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    Sydney, Australia.
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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. absolutely I will try and break it Leatherman667.
  2. As a total cock pig and cumdump - I just love multiple loads in me. It is almost like it is what I am here for to service men's cocks and take their seeds - and I just love it
  3. I am like that - the more cock and seed I get - the more I want. After I have been fucked two or three times I just lose the plot totally and have to get fucked ands bred senseless. 14 loads in me in one day my record and I loved the last load as much as the first.
  4. We had Cumunion here in Sydney for a while - I always enjoyed - never left without my hole dripping from being bred several times - just the way I like it. We have naked sex parties at Heqdquarters a backroom here and they are great - they start 2 pm and finish at 7 and I just spend the five hours taking any cock that is offered to me. I love being fucked in front of a crowd and I just lkove taking cock after cock in front of a crowd
  5. as a total bottom nothing nicer than working a top or three with another bottom. I have a bottom friend and we often raid the naked parties together getting gangbanged together in the group room, kissing each other and encouraging each other to take as much cock and seed as we can and to be the best sluts for out tops we can be. Once we were both getting fucked doggy and were kissing ech other snowballing a load atop droppedin my moth between us. We masu tahve swapped it eight or ten times and our lips were almost stuck together with seed while we were getting plowed it was fucking hot.
  6. Love it I eat the condom out of a top uses one to fuck me. I do it in front of them to let them know my holes worked out that load and my body deserves it in me
  7. My kind of party just taking cock and seed as much as you can get - I always bitt plug myself afterwards to keep the seed in me and keep my arse muscles stimulated
  8. Love being DP'd for a cockpig like me having two cocks in you at once is just heaven
  9. You are right backpackguy. I had an ex that loved the slut I am - he used to supervise my gangbangs, pick tops for me, organise to pimp me out to regulars and it made my life so uncomplicated - just take as much cock as I was offered and as much seed as I could get in my holes. I really lose it after I have been fucked well - my mancunt just takes over and enough is never enough.
  10. as a total bottom cum and cockpig I love nothing better than a top or group of tops breeding me till their heart is content then finish me off by pissing all over me. I once had five tops fuck me senseless then put me in the shower and all of them pissed all over me - it was fucking hot and I love it.
  11. sorry bud getting fucked and bred is my nirvana
  12. Being a bottom cock and cumpig I would only half like this. But I always clean up tops who have fucked me and make sure any filament of their seed that did not make my mancunt makes my mouth
  13. when I feel a man coming I suck and work harder and very few ever pullout of my mouth - their load - my reward that simple. I love cum in my mouth.
  14. sorry once I got the smell of seed I would have had to lick it up - just me me total pig -
  15. Had plenty of 9 and 9.5"inch cocks - and never come across a cock I cannot take and with ease. I have been DP'd a thousand times and often with two 8"cocks and I just love that feeling of being split in half by cock. The thicker the better for me - the thickness is much more important than the length. but being the cumdump pig I am I never knock back stiff cock as I just love getting fucked and bred. ny cock and load in me is better than nothing at all!

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