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tips for getting bathhouse piss?


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3 hours ago, Trek53 said:

Use a marker and write on yourself what you are looking for then get on your knees at the urinal should work I have had good luck at parks this way

You go to a public bathroom and do that? 

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I finally encountered a guy into it at the sauna on Wednesday. I pissed on him in what is the piss area (it used to be a shower cubicle) and he loved it. Much to my surprise, later on I was in another area with my arse in the air waiting for someone to fuck me, when I felt this warm stream running all over me, then against my hole. It was the same guy returning the favour. It was so fucking horny. As it wasn't in the official piss area, immediately after I grabbed lots of paper and mopped it up, so guys wouldn't slip.

The guy said he's not into fucking, but I'm hoping if we run into each other again at least he'll pop the head of his cock inside me and fill me up. He must have come close, because my hole had been well fucked already by the time he let loose against it :-). 

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