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    Just a total raw bottom slut and cum pig here. can't get enough cock and have been taught by my ex to never refuse hard cock or men's loads and I don't.
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    Raw sex - rides there for rides back, toys, WS, groups, gangbangs, dirty pig sex an arse dripping with baby batter that is so sore from getting hammered by cock

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  1. Well finally things are starting to look up on the fuck and breed front in Sydney with last weekend being a watershed moment for me after a very bleak and lean period by my normal standards. Pre-COVID the world was great but things ground to a halt very quickly. As restrictions ease, the reticence to fuck again seems to be vanishing. For months I have the normal regular session on Friday with my Indian FB and spasmodic breeding here and there plus a young guy I suck off whenever he comes around while he watches straight porn, but last weekend was like the floodgates opened. I met my Indian FB
  2. Totally up to the top I just want his cock and seed and that that is all I am there for.
  3. That is exactly what my ex used to do with me. my load would be the lube for his cock or the cock of whoever he had there to fuck me. I was never allowed to touch my cock from that point on until he and the tops he would have over had finished with me.
  4. Absolutely - I am not effeminate but I am hardly your alpha male type either. I'm, well just me, and people knew before i knew i was a fag.
  5. Low hangers by a mile love them slapping against my cunt when I am being fucked
  6. Nice comment from a couple who have fucked and bred me on and off for the last two years on a semi regular basis. I had not heard from them for some time and I figured it was either they had found new bottoms to have their threesome with or the COVID situation. They have been fucking me at least every three weeks – I would get a text asking me to come over to their padand take both their cocks and loads – and I always went and enjoyed both of them very much especially as part of the play was always them DP’ing me. Out of the blue last night I get a text “bring your cunt over tonight.” I got re
  7. Mine was an organised session with my ex and his poz top mates, They spent an afternoon breeding me so I know it was one of five men
  8. you eventually will as you allow your submissive side to surface.
  9. It is my job I always clean my tops' cocks and their balls after they fuck me. One of my regulars feeds me his cock every time we change positions. I would never of not cleaning cock. Sure, some tops are sensitive after they have blown their bolt but I have found almost 100% of them love the cleaning and tonguing I give their cocks and balls.
  10. I love aggressive tops I don;t want love made to me i want to be fucked hard and bred men and tops that take charge rock my boat and in turn I give them a s good a fuck as I can
  11. I have no no problems and have many regulars and have done for years. My ex, who I spent 13.5 years with bred me countless times and i always enjoyed it - but I also retained the freedom to take cock and seed from as many tops I wanted and most of my weekends were spent with him in group , gangbang, backroom or sex party situations or woth him whoring me out to a number of tops who would come over at different times. I like my regulars as I know what they want from me and I know how to press their buttons so I get fucked properly.
  12. as i have been fucked thousands of times and sometimes I am not exempt from some pain or discomfort. It passes and I accept that it is what it is.
  13. as a pure bottom I actually don't mind the pain. I love tops entering in one thrust - sometimes its painful - sometimes not - but it comes with my role.
  14. Sex is a universal language - there are no need for words. I have had sex with plenty of Non English speaking tops and there was no problem with the connection!
  15. Just enjoy the cock and the seed. It won't be your last - you will enjoy it that much!
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