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    I've never really played it safe. It was never me that requested condoms. But now that I'm on PreP. I'm more open. I was always realistic. If I was blindfolded, face down and ass up I never had control over who or what was put in my ass.

    I def knew better. I was the Superintendent of Military Public Health at Subic Bay. If any of you vets out there recognize it I was in charge of the VD clinic. Although my primary profesion is Trauma and Emergency Medicine I'm still involved in public health.
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    Did a few scenes in Atlanta with a TS. I had a mask on so I wasn't identifiable. She had a friend use me also. Bareback.
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    I'm looking for hard cocks and the loads that come out of them. I'm not a size queen, and I don't care what color you are either and I"m not picky about what you look like. I'm a true cumdump slut. Although I'm submissive, I'm an active participant.

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  1. Bought this 13" to play with. With the lock down and decreased activity, I need to keep in practice.
  2. I must be in the water or something. Since I moved here, I've noticed that in general the amount of cum and the quality of cum is different from what I'm used to . There seems to be less of it, and it's more watery. Haven't had one of those fill your mouth with thick white cum sessions with anyone since I moved here. Anyone else have this as an issue, or has my technique just gotten that bad.
  3. My travel schedule is opening up. This fat assed chubby older Submissive Bottom is going to be in town the 19, 20, 21st of June. Have no idea where I’m staying. I will probably have a car. Yes they are making me drive there. I’ll be looking for loads. I like anon so I won’t are what you look like.
  4. It has definitely gotten worse. Some of the responses I’ve gotten can barely be called English. I know I’ve pissed some of them off, and I may loose out on a good fuck, but I know I’ve gotten a bit curt in my responses.
  5. Yup. As I got older and had to take more meds, it stopped working. And there is a joke in the medical field that if your not using it, you loose it.
  6. I've been at this a LONG time. Back when ads were posting in things like the Valley Advocate and other papers as well as in swinger magazines. I'm not sure if it's just Alzheimer's setting in, but I feel like people used to actually read the ads back then. Now that they are posted online, no one seems to read them. Asking for things that are spelled out clearly in the ad, or not even appearing to know what the ad was looking for. Is it just me and my faulty memory?
  7. Never read the book but I’ve watched recordings of some of the lectures he gave that later became the book.
  8. I even got some response from an add on the activities section of Craigslist. "Looking for a pipe layer for some work that needs to be done. Equal opportunity. Open job site, come in and get the work done., then leave when you're ready."
  9. I've done the 21. Felt a little sore. Well maybe a bit more than little. 🙂. Some of it depends on where you are I'm sure. Once things open a little more, I'm thinking a trip to NY might be fun.
  10. Hmm. I'll be 61 next year. I think I need to start planning. It's a lot harder to arrange those things since I"m no longer a young stud. 🙂. I'd like 61 loads.
  11. On apartment patio after dark. Kept it anon. I was pre lubed. He came up pulled my shorts down and after a second pushed it in. Pounded for a few min, shoved in balls deep and grunted. (only sound he had made. I had towel on railing, He wiped off, and left, me still bent over the railing.
  12. Moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. That's the short internet version of the definition of ethics. After multiple semesters of Ethics as part of Graduate education. Ethics is situational and objective. Morality is another term that is fluid and flexible. The act of us talking about it, weighing risks to both us and the public is a good sign. The term Ethical Slut isn't an oxymoron, but it's a pretty useless term as the definition of both words is open to interpretation and the semantics involved.
  13. Add mandatory masks and reminding people to not touch their face and I’d agree. That would be the a pretty good risk reduction strategy..
  14. Nope not quite. 🙂. I get a dopamine release with the risk and action. It's similar to people who cut themselves, etc. It's an action I tend to do more of when I'm stressed.
  15. I now officially have a copy of a neg nasal swab for COVID to go along with my HIV, hepatitis and STD printouts. Worth anything? Not really. But it's a start and point of discussion. I think for me that's going to be the greatest change in my behavior. I may still go with Anon, but I'm going to want to talk to the person first, where now I don't ask anything, just give them the room number and have my hood on. I think about half the tops have been completely Anon. I still won't care about their dick size or what color or anything about how they look. But I will have discussion on the topic. As I accumulate more information, I'm sure my behavior will change. I have added a few more psych appointments to discuss my compulsive sexual behavior and need to self medicate with anon bareback sex. (Yes my therapist knows all about my behavior, serves no purpose to see one and keep secrets) I will get checked monthly like I do now. HIV every three months but STD every month. Yes I wear this at work for 12 hours at a time, but fuck bare. I know this world has gotten really strange. Sexy looking in my getup aren't I. 🙂

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