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    versatile: oral, anal, rim, pnp & bb with all. leather, ff (top), toys, groups, 3-ways, 1on1, B/D (top), anal play, w/s can be added to the menu.
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    Was a model for 1992 version of "New Joy of Gay Sex". Posed for several photographers for porn mags and photo books.
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    couples or groups for chemmed bb play - will do one-on-ones sometimes, but he must be vers as I like to top and bottom during a session.

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  1. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  2. Another member on this site recently asked if any of us had slammed at work, or at least pnp'd. I actually have a few times... never slammed at work, but have blown clouds/snorted at work and had sex at work at the same time. In my blog here, I've written up some of the times I had pnp experiences as both a performer and as a Realtor (usually in an empty house or client's house who pnp'd and gave permission) but I actually HAVE had sex and partied some in office situations over the years. During the Recession, both performing work and house sales were down, so from 2005-2010 I also managed buildings in NYC, the management company I worked for had its office in Riverdale in the Bronx, in what was originally the pool house and club of a multi-building development... the offices were right next to the pool and my personal office was in one corner of the structure down a long corridor and had both a door to the inside corridor of the building, AND its own door to the exterior into a small fenced in area adjacent to the pool with a latched gate door. My boss' older son was a college age kid who just finished his freshman year and was now serving as a lifeguard at the complex pool during his summer vacation. I was frequently the last person in the offices, as most left by 5:30 and some nights I was there until 7 or 8 or later by myself. The pool closed at 6pm, and if the boss wanted to leave early and I was staying, he'd ask me to bring the kid home to the burbs where we all lived. I had no idea up until this point that the kid was gay, let alone that he appreciated chemplay. I mean, come on, he was only a freshman - though I was pretty "advanced" at that age I seldom meet too many others who were (or are). One of the first times this occurred, Stefan came into my office closing the door behind him, still in his long red lifeguard board shorts and a sleeveless white cotton top - open to show his washboard - and flipflops showing his oversized bare feet. I knew the kid was hot - frankly, so was his dad, my boss, and the company actually had a reputation of hiring very attractive and fit male employees - but this went beyond. While running his hand up and down his treasure trail, he mentioned that I was "busted". Tearing my gaze away from the pretty sight, I asked "why"? He proceeded to tell me he found my profile on Nasty Kink Pigs and a PNP oriented site that was popular at the time. The pictures being obviously me, I couldn't deny it, and he described them to me perfectly. Intrigued, I asked what he was doing on those sites and did his father know he was gay? He replied that he found those websites that year at college when he really found and accepted himself, and no he hadn't come out to his parents yet. He said he certainly wouldn't say anything about my extracurricular activities to his father so long as he and I could "indulge" them sometimes on the evenings I was driving him home... I told him I was flattered, and wanted to know exactly which activities on those sites he wanted to indulge in, and would I be playing teacher or did he have experience? He smirked and replied that he was looking for the bareback chem sex experiences he learned to love that year at college that took him from a naive virgin to a "probably poz party boi"... I was, suffice to say, a bit stunned. Now, to be fair, in the summer of 2006 he wasn't the only one with a 6-pack, at 43 I was still doing some modelling and in really great shape, so it wasn't TOTALLY insane for a hot college freshman to come on to an older guy, but JEEZUS this came out of nowhere, and DAMN was it hot. He proceeded to tell me he knew exactly how to make sure we were never caught (and we never were...) since my office was originally intended to be accessible after hours by the pool staff, the inside door to the rest of the offices could not only be locked and bolted, but the outside door could be locked and the gate to the little inner fenced area (the fence was 8 feet tall and opaque) could also be locked and bolted... to gain access from outside, someone would have to ring a "doorbell" and from the inside, if anyone entered the office suite, an electronic "beep" sounded in my office. There were no security cameras in my office, or at my end of the hall, or in the fenced area - and I could turn on the burglar alarm and exclude my office until I (or we) left. Stefan had thought it all out. With those assurances, I agreed. That first time he had a little bit of his own stuff in his pool bag, and I ran out to my car and brought my play bag in - out came two pipes and the clouds started. I kept asking if he was sure, and he said he liked fantasizing that I was his coach... DAMNATION he was hitting all the right buttons. That night was mostly just oral (we both rinsed off and washed up in the small shower the little bathroom my personal office had) sucking and rimming mutually... he had a real swimmer's body, 6'4", trim, slightly out-sized shoulders, long thin floppy dick and nice muscular if not large ass, green eyes, tanned white skin, torso naturally almost hairless except the treasure trail but waist down hairy like a satyr or something... Our sessions eventually included fucking each other on my desk or the floor or on a pool lounge chair brought inside, with porn playing all but silently on my computer from my external hard drive, and always with us blowing clouds, booty-bumping, snorting or hot-railing. The first session where we fucked, I had him fuck me first - he was rock hard and his youth and relative inexperience showed in his impatience to get his raw tool in me resulting in some soreness for me that evening and the next day - but his skills improved over time and that long cock of his was quite the enjoyable after-work treat, along with the copious loads he would fill me with. That same evening, when it was my turn to fuck him, I kept reminding him that I was poz, and was he SURE he wanted me to bareback him. He told me he was sure, and that he was fairly certain he'd been pozzed since he'd done several group scenes with guys he knew to be poz and took their loads... I was still a bit uncomfortable with that, and though I fucked him bare, I did not begin breeding him until he'd gotten his test results back a couple of weeks later (he was poz as he thought). He loved to spew out his filthiest fantasies as I pounded that hot frat boy hole. As summer progressed I was able to hook him up with my contact-buddy for supplies so he could pay less than in the burbs. A couple of times we had group scenes at my bud's place on Central Park West and the guys present would descend on Stefan like starving animals and he loved every minute, though we always had to leave reasonably early. He also had a friend up from school who stayed with him that summer for a week and came to the pool with him everyday that week - it was the only time we ever had a third join us in my office - a pretty Filipino kid, Alberto, with another swimmer's body but much shorter than Stefan, about 5'6" smooth all over and rippled with trim muscle, brown eyes and black hair with an incredible serpent tattoo wrapped down one leg. He was happy to blow clouds with us, and fortunately he was into "Daddies" like Stefan was, and really enjoyed getting spit-roasted from either end the three times he pnp'd with us. He even came in and gave me a blow job under my desk on one of the days they were heading home with my boss and not me! Stefan claimed to be jealous, but between him needing to be at his lifeguard post AND being 6'4" there was no way he could repeat that particular performance! Damn we had fun until he had to head back to school, and we repeated our hi-jinx the next summer (2007) as well. However, when the summer of 2008 rolled around he stayed at his school in Florida for the summer and eventually moved down there permanently and that crazy memorable set of experiences was over. And true to Stefan's promise, we never got caught! Though we both mentioned many times as we played how hot it would be to get his handsome dad high and convince him to join us. Considering the male employees he tended to hire, there certainly was a possibility that he was at least bi-sexual, but suffice to say, that was a fantasy we were NOT stupid enough to attempt! We already took enough chances!
  3. Not really, only saw him a few times in the ensuing 34 years. In the early '90s his parents retired south (my Mom is still in the old neighborhood at 88, and still WORKING!) once they had moved, he had no real reason to visit the NY metro area anymore. Last I heard, after he'd been stationed in Hawaii for over a decade, he decided to stay once he retired from the military...
  4. So glad to see you posTing again! Love reading about your experiences, feels like I have a kindred spiriT!
  5. I agree, please conTinue! And thanks for what you've written so far...
  6. Yes, it did, and yes, it was! I think that the fact that this is one of the hottest experiences to happen to me is why it irks me so much that this was re-posted without my permission and in "fiction" when it was not... I'm pretty sure I stated above that it was the reposting of this as fiction that finally convinced me to put all my experiences HERE too - just as well since "get2thepoint" and the other sites I originally blogged on no longer exist for the most part!
  7. Just wanted to say I appreciaTe the follow, and also let you know "woof" you're one hoT pnp'er

  8. It's quite good - I too, post my real life pnp experiences on this site - I debated for a long time about putting them here in the Chem fiction forum, but because they were real, I chose to do them as a blog instead... either way, love this story and you told it well! Thanks for sharing it!
  9. Sounds hoT - NYmetro area here....
  10. Along with this father/son pnp combo, I've played with 2 different sets of brothers who parTied with each other, Krispysau - always hoT...
  11. I was born in 1962, so my "before I figured it out - but something about the guy made me excited and want to see him more" celebs would be those active from mid-sixties to mid-seventies, so: Michael York - in Three Musketeers and later Logans Run George Takei - Sulu on the Original Star Trek, and Ricardo Montalban as Khan on the Original Star Trek Richard Roundtree - in "Earthquake" or any of the crime movies he was usually in Guy Williams - Professor Robinson on Lost in Space (to a lesser extent Mark Goddard as Maj. Don West, hot but a jerk character) Yul Brenner - every year as Pharoah in "The Ten Commandments" Reggie Jackson and Bobby Mercer of the New York Yankees - fascinated by both their bulges and their butts in the pinstripe uniform pants At the 1976 Olympic Games a 16 year old diver took my 13 year old breath away and I was beginning to understand why - it was Greg Louganis' first olympic appearance... by his next Olympic appearance I'd certainly know why... During High School having pretty much figured it out, but some like Gil Gerard, Steve McQueen, and ANY of the members of the Village People, but especially the Cop and the Construction Worker, Nice thing about growing up in a show business family in NY? That a guy I fantasized about in High School - the Village People's Construction Worker David - would be a guy I tricked with in College!
  12. Beautiful work, nicely done, takingdeepanal
  13. Right, rickbare66? Obviously, as you can see from my blog, I love group sex too - but with chemsex and family added in, it was a super hoT experience. Always wanted to try to get my older brother to play (same libido as me, but str8) but so far no, and though my Dad didn't really do it for me sexually, if he'd wanted to I certainly wouldn't have said "no"... nice cock pick, BTW...
  14. This was very hoT. Thanks PHXariesAZ - looking forward to "Bottoms Wanted"...

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