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    Sydney, Australia.
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    Raw cock, seed, gangbangs, naked sex parties,
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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. Just total fulfilment and so grateful It is what I am here for.
  2. My ex knew I needed heaps. e catered for that in our relationship. two or three times a day is great - more if you can get it.
  3. Always - can't go two days or I am howling for it.
  4. I always shave and clipper. My ex hated body hair on me so I just got used to making myself as hairless as possible and I have found men prefer hairless mancunt.
  5. No, but I do have a close cumdump friend and we often go to naked parties together about four times a year and about four or five times a year when the whim hits us we post a party for tops on sites and entertain as many tops as we can garner together. We find it works well for us, we encourage each other and there is no jealousy involved we just give our holes up for use together. He is Asian I am Caucasian and it works very well for both of us. We also find that doing it together periodically rather than as a constant is another advantage for us. We last had a party at my apartment pre-COVID
  6. My ex fucked me at least once a day and on other days more than for 13.5 years, and that was without all the other tops. Sure, he may have missed a day here and there - but he made it up for it - expecially on weekends.
  7. Yes and no depending on the situation. I certainly get less of sites because I am now older. But in dark rooms, because I am lucky being short and thin, I get plenty rammed into me. With regulars, I have quite a few i keep getting inventive to keep them breeding me, getting them involved with other tops, group parties at home etc. You create an atmosphere and most will fuck.
  8. For us taking a man's cock raw and his seed is the ultimate
  9. It depends but mostly i am not all that interested in me coming. I have blown involuntary when getting fucked but it usually takes six or 8 cocks for that to happen in a sex club with a hot atmosphere. If I have tops over to my apartment I just get fucked and generally go to bed and don't cum. If I have had three or four cocks I get hornier then sometimes I just buttplug myself and jack off. I never cum untentionally in front of my tops and i don't want tops touching my cock or making me cum. I want them to concentrate on fucking and breeding me. My ex never only ever made me cum as a punishme
  10. My ex became addicted to Asian holes - he actually left me for one. He says they are tighter, smaller and are slutty as for thick white cock.
  11. Never had a choice. i was born to be what I am
  12. That my cunt can take any cock that my cunt is connected to my brain and tells me how often I need cock That my cunt is durable and can take cock for hours That my cunt is sloppy That I can be DP'd easily
  13. Heaps of times and I love them haven't had any noticeable discomfort.
  14. At the darkroom in the group room - I love it. Took four cocks one after the other while others watched on
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