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    Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
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    bare back man on man. BDSM , Chem sex, no load refused, bath houses , book stores , glory holes. Group gang bangs , choking out, rough sex , no gag , masochistic submissive bottom.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Physically fit , hight and wait proportion , prefer to bottom , professional during the day complete slut at night. Educated and successful . like to work out ,and participate in many things. always looking for a Hot top , wanna be a DADDYS boi.
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    20 years of many many connections with some very hot men , transgender girls . LOVE long long play sessions , groups , BDSM , belts, CBT and rough scull fucking. fletching , rimming,kissing .
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    CONNECTIONS with Hott Alpha Men who enjoy hot sex with men , rough ok hard sex great love to serve a tops Daddy’s and SIRS., submissive masochist sex slave by nature. popper whore Tina sluT.

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  1. Have you had a belt used ? Getting fucked doggy style belt around neck being pulled by top as he plows you pulling the belt choking and bruising the neck !
  2. I always swallow, sometimes in a group of i am sharing a cock we get into a passionate kiss after the cum shot so i‘ll share too.
  3. Looks like a great place to hang out !
  4. Absolutely wouldn’t think of no cleaning you his cock . Hopefully he will shoot another load down my throat!
  5. i am so into cleaning my tops cock after fucking me . Also love to hang in the dark room an clean any cock not taken after fucking a hole !
  6. i am addicted to being fisted , especially when spun out . The feel of a mans hand inside me sliding deep in me is amazing, love the connection between us looking into each other’s eyes so he can feel my senses of pleasure. When to move on and when to pause . It is really a gift given to us bottoms
  7. The feeling of a mans cock deep inside me gives me a rush , i get so worked up then relaxed once he is in. i let go and listen to his demands . I encourage him to fill me , to fuck me hard and explode deep .
  8. i love to be brutally throat fucked , hard and deep as Sir can go hopefully it’s balls deep and i can feel the pulse of his cock as he shoots down my throat.
  9. I like to well groomed in these areas . i think those interacting in that area appreciate it . And it makes an awesome slapping sound
  10. I too would love to be castrated. If i could find my Daddy / Master/ owner who i completely surrender to , and if it was His wish . i would gladly go under the knife for Him and me.
  11. love getting throat fucked , slam it and push it down slap my face and spit on me too . Want it to me messy sloppy and for the top to cum in my throat
  12. Spend 24 hrs. At Club Philly, get fucked , fisted and my hole destroyed. Throat fucked till I can’t talk !
  13. I love the feeling as the head pushes in the pop, and the Ecstasy that follows as he pushes in deeper and deeper.
  14. That’s a beautiful thing watching that cock pump that load in his hole.
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