. “Cum, slave. I want you to cum!” “Yes, Master,” Brian cried, eyes closing as spurts of cum shot out of the cock cage. The pain was clear on his face, but so was the pleasure. What Mr. Miller had noticed instantly was the fact that Brian had called him Master without being under a trance. Already the young man’s mind belonged to Mr. Miller. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ What kind of body mods are people thinking?
  11. Part 3: What Will Wants I checked the text message from Dominic to the apartment building I was parked outside of. It was a match. It was a nice building, proving that Dominic’s business must have been doing well if it allowed him to afford a place here. I rung his apartment number, waiting for a response. “Hello?” came a voice. “Hi,” I said, sounding like a kid trying to sell cookies. “It’s Pasto… I mean, It’s Will Ryder.” “Hey, Will. Right on time. I’ll buzz you up.” As I entered the elevator, I found myself feeling nervous. Was it my dream returning to mind? Was it the thought of beling alone with this man, this stranger? I tried to shake off my nerves. I knocked on Dominic’s door and waited, stepping back as it opened, and a nearly naked Dominic stood in front of me. His chest was bare with only a towel covering his lower half. I could now see all his tattoos and his hairy chest. I flashed back to the dream I had had, seeing him on top of me, feeling him inside of me, and I could instantly feel my cock starting to grow. “Sorry,” he said, smiling. “I just got out of the shower when I buzzed you up. I haven’t been able to get dressed yet.” “That’s no problem,” I said, trying to collect myself. “I go to the gym. It’s not like anything I haven’t already seen.” “Glad to hear it,” he said, stepping aside and welcoming me in. “I’m about to start the steaks. There’s beer in the fridge. If you’d like some wine, I have some in the chiller beneath.” “I don’t drink,” I told him. “Really? Not at all?” I shook my head. “Well, there’s always water.” He told me, but I almost missed it as my eyes wandered down to his treasure trail where a tattoo was just hidden by his towel. “Is water okay?” he asked. “Yeah,” I told him. “Thanks.” “I’ll go and change and be right back,” he said, disappearing down a hall. I wandered around his apartment, noticing drawings on the walls of what I assumed were tattoo ideas. They were detailed and showed a lot of skill. “Do you like them?” Dominic asked, entering back into the apartment fully clothed. “They’re great,” I told him. “You’re really talented.” “Thanks. Do you have any tattoos?” I shook my head. “I almost did when I was in college, but I chickened out.” “Not a fan of needles?” “I just wasn’t sure about doing something that would be so permanent,” I told him. “Plus, what would I get that I know I’d want for the rest of my life?” “There’s always something,” he said. “You just haven’t found it yet.” I turned to him and found him smiling at me. He tilted his head and looked me over, waiting several seconds before saying, “I’ll get the steaks going. How you like your meat cooked?” “Well done.” I told him. He snickered. “What?” “Nothing,” he said. “I’m just on the opposite end. I like it raw.” “Not too raw,” I told him. “That’s unhealthy.” “A bit,” he said, opening the fridge where he removed a packet of steaks and a bottle of beer. “It’s still better.” I’d never had a better steak in my life. We sat at his table talking, comparing our time at college. “I left after freshman year,” Dominic said. “School just wasn’t for me.” “College isn’t for everyone,” I told him. “Did you always want to be a pastor?” he asked. I waited a few seconds before saying, “Yeah. I did.” “That didn’t sound convincing,” I shrugged. “My dad is a pastor, so I always knew what I was going to do.” “But did you really want to be a pastor?” “I… I don’t know. I think so. I mean, I don’t have anything else I’m good at.” “I’m sure that’s not true,” he said. “Maybe there’s something you’re good at that you haven’t tried yet.” “Like what?” I asked. He took a sip of his beer, finishing the bottle. “I’m going to get another one. Are you sure you don’t want one?” “I’ve never had a beer,” I told him. “Well, now’s the time,” he said, taking out two beers. He took them to the counter and opened them. “Do you want a glass or just from the bottle?” “I don’t know,” I told him. “Whatever you think, I guess.” He came back with two bottles and handed me one. I smelled it and cringed. “It’s like vinegar.” “You get used to the taste,” he said. I took a sip and cringed. “That’s really strong.” Dominic smiled. “Keep going. You’ll grow to like it.” I took another sip, finding it easier to drink but still bitter. “Are you dating anyone?” Dominic asked, taking another sip of his beer. I shook my head. “Not since college.” “Why not?” I took another drink of the beer, finding the taste growing on me. “It ended so badly that I didn’t want to get hurt again.” “That’s reasonable,” Dominic said. “What happened?” “She cheated on me,” I said. Dominic whistled. “That’s how it goes, isn’t it? They’re fucking someone else while they’re fucking you.” “Not exactly,” I said, drinking more beer. “What do you mean?” “We never…” I said, trailing off. “Never?” Dominic said. “Have you… have you ever fucked someone?” I shook my head. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “How has someone that looks like you not fucked anyone?” “I’m waiting until marriage,” I told him. Dominic started laughing. “Are people still doing that?” “I want my first time to be with someone that I love,” I told him. “It’s special.” “Sex is sex,” he said. “It only carries weight if you want it to. I fucked a guy last night, and it didn’t mean anything.” I stopped drinking the beer, nearing the bottom. “You’re gay?” “I thought you knew that.” I shook my head. “Does it matter?” “No,” I said, feeling slightly uncomfortable having walked in on him as he stood in a towel. Now we were having dinner together. “Did you think this was a date?” I asked him. “No,” he said. He waited a moment before asking, “would it be awful if I had?” “I’m not gay,” I told him. “Not even bi?” “No,” I told him. “I’m straight.” “You could have fooled me,” he said. “What do you mean?” I asked. I was starting to feel the beer as my head swam. “I saw the way you looked at me when I opened the door.” “You were in a towel,” I reminded him. “You surprised me, that’s all.” “And all the other times you looked me over?” he asked. I sat quietly, looking down at my beer. How did he know? I’d never had a gay thought about anyone before, and the first time I do, he somehow knows about it? “I’m not judging you,” Dominic said. “I’m flattered. A hot guy like you staring at me is an honor.” “You think I’m hot?” Dominic nodded. “If it wasn’t for the whole, waiting until you’re married thing, I’d try to have you right here, right now. But, like you said, you’re not gay.” I sat quietly, thinking about my dream and everything Dominic had said about me. I’d never wondered if I was gay before. It never occurred to me that I could be. Not until I saw Dominic did I start to have these feelings, feelings I wasn’t able to understand fully. Maybe Dominic understood more than I knew. Maybe he could understand what I was feeling and why. My head swam as I tried to figure things out. I finished my beer. “How would I know?” I asked. “How would you know what?” “If I was gay,” I told him. “How would I know?” “It’s not that complicated,” he told me. “Have you ever thought about a guy in a sexual way? That’s a basic clue.” I stared at him for several moments until nodding. “Really?” he said. “Who?” I tried to take another drink of my beer, remembering that it was finished. “You,” I finally said. “Me?” Dominic said, the word hanging between us. “You thought about me?” “I had a dream,” I told him. “When was this?” “A week ago,” I said. “Tonight.” He smiled. “And what were we doing?” he asked, standing up and taking my empty bottle. He went to the fridge and grabbed more. “Do I really have to say it?” I asked him. “You know it was sexual.” “There’s a ton of things we could have been doing,” he said, handing me a bottle. “For my own gratification, I want to narrow it down.” “I shouldn’t be talking about this,” I told him. “This is wrong.” “And yet,” he said, nodding down to my crotch. I looked down and could see my pants starting to tent. I moved to cover myself, but I knew it was too late. Just thinking about telling him was making me hard. I could feel my heart starting to race, my skin feeling flushed. It was getting hot in the apartment. “We were having sex,” I told him. “What kind?” “I don’t know.” “You’ve got to have seen some porn,” he said. “Come on. What position were we in?” I racked my brain for the name. “Missionary.” “Missionary for the pastor,” Dominic said. “That’s fitting. Who was on top?” “What?” “You really don’t know anything, do you?” he said. “Who had a dick in their ass? Me or you?” I drank more of my beer, feeling hotter every second. “I did.” Dominic smiled. “You dreamt of me fucking you,” he said. “The day we met. You dreamt of me fucking your hole.” “Can you please stop saying that?” “How did it feel?” he asked. “It didn’t actually happen,” I reminded him. “But how do you remember thinking it felt? Did you think it felt good? Did you like it?” “I don’t know,” I told him. “I woke up before anything really happened.” His smile faded a bit. “What happened? Why did you wake up?” “I had a wet dream,” I said. “Sounds like your subconscious is trying to tell you something,” he said, standing up from his chair. “Sounds like, even on our first day of meeting, you knew you wanted me. That’s hot. You’re a man who knows what he wants.” “I don’t, though,” I stressed. “I don’t know what I want.” “Your dick says otherwise.” “It doesn’t mean anything,” I told him. “But it could,” he said. He came around the table and stood in front of me. With his crotch nearly eye level, I could see a bulge forming in his pants. Without realizing, I licked my lips. “I know how to know for sure whether or not you’re gay.” “And how’s that?” I asked. I must have been fuming as my body continued to feel as if I was overheating. “Kiss me,” he said. “What?” “Kiss me,” he repeated. “Kiss me, and if you don’t feel something, you can go home right now and forget all about me. I won’t see you again. I promise. But, if you do feel something, you have to see where it takes you. Deal?” My anger was rising, leading to a hasty decision. Whatever reasoning I normally had was gone. I stood up and faced him, Dominic puffing out his chest slightly. He wrapped a hand around me, pressing his palm to the small of my back. He pushed me toward him, his other hand reaching up to my face, feeling my stubble. Our eyes met, and all my anger subsided. He brought my face toward his, his mouth opening to receive mine. My eyes closed slightly, but my other senses were heightened as I felt his tongue enter my mouth, tasting me and me him. Our bodies were pressed against each other, our growing bulges rubbing. As we kissed, my dream was awoken, playing again in my mind. Now I could feel him against me for real. I could smell his skin. It was intoxicating. He leaned back and looked me in the eye. “So?” he said. “What did you think?” Without hesitation, I reached out and grabbed his face, pulling him back in for another kiss. I wanted to explore every part of him. I needed him closer to me. I needed him to bridge whatever gap existed between us. I needed him… inside me. “Fuck me,” I whispered, breaking the kiss. “What did you say?” Dominic asked. “I said, fuck me,” I told him. “But we aren’t married,” he joked. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” I stopped and thought about it, really considering what it was that I was asking him. A week ago, I would have thought I was crazy saying that I wanted this man, a near stranger, to fuck me. Now, it’s all I wanted. “Yes,” I told him. “I want you to fuck me.” Dominic smiled. “Alright,” he said. “But, if we do this, you have to listen to everything I say. Do you understand. Whatever I tell you to do, you do it. No matter what it is. That’s the deal. If you want me to fuck you, I’m in charge. Understand?” “I…” I started, finding a moment of uncertainty. “If you want this, there’s no going back,” he said. “You have to be sure.” I shook my head, a rush filling my mind. “Will,” Dominic said. “Are you ready?” “Yes,” I told him, wanting my clothes off that instant. “Then follow me,” he said, grabbing my arm and guiding me away from the table and down the hall. We passed a door on the right which was closed and then stopped at the room at the end where I could see his unmade bed. He led me inside and turned to me. “Last chance to leave,” he said. I shook my head and started to unbutton my shirt. Dominic smiled and then did the same, pulling off his shirt and revealing his hairy chest and sexy tattoos. With my shirt off, Dominic reached out and pulled me close to him, running his hands through my chest hair and pinching my nipples. I gasped, never feeling something this erotic in my entire life. “Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded. “I’ve just never…” “I keep forgetting you’re a virgin,” he said, smiling. He kissed my neck and then moved down to my chest, stopping at my nipple which he bit. “What are you—” “I said you need to do what I want you to do,” Dominic said. “This is a part of that. We’re going to do things tonight that will push you, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. By tomorrow morning, you’ll be converted. Is that what you want?” I ran my hands over his chest, feeling his heart beating. His chest hair curled over my fingers, as if his body was pulling me into him. “I want you,” I said. “I want it. I want everything.” He took my chin and pulled me in for a kiss. “You’ll get it,” he said. I smiled.
  12. Part 2: Will Accepts Dominic's Offer Two days went by before I receive an email from Dominic. During that time, I’d almost forgotten about him and the dream. I’d swung by my office after a late-day workout session at the gym and found the email waiting for me. “Hey, Pastor Ryder, thanks for emailing me back. I’m free to meet Friday after work if that works for you. I can be there around 4. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me. I feel like we had a good connection on Sunday. Email me back if Friday at 4 works. Thanks, Dom.” As I read the email, I was suddenly aware of how sweaty I was. I sweat easily, and the hair on my chest and in my armpits always collected odor if I wasn’t careful. My roommate in college complained about my laundry smelling. I never took any notice. Now, however, I was suddenly very aware of my own stink. I lifted my arm and turned my head, smelling my armpit. It was a ripe smell. I started to lower my arm when, instead, I lifted it back up and moved my face closer, taking in a big whiff. Ripe had never smelled this good before. It made my head spin. Slowly, I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the sweaty-drenched hairs, tasting myself. It was salty and a bit bitter, but I liked it. It tasted strong, and I wanted more. A knock on the door pulled me from my exploration, causing me to nearly jump out of my chair. I made sure I was collected before I said, “Come in.” It was Pastor Kline. “Hey, Will. Just checking in. How are you?” “I’m good.” “Have you had anymore of those dreams?” I shook my head. “Good. You look like you’ve just run a marathon. You’ll want to light a candle in here.” “I’ll do that.” I couldn’t tell, but, for a moment, I could have sworn I saw Pastor Kline inhale deep, a smile turning his mouth for a second. “Did you email that visitor?” “I did. We’re meeting tomorrow.” “That’s great news, Will. Well, I’m on my way home. My wife is making a meatloaf again. You’re free to join us if you want.” “Thanks, Mark, but I’ve got leftovers I need to take care of tonight. Some other time.” Pastor Kline left, leaving me to respond to the email. “Hey, Dominic. Friday works fine. Meet me at my office. Thanks, Pastor Will Ryder.” I went home and showered, relishing the feeling of the warm water. As I soaped up, I made sure to clean thoroughly around my balls, cock, and butt crack. As I cleaned, reaching my butthole, I found my cock shooting to life, standing at attention. I jumped, surprised by this never-before-felt feeling. I tried again, finding my cock growing and my balls pulling up to my body. Forgetting the bar of soap, I reached my hand back and ran a finger along the hole. A tingling sensation ran throughout my body, making my knees weak. I moved my finger in little circles, falling against the wall as I struggled to breathe from the waves of pleasure. I pressed against my hole, moving in rhythm, my body nearly shaking from the sensation. I increased pressure, pushing harder, until my finger slipped and entered inside. “Ah,” I gasped, removing my finger and wincing at the pain. I looked at my finger and found a small trace of blood near my nail. I must have cut myself. As the water ran down and mixed with the soap, I felt the stinging. There’s no way of putting a bandage down there, I thought, turning off the water once I was rinsed off. Even with the pain, I found my cock still hard. I considered jerking off but decided against it. I was too tired and had work to do. I was preaching Sunday and needed to be as prepared as possible. I’d lost track of time by 4 on Friday. I was nearly finished with my sermon when a knock on the door pulled my attention. “Come in,” I said. The door opened and Dominic stuck his head inside. “Pastor Ryder.” “Dominic Moore,” I said, standing up and reaching out a hand. “Good to see you again.” “You too,” he said, entering my office and shaking. “Please, just call me Dom. Everyone does.” “Alright, Dom. Call me Will.” “Will do, Will,” he said, smiling and taking a seat. He was wearing another black t-shirt, this time with a design on the chest of a skull with gems for eyes and the words “Dark Soul Tattoos” beneath. “I’ve heard of that place,” I said, pointing at his shirt. “I’ve never gone.” “I own the place,” he said. “You’re a tattoo artist.” “Nearly twenty years now,” he said. “Which I’m guessing isn’t too far off from your age.” I smiled. “I’m twenty-nine,” I told him. “Still young,” he said. For a brief moment, there was a look in his eyes which reminded me of the look I had seen in my dream. There was a ferocity, as if whatever was on his mind he wanted and was determined to get. “So, tell me about yourself,” I said. “I know you’re a tattoo artist. What else? Are you married?” “I’m not the married type,” he said. “I’ve had temporary partners, but none that last long. How about you? Are you married?” “I’m not,” I told him, holding up my left hand and showing the lack of a wedding ring. “I thought religious people were supposed to marry young so they could start fucking their brains out and popping out kids.” “Oh,” I said, taken back by his language. “Many do marry young and start families soon after. For myself, I just haven’t found the right person yet.” “I bet you’re close,” Dominic said. “Closer than you think.” I nodded. “I like to think so. So, tell me more about yourself.” "Like what?" "I don't know. Life philosophy?" Dominic laughed. “When I was younger, I tried to make good choices, but I felt like I was walking on a tightrope, destined to fall. After a while, I stopped trying. I found making bad choices felt more freeing. I liked living by my own rules, not worrying about my choices.” “And what about now?” “I’m not sure,” he said. “I think something is bringing me here.” I sat quietly, staring at him. “Really?” “Yeah,” he said. “I think you're meant to help me.” “Oh, right. Yes. Of course. I don’t doubt that for a second.” My eyes searched his arms, taking note of his different tattoos. There was a skull covered in barbed wire on his left arm along with a scorpion and a date. “Are you a Scorpio?” I asked. Dominic looked down at his left arm and smiled. “I am, funny enough.” “That date though, isn’t that in May. May birthdates aren’t Scorpios.” “No,” he said. “That date is for something else. I looked over to his right arm where there were several tattoos I couldn’t make out, except for markings along the inside of his forearm. “Are those tally marks?” He looked to his other arm and smiled, running his left hand along the tattoo. “They are.” “What are they for?” “That’s a bit complicated to explain,” he said. “Maybe someday I’ll tell you.” I tried counting them. “How many are there?” “Almost fifty,” he said. “One away, actually.” “Maybe you’ll get fifty soon.” He smiled at me, the same ferocity from before filling his eyes. “Yeah. I think I will.” Sunday came, and as everyone left the sanctuary, I saw Dominic still in his seat, Pastor Kline hovering over him. I felt a concern growing and quickly jumped in. “How is everyone doing?" “Good,” Dominic said. “You’re a good speaker. Most times when I hear people speak, I get headaches after too long. That didn’t happen today.” “Will is a special man,” Pastor Kline said. “I knew that from the first moment I met him. Well, I won't take anymore of your time. I'll talk to you soon.” He shook Dominic’s hand, holding on for several seconds before letting go. Domonic waited until Pastor Kline was out of earshot to say, “Thanks for the save. He was getting a bit chummy.” “He’s a friendly guy,” I told him. “He’s like a second father.” Domonic raised a brow. “Interesting,” he said. “What is?” “Nothing,” he said. “Anyways, I wanted to thank you for speaking to me on Friday.” “It’s no problem,” I told him. “That’s what we’re here for. Anytime you need to talk. Myself, Pastor Kline, or Pastor Matthews are at your disposal.” “Good to know,” he said. “Look, I wanted to thank you for seeing me Friday. I hoped you’d take me up on coming over to my place for dinner tonight.” “Oh,” I said, surprised by the offer. “If you already have plans,” he said, “I’ll understand. I just wanted to talk some more. I’ll take care of everything. I’ll have drinks and food. Do you like steak?” “I do,” I said. “So, what do you think?” I glanced out at the lobby and saw Mrs. Peters eyeing me, Rachel standing behind her. I could tell that they weren’t happy to see me talking with someone who looked like Domonic. “That would be great. Thank you.” “Awesome,” he said. “Here, put your number into my phone, and I’ll text you the address.” I typed in my number and started to add my name when he stopped me. “Don’t worry. I’ll add that later. I’ll see you tonight.” “See you then,” I said, watching as he left the sanctuary. I was not the only one watching as he left, but I was sure I was the only one struggling to hide a boner.
  13. “How are you this morning, Andrew?” Matt called as he saw Mr. Miller walking down to his mailbox. Matt had been mowing, his face red with sweat dripping down. His shirt was soaked through. “Hot day, isn’t it.” “Very,” Mr. Miller said. “How are things?” Matt rolled his eyes. “Tracy is driving me crazy, just between you and me. Honestly, I’m relieved she’s going to visit her sister next week. I need a break.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” Mr. Miller said, hiding his desire to smile. He stepped closer to Matt and looked him straight in the eye. “Molotov.” Matt’s face fell, a glazed look taking over. “Master.” Mr. Miller had decided not to keep Matt under his constant control. That would create for him a ton of work and even more things to cover up with Matt’s bitch wife. Instead, his infiltration of Matt’s mind could be set off by the use of “Molotov.” Like a Molotov cocktail thrown into a building, Mr. Miller had entered Matt’s life and was destroying everything from the inside out. It hadn’t been hard to do. A tension already existed between Matt and his wife. All they needed was something to push them over the edge. If all went according to plan, Matt and Tracy would be getting divorced within the year, allowing Matt to become another slave. Ruining their marriage was easy. One night Mr. Miller had invited both Matt and Tracy over for dinner. During their meal, he hypnotized them both. Nothing extreme. He simply instilled in their minds the instruction of not having sex anymore though blaming the other for the lack of fucking. Mr. Miller had already decided he was going to start fucking Matt, but he didn’t want to risk Tracy getting pozzed and starting a fiasco. Everyone would start asking questions. Instead, Tracy was left unaware of Matt’s poz status, that way there was no way for her to suspect Mr. Miller of ruining their lives. Plus, that would cut the risk of them having kids and causing their planned divorce to fall through. Matt had no memories of the fuck sessions he had with Mr. Miller. Matt didn’t even know that he was poz like Mr. Miller, carrying his strain. Sure, there were moments the following day when he wondered why his ass was so sore. When he converted, there was a bit of fear as to why he was so sick. The little details were managed by Mr. Miller, his doctor friend taking care of appointments and tests, but it was all worth it. As Mr. Miller inspected the tranced Matt standing in front of him, he smiled, happy to have had such a wonderful neighbor move in next door. “Matt,” Mr. Miller said, “when your wife leaves, you will come over to my house prepared to be fucked and to fuck. I have a surprise for you.” “Thank you, Master,” Matt said. “Have you been hiding your gym clothes from your wife like I commanded?” “Yes, Master,” Matt said. “Their smell is strong.” “Good,” Mr. Miller said. “I’m excited to smell them. For now, though, I’ll be taking your shirt.” Without hesitating, Matt removed his sweaty shirt, revealing a hairy chest beneath and a slight belly below. Matt had clearly been fit when he was Brian’s age, but now, ten years down the road, he had fallen off the wagon of working out consistently. Mr. Miller had made sure he started again, his weight already having gone down slightly. More than anything, Mr. Miller wanted the man’s sweaty clothing. He didn’t care if he lost weight. A hot fucker is a hot fucker. Mr. Miller hid Matt’s sweaty shirt behind his back and looked deep into Matt’s eyes. “Clover.” Matt’s eyes fluttered, his expression first showing confusion and then a smile. “Sorry, Andrew,” he said. “My head wondered off there. What were you saying?” “I just said congrats on your weight loss,” Mr. Miller said. “You’re looking good.” “Thanks,” Matt said, looking down and noticing he was now shirtless. “I thought I’d worn a shirt out.” “It’s too hot for a shirt,” Mr. Miller said. “Yeah, I guess it is,” Matt said, lifting an arm to wipe his forehead, revealing hairy, sweaty armpits. Mr. Miller had to stop himself from jumping his neighbor and burrowing his face deep. “Well,” Matt continued, “I’d better get back to mowing. See you soon.” Mr. Miller returned inside and shoved his face into Matt’s shirt, inhaling deep the smell of the man’s musk. While he was a top and an alpha, Mr. Miller’s love for the smell of men couldn’t be helped. It had started back when he was a kid and he’d find his dad’s workout clothes in the hamper. He used to take them and cover his face with whatever he could find and jerk off. Some things don’t change. He went to the basement and undid the locks, turning on the light. Walking down, he could see the televisions still playing. Brian was in his cage, curled up, his eyes closed. He approached the cage and looked down at his sleeping slave, admiring his smooth form. After taking in the sight, he pounded his fist down on the top, waking Brian. “It’s morning, slave,” Mr. Miller said. He undid the cage’s lock and opened the door, watching as Brian gathered himself and crawled out. A combination of sleepiness and the trance caused him to faulter slightly, but Mr. Miller found it amusing. “Put this on,” he said, throwing Matt’s shirt to Brian. “Thank you, Master,” Brian said, pulling the shirt on. Seeing his slave wearing his used jockstrap and Matt’s sweaty shirt gave Mr. Miller a raging boner. “It’s time to inspect my work,” he said. “Climb onto the bench and lie on your back.” Brian complied. “Legs up.” Brian lifted his legs, revealing the butt plug which was still firmly inside his ass. Mr. Miller took a hold of the plug and pulled it out, his slave shuddering from the pain of having it so forcefully removed. Mr. Miller slipped his fingers into Brian’s hole and pulled it open, looking inside his pussy. Remnants of his cum could be seen along with blood. He had done a number on Brian’s hole. Damage had been done. “Congrats, slave,” Mr. Miller said. “It looks like we made you bleed. Can’t say for sure, but I think I infect you with my poz cum last night. No chance of staying neg now.” “Thank you, Master,” Brian said. “But to be safe,” Mr. Miller said, “I think we should make another deposit.” He removed his clothing, revealing is rock hard cock. With the butt plug having been removed so recently, Brian’s pussy was slightly open, welcoming Mr. Miller’s cock. He lined up his dick and shoved inside, finding some resistance but nothing like the night before. “Fuck, I love your ass.” He leaned forward and pressed his face into Matt’s sweaty shirt, breathing deep, his head swimming from the smell. He pumped his hips, putting his weight on top of his slave, wrapping his arms around and holding his wrists. Fuck, I love my life, he thought, feeling Brian’s heart racing beneath him. He pulled his dick out and walked over to the trunk in which he had stored his used jockstrap and pulled out a leash. “Turn around on the bench,” he told his slave. “Chest on the bench. Straddle it. I’m fucking doggy style, as it were.” Brian did as he was commanded and turned on his chest, his eyes catching sight of one of the televisions as he did so. His focus stayed on the screen as his master hooked the leash to the collar around his neck. “I’m ready to breed you again,” Mr. Miller said, sliding his dick back inside his slave’s ass. He started his rhythm again, relishing the sound of skin hitting skin. He looked down and saw Brian’s balls resting on the bench, stretched out from his body having slipped out of the jockstrap. He wanted to stomp on them, to see his slave’s body contort from the pain, but he wouldn’t. Not yet, at least. He pulled on the leash, bringing Brian’s head back, arching his back. He wrapped the leash around his wrist, making sure it was tight as he continued fucking hard into his slave’s ass. “Who’s the best fuck you’ve ever had?” Mr. Miller asked. “You, Master.” “Who’s dick do you worship?” “Yours, Master.” “Who’s cum do you live off of?” “Your cum, Master.” “And who will you serve for the rest of your life?” “You, Master,” Brian said, eyes focused on the screen, his mind still diminishing from what he had been before. “Fucking right,” Mr. Miller said, pulling back on the leash as he unleashed a load into his slave’s ass. His body shook with each pulse, a deep growl escaping his mouth. He pulled his dick from Brian’s ass and grabbed the plug, shoving it inside. There was fresh blood on his cock, meaning there were plenty of cuts to allow his virus to take over his slave’s body. “Clean me off,” Mr. Miller said, thrusting his hips out toward his slave. Brian turned around on the bench and swallowed his master’s cock. While he would normally start to gag, deepthroating not being one of his specialties, the trance, along with removing his ability to scream, also controlled his gag reflex. He took his master’s cock down his throat, his tongue licking clean the cum from the night before, the fresh cum now swimming in his ass, and the blood which proved his life was no longer his own. “That’s enough,” Mr. Miller said, pulling his dick out of Brian’s mouth. “Time to start more training.” He went to the trunk and pulled out a chain on which there was a leather clasp attached. “Take off the jockstrap,” Mr. Miller said. Once his slave had removed the jockstrap, he wrapped the leather clasp around Brian’s scrotum as tight as he could, the young man’s testicles stretched out on the other end. “Perfect fit,” Mr. Miller said. “Wait here. I’ll be back.” Mr. Miller returned to the main floor and went to the room he had set aside as his weight room. He took four weights, all ranging in weight, and returned to the basement, waiting only a moment to stare out the window at Matt who was wandering around his yard, still shirtless. “I said I was going to stretch out your balls,” Mr. Miller said, showing Brian the weights. “With the money I’ll be getting from selling your things, I’ll be able to buy some stretchers to really get you going. Fuck, just imaging you crawling on the floor, your balls dragging behind you, so easy for me to step on, it makes me hard. Still, it’ll be a while before we get you there. For now, a little torture is possible in the meantime. On the ground.” Brian complied and crawled down onto the floor. Mr. Miller took the chain which was connected to Brian’s balls and latched it to one of the weights. He dropped it on the floor, watching as it pulled slightly on his slave’s scrotum. “Now,” Mr. Miller said, taking hold of his hardening cock and massaging life back into it, “Crawl around and don’t stop until I tell you to.” “Yes, Master,” Brian said, crawling forward only an inch before the weight pulled back on his balls, stopping him. “I didn’t tell you to stop,” Mr. Miller said. Brian moved forward, his balls pulling back toward the weight which didn’t want to move. Knowing he had to keep moving, Brian crawled forward, causing his balls to strain against the leather clasp. He couldn’t scream, but groans of pain escaped his mouth as he tried to move, but the weight’s hold on his balls wouldn’t let go. Face growing red, tears starting to form in his eyes, Brian leaned forward, mouth opening to scream a silent scream as the weight finally budged. “Keep going,” Mr. Miller said. “Faster.” Brian crawled forward again, the weight slowly moving. His balls were stretched back as much as they could go, the strain causing his scrotum to turn a reddish-purple, his testicles looking as if they would pop from the pressure forced upon them. Slowly, Brian moved three feet across the room, his arms and legs shaking from the pain. “Slave,” Mr. Miller said, his eyes watching as the young man struggled to continue forward, “For this time, I want to hear you scream.” As soon as Brian inched forward again, a painful cry of agony escaped his mouth. He cried again as he moved again, the weight still trying to remain behind as his balls pulled it forward. Mr. Miller closed his eyes and listened as Brian’s cries filled the basement. He could feel another load swelling up in his own balls, knowing that his slave’s balls were being tortured. Brian had almost reached the wall opposite the bench on which he had been fucked, his throat hoarse from screaming, when his master cried out himself. “Fuck,” Mr. Miller shouted, one hand on his dick while the other twisted his nipple. “Fuck, I’m cumming.” Several ropes of cum shot out onto the floor, splattering. He opened his eyes and looked to Brian who was staring at the fresh cum. “Eat up,” Mr. Miller said. He left the weight attached to Brian’s balls and left the basement, listening as Brian’s cries filled the space as he tried to crawl back to where he started, hoping to lick up the cum his master had left behind. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What else do you want to see? Let me know.
  14. Part 1: Will meets Dominic I’ve been one of the lead pastors at East Nondenominational Church for two years. I graduated from the seminary at 26, but I found it difficult to find a job at first. I was seen as too young by many. I finally found a church interested, one a few states away, and was possibly too eager when we scheduled a Skype call. “We’re very impressed, Will” Pastor Kline, the head pastor told me. He was in his fifties, short white hair. He reminded me of my father who was a pastor himself. “All your references speak highly of your orator skills. I believe you’d be a great addition to our church.” “Really? That’s great. Thank you.” Pastor Kline’s smile faded somewhat. “There is one thing that myself and Pastor Matthews are concerned about, however.” “What’s that?” “We all know that you’re young. And I’ve already assured you that this isn’t a problem. Our concern is that you aren’t married. Now, we know that not everyone gets married, but, seeing as you are a young man, and, may I say, good looking, it is sometimes awkward for members.” “Why?” “Young women in the congregation often seek out single pastors or they feel as if they’re prey to them. We just like to make this issue known beforehand.” “I understand, Pastor Kline,” I told him, feeling a bit awkward hearing him say that I was good looking. I was fit, spending a few hours at the gym each week, making sure I was healthy but not overly muscular. My brown hair and green eyes were often complimented by those I dated, but I never thought much about my appearance. “I’ve dated before,” I told him. “I had a long-term girlfriend in college. It just didn’t work out.” “I understand. We just want to keep everyone safe. We’d hate to lead anyone into sin.” “I agree,” I told him. “I’d never do anything to cause anyone to stumble.” Pastor Kline turned out to be correct. It didn’t take long before I spent every Sunday morning surrounded by women, dropping hints that they were single and interested in going on a date. Whether it was the clear desperation or not, I didn’t find myself interested. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. Sure, I wanted to find someone and get married, have kids, but there was something in the back of my mind that kept me from pursuing this life fully. What it was, I didn’t know. Not yet, at least. A Sunday morning came when I stood out in the lobby greeting our members as they came in. I flashed my smile, shaking hands, avoiding the stares from the women who wanted me to propose. As I shook hands, I noticed a man enter the front doors that I had never seen before. He was a large guy, bald, around forty if I had to guess. He was wearing a short sleeve black shirt which showed off large muscles and hairy forearms, tattoos around his biceps. His black jeans were tight, showing strong legs. It wasn’t like we had never had anyone like him here before, but there was something in the way this man carried himself, something in his essence, that captivated me, causing me to take notice. Without realizing, I found myself drawn to him, seeking him out so that I could shake his hand. “Hello,” I said. “I’m Pastor Ryder. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.” “First time,” he said, his voice low, a bit of a rasp. He took my hand and shook it. He had a firm grip. “I’ve driven past here for years. Decided to step inside for a change.” “I’m glad that you did,” I said. He raised an eyebrow, his eyes looking from my face and moving down my suited body to my shoes. The corner of his mouth turned into a grin. “Same here,” he said. “I’m not much of a God person.” “That’s alright,” I told him. “God finds us wherever we are.” “Does he?” I could tell that the man was playing a game, taunting me. I wasn’t easily aggravated, so I knew I could take whatever he gave out. “I don’t think I caught your name,” I said. “Dominic Moore,” he said. “Well, Mr. Moore, we’re glad to have you here. The service is about to start. Pastor Kline is preaching today. I think you’ll love to hear his message. If you have any questions for me, let me know. I’ll be here after the service.” “Is that a promise?” he asked. He passed me and entered the sanctuary, glancing back once and catching my eye. I stood frozen until I lost sight of him. I shook off whatever caused this momentary confusion and darted to my office. I had to sit down for a second, alone. I caught my breath, unable to understand why I was feeling so flustered. I had never felt like this before. I felt as if I had just worked out. My heart was pounding quickly, sweat collecting around my hairline. I checked my armpits and found that I had started to sweat through my dress shirt. While no one would notice, I felt uncomfortable. I had a change of shirt in one of my drawers just in case. I took it out and started to change. As I tucked in the new shirt, my hand grazing my crotch and I nearly collapsed from the sensation. It had been several days since I last jerked off, making me sensitive, but I’d never felt like this before. I tried to push down the need to touch myself, but found it difficult. I closed my eyes and started to breathe deep, calming myself. In my mind, the image of Dominic Moore standing in front of me was clear as day. I could see his chiseled face, his strong, tatted, hairy arms. I could feel his hand in mine. My eyes opened and I found my hand firmly grasping my cock. Shocked and a bit disgusted, I quickly finished dressing myself and returned to the lobby. I was going to pretend that nothing had happened, because nothing had. Everything was fine. Wasn’t it? Dominic was on top of me. His strong body, muscles rippling under sweaty skin, weighed down on me. His chest was covered in hair, his musk collected within the follicles. I could smell him, my head dizzy from the natural smell of man. His eyes were focused on mine. “How does that feel?” “Incredible,” I said. I glanced down and saw my legs wrapped around his waist, my cock and balls rubbing against his abs as he buried his enormous, veiny cock into my butt. I felt myself tearing open, as if every part of myself was opening up to him, allowing him inside me in every way possible. I felt full. I felt as if I couldn’t imagine existing in any other way. His rhythm increased as he started grunting, sweat covering our bodies. His cock brushed against my prostate, sending my cock into overdrive. I wasn’t even touching myself and I could still feel a powerful orgasm surging forward. “Ready, baby?” “Do it. Cum in me. Take me, Dom.” “Here it comes.” My eyes shot open as I started cumming. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My chest was heaving, my heart racing. I fumbled in the dark and turned on the lamp next to my bed. The light hurt my eyes at first until they grew accustomed. Searching the room, I found I was alone. Why was that a surprise? Of course I was alone. Why would someone be there with me? Who would be there with me? I checked the time. 4 a.m. I sat up, finding my sheets sticking to my body. I was sweating profusely. I threw off my covers and looked down, my boxers tented and soaked through. The smell of cum hit me, my head spinning from the sweet smell and the pungent odor of my sweating body. I was getting high off myself, something I had never done before. What was happening? I lifted the waistband and found globs of cum intermixed in my pubes, soaking into the boxer fabric. It had been a while since I had had a wet dream. I tried to climb out of bed to change, but I felt too weak. Collapsing back into bed, I closed my eyes and tried to remember what I had been dreaming about. “Here it comes.” Dominic Moore. I’d dreamt about Dominic Moore. I could see his face. I could feel the weight of his body on mine. I could smell his sweat. I could feel his hairy chest pressed against mine. I could feel his huge cock pumping into— I stopped, looking down at my hand. Without realizing, I’d scooped up some of my cum and brought it to my mouth, a few stray pubic hairs mixed in. I stared down at the mess, the smell of the fresh cum filling my nose. I’d never tasted my cum before. I’d never wanted to. It seemed gross to eat something that came out of your body. Still, something about the smell was intoxicating, sweet and inviting. My mouth slowly opened as I inserted my hand, running my tongue along my cum-soaked fingers. It was a taste unlike anything I had ever had. It was salty but also sweet. The warmth was inviting, as if I was returning it to where it belonged. I swallowed and savored the feeling, licking my lips. Then I realized what I’d done. My hand was shaking, the cum residue sticking to my skin. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, washing my hand and stripping off my boxers. I cleaned myself up as well as I could, but I couldn’t erase the image of Dominic Moore on top of me, inside of me. I couldn’t escape the feeling I had felt, wanting him there, wanting him to take me. I wasn’t gay. I’d never thought of another man like this. Why was I now? What was going on? After my dream about Dominic, I couldn’t get back to sleep. All I could do was see his face. I wandered into my office the next day in a daze. I sat at my computer trying to plan out my next sermon, but instead of God, all I could think about was Dominic. I tried to push past the dream, but my recurring erection kept me returning to the moment when I could see in Dominic’s eyes a sinister lusting unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I was mesmerized. “Will,” Pastor Kline said, knocking on my door. “Is everything alright?” “Yeah, fine,” I said, trying to supply a convincing smile. “Are you sure? I said hello when you walked by my office and you looked like you were in a trance or something.” “Nothing like that,” I told him. “I didn’t sleep well last night.” “You’re too young to be having sleeping problems.” “Nothing like that. It’s just… can I talk to you Mark?” “Sure,” he said, closing the door and sitting down. “What’s up?” “I’ve been feeling… guilty, I guess.” “About what?” “Well, um.” There’s no way I can tell Pastor Kline about my dream. What would he think? How would I even begin to explain? “I’m feeling guilty over a dream I had last night.” “A dream?” he said, staring at me until his eyes grew wide. “Oh, I see. A dream.” “I’ve felt guilty all day. I feel like I did something I shouldn’t have.” “Did you?” “Well, I guess not. Not really. I just had a dream.” “Listen, Will, you’re a young guy. That kind of thing happens to young guys. It still happens to me on occasion. Dreams are outside of our control. I’m guessing you…” I nodded. “Think of it as a freebee,” he said. “You didn’t do it to yourself. Sometimes, our bodies need to release and create a scenario in which it’s possible. You didn’t do anything wrong. Trust me.” “Alright. If you’re sure.” “I’m positive.” He stood up and started toward the door, stopping just out in the hall. “By the way, there was a new visitor on Sunday who sent me an email, saying he wanted to stop by sometime this week and meet with you. He said you greeted him at the door and found you personable. He says he’d like to talk with you.” “Did you get a name?” “Dominic Moore, I believe,” Pastor Kline said. “Dominic Moore,” I said, my voice catching. “He wants to meet with me?” Pastor Kline nodded. “He said he enjoyed talking with you. I’ll forward you the email so you can respond.” “Are you sure you wouldn’t want to meet with him instead?” I asked, trying to restrain the worry in my voice. At the same time, I scooted closer to my desk, hiding the boner which was starting to form. “You are the head pastor after all.” “Will, you need to have confidence in yourself. This is a part of our job. When God sends us someone asking for our help, we need to welcome him in. Don’t you agree?” “Of course,” I said, faking a smile. “I’ll email him before I leave.” “I’ll send you his email.” Once Pastor Kline was gone, I slumped down in my chair, reeling as my hard cock smashed against the underside of my desk. How am I supposed to meet with Dominic when I can’t get through a conversation without getting a hard-on? Nothing made sense. I wasn’t gay, and yet here I was unable to think about anyone other than this man who’d I’d met once. I met guys at the gym all the time and never had issues like this before. Why now? And why did Dominic want to talk with me? There was no way I made that good of an impression. My computer alerted me to a new email. I opened it and found the forwarded email from Dominic. Everything Pastor Kline had told me was true. Dominic wanted to meet with me. I started a new email accepting the meeting, telling him to come to my office whenever it suited him best. Before I hit send, I looked at his email name and found “Hazard4U” on the screen. I guess we’ll see, I thought. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I've got a lot of the story written, though it's not done yet. Not sure where it will end, but there is plenty more to come.
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