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Cumdump 11/22-11/24


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3 hours ago, Oldercumslut said:

Visiting Dallas 11/22-11/24. Fat asses older, will be hooded so I really don’t care what you look like.  I’ll have plenty of lube, towels.  Bring your friends.   Start around 5pm.  Drop a line and I’ll give you my number.  

Good luck!  I hope you get a lot of loads!  Let us know how it goes!!!


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Damn I don’t think I’ve seen as many bottoms anywhere on a weekday.  Sniffies is completly covered with hosting bottoms.  2 in the same motel I am.


But as of this m,omens  I’ve had 5 loads.  2 oral, 3 anal.    And I got me a virgin.  Kid had never fucked ass before.  Did a pretty good job.  Going to stick around for a little longer.

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So final total was 8.  Didn’t beat my altimeter best of 18 which was well over 10 years ago.  Location was good.  Motel 6 Market Center.  No one bothered me, was clean.  A couple of those were some decent fucks.  One had the biggest head I’ve ever had,  last one had perfect aim. Could pull all the way out and hit the target going back in every time.

1st time tried to use Sniffies.  Dams, when you see graphically how many bottoms to tops there are it’s no wonder that it’s so hard to get hookups sometimes.   All in all it was a good trip.


‘’oh and besides the 8 I had two with hair triggers that blew the second my mouth touched them.

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