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piss - do you swallow?


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The age-old dilemma - drink or bathe... If I'm topping, I like to piss faster than he can swallow and have him dribble my piss down himself, if I'm bottom I like to get some of it in my beard and 'tache, and maybe on whatever clothes I might be wearing.

But my favourite has to be recycling... In the nineties I went to a Leather Pride march with a guy my then partner and I were both fucking around with. After the march, we hit the bar (this was maybe three in the afternoon). We were both drinking Newcastle Brown Ale, which comes in 550ml bottles, and the rules were that we stuck together and neither of us would piss anywhere but the other's mouth. We got through four bottles each that afternoon and were so well hydrated that we got down to ten minute intervals between pissing. The really strange thing was this cultural imperative to find the nearest toilet for one of us to feed the other: dark corners etc weren't enough... He liked having me grab his head and pull him to me so I was all but pissing straight into his throat, while I liked to savour the full length of his dick, challenging him to stay soft while I drank (I'd already got it figured out how to piss with a hard-on, he hadn't). Whichever way we did it it got lots of disapproving looks from the assembled perverts: at the tie you didn't accept any transfer of body fluids and piss, well, it's just not nice, which is part of the fun.

We stopped off at a Macdonald's on the way home, not out of hunger, but to get rid of the huge load we were both carrying. And even when we got back home and had that final goodnight fuck with my partner (he'd been at work all day) we were both still dribbling beery piss from our arses. (If it can't get out one way, it'll find another). Love to live that day again...

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