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    I've never really played it safe. It was never me that requested condoms. But now that I'm on PreP. I'm more open. I was always realistic. If I was blindfolded, face down and ass up I never had control over who or what was put in my ass.

    I def knew better. I was the Superintendent of Military Public Health at Subic Bay. If any of you vets out there recognize it I was in charge of the VD clinic. Although my primary profesion is Trauma and Emergency Medicine I'm still involved in public health.
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    Did a few scenes in Atlanta with a TS. I had a mask on so I wasn't identifiable. She had a friend use me also. Bareback.
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    I'm looking for hard cocks and the loads that come out of them. I'm not a size queen, and I don't care what color you are either and I"m not picky about what you look like. I'm a true cumdump slut. Although I'm submissive, I'm an active participant.

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  1. What you're describing is more likely retrograde ejaculation. It doesn't really back up the urethra it ends up in the bladder mostly. Like you found in your search, Diabetes, BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy, high blood pressure and the medications used to treat can affect the plumbing. For the most part it shouldn't affect the orgasm itself just the direction the semen flows. Talk to your primary care provider and maybe a urologist if you're worried. Just means you won't be doing any money shot porn shoots anytime soon.
  2. I"m 62 and I still don't have a problem finding partners. I do miss those days of the late 70s and early 80's. The dances I used to do to keep in the closet. The "It's not gay when it's part of a threesome" thing. I was really just coming out of my shell at the beginning of the aids crisis and it did change my behavior. Didn't stop me, but it changed things. If I beamed back I'd be more aggressive at the cruising locations and not spent so much time hanging around the edges of things. I do wonder how I eded up not catching anything other than a case of crabs once.
  3. I"m guilty of not having given the chance that the fringe "christian" or evangelical groups could actually affect my life enough thought. I use the term christian loosely. The honest believers I know don't have the time for things like that. Instead of moving forward we seem to be moving backwards to the Puritan days.
  4. I"m old. The first "porn" i used to whack off to was the sears catalog.
  5. Sometimes When I read those adds I wonder if they are real or just guys fantasizing and jerking off. Especially the ones that claim to be novices. I was lucky when my 1st who was above average knew what to do and how to use it. The next cock was a small thin one that hurt like hell. My favotite fuck was a 5" at was perfect size to pound my prostate on everry stroke.
  6. Grindr hookup. 2am on the deck of my apartment building. Bent over the railing overlooking the parking lot and street. Watching cars drive by while he was fucking me. After sucking him hard, he had me bend over and he pulled my shorts down. Glad I had pre lubed. A decent thick 7" that I felt as he bottomed out in me. For a change we were a perfect hight combination.
  7. There is probably no way to sort out the reality from the fantasy here. Put not only do I not understand the Pro-AIDS group, I don't have a problem if they leave. My perspective on HIV and Aids comes from my health care background. I was just starting my health care career at the beginning of the AIDs crisis. AIDs patients were the first patients I took care of. Since then I've taken care of people who didn't get syphilis treated. I see AIDS as a preventable horrible disease and although fantasizing being part of a specific group, it should never be pushed and advocated for.
  8. LOL. I got to remember too go back and proof read. I get to typing and forget. No he definitely didn't have a mice dick.
  9. Guy off of Grindr. 30 something, mice cock, only wanted oral. He got hard easy. For 30 minutes I sucked and played with his cock. No sound from him no nothing. Then suddenly my mouth was full of cum. No warning, no twitch, no sign at all from him, just a load in my mouth all the sudden. As I pull of he tells me that's the best BJ he's had in awhile. It was like his load was teleported into my mouth. What's your strangest BJ?
  10. Lucky bottom. I can only dream of finding a top like that.
  11. I'm chubby bearish so one of the apps I use is Growlr. Here lately I've been betting ghosted (If that's the right word). Chat for a bit and start to plan on a hookup and suddenly they are gone. It's happened a couple of times on Grindr but primarily for me on Growlr. Anyone else having this issue. It's a pain getting all worked up and they suddenly they are gone.
  12. I've had mixed results in Memphis. One night I had 12 guys and other nights I've been alone all night. I do remember a trip were everyone wanted me in the morning before I checked out of hotel. Action started about 7 am and last one left at 1030. I generally use a mix. BBRT, Doublist even Grindr.
  13. I had forgotten about hookups using IRC. Those were always bareback.
  14. I hooked up with a guy who called himself "DonkeyDick" And yes he was. 30+ yo WM and he was probably 10-11 inches maybe a bit bigger, and big enough around that I could barely get my hand around it. Definitely porn star quality. As we chatted making arrangements he asked if I could really take it and I assured him I could. I made sure I prepped well and took the time to take my collection of but plugs and starting small worked up to the biggest one I had. I got hotel room and let him know the room number and waited. He came into the room and didn't say much just got undressed and
  15. Due to some health issues I don't get hard anymore so there is no option to what I do with mine. I'm usually to busy enjoying getting fucked to really care much anyway.
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