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Ugly As but what a top!!

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Yesterday was just another of those dilemma filled Sundays, my mancunt was on fire and what to do about it. I did not really feel like a trip to the city (I live 50 kms from the CBD), but knew if I had to I would as I had not been fucked since Friday night, where I got five loads pumped into me at Blackout, and two days is about the outer limits of my tolerance without cock. I prepped my hole and hooked onto BBRTS ad Grindr in the hope that one of the many tops of both sites that had fucked me previously felt like unloading in me. I do get a lot of local cock off Grindr - but mainly safe sex - but the urge to get fucked was so strong I did not care how I got cock, raw or covered. A bloke, whose profile on Grindr I had previously ignored because of no pic, started messaging me - said he was 45, a little overweight, neg but on prep, couldn't host but was "horny as to fuck some arse." That was music to my ears so I invited him to  my apartment as I live alone. He said he could come after lunch around 3 pm - so I said "fine" and as it was only 12.30 I thought I might get a bit of cock before he came - but that didn't happen. I always try to make my apartment "fuck friendly" when I invite tops over, draw the blinds, light a few candles, scatter lube and towels between the bedroom and the loungeroom, to send a clear message of "fuck me wherever you like." He arrived 15 minutes early and I was ready in my jockstrap. He was a very tall man and more than a little overweight, moustache and not what one would call attractive. He looked Middle Eastern. But this was not about looks, this was about scratching the itch in my hole. I am sure that I have had plenty as ugly or uglier fuck and breed me in backrooms and at naked parties. I really did not want to get involved in a conversation and luckily - neither did he, immediately grabbing my arse check and squeezing it. I was impressed by the bulge in his shorts and when I rubbed them was totally thrilled at the cock this man was packing. He was hung nd much to my delight - very thickly. Within no time his cock was rock hard as I pulled his shorts down and set my mouth to work on his meat. After a short while I said come and fuck me and led him to the bedroom. I bent over the side of the bed and passed him the lube, and in no time I was gasping as the head of his thick uncut cock opened up my hole. He seemed taken aback when I told him to "push it into me hard". He did and I felt like I was being split in two, which I love.

For the next 90 minutes I hardly had his cock out of me at all, except to clean him up and change positions. He was a machine. When he laid on his back I rode his shaft like it was the last cock I was ever going to get, even changing angles so his cock tantalized my entire chute. He blew in me twice and as I was cleaning his cock after the second blow I realized the party was well and truly over. He had given my hole such a belting it had made me that horny I could have screamed. He asked if he could have a shower (had a feeling may have been married) as he said something about having to pick "kids up".  I was talking to him through the shower curtain and he was coy about what area he lived in but he asked if I was attached. I told him no, and that I just loved getting fucked and bred as much as possible. He laughed and said he realized that as not many bottoms took him balls deep in one hit and not too many are still begging for more of hic cock after being bred twice by him. I thought I would be bold and said "anytime you feel like belting hole buddy hit me up - you have my number". I got a shock when he said "if you want I can come after work around 8 tomorrow night and fuck you." "Please do I can't wait" I said as I was watching him dry and dress, stil standing there in my jockstrap with a leaking hole. Just looking at his meat made me wanted it again right then and there. He left. I was right - I couldn't wait till he came again his fucking had turned the slut switch in my brain to full throttle. I immediately texted an Indian friend who has been fucking me regularly for the last three months or so and asked him if he was free and if he wanted to use his black stick to churn some baby batter in me as he has always loved fucking me when my hole is gaping and bred. I threw on the shorts and jumped into the car and headed for his apartment. By the time I got there 40 minutes later I was aching for cock again and he was ready, laying on  his back naked on the bed. "come and service me you little slut," he growled and in no time I was chowing down on his uncut black meat, while he fingered my cummy hole. Two loads later I was cleaning that beautiful frothy mixture of seed from the base of his shaft and his pubic hair. I was in heaven on the drive home. 

Can't wat for ugly to come and fuck the life out of me again tonight.

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