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The Good Boy


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Letting him sleep after several days of hard work gave me a rare chance to give myself a closer look, and, it did not disappoint. Realizing the boy was 18 made me conscious of the fact that I was bound to see changes in my appearance soon enough, but, not today, death - my skin remain smooth and golden, taught over my big muscles, unfairly developed given my lifestyle (thank you, tren), and being 6'5" meant some of my best attributes would be there till the end. This body - and, yes, this big fucking dick - were more than just something to look at and love, they'd been how I paid the bills for the longest time.  But, no more - the boy was the breadwinner now.  And, holy fuck was he winning big. I'm not much of an accountant, but I know that he had gotten about $500 worth of t up his hole this week, and that we'd made about 20 times that amount in selling up his hole. By day five, he just didn't want to stay up - disappointing, really, there was more $ to be made. But, I relented in the end, and gave him the break he probably deserved. Karma rewarded me for my kindness, however, as I felt my phone buzz and saw a new, wealthy customer was back in the game.

"Is he ready?

I hadn't placed much hope in getting follow-through from this guy. He was pretty fucking hot himself, and didn't seem like he'd need to pay for sex. Also, he was more than 1000 miles away, and it seemed more likely he was engaging to get some kind of thrill from simply discussing the details of his interest. And the details - wow, they even made me blush, and I've seen a thing or two. 

"I want him really fucked up. Loosen him up with T, then overload him with g... I want his eyes closed"

It didn't seem an especially practical request - if the boy was too sleepy, it might be hard to get him ready for the next customer.  But by a happy coincidence, or reward for my generosity, we'd reached that place organically, and that I could profit from it was now just a bonus.

"I'll pay $20k"

Fuck! This was turning into a good day. I couldn't believe my luck. So much so, I decided to push it a bit more...

"20k for him, $5k for me, it's a package deal. Bring your own favors"

"ETA 15 minutes. Send ping"

I haven't been intimidated in years, but the man that arrived at our door was something else. He had at least two inches on me - and he was even better looking in person. At the rate he was paying, I would have let basically anyone walk through the door. But this guy wasn't someone who needed to pay for sex - he just needed to pay for this kind of sex, and I was happy to oblige.

We walked back to the room, and the boy couldn't have done a better job of presenting himself to advantage. He was fully naked, flat on his belly, one knee pulled to his tight midsection, his perfect ass (probably his only well developed muscle) catching the light and presenting itself with confidence. 

The man-god smiled, and began to strip. For the first time, I began to think my luck had run out - his penis was so fucking thick, I was worried that the boy would wake up, it was bound to hurt, hurt like fuck, even with the abuse he had taken this past week. Somehow, I didn't think this man would be gentle either. 

"Woah, dude, great cock, but, you know, it seems a little intense..."

"Shut the fuck up. Grab my bag"

His 'bag' was an incongruous fanny pack, with the usual suspects, and then - of course - some maximum impact. This guy had either done this before, or planned it out for a long time. He had me spray it on a pair of his underwear till soaked, and I was positioned at my boys head, clearly there to make sure he didn't slip too far into consciousness.

Man-god took a rock the size of my finger nail and stuck into his piss slit - HAWT! - before shoving his dick into the boys ass  - as expected, this lead to an immediate response.

"Ow! Dad what's happening? It hurts?"

"Shh... here boy, take a good sniff"

The maximum impact helped him relax and drift off again, and I saw the face of our client make its first smile. We continued this rhythm for a good 15 minutes, each time the sensation became too intense, I'd give the boy another sniff and he'd fall back asleep... I could only hope that his hole wasn't taking any permanent damage.

"Wet that again, I'm ready for part 2" he said

"What is part 2..."

"I SAID wet it, again, now"

I hadn't been told what to do in years, and fuck it if my ass didn't twitch for a second. I got that thought out of my head quick - the boy was special, he could take it. This guy would land me in the ER if I tried to take his dick. When I had his soaked underwear back at the boys head, I began to realize what part 2 was, and I almost passed out myself. His massive cock was briefly out of the boys hole, though still connected by a thick strand of - cum? he had somehow cum and kept going? It was soon replaced by his fingers, and then, probably the biggest fist I'd ever seen. Still, it was probably only *slightly* larger than the girth of his dick, and the boy didn't react too much more than he had been prior.

"Good boy!" the man-god said, his smile now broad and persistent, as he proceeded to punch in and out, in between revealing the most insane gape I had ever seen. 

"I think you're ready now!"

Ready for fucking what? What more could there be?

In an instant, he opened his hand inside my boy, and shoved his massive, thick dick right down the middle, jerking himself off in the boys now (irreparably?) wrecked cunt. At this the boy woke up and there was no getting him to calm down with a sniff.

Man-god noticed, but seemed prepared.

"Loser, bag, again. A small pouch on the side"

The small pouch made his intentions obvious, and I didn't wait for instructions. I poured the powder in a neat line on my dick - hey, may as well work for a tip! - and told my boy to sniff. Within a minute, he was in such a deep fucking k hole that even the massive dick being jerked off by a massive fist in his hole receded in the distance, no longer painful, but a diffusely differentiated pleasure, his body pulled into the stars and all sensation amplified yet never closer than arms length. For the next hour, he said nothing, did nothing, and the client pushed the absolute limits of what his body could take.

When he was finished, the boy had fallen asleep again, and seemed no worse for wear - although I had few expectations that he'd be walking anytime soon.

"You've done well with him. I will be back"

And just like that he left, but not before placing a stack of bills on the table. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Well, hard to argue he didn't earn it.



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