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    Sydney, Australia.
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    Raw cock, seed, gangbangs, naked sex parties,
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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. any raw cock in Sydney Australia looking to unload in raw hole. No cock or load refused. hole has not been bred for three days and I am howling for it

  2. Nothing I like better than after being gangbanged or getting fucked a few times in a group session to just sit in a tub and let the tops piss all over me. For me it is the ultimate way of being totally used and caps off having a gobfull and cuntfull of seed perfectly.
  3. Ditto, I hate it when a guy pulls out or uses a rubber. I love the feeling of a cock pulsing in me knowing it is gushing seed into me. My body is there totally for my top/s pleasure to use however they like and to breed.
  4. Frustrations with married guys

    100% correct. I see my position as a submissive cumpig who is there totally for the use of tops whenever and however they want to use me. I have had several regulars over the years from married men and guys in gay relationships who use me because I will do things with them their partners won't or they are too scared to try on their partners. I take that as a cmpliement and work harder to ensure they know I am always there for their needs. I never harangue them and they keep coming back. Yes, sometimes I am the hole of last resort - but I don't care - I get the prize their cock and their seed in men
  5. probably a combination of all. I find it happens to me after I have been fucked three or four times in quick succession in a backroom or at gangbang and I have a few loads in me. I don't get self conscious about it and you shouldn't. My hole gets particularly noisy after 8 or 10 fucks when it is full of seed.
  6. exactly. I find at sex parties or gangbangs once I have been well and truly opened up for three or four cocks and have a couple of loads in me my cunt makes slurping sounds. It has never worried me and never seemed to worry the hundreds of tops that fuck me each year. I think of it as my cunt voicing its appreciation of their fucking and seeding.
  7. exactly right. as a total bottom pig I would never tell a top what to do. I am there for his use, his pleasure and his seeding and my total mindset is round pleasuring him and being totally uninhibited and totally earning the seed I get pumped into me.
  8. Agree totally. I present my arse to tops for their use at their speed in the way they want. I submit myself totally to ,my tops and my job is to ensure I am the best bottom I can be for him.
  9. Total tops are so hard to find

    agree totally. as a total bottom cumpig I am powerless when it comes to stiff cock - I do not care who it belongs to I just want it in me and unloading in me. I too love naked sex parties as I love to get fucked 8-10 times in a session at least and I just present myself to be used by tops however they see fit.
  10. Total tops are so hard to find

    Agree totally. As a total bottom pig if I am trying to get tops' on line I send them pics of my hole, and pics of me getting fucked. That is why I love naked parties and back rooms. I always have my arse exposed for inspection and use.
  11. Dripping by the end

    the perfect night out. when I go to a backroom I expect to take at least six loads or it is a waste of time. I refuse no cock or no load and nothing nicerthan having cock after cock fuck you for a couple of hours. My ex always used to arrange at least six tops for our gangbang sessions so I would generally end up getting fucked at least a dozen times as most would double up. for me that was heaven just being totally used by the men and my cunt dripping with seed - just heaven!
  12. It's all about the load

    totally agree - I see men pumping their seed into me as my reward for being a cumdump. There is only two places for mens' seed and that is in my mancunt or in my mouth
  13. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    Exactly. why ask anyway - you know you are a slut and you know that if the cock is hard you are going to take it anyway as you just can't help yourself. for me as a total cumdump - the more seed pumped into me the happier I am and nothing nicer than walking around with the seed of 6 or eight men in you
  14. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    could not agree more. It is not my role to ask tops any questions it is my role to satisfy their desire and take their cock and seed. I love every load that is pumped into me.
  15. One Helluva Pig User

    Sunday turned into a very freaky, yet totally stimulating experience for this little piggy. I have been chatting to this guy on Grindr for about three weeks on and off - and had got to the stage that I thought he was just coming on line for some dirty talk, wadding and then disappearing. He asked me questions that interested me, like "are you a real pig" and "what are your limits" etc. We swapped a few pics and he was very me - nice solid man, little bit overweight, hairy chest, unshaven appearance with a beautiful 8" uncut cock and lovely big low hanging balls. My mancunt twitched just looking at the pics. I got even hornier when I sent him a couple of pics of trade fucking me when he said "so you like bareback". Like it - I fucking love it, I told him. We went through the where are you etc and it turns out he was in Wollongong (about 50 kms from me) but he could not host. I told him I could host but he said he preferred outdoor sex scenes. Gee, in my time I have been fucked just about everywhere, but in recent years with the advent of backrooms, apps, and naked sex parties I have not done much of the outdoor or beat stuff. Yes, in my early days I spent so much time bent over in beats taking any cock I could get and sucking off a million cocks that came at me through holes in the wall - but things have moved on. Nonetheless I at least entertained the idea, and we kept chatting. He told me he wanted to take me into the bush and use me properly for a couple of hours where we could be "totally uninhibited". The more he told me the things he wanted to do to me the more excited I got - and the more powerless I became. All I could think of was surrendering myself to him and I knew that I was going to be up for this as I was beyond horny and when that happens I just have no control at all. Eventually he asked if I was up for being his "pig in the bush" for a session. I agreed. He gave me directions to a place which is total bushland (I knew the area) basically halfway between his place and my place. I douched, got ready and I was off as we agreed to meet there in 1.5 hours. He kept texting me to ask if I was on my way (obviously he has had, as we all have, plenty of fakers) so I kept texting yes. He told me to pull up and take a photo of my whereabouts to send him so he knew I was on the way which I did and then he texted me this lovely pic of him sitting on a blanked next to a back pack with nothing but a cap on and half a horn, a thick cock ring on in this bush setting. My heart skipped a beat and my mouth went dry - I soooo wanted this beefy piece of heaven to fuck the hell out of me. He texted me and told me that when I got to the turn off the sealed road onto the dirt track about 1.5 kms along I would see a yellow t shirt tied to a tree. I had told him I was a totally submissive, cum dump bottom and was always at my top's command. I bumped along the dirt road, saw the yellow T-shirt. I pulled over and texted I was "there." He then told me to take off all my gear bat my leather jockstrap and boots, and leave them in the car then walk past tree through the bush for about 100 metres and I would come to him. I was nervous, excited, horny, it reminded me of all those times in cubicles in beats when you did not know who was going to be in there, friend, foe or fucker. I was just too horny not to obey. I made my way through the bushes then all of a sudden my heart nearly stopped when I heard this voice behind me say "beautiful arse pig boy". I turned around and he was standing behind me half leering and half satisfied with what he had been offered. I walked towards him and my eyes fell on his beautiful white as cock - he was ranga. As his head was shaved in the photos it was hard to tell he was a red head - but he was red as. What happened next was the best hour or so I have spent for ages. While I was driving there he had unpacked his backpack, he had dildos, butt plugs, a Japanese cock sheaf (gel covering for his shaft with stimulating needles), handcuffs, lube, tit clamps - all spread out on this huge picnic rug. He took both my nipples in his hands and near lifted me off the ground by the tits and said "ready to surrender to me pig". I said the only words I know how to use with dominating me "yes sir". Well for the next hour and a bit this man treated my holes with the contempt they deserve that gives me the total pleasure I need. He fucked me (breeding me twice) in several positions, he fingered me, fisted me, put dildos in me, blindfolded me, nearly choked me. slapped my face good and hard, gave my arse an insane belting with his hand and he was a big strong man. After he bred me for the second time I knew it was over the way he sat back on his haunches and gasped for air. He slowly got his feet, as I got to my knees and began to clean his cock and balls. I was still in heaven as I ran my tongue under his foreskin searching for elusive filaments of jizz as I did not want to waste one drop of him. Eventually he said "you are no fake pig boy - pone proper whore" - that was music to my ears as I knew I had pleased him. "you need fucking and belting every day pig boy." I agreed with him hoping he would want to use me again. As he packed up he began to put on his jeans when he said "get off the blanket and lay on the grass."I did as I was told and he came and stood over me and began to piss all over me. He kept spraying on me head to toe and I just lay in the grass savouring is final act of degradation. He packed up and walked in the opposite direction to the way I had come in which led me to believe there was another track and that is where his car was. "I will be in touch if I want to have another piece of your cunt" he said as he walked off still. I lay there for about 5 minutes and felt my mancunt, it was gaping and dripping with his seed and lube mixed together. I was still wet from his piss but I was one satisfied little piggy, although I could have done with more cock. I made my way back to my car and got my clothes on and drove home. This beefy man knew exactly what pigs are for and how they should be treated.

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