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    Sydney, Australia.
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    Raw cock, seed, gangbangs, naked sex parties,
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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. Much better gloryhole time

    I do too nd I just love seed in my mputh too. I often spend lunchtime at a video booth sucking whatever cock comes through the hole who needs lunch when you can suck the marrow out of four or five cocks. It also horns me up so I get srraight home and straight online to get fucked. Perfect day!
  2. Not for me - I love really thick cocks and I love being DP'd I get enormous pleasure from being really stretched a kind of pleasure and pain at the same time. Same as I love cock pumped into me in one go - so it takes my breath away
  3. there is no greater feeling for a bottom [pig than to hve cock after cock fuck you and seed you. I had 14 in a row in one sessin and I enjoyed the lastcock as much as I did the first. The next day I was pretty sore - but I still went out and got fucked three times.

    spot on

    How fucking dare he. Hold the prissy prick down and blow in him. If you take a man's cock bare - you take his seed - and not only that you should be extremely grateful he gave you both his cock and his seed. any self respecting bottom lives for being seeded.
  6. Bottom Training

    as a total bottom my sex organ are my holes not my cock. I only need cock and seed, crave it and am addicted to it. I am on this planet totally for the use of tops so I am totally in their hands and totally sub when they take control of me. My ex used to cage me or make me cum first before he and other tops fucked me. When I have tops over or go to a naked party or backroom I just wear a g string and I very rarely get hard wyhen getting fucked as my total focus and enjoyment is on the cock inside me.
  7. For me it is simple - I am not picky or choosy and take any cock or load that is offered to me. I even let guys fuck me with rubbers even though I hate it and would prefer them to pump their jizz into me. But I always pull the condom off and invert it in my mouth so I at least get their seed in my mouth. Also to be the biggest slut you can be which is why I love naked parties, back rooms and have several tops whp are regulars who like breeding me because I am a slut and totally appreciate their cocks and seed. Because I am slim and short I think it helps also
  8. What does a pierced cock feel like?

    Just love getting fucked by pierced cock
  9. Bbrts Profiles

    littleslut and I am in Sydney Australia
  10. exactly what happened with me except my conversion party was not a stealth party - my ex planned it - we handpicked the tops out of poz tops who had been fucking me and asked them to go off their meds. I picked three of my favourite tops as they had big thick cocks and my ex picked three of his top mates and himself. They cheered each other on to "knock me up" they seemed to fuck ferociously hopeing it was their jizz that ultimately made me pregnant and I had the most wonderful afternoon getting bred and fucked in every position and in the sling in our playroom. My ex then buttplugged me to keep as much jizz in me as possible and I so appreciated their combined efforts as thye knocked me up.
  11. I was with my ex for 13 years and he totally encouraged me to be a cockpig and cumslut and it was a very good way to live life as he knew I was too addicted to cock to be satisfied with getting fucked three or four times a week. He knew I needed to get fucked 15-20 times a week minimum so he basically took control of my sex life, organizing tops to come and fuck me, organizing group sex and gangbangs in our apartment on the weekend and he made sure the slut in me was well and truly satisfied. But most tops I have met since then love fucking the arse off me and love in groups, at my place at naked parties - but they would rather have a partner that is not a slut.
  12. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    exactly - I live for taking seed and cock and just love the feeling of having five or six loads from different men in me - that is my idea of a top night out
  13. A lot of the times with my ex I helped bottoms when he fucked them, I kissed them and fondled them and kept them horny and kept them occupied while he fucked them raw and if they were "shy bottoms" I would always clean him up after he had fucked them and bred them. If he had a slut he would tie me to the cross in the playroom and I had to watch while he fucked them
  14. Exactly and you know something I love every single cock I get that breeds me and I never ever knock back cock or seed. If a man has a hard cock it is my job to take care of it for him and be the best bottom I can possibly be for him. Even when I am gangbanged I enjoy the last cock as much as the first.
  15. "are You Ready For My Load?"

    I always ask them to push it in deep and hard as they can I always make sure my tops know their seed goes in me

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