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    versatile: oral, anal, rim, pnp & bb with all. leather, ff (top), toys, groups, 3-ways, 1on1, B/D (top), anal play, w/s can be added to the menu.
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    Was a model for 1992 version of "New Joy of Gay Sex". Posed for several photographers for porn mags and photo books.
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    couples or groups for chemmed bb play - will do one-on-ones sometimes, but he must be vers as I like to top and bottom during a session.

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  1. versmetropig


    Right, rickbare66? Obviously, as you can see from my blog, I love group sex too - but with chemsex and family added in, it was a super hoT experience. Always wanted to try to get my older brother to play (same libido as me, but str8) but so far no, and though my Dad didn't really do it for me sexually, if he'd wanted to I certainly wouldn't have said "no"... nice cock pick, BTW...
  2. ANOTHER REAL EXPERIENCE – Quebecois Father and Son FF One of the kinkiest experiences I ever had took place at a Fisting Party on the Upper West Side a few years back. Jim, a guy I played with occasionally - but only when his very vanilla partner was out-of-town or occupied - asked if I would go to a leather party with him located near his place. He thought the scene might be a bit much for him alone, but that if I was along, he'd fit in better. Sounded good to me, so with some leather already on, we carted the rest over 3 blocks in our bags, we rang the apartment, and were greeted at the front door by the host, a guy I'd seen at some pnp get-together's before. Our host, Earl was a 40ish stocky, shaved black man, already in harness and ass-less chaps. (I should mention Jim is a tall, thin white guy, very pale with lots of dark hair all over and a long skinny cock). We stripped in a foyer and added some additional leather from our bags – I loaned Jim a vest, leather jockstrap, leather cockring and armbands, and a leather ball cap to go with his construction boots; while I was in chaps, codpiece, harness with chrome cockring, bicep bands on both arms, engineer boots and motorcycle cap. We passed through a blanket hung up like a curtain to enter the main part of the apartment. The main room was set up dungeon style, with two slings, a couple of weight benches, two rim seats and leather or rubber drop cloths over the floor and furniture. There were several lube stations complete with j-lube, crisco and elbow grease, and on a raised table at the far end of the room, several bongs and pipes already loaded. A sharps container rested below the table. Earl, our host had recognized me from other gatherings as well and told me to go get cloudy and “do your usual thing and help get these guys started”. I wondered if my friend Jim realized this was a party with a distinct focus on fisting? Fortunately, my nails were all trimmed. I looked around seeing about 6 or 7 men there already, all age groups, body types, and ethnicities. Jim spotted an old buddy he’d not played with in years and went over to chat. Two guys in latex gear I’d never seen before waved me over to the sheet covered sofa they were sitting on, indicating the large water-bong they were using. Smiling, I came over and they split apart so that I would sit between them. Handing me the pipe and the torch, a melted the product and took a huge hit, held it, then slowly released a huge cloud, one of the guys murmured “mon dieu” as I sighed “Thanks, I needed that…” I told them my name, and they introduced themselves as Claude and Didier. “A pleasure gentlemen, now who wants a shotgun?” The older one Claude didn’t get that but the younger Didier did and indicated his mouth. I took another big hit, held it while giving the pipe and torch to Claude and met Didier’s mouth and exhaled the hit to him while our tongues played a bit. Didier blew out the cloud then indicated Claude with his head, I turned and Claude was in the midst of drawing a large hit himself and with his finger indicated I should come closer, and passed me the smoke in a shotgun. A few more minutes of sharing and blowing clouds and a few more comments and I told them I had to ask two questions, and the indicated to go ahead. “First question. Quebecois?” as I looked back and forth between them, “Yes,” responded Claude, “most Americans would have gone for French first.” I said, “Nah, the accent is different, and you’re both taller than most Frenchmen.” “Second question?” asked Didier with a smirk, noticing how I kept looking from one to the other, obviously scrutinizing them and curious. Both were olive-skinned white guys with a tan, tall, with dark hair on their heads, in Didier’s beard, and nicely scattered on the parts of their bodies that weren’t covered by their matching latex singlets. Average bodies, not gym rats like I was at the time. Long fingered hands, large long feet. And most curious, both had green eyes. “Second question then,” I started. “You two look a lot alike. I mean REALLY a lot as if you were brothers, which would be hot enough to me, but the age difference is too much. Trust me, I won’t be freaked out, I’d be turned on, so how exactly ARE you two related? Or is the fact you look alike the greatest coincidence of all time?” Claude looked around a bit, half concerned, half amused and said simply: “I’m his father”. “Oh shit that’s hot…” I whispered. “Seriously?” They both nodded and laughed at my facial expression. “Damn that’s hot” I repeated. “Not everyone thinks so,” Didier responded as we all looked around “even in a situation like this.” They promised to tell me more after we’d played a bit – they wanted to double team me and I was more than happy. I told them I had to find out more about this, just as the host was passing out loaded points. I looked around to see if Jim was cool with everything and caught him getting his cough and holding his arm over his head after his old buddy slammed him. Jim winked and gave me the thumbs up then started snogging his friend. Earl reached us at that point and asked if I were bumping or pointing that night, remembering I was the guy who always had to drive home. “Didier’s a home health aid in Montreal, he’s really a good admin,” Earl indicated. Since I had a particularly long block of time to play with this event starting in late afternoon, I gsve a nod. Earl was right, Didier was quick and efficient, and I was still finishing my cough when I heard Claude’s similar reaction from doing himself behind me, followed by Didier’s own launching into the stratosphere. The three of us got into a hot make out session of rough 3-way kissing before the two of them each sunk their mouths onto my nips – Claude particularly was turned on by how big they were (or so it seemed from the things he was muttering as he sucked, bit and tongued them). Our hands were all roving all over each other – I was tweaking their nips, jerking their soft but very long cocks, and fingering their hot holes. I was in the center of the couch and both of them got on their haunches on either end of it, their faces meeting over my cock, which they proceeded to lick, kiss and suck, intermittently kissing each other and sucking the other’s tongue. Between watching an honest-to-God father and son share my cock while they made out, and the little blue wonder I’d taken earlier, my cock was rock hard shortly. While they blitzed out on cock sucking and kissing each other I was slipping my fingers into their two hungry holes. I stood up from the couch, and for a few minutes,one rimmed me while the other continued sucking me, and then they switched. Soon I was on the floor in front of the couch, the two of them together in the center with their touching legs overlapping, leaning back with legs raised and holes exposed. I went back and forth rimming one while fingering the other, then switching while spending a while as well on each of their long, uncut ‘saucissons’. For some reason, I found the Dad’s hairy hole a bit more exciting, and the son’s cock more compelling, though telling the difference was a bit tough, as Didier was truly a chip off the old block almost identical to his father Claude. Their cocks got only semi-hard and were mostly soft at this point, but they did get hard later in the event. Unlike most of the pnp parties I’ve been to before or since, this one was unusual in that guys either paired or trio-d up at the beginning and pretty much played with the same guy or guys for most of the evening – though cheered on and watched by the other groups. There was a bit of a “round robin” as all of us fisted the host as he lay back in one of the slings. Then the other sling was free and Claude, Didier and I moved over to use it. It was very hot, when Claude lay back in the sling while the thinner Didier, with the assistance of two solid blocks on either side of the center of the sling straddled his father with their cocks and chests rubbing against each other and two beautiful holes presented to me. For a few minutes, I fucked each of them, bending my knees to access dad, and up on my toes to access the son. Since this was a fisting party (much to Jim’s surprise apparently, though he seemed to be doing well over by the fuck bench, with his arm way up his buddy’s chute while sitting on a large dildo up his own hole. I started playing with both holes and worked on opening them up Didier hopped up to go get the bong while I worked his Dad’s inner paradise – he got handed a bottle of poppers from the guy in the next sling and took a huff as four of my lubed fingers spread and turned in his hole. Didier put the stem of the bong to Claude’s mouth as he took a huge hit and blew a few huge clouds. Then he brought it to me and held it (both my hands and forearms were covered with j-lube so I sure couldn’t hold it) and let me take some hits – he did a few shot-gunning his dad on the last one as Claude’s hole inhaled my whole hand past the wrist. Didier had put the bong back and returned, rimming me a bit as I worked his dad’s hole and using a vibrating plug on my hole. I worked Claude’s hole for a while, thrusting, turning pulling almost all the way out, and after a bit, Didier added a few of his fingers alongside my wrist inside his dad. Claude needed to break, and after we checked that no one was waiting for it, Didier got in the sling. Started the same, opening him up, Claude brought the pipe, we all clouded while I used my fingers to stretch the kid’s fuck-hole. A hit of poppers and my hand shot in. Claude sucked my cock and played with my ass as I got further into his son’s core. Eventually he got on all fours under the sling and with me kneeling on the pillow while working his son’s hole, Claude backed on to my cock. I fucked him (gently to be fair) until Didier started demanding I pound them both. The fisting and the fucking got more energetic, I even got some punch fucking of Didier in before a break was called. We all went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, and they began to tell me their story (which I was DYING to know). As they spun their tale to me, we finished washing up and headed back to the couch with a newly refilled bong. I had wondered how this all started and who approached who. It seems son had approached father – seems Claude’s wife and Didier’s mother had started being distant and abusive to Claude and was diagnosed with Early On-set Alzheimer’s. This was 5 years prior when Didier was 19, and Claude 41. Claude was thrust into care-giver mode, and his sex life dwindled to zero, while his libido was still quite healthy leaving him horny and depressed. He was, however, still faithful to his wife and thought a mistress or a prostitute wouldn’t be right, even though his wife could no longer return his feelings. Meanwhile, at McGill his son had discovered the joys of not only gay sex, but gay chem sex. He also saw how miserable, lonely and depressed his father was. Claude had even brought up to Didier when he was visiting home one night after they’d had a few beers, that he was so horny but could not imagine cheating on his wife with another woman. That hatched a plan in Didier’s head. Reminding his father that he needed to break sometime, he got his Claude to hire an Aide for an entire four-day weekend while he went downtown and visited his son in his apartment at McGill. Utilizing the sports therapy massage skills he was already learning – plus a judicious use of some G in a sports drink, Didier got his father in a very relaxed, horny and calm mood. “You roofied your Father?” I burst out. Claude shushed me and told his son to continue. While massaging his recumbent naked father, Didier not only came out to him, but proposed that he would be happy to be the solution to his father’s sexual dilemma – not being female, he suggested that’s not really cheating. Between the G and the skin-to-skin contact and Claude’s overwhelming horniness, he told his son he could see some logic in that, but really wasn’t sure. Assuring that he had ways to help Claude decide, Didier pulled out a glass pipe, filled it with tina, and popped some bareback gay and bi porn on the TV and computer. Even though Claude claims he never really thought about or fantasized about having sex with men, the seduction worked. Soon son was blowing his dad and getting fucked by him and as more time and T went by that weekend, Claude started sucking his son and being fucked himself. He totally fell for chemmed gay sex, and by the end of the weekend a couple of Didier’s buddies had joined in. After that, Didier came home at least a couple of times a week – and since his Dad was already sleeping in his son’s room so the Aides could take care of his wife in the master bedroom, it didn’t arouse much suspicion when Didier and Claude would spend the night together in the same room, and though they also got high frequently, the did their best to keep it really quiet! Eventually the wife lost all memory and abilities and was moved to an institution for round the clock care, at which point Claude moved into Didier’s apartment which was closer to the extended care hospital than his original home, and allowed father and son to continue exploring their pnp limits. Both of the men being ass-infatuated, fisting naturally followed. Though both were versatile, both actually preferred bottoming, Claude even more so than Didier. Depending on the gay crowd you were with, they were either the scandal or the darlings of Montreal. Having hydrated, cleaned up and re-upping our high, we blew a few last clouds and got back to hole play. They got on their knees on the couch and we did a “Chariot Race” with me having an arm up each ass, fisting them simultaneously while they kissed and made out like crazy. One would fist the other while I either fucked them from behind, or fisted them, and again, they’d switch. I was fucked by both of them when they got hard finally and they helped me open my hole with toys, fingers, plugs and an anal pump. We’d break and shower off a bit, then return to the party room to have a rim circle and blow a few clouds. After they each slammed again, I was able to fist fuck Didier with two hands, then pulled one out as his father put his hand in with mine. I did the same with Claude, only with him I could have both hands in and Didier slipped one of his part way in as well. Astonishing… especially when Didier whispered in my ear “and to think, not long ago that chempig was a straight married guy… technically STILL married”. I almost shot hearing that! We played for 11 hours and I had to get going, thanking our host many times and offering to kick in for the favors, which he refused. I bid farewell to my hot Quebecois pervs, hoping I’d see them again (never did, unfortunately). Jim walked me out as he was heading home as well. He was really glad he came but didn’t think he’d do it again – he thought he “went too far” and was concerned if he did this too much, sex with his vanilla partner would pale too much. And, he added, it was a bit too much for his own limits. “Were those guys you were with REALLY father and son?” he asked. I nodded, “yeah on one break they took out their passports, they sure were.” “I don’t know,” Jim replied. “That’s kinda hot, and kinda sick to me… I guess I’m just not as debauched as you are…” I gave him an elbow to his ribs and hopped in my car, parked in front of his place on W85th. “Nah,” I said as we both laughed and he headed to his building. “But you WANT to be!”
  3. versmetropig

    My Real Life Rawsex Experiences...

    Thanx 'takingdeepanal' if you find yourself in the US in the NYC area, we'll arrange ThaT somehow!
  4. thanks for the follow... And the accounTs of your adventures are just as entertaining and hoT on a second, third, fourth reading as they were when I first read them. Thanks for writing them up and sharing....

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      You are welcome! Thanks for the compliments!


  5. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

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      You are very welcome!

  6. Your tumblr page is SO hot!

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      Thanx, takingdeepanal, I'm glad you like iT!!

  7. Thanks for following me.

  8. Thanks for the follow stud

  9. a man and his sling. hot hot hot

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      why thank you!

    2. takingdeepanal


      I see there are yet more aficionados of the magic of the sling. FirsT time I ever met Miss T was while in the vicinity of the swinging doorway to perpeTual bliss.

  10. Hi versmetropig! I stumbled upon your tumblr today and just wanna say I really enjoy your #truestories posts. 

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      Thanks, limxhan, glad you enjoy them!!


  11. versmetropig

    Blog or Story

    I had the same issue - the partying stories I post are all real experiences of mine, not fiction. I decided to post them as a blog, since putting them under Chem Fiction would be misleading.
  12. ANOTHER REAL EXPERIENCE – Unsuspected Pnp’ers Who knew they partied? A recent series of posts on Breeding Zone, discussing whether or not your friends are aware of your partying activities got me thinking about the times I discovered someone I knew and would never have expected indulged, was instead well-acquainted with enhanced sex. For 16 years, I've managed to keep my party life from interfering with my two careers or other "normal world" day-to-day activities. Some periods I attend pnp parties once or twice a week, some periods a few times a month, sometimes only once a month. In answer to your question, CERTAIN friends know I party (certainly my husband knows I do, though he does not - our open sexual relationship for the past 27+ years and our opposite work schedules mean I do so only during those times he is working which he is cool with). Only one of my straight friends knows I party, and select gay/bi friends. Usually those are friends I've either met "in the scene" who have crossed over into being actual real-world friends that one could rely on, rather than just pnp-buds (who are fine too, so long as one realizes the limitations and true parameters of that kind of interaction). However, every once in a while I'm surprised to discover someone I never expected is a partier, and I always get a kick out of hooking up in a situation like that. When my husband and I lived in Hell’s Kitchen in the 90s, directly across the air-shaft that sank through the center of our apartment building lived two guys who like us were musical theater performers – these guys were both hot and ripped African-American dancers (my hubby and I are Anglo – and like them I had a muscled dancer bod). It got to the point where we would all do 3 ways and 4 ways together… the catch being that either one or both of them would come to our place, or I would go to theirs by climbing across the airshaft 4 stories up! (My hubby, an opera singer, could not do the same). To be fair, the ventilation shaft was shaped like a hexagon <=> and we crawled across where in the angle where the two windows met. Like us, one of them was really kinky and the other pretty vanilla so no enhancements were ever included. They eventually moved out to LA to do music videos. Then, a few years later, after I had started to pnp a bit more, I bumped into Craig, the kinky one, at a buddy’s afternoon chemparty and finally got to play with him in a supercharged way – we did so several times during the time he was back in New York for a show – it was great to finally fuck that beautiful hot ass bareback and get fucked by his fat black cock the same way, along with some major hole play between us. There was a hot but conservative couple I knew that for years were very vocally anti-party - we'd played together, but it took longer for me to get to their place then the un-enhanced sex would actually take, and so I didn't go out often. Then one day out of the blue they had a total switch and my numerous sessions with them since have been very hoT - I've written about them in my true experiences blog on this site. The same for an actor/director I knew only professionally - we'd starred in two productions together and he'd directed me in a third... what a Christmas Present it was when this guy - a married guy with kids who had a TV series in the 80s and is in a ton of movies we've all seen - got me alone at a rehearsal for "A Christmas Carol" and told me he was bisexual and a 'mutual friend' had assured him that I could mentor him in the T-fueled gay sex scene which I gladly said I would... this was made even more ironic in that I was playing Bob Crachit and he was playing Ebenezer Scrooge at the time. Imagine if you will seeing Crachit and Scrooge naked, blowing clouds and booty bumping, with Crachit topping and breeding a leather restrained Scrooge and giving him chem piss... yeah we played that up in our first sex session (even used the British accents...). One of our other first sessions took place in his house one evening, in his office/library room while his soon-to-be ex-wife was out – we swapped pipe hits while fucking on his desk and blowing clouds on the family pics on his desk. When they separated, he took an apartment in Upper Manhattan and we pnp’d there frequently. Another surprise was recent and very, very welcome. During the '90s when I lived in Hell's Kitchen, there were a number of regularly scheduled sex parties in NYC. There was one I attended very frequently where the guys running it would not charge me the entrance fee if I would come early and get the sex started (having no inhibitions). One of the event runners, Bill, was one of the hottest guys I'd ever had sex with and we'd frequently save our last encounter of the night for each other when we'd flip-fuck, both of us having spent the rest of evening topping others. While I would do some bottoming on some nights, he never did at all, except for me and one other guy and only at the end of the party, because the other guys in management didn't want his big cock and butch leather reputation to be sullied among the other customers/guests - apparently, they felt, correctly it seems, that the possibility of being fucked by him brought lots of guys back week after week. Bill and I also very naughtily broke the “always use a condom” pledge that was part of the event rules somewhat frequently… however, it was usually so late that there’d be no one to notice who ever would have complained or reported it, and hell, he was one of the event runners! Anyway, these parties were very much NOT chem-friendly so how would I know he was into it? After 12 years without seeing each other, he read one of my "real experience" blogs on Tumblr, and as he said "I knew immediately that had to be you!" and sent a message. Funny, he was afraid I wouldn't remember, or that I'd not be interested - WRONG!! I nearly fell out of my chair trying to respond immediately - it's nice to know that someone you think was one of the most amazing sex partners EVER thinks the same of you! The first time I saw him after those 12 years, I met him in midtown to introduce him to my candyman. After sitting around with a few other guys and blowing clouds with them, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other – and since nothing was going to be happening where we were for at least a few more hours – we found a nearby hotel room, raced over there, got naked, loaded up our pipes and dove all over each other. We both ate hole for what seemed like hours, since we’re both addicted to rimming and we each do it VERY well. It was a very hot, unexpected surprise (we hadn’t planned on playing until the following week) and though it was only a couple of hours, it was just so much fun to really LET GO with this kindred spirit. Just this past weekend, I introduced him to a hot versatile couple I play with sometimes in the Bronx, and it was the first time I saw him slammed (he’s done so very infrequently)… it was amazing to watch him truly relax and just have FUN while the four of us flip fucked and enjoyed each other all around. So we've now partied together - one on one, which is unusual for me - several times now and the sessions have been awesome. We also relate on a number of other levels including having husbands with physical disabilities, and its great to have someone to talk about that with as well - its been double bonus time for both of us!
  13. versmetropig

    Quick intro

    You sound like you know what you want, and that's a great thing at your age. However, may I suggest you don't close yourself off to experiences you have not had yet, or allow entire pathways of gay sexuality to be eliminated permanently. Though monogamy is a dream of heaven for many, the reality in the gay world is that it seldom works out - not saying it wouldn't for you, but at 54 my husband and I have noticed over our 27 years together that the couples we know who have been together longest are NOT monogamous sexually. I will tell you that I am completely EMOTIONALLY monogamous with my husband, and he with me, but we've always allowed for sexual play either together with others or alone with others when our schedules conflict. He's always known I'm much kinkier and like leather scenes and such, and he's happy to have me do that kind of sex play on the nights he's working. It's worked out well for us. Keep in mind a dom top daddy might WANT to see you with others. Whatever comes about - enjoy yourself and your sexuality and whatever experiences you have... one of life's great pleasures!
  14. Love your tumblr blog.  I'm following you as pozsf 

    1. versmetropig


      Thanks for the compliment and following my Tumblr - sorry I missed seeing this message 'til now!


  15. can you get on the chat line ?


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