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    Sydney, Australia.
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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. Been bred by BBC not only when I was in the US but in Africa, UK and Netherlands as well. Love being used by BBC - have even been DP'd by BBC that is how much I love them
  2. Aggressive tops

    exactly how I feel
  3. What is the best about bareback bottoming

    spot on - I too always clean my top's cock ad balls to show my appreciation for the fuck and the seed he has given me.
  4. What is the best about bareback bottoming

    totally how I feel also - my total role is to surrender myself to tops for their use and pleasure. My reward is their beautiful hard cock in me and their seed deposited in me.
  5. Avoiding soreness during a gangbang.

    I find minimum lube best in gangbang situations as you are going to get plenty of seed into you anyway
  6. Does the size of the top’s cock matter?

    As I never refuse a cock it does not matter - but I prefer very thick cocks I love that feeling of being split in two by cock. That is why I love being DP'd I have never come across a cock that I couldn't take easily and love to bits!
  7. Aggressive tops

    absolutely. I hate tops putting their cock in slow I want it slammed into me - take my breath away - make me gasp. My role as a total bottom and cumpig is to surrender to my tops - and if that involves some pain so be it - of that is what gets them off well and good - as I get rewarded with their seed.
  8. My ex taught me my total concentration had to be on my top so he would often make me cum and then use my seed as lube and fuck me or put my sperm on another top's cock to use as lube to fuck me. He felt if I got an erection while I was getting fucked I was not concentrating on the needs of my top totally.
  9. Condom Left Up Your Ass?

    Yes I have once a needle dicked guy left it in me - condoms can come off small cocks easier - but as my policy is never refuse a cock - it is an occupational hazard.
  10. My ex would only bareback. Even the other tops he invited to fuck me or when I was gangbanged it would always be bareback. I just became so addicted to cock and seed I cannot stand condoms. I will let men fuck me with them only because I have a policy of not refusing any cock
  11. Avoiding soreness during a gangbang.

    It can be many things. I always douche and butt plug myself for a while (my ex used to do that to me before we hosting gangbang) so when I get to the back room or sex party or when the tops arrive at my apartment my hole is one fire and partially open just ready for cock. Irrespective after 8 or 10 cocks I start to get a bit sore (14 different cocks in one session is my record) but I have come to love that feeling of being cock sore. I actually enjoy minimum lube as I find seed is the best lube and after 4 or 5 cocks it seed is running out of me anyway
  12. Memories Of Slutting Out An Asian

    get in touch
  13. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    absolutely. My ex trained me to be a cockpig and a cumslut. So I know what I am. I was often made to cum before being fucked so I learned to concentrate on pleasing my top and I was often caged so I could not focus on my getting off - rather the top's requirements. It taught ne to appreciate and truly love getting fucked
  14. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    the only way to travel I have a no load or cock refused policy and for me it is all about having cock in my arse and seed pumped into me. That's why I love thedark room at naked parties men can just use my holes as much as they like.
  15. Trolling for Cock

    so you should love being a slut. I am totally at ease with being a cumpig and cockwhore. I never knock any cock or load back and if I don't get fucked every second day I go berserk. I spend every spare minute at the weekends getting as much cock and seed as possible.

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