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    female and male breeding for sport, BDSM, Lets just clear the air, I am a sadist, all be it a fun and gentleman. I am here for my nut and I dont really give two bits about yours unless I am milking you, and it is still when I want it.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    BDSM, Sadist, Breeder, Leather!
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    Very experienced Top Male!, some video work, a lot of public play/scenes
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    boi pussy,bi submissive boi's, if you are really into roles lets talk.
    All things kink related, just ask. Females that take loads. I have a full time female slave, I have altered her body with testosterone and she has a small cock now, opened up all her holes and is a willing breed stock, too old to get pregnant but great for pleasure breeding.

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  1. In Dallas close to the bookstores, I think on Empire Central one of those off streets close to all the dark play places.
  2. try all the major bookstores lido,bliss,xposed. Be sure and check out tho local swingers and dungeons also.
  3. Hey daddii! 19yo twink here looking to chat on skipe! My id is Chris Konnin

  4. Are you free to breed today. Text me 254-631-899734386207-7F55-4F75-A6AB-4B32594B8987.thumb.jpeg.3ae512047c9636e12f8cada1a5e90227.jpeg

  5. yes to audience, with my current slave its intimate, erotic. I share, so I have to aim for both of us, being able to get a big drink while you are kissing is a big turn on. edit, while in shower or outside it is fun to just fill her up, it feels good, thrusting while takeing a big long clean piss inside her.
  6. I can't text here 🙂 I am in Uk

    1. Hard1


      thanks, have fun and follow me as I have a female slave and I breed and hole that needs a load

    2. Ftw69at69


      New here would Love to have a chat with you, My biggest desire for 26 years, hmu at fastjessie96@gmail.com. hope to hear from you.


  7. On the topic of water sports, IMHO this takes time. I am going to change my slaves diet and her water/gatoraide intake. Get your partners diet and fluid intake sorted out, get on the same schedule. A good breakfast, lite lunch and lite dinner of good foods. Lots ot water and electrolites. Once you have a good schedule and all that is sorted out, drink and be merry. Several good flushes (piss) before you start drinking in the afternoon and drinking sharing all evening. Have fun and drink up.😮
  8. hey daddiii! 19yo milky white slim smooth boi here.. i cant text here so lookin to skype! My id is Chris Konnin

  9. please think about letting us message mods, I want to be able to verify with you.
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