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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. Do you clean cock?

    An incident in a backroom last night took me aback a bit and made me wonder - how many bottoms clean their tops cock after they have finished breeding them? Last night I hot the backroom hoping to have four or five loads pumped into me. After load No 2 the top pulled out an I instinctively turned around and knelt down to clean his cock and balls for him. He pushed my face rather aggressively that it send me back onto my haunches and he said "get out of that you filthy fucking slut." and walked out of the darkroom. I always clean my tops cocks after they have bred me - it was how my ex taught me to treat tps who were good enough to give me their stick and seed. I usually find it turns tops on and shows the bottoms appreciation and cumdump qualities?
  2. Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    Absolutely me to a tee. I go to the backroom every weekend and my arse gets hung over the fuck bench and I am there to take whatever cock and seed I can get. I am addicted to getting fucked and bred and my weekend is spent chasing stiff cock. I try to get 10-15 loads into me every weekend and couldn't care less what they look like as long as they fuck me.
  3. Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    For me I have always believed that there is no such thing as undesirable. If a top has a stiff cock and wants to fuck me then my holes are there for his pleasure. That simple no ifs, no buts.
  4. Quick piston fucking vs Slow deep fucking

    Totally up to the top. I surrender to his wants and he can fuck me in whatever position, whatever way and how he wants. I am there to take his cock and seed and totally focus on being the best bottom I can for them. Even when I am getting gangbanged I enjoy the last cock as much as the first so that is my pleasure
  5. I Suck at Being a Cum Whore-HELP!!

    I too was shy and while always thinking about different men never did anything about it. I was lucky - I had a partner who had a cheating, dirty side and rather than just open up our relationship he took me on a journey from a gay bottom to a total cockpig and cumslut. He introduced me to threesomes, starting inviting small groups of tops over to breed me. He took me to backrooms and made me take cock until he wanted me to stop. I loved it. He organized everything and I loved the weekend as I knew whatever happened I would get fucked by 8-10 different men. He loved watching me get fucked and I learned to love fucking in front of people which I still do today at backrooms, naked sex parties and small groups of tops I invite to my apartment. I am now totally addicted to cock and seed and am forever grateful he taught me to be a pig.
  6. If a top wants to fuck me with a condom I take the condom off them and invert it into my mouth - that way I waste none of their load.
  7. how much is too piggy

    Not at all as a total bottom cumpig and cumslut I love being used by multiple tops. My ex used to tie me in the sling in our playroom and invite tops over to fuck me and I learned to love taking cock after cock, and still do to this day. I find many of my stray fucks from online are in a relationship and they want to fuck a pig. They love banging my cummy hole and they love a bottom that cleans their cock after a fuck and they love a pig that has no pride, shame or demands and totally surrenders himself to them for their domination use and seeding.
  8. No loads refused

    I was very lucky I had a partner that took me from a prissy little picky snot to a full on cumpig addicted to cock . I was taught not to worry about my own orgasm and that my hole was my main sex organ. I was taught never to refuse cock or seed and to be proud of being the slut I am. When we ended I had learned my lesson well and have been an insatiable cockpig and cumdump ever since.
  9. No loads refused

    Absolutely correct that is just how I am.
  10. Total tops are so hard to find

    As a total slut I find that the sluttier and more outside the square I get the more I attract tops. I let them fuck me in public, love being gangbanged, love group sex, let them film me. I find for some reason tops love fucking cummy holes so I often advertise myself for use for a group of tops in my apartment and I always get at least three. Maybe I amnot lookling for a partner just cock and seed so is there is no pickiness with me. If a top has a stiff cock and wants to unload - I am there for his use.
  11. Are You A True Cumdump? Take The Test

    100% spot on. Never refuse any cock - age has nothing looks has nothing to do with it - it a top wants to fuck me it is my role to take his cock and seed. If a man fucks me with a condom I always take the condom off and invert the contents into my mouth - his seed is my reward. I never use any lube other than seed and spit. I have yet to come across a cock too big to take - and in fact love being DP'd! I never get an erection when getting fucked as my main sex organ is my mancunt. I am proud of being a cockpig and cumdump and I am totally addicted to cock and seed.
  12. Tops: Letting a bottom cum

    My ex trained me to cum before he fucked me - in fact he loved inviting a group of tops over to breed me and he would always use my cum as the lube for the first fuck.
  13. Tops: Letting a bottom cum

    agree totally. My sex organ is my mancunt not my cock. The only cock I am interested when getting fucked is the top/s
  14. Tops: Letting a bottom cum

    As a total bottom I agree. My ex taught me not to worry about my own orgasm at all - my focus had to be on him or the tops he invited to fuck me. He often tied me to the cross and jerked me off so he could use my own seed for him or other tops. That was his way of totally controlling me and to teach me to get fucked repeatedly after cumming. So now my own orgasm is totally irrelevant and I never worry about cumming until I am alone in private.
  15. Wasted Cum

    I loathe wasting seed. I was taught by me ex to never waste seed. Even if a top fucks me with a condom when he comes I immediately take the condom off him and invert it in my mouth as I cannot bear to waste it. I also love the taste I swirl it around in my moth a few times before I swallow. I also always clean a tops cock and balls after he fucks and breeds me so as to not waste any of his seed.

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