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    I've never really played it safe. It was never me that requested condoms. But now that I'm on PreP. I'm more open. I was always realistic. If I was blindfolded, face down and ass up I never had control over who or what was put in my ass.

    I def knew better. I was the Superintendent of Military Public Health at Subic Bay. If any of you vets out there recognize it I was in charge of the VD clinic. Although my primary profesion is Trauma and Emergency Medicine I'm still involved in public health.
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    Did a few scenes in Atlanta with a TS. I had a mask on so I wasn't identifiable. She had a friend use me also. Bareback.
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    I'm looking for hard cocks and the loads that come out of them. I'm not a size queen, and I don't care what color you are either and I"m not picky about what you look like. I'm a true cumdump slut. Although I'm submissive, I'm an active participant.

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  1. I usually do also. I also have a use iPhone I carry around. Use wifi only on it to message people etc. No computers or whatever. Especially since I have a preference for anon hookups. I even his a change of clothes just in case. The one time I didn't I got burned. Wasn't even that great a fuck.
  2. Broke one of my own rules. Made a hook up through A4A. Didn't leave my wallet in the car. While hooking up someone when through my wallet and took my cards. Was smart and didn't take the wallet just the cards. Fortunatly I have pretty good fraud detection. So remember guys, nothing bu you and a burn phone into a hook up. You never know what might happen while you're distracted.
  3. (From a couple of months ago) It started with a top from Grindr. He claimed Neg on Prep. He had approached me first, and what interested me was he was big but manageable between 7.5 and 8” and thick enough that the head was a mouthful. But the icing on the cake was he was kinky, raunchy, and that was what I was looking for. On top of that, he was hosting. It was about 9 pm Sunday, Not the best neighborhood in Little Rock. Dark no street lights, the house, however, was clean and well kept. He answered the door wearing a jock, and he had a nice body, and I could see his bul
  4. My 1st way back when was 9" and there was no. pain at all. My next cock was between 5 and 6" and it hurt like a son of bitch. It's all in how it's used. One of my current tops is "only" 6" but thick enough I can barely get my hand around it. It takes a bit to get that worked in me.
  5. Ok. I tried to follow all the guidelines about having sex in todays COVID world. 1. I converted a pillory into a makeshift glory hole using a PVC frame and sheet. 2. Basically only two holes open. Had gallon container of hand sanitizer and even a box of masks at the door. 3. Multiple partners but one at a time so there was never a large group in the room. Results VERY HOT and not in a good way. Sweated like a pig Guys are idiots. One tried to use the hand sanitizer as lube. Conclusion. Interesting: Doable. Will have to think things through a
  6. Why is it uncomfortable to tell someone thanks but no thanks?
  7. I had taken 3-4 so I thought I was ready. Well I took the cocks and loads but I was in pain for the last couple of hours. Not an excruciating pain, but that constant aching pain, that takes all your concentration. Was a long time before I did that again. When I tried it again, I had searched and found a top that was "sane". he kept me well lubed, gave me breaks and it was an enjoyable 8 hours, where my mind went into the zone.
  8. Used to love a place called Circus Cinema in Denver. Got lots of loads there, even though I was deep in the closet. Even got handcuffed to urinal once. But that is a different story. Yeah the smell of cum and bleach is a unique smell.
  9. Usually these things don't bother me. But recently it seems to have gotten under my skin. People seem to think it's my job to recognize they aren't interested when they don't respond instead of them sending a simple no thanks response. It really annoys me when they start the conversation and then when they get my details decide nope. I guess I get it that most are using free versions of app that limit messages, but still. It's very annoying. Especially when their post/profile looks like they were writing it especially for me. So it it rude or am I just old and of a differe
  10. ## There are definite risks to hosting anon In your own apartment! It’s no secret that I’m a fan of anonymous sex. The more anonymous the better. Usually when Ii’m really in the mood, I get a room. I”m a master of sanitizing the room, I’ve got a burn phone. I hide my car key, I keep my wallet in the car, and nothing else that can be stolen, or used against me. (Well not completely. I keep a flogger where it can be seen) About a year ago, I moved into a downtown loft. There were some times that I just didn’t feel like getting a room somewhere and was horny as hell so I broke
  11. Unfortunately with homeless its hit or miss when you see them.
  12. Should never write posts when your working nights. Have to go back and fix later.
  13. I look back at my behavior in the 70z and 80s and I’m surprised my dick has t fallen off. At that point in my life I thought paying for it was the only way to get it. Not only in the states but in places like the Philippines. I never ought anything worse than a case of 🦀.
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