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    versatile: oral, anal, rim, pnp & bb with all. leather, ff (top), toys, groups, 3-ways, 1on1, B/D (top), anal play, w/s can be added to the menu.
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    Was a model for 1992 version of "New Joy of Gay Sex". Posed for several photographers for porn mags and photo books.
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    couples or groups for chemmed bb play - will do one-on-ones sometimes, but he must be vers as I like to top and bottom during a session.

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  1. thanks for the follow... And the accounTs of your adventures are just as entertaining and hoT on a second, third, fourth reading as they were when I first read them. Thanks for writing them up and sharing....

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      You are welcome! Thanks for the compliments!


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      Thanx, takingdeepanal, I'm glad you like iT!!

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  6. a man and his sling. hot hot hot

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      why thank you!

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      I see there are yet more aficionados of the magic of the sling. FirsT time I ever met Miss T was while in the vicinity of the swinging doorway to perpeTual bliss.

  7. Hi versmetropig! I stumbled upon your tumblr today and just wanna say I really enjoy your #truestories posts. 

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      Thanks, limxhan, glad you enjoy them!!


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    Blog or Story

    I had the same issue - the partying stories I post are all real experiences of mine, not fiction. I decided to post them as a blog, since putting them under Chem Fiction would be misleading.
  9. ANOTHER REAL EXPERIENCE – Unsuspected Pnp’ers Who knew they partied? A recent series of posts on Breeding Zone, discussing whether or not your friends are aware of your partying activities got me thinking about the times I discovered someone I knew and would never have expected indulged, was instead well-acquainted with enhanced sex. For 16 years, I've managed to keep my party life from interfering with my two careers or other "normal world" day-to-day activities. Some periods I attend pnp parties once or twice a week, some periods a few times a month, sometimes only once a month. In answer to your question, CERTAIN friends know I party (certainly my husband knows I do, though he does not - our open sexual relationship for the past 27+ years and our opposite work schedules mean I do so only during those times he is working which he is cool with). Only one of my straight friends knows I party, and select gay/bi friends. Usually those are friends I've either met "in the scene" who have crossed over into being actual real-world friends that one could rely on, rather than just pnp-buds (who are fine too, so long as one realizes the limitations and true parameters of that kind of interaction). However, every once in a while I'm surprised to discover someone I never expected is a partier, and I always get a kick out of hooking up in a situation like that. When my husband and I lived in Hell’s Kitchen in the 90s, directly across the air-shaft that sank through the center of our apartment building lived two guys who like us were musical theater performers – these guys were both hot and ripped African-American dancers (my hubby and I are Anglo – and like them I had a muscled dancer bod). It got to the point where we would all do 3 ways and 4 ways together… the catch being that either one or both of them would come to our place, or I would go to theirs by climbing across the airshaft 4 stories up! (My hubby, an opera singer, could not do the same). To be fair, the ventilation shaft was shaped like a hexagon <=> and we crawled across where in the angle where the two windows met. Like us, one of them was really kinky and the other pretty vanilla so no enhancements were ever included. They eventually moved out to LA to do music videos. Then, a few years later, after I had started to pnp a bit more, I bumped into Craig, the kinky one, at a buddy’s afternoon chemparty and finally got to play with him in a supercharged way – we did so several times during the time he was back in New York for a show – it was great to finally fuck that beautiful hot ass bareback and get fucked by his fat black cock the same way, along with some major hole play between us. There was a hot but conservative couple I knew that for years were very vocally anti-party - we'd played together, but it took longer for me to get to their place then the un-enhanced sex would actually take, and so I didn't go out often. Then one day out of the blue they had a total switch and my numerous sessions with them since have been very hoT - I've written about them in my true experiences blog on this site. The same for an actor/director I knew only professionally - we'd starred in two productions together and he'd directed me in a third... what a Christmas Present it was when this guy - a married guy with kids who had a TV series in the 80s and is in a ton of movies we've all seen - got me alone at a rehearsal for "A Christmas Carol" and told me he was bisexual and a 'mutual friend' had assured him that I could mentor him in the T-fueled gay sex scene which I gladly said I would... this was made even more ironic in that I was playing Bob Crachit and he was playing Ebenezer Scrooge at the time. Imagine if you will seeing Crachit and Scrooge naked, blowing clouds and booty bumping, with Crachit topping and breeding a leather restrained Scrooge and giving him chem piss... yeah we played that up in our first sex session (even used the British accents...). One of our other first sessions took place in his house one evening, in his office/library room while his soon-to-be ex-wife was out – we swapped pipe hits while fucking on his desk and blowing clouds on the family pics on his desk. When they separated, he took an apartment in Upper Manhattan and we pnp’d there frequently. Another surprise was recent and very, very welcome. During the '90s when I lived in Hell's Kitchen, there were a number of regularly scheduled sex parties in NYC. There was one I attended very frequently where the guys running it would not charge me the entrance fee if I would come early and get the sex started (having no inhibitions). One of the event runners, Bill, was one of the hottest guys I'd ever had sex with and we'd frequently save our last encounter of the night for each other when we'd flip-fuck, both of us having spent the rest of evening topping others. While I would do some bottoming on some nights, he never did at all, except for me and one other guy and only at the end of the party, because the other guys in management didn't want his big cock and butch leather reputation to be sullied among the other customers/guests - apparently, they felt, correctly it seems, that the possibility of being fucked by him brought lots of guys back week after week. Bill and I also very naughtily broke the “always use a condom” pledge that was part of the event rules somewhat frequently… however, it was usually so late that there’d be no one to notice who ever would have complained or reported it, and hell, he was one of the event runners! Anyway, these parties were very much NOT chem-friendly so how would I know he was into it? After 12 years without seeing each other, he read one of my "real experience" blogs on Tumblr, and as he said "I knew immediately that had to be you!" and sent a message. Funny, he was afraid I wouldn't remember, or that I'd not be interested - WRONG!! I nearly fell out of my chair trying to respond immediately - it's nice to know that someone you think was one of the most amazing sex partners EVER thinks the same of you! The first time I saw him after those 12 years, I met him in midtown to introduce him to my candyman. After sitting around with a few other guys and blowing clouds with them, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other – and since nothing was going to be happening where we were for at least a few more hours – we found a nearby hotel room, raced over there, got naked, loaded up our pipes and dove all over each other. We both ate hole for what seemed like hours, since we’re both addicted to rimming and we each do it VERY well. It was a very hot, unexpected surprise (we hadn’t planned on playing until the following week) and though it was only a couple of hours, it was just so much fun to really LET GO with this kindred spirit. Just this past weekend, I introduced him to a hot versatile couple I play with sometimes in the Bronx, and it was the first time I saw him slammed (he’s done so very infrequently)… it was amazing to watch him truly relax and just have FUN while the four of us flip fucked and enjoyed each other all around. So we've now partied together - one on one, which is unusual for me - several times now and the sessions have been awesome. We also relate on a number of other levels including having husbands with physical disabilities, and its great to have someone to talk about that with as well - its been double bonus time for both of us!
  10. versmetropig

    Quick intro

    You sound like you know what you want, and that's a great thing at your age. However, may I suggest you don't close yourself off to experiences you have not had yet, or allow entire pathways of gay sexuality to be eliminated permanently. Though monogamy is a dream of heaven for many, the reality in the gay world is that it seldom works out - not saying it wouldn't for you, but at 54 my husband and I have noticed over our 27 years together that the couples we know who have been together longest are NOT monogamous sexually. I will tell you that I am completely EMOTIONALLY monogamous with my husband, and he with me, but we've always allowed for sexual play either together with others or alone with others when our schedules conflict. He's always known I'm much kinkier and like leather scenes and such, and he's happy to have me do that kind of sex play on the nights he's working. It's worked out well for us. Keep in mind a dom top daddy might WANT to see you with others. Whatever comes about - enjoy yourself and your sexuality and whatever experiences you have... one of life's great pleasures!
  11. Love your tumblr blog.  I'm following you as pozsf 

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      Thanks for the compliment and following my Tumblr - sorry I missed seeing this message 'til now!


  12. can you get on the chat line ?


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    Dang. I'm there from Feb 19 - Mar 5. Sorry I'll be missing you (I will also be in Christchurch most of that time, with a few days up in St Peter's). I've been there numerous times, be aware the gay scene is very much on the down low...
  14. Another Real Experience: - Excelling at CusTomer Service; Part 3 – Rental Surprise I had actually posted this true story elsewhere but those sites are "no more", now's the perfect time to include it with my real experiences that came about because of my work in real estate – to be fair, this doesn’t happen OFTEN, but being a realtor has afforded me a number of unexpected chances to play - even more frequently than my OTHER career, performing. Therefore, here's a few more of the hotter sessions that started out as "just work". So a couple of summers back, a friend and colleague was going on vacation for a couple of weeks and asked me a favor - she knew that I generally don't do rentals, only sales, but these were customers of hers who had bought a new bigger house and wanted to rent out their current one for a year or two until the market improved. I generally DON'T do rentals, but she's a good friend, and it was a $3000 rental, so a good commission. I go to the house to take pictures and to meet with the owners after my friend let them know I would be handling it, and was in for a bit of a surprise. I got to the place - it was awesome for a small house: pool, hot tub, koi pond, bbq pit in the back yard and great interiors with huge tubs and showers on each floor. The wife met me first, cool lady kinda hot in a "tough chick" sort of way... and then the husband came downstairs. Fortunately, his wife was looking at me and not him when his jaw hit the floor and he recognized me. I had to suppress a chuckle as I said "oh, hey Ted! Didn't know this was your house". Ted with a crooked smile said "yeah, it's my second wife's house, actually... and we just bought one together." "You two know each other? How cool!" Wifey number 2 puts in. "Yes," I said, "from the 'Y' - we work out at the same time frequently enough..." If she only knew HOW we'd worked out, one particular time in general... Ted is a real hottie - used to be an NYC fireman, now works construction as a carpenter and is a volunteer fireman in our 'burb here just outside the big apple. Built like a baseball or soccer player, he's got a great mesomorph body, awesome pecs, nice dick and a beautiful hairy bubble butt. Coloring -wise he's "Black Irish": very pale but not unattractive skin, piercing blue eyes and dark brown thick head of hair and a '70s clone-style 'stache that on him is very hot. He's about 2 inches shorter than my 6' and at the time he was - like me - in his late '40s but in really good shape. I'd immediately noticed him at the gym, years ago when I first moved back home to the burbs after a couple of decades in NYC. A total hottie and just my type. But a wedding ring, and though he looked around a lot more than usual for a straight guy, he didn't respond to any of the usual clues. Interestingly, our YMCA's steam room actually DOES get active every once in a while, but you have to be really careful as it is co-ed, though few women use the steam room. Also, some guys are just not cool. Ted had occasionally been in the steam room when some groping or even a little oral got started, but at first he always left. After a while, he started to stay, though appeared to look away. Finally he got to the point of openly watching. It was after one of those sessions when the guy who was blowing me did so for only about 2 minutes before he shot himself and hastily exited that we finally spoke to each other. "You seemed to be enjoying the show" I said, pointing out his tented towel. He actually blushed and said "yeah, I can't believe how easy it can be for you guys". We talked a bit (seems he HAD gotten some blow jobs from guys before in the past on a couple of occasions) so I asked if he wanted to try some more again. He said yes, but not there and invited me back to his new apartment, which he had gotten upon divorcing his wife. It was a very short drive, we could have walked, and I followed him in after pulling my "play bag" out of the trunk of my car. He was amazed that I had videos, lube, toys and leather gear with me, and that my partner was cool with me playing on the side when he was working. Ted said he wanted to try out more than just getting a blow job but was scared, and he lamented that he didn't have any weed because he knew that would relax him. I told him I didn't either (I actually have problems with the stuff, I may be allergic) but that I did have a pipe with me and stuff that would make him feel really good, and really horny and lower some inhibitions, but wouldn't leave him out of it or unaware of what was happening. He was all for it, and I pulled out the glass cock and filled it up with the icy crystals and *puff* he was having his first dance with Miss T. We popped in one of my videos that had a woman or two in a couple of the scenes, and stripped down to our boxers. Jerking led quickly to mutual jerking and soon the boxers were gone and I was on the floor between his hairy muscle thighs sucking that very nice dick - he loved it. I pulled out the poppers and took a huff, and swallowed his dick to the balls - he says "can I try some of those? What do I do?" I pulled off briefly, told him how to huff and NOT get stuff up his nose, took a hit, handed him the bottle and went back to sword-swallowing. He took a hit and moaned, so I pushed his legs up and attacked his hairy hole (knowing we'd both showered at the gym) and he just squirmed and loved that. I pulled back, asking if he liked it and he said "oh fuck yeah". I fired up the torch and we had a few more major hits, and I said "any interest in reciprocating?" He said he'd give it a shot... he took a few more fortifying puffs off the pipe, took a long hit of poppers and basically went nuts on my hard dick, sucking, licking, licking my balls and even a gave me a rim job - which he actually stayed on better and longer than the blow job (and - not his fault - he did use his teeth a bit unknowingly.) All the while, whenever his mouth was free for a moment, he was all "fuck this is hot, fuck this is hot". Finally he moved us to the bedroom... bringing my play bag, vids, the glass cock the poppers and all. A few more clouds shared and we were in a 69... nice. His tongue seemed more used to hole than dick (probably used to eating pussy) so he was back to that shortly. I asked if he wanted to fuck that hole, and he was all for it. I said watch the vid, while I check on something and left him with the torch and pipe and took my "emergency" kit to the bathroom and found I was just fine for being fucked, quickly washed the kit and got back in there. He asked what I had been doing, and I briefly explained without any off-putting details that I was making sure I was clean for a fuck. We puffed more (thank god he wasn't getting Tina Dick), I pulled out two kinds of lube and he mounted me - me on all fours with him behind and both of us facing the video. He liked it, a lot, and gave me a huge load. We puffed more when he got done, and he was clearly still majorly turned on. He kept asking about getting fucked, and what it felt like, and did it make me feel less like a man (hardly) and so on, and finally asked if he could try it if I would promise to stop if he hated it. I agreed, and he asked about the whole bathroom thing. I explained, gave him the kit, told him what to do, and how to do it and for how long, and set him at it with the poppers while I kicked back with the pipe. A little bit later he was back, like me there was really nothing there to worry about, and he made sure to wash well so I could get my tongue back in before we started. With the torch firing, we did hits while I blew some of the smoke up his butt and mounted him the way he did me - doggie style facing the porn. He didn't seem like the face to face kissing type - at least not yet. I gave him the poppers and told him to take some gentle huffs while I was entering him, and he did. Slowly but surely, I got inside and started a slow pulse after he told me he was okay and his hole had accepted it. We built up speed and had a long serious fuck that he seemed to like very very well. I didn't shoot, as I'd played the night before (that's why the bag was in the car) and he told me it was awesome, but he wasn't sure he'd ever have the guts to do it again. Sure enough, after that, he didn't quite avoid me at the gym, but he certainly never came to the steam room again and when he did speak to me it was in a group. Then my schedule changed and I was not working out at that time of day anymore... so I hadn't seen him much the last two years. UNTIL my friend asked me for a favor and I found myself listing his (well, his new wife's) house for rent. He did manage to let me know that he'd really enjoyed what we did... and maybe, MAYBE he might want to repeat sometime. I thought I might get the chance to have time to add some persuasion to that - but the listing was so damn good the place rented THAT afternoon as soon as I put it in the system. Ah well, if my friend needs to travel around the time they close on their new house... who knows?
  15. Thanks pozindian and Sfmike64 - glad you both enjoyed my true and twisted adventure...

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