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    took my first raw load from Jake Wetmore........was fucked by Donnie Russo and drank his piss, fucked Jake Wetmore, fucked Mario Ortiz and swallowed Joshua Scott's load
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    a controlling guy who will push my boundaries, maybe slap me around a little bit- and if he brings his friends- even better.

    Like to get fucked, LOVE to give head and swallow piss and loads. Like a lot of kissing and nipple play

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  1. Oh man. I need more. Please.
  2. Moderator's Note: Generally we do not allow anything in here that isn't a story. Clearly, there is a need for this, so I am pinning this thread to the top of the forum. If you are having trouble finding a story, add it to this post. DO NOT start another thread. Can you guys help me out? There is a story I read which was pretty hot but I haven't been able to find since. It's about this guy who's traveling for work I think. He stops into a bar for a drink and the bartender drugs him and brings him into the back where he's used by a bunch of leather guys. Would really appre
  3. And now it's almost three years later and I have come a LONG way baby!
  4. I'll be there. Only started barebacking a few months ago, so this'll be a coming out weekend for me as I try to collect loads
  5. So I used again... I was back in the bath house, saw this good looking guy with a great chest and started blowing him, hoping to get him to fuck me. He had a hard time staying hard and blamed it on the crystal, so I mentioned that I had just started using it and had only done it a couple of times. He offered me some and we smoked a bit - he shotgunned me several times and I took half a dozen pulls off the pipe. I told him I was a little wary of doing too much and he assured me I was okay and gave me a little more. We messed around a little more, trading blow jobs and working each other
  6. I was at the bath house a few days ago. this guy named Angelo came into my room and I started to suck him and asked him if he remembered me - a couple of weeks ago we had hooked up and he shotgunned me a few times - it was the only time I had ever messed with tina - he said yes and asked if I wanted to go to his room and smoke a little, and my heart pounding, I said Yes when we got there, I noticed that he was wearing a rubber, walking around the bath house. I asked him what that was about and he says he precums too much (as if there could be such a thing). See? he said - there was a littl
  7. I always hated the Daleks but now I'm certainly going to look at them in a new light thanks to you!
  8. for the first time I am traveling with the intention of getting a bunch of loads up my ass. Does anybody know which is a better city to get that done in, Chicago or Toronto? I will be traveling from September 18th thru September 22nd. Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  9. Totally forgot about Ianto Jones. Would totally do him.
  10. are there any other geeks on this message board? And if so which Doctor Who would you like to fuck? I would gladly bend over and let Matt Smith go to town on my ass
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