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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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  1. I just couldn't be monogamous now buddy. Besides my BF trained and encouraged the slut in me until I just simply became addicted to cock and seed.
  2. My ex loved it too. He he totally understood the slut in me and my constant need for cock and seed. He loved watching me get fucked and bred - fucking me when I was pumped full of other men's seed really turned him on and he was proud of the slut he had turned me into
  3. Nothing nicer for a bottom slut like me when a top really hurts you with his cock and really shows your mancunt no mercy
  4. My ex used to send me out to get bred so I could give him sa nice sloppy cummed hole to fuck when I got home. I loved it as much as him as I could go to the back room get fucked four or five times and then go home and get fucked again! Bottom pig heaven!
  5. absolutely I always clean my men up and will suck and play with their cocks until they decide to take it away. I make no apologies for being totally addicted to being fucked and bred and I just love servicing cock.
  6. He was the best slut trainer I have ever come across. When I am at bareback parties here in Sydney I see several bottom pigs that Steve both trained and knocked up. I have often shared the fuck bench at Headquarters with Lee, another graduate of Steve's slut scvhool
  7. Thanks Bud I try to be the best bottom I can be as often as I can be. I can hardly go two days without being fucked. I am totally addicted to being fucked and bred and I was taught well so I never turn down any cock or any load.
  8. The bf was spending Sunday with his folks so I was both bored and fucking horny. He threw a quick fuck and load into me before he left for the day and all that served to do was make me horny as all fuck - and he was not going to be back until Monday night. I knew I needed ore than one cock an one load in me - so I started trawling the net pretty early - like 11 am. I was prepared to travel or host all the same to me as long I got fucked and bred. There were plenty of guys online on both Grindr and BBRTS that had fucked me before - and one an Asian guy called Tony - nice thick uncut cock and good hard fucker - started charting to me. He had fucked me with other tops a couple of times before and he asked me if I was going to put myself out for a group. I said I was ready to take all and whoever. I already had a load in me for lube and I just needed more. I put up a quick connect ad and started both messaging and texting previous fucks. Told them all I had been opened up and bred by the bf and was in the mood to pig out on cock and seed. In no time I had four tops in their cars on their way to mine (Tony included). I jumped into the shower, and got naked ready for the guys when they arrived - leaving the front door open, turning on the music and putting some raw porn on. The four tops had all bred me several times before, I was used to how all of them fucked and used to all their cocks so I was as horny as. While I was waiting for them I hatched a plan that I would ask them to DP me. It is my favourite form of sex. I just go crazy and being a bottom that just loves width and that wonderful feeling of being split in two by cock I was hoping they would be up for it. What an afternoon! Got bred 10 times and my mancunt ended up puffy and swollen and dripping - just the way I love it. Rob and Tony obliged me DPing me for a good 10 minutes which was cock heaven for me. David stayed back after the others left as he wanted to spend some time felching seed out of me before he took me in the shower and and gave me a wonderful piss drenching to finish me off. After he left I just sat on the floor of the shower savouring the hole wrecking and total using I got from the guys. A fair bit of seed had leaked out of me or been felched out - but I was determined to keep whatever I could of their beautiful seed in me for as long as I could. So I got my trusty butt plug, put it in my sore hole and had a shower. I was exhausted but what a way to spend a Sunday?
  9. Thanks for the follow - your ideal pig is just the way I was taught to live my life by my ex and I am forever grateful being the cumdump pig he turned me into. I take any stiff cock offered to me without question, take all the seed I can get pumped into me and am immediately looking for the next load.

  10. Great way to be treated and I loved it. I love that feeing of being totally at a top's disposal and for men to use me as they see fit. I love fucking in front of a crowd and all the thinbgs thayt go with being a total slut and cumdump
  11. That's exactly how ,ex treated me and I loved it. He loved watching me get fucked, and he always selected the tops for me, he loved fucking me when I had other men's loads in me and he taught me to be the cumpig I could be.
  12. Headquarters I great for loads - especially in the summer months. I set my own personal record there taking 14 loads in one beautiful fucking afternoon
  13. Just the kind of message I would love. My ex used to always call me his " useless piece of fuckmeat" and always told me I was only there to pleasure him and the tops he let fuck me - and he was right and I always just totally surrender myself to tops for their use in whatever way they want
  14. spot on - once I have decided to get on the bench or the sling my holes are there for whatever tops wants to use them
  15. That is what my ex would have done to me if I got picky about the cocks I took.

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