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My Ex is a full time Asian breeder

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Had an absolute blast from the past the other night when I got an email from my ex of 13.5 years who was over in Sydney for Perth for a couple of days and he asked if I wanted to meet up for a drink. Steve and I had drifted well apart in the ensuing 10 years since we finished our relationship and in the last few years our contacts were restricted to happy birthday and merry Christmas emails and very banal chit chat. As he had moved to the other side of the country - where he has lived for 8 years - running into each other never happened. Despite our relationship ending, I have always been appreciative of my time with Steve, he turned me into the total cumdump and slut that I am and had not not been for him I would never have become the no cock no load refused unashamed whore tat I am today. He nurtured and controlled my sex life every step of the way. He taught me to become addicted to cock and seed, supervised my conversion party, organized my gangbangs, selected and arranged tops to fuck me, pimped me out, videoed many of my sexual encounters and took my mindset from a prissy fussy queen to an uninhibited, cock-addicted fuckhole. I was quite nervous about meeting up but I had a couple of wines at home and hit the train to go to the city to meet him. He has put on about 6 kilos, but he doesn't look too bad, he was always a good looking man, almost six foot, long blond hair, smooth body (and a gorgeous 8" thick fat cock that must have blown well over a thousand loads in me). Steve had already had a couple of beers when I arrived and he broke the ice with a brief kiss on the cheek and commented "getting plenty?" "As much as I can." I replied. "Nothing's changed since we were together I still spend the weekend getting fucked and bred as much as I can," I said. "How about you?" I asked. "Still the same, breeding hole as much as I can, but I just breed Asians now." That came as no surprise to me. I noted toward the end of our relationship that every spare bottom that Steve fucked were almost always Asian. He often told me how he loved their submissive nature, the way they appreciated his thick cock, and how easy it was to get into them raw. Steve just loved, and lived, to breed - nothing made his boner harder than when he knew he was blowing his ropes of toxic jizz into a neg hole. He also had little trouble getting Asian boys addicted to his cock and he would spend a lot f time working on Asian holes to ensure he nailed them. After a few wines and some side chat I asked what he was doing now. He told me four years ago in Perth he met a "piece of Asian arse" online and went to his hotel room to fuck and breed him. "Cody", the Asian guy was in his late 20's and Steve said he was a real pig "just the way I like them, he cleaned cock, licked my nuts clean" and Steve ended up staying the night breeding him four times. Cody was just completing his degree in Perth, he was an Chinese student from Hong Kong. Steve said they swapped numbers and Cody rang him every day over the next fortnight, asking Steve to dinner then ending back in the motel room where Steve would carry out his studly duty, which he is very fucking good at (and knows it). He has always been one of those genuine tops that bottoms love. - he just loves arse, eating it, fingering it, kissing it, felching it, using toys, seeding it, fucking it and taking total control of the arse at his disposal. Steve said he liked Cody, but his "liking" went to different level when one night Cody asked Steve if he wanted to meet a bottom friend, another Chinese student, and Steve could have both their mancunts for his use for the night. Steve said the other boy was hesitant about taking the meat raw, but after he watched Steve pleasure Cody's mancunt, the other boy surrendered and Steve said he bred him three times that night. Steve said he was totally surprised as he was fucking the kid for the third time when Cody whispered to him "breed him good darling, knock him up." The next morning Steve said to Cody (who was poz) he loved knocking up guys and Cody suggested that Steve spend a couple of days concentrating on and pumping as many hot loads into him as possible. Steve said Cody had to return to HK and he spent the next week screwing the other Asian boy and hoping he could convert him. OUt of the blue a month later Cody rang Steve and told him he would buy him a ticket to come to HK for a fortnight and he would pay for his hotel. Steve had never travelled to Asia so he jumped at the offer. Steve knew Cody came from a well to do HK family because of the expensive dinners, clothes and hotels. He said when he arrived in HK it was "a fucking smorgasboard."

Steve said he spent the first couple of days refamiliarizing his cock with Cody's hole. From then on Cody "pimped" for him, each night introducing Steve to another "luscious" bottom. Steve said some of them were "so tight it took me 10 minutes to get all my cock into them." Cody spent time helping them get fucked (just as I had done with bottoms in my time with him), encouraging them to take his raw meat and to enjoy the fucking and breeding he was giving them.  Cody and Steve were having breakfast one morning and Cody was complimenting Steve on his libido and fucking prowess (he already knows he is a great top). Steve asked Cody what had happened with the other student he fucked for a week in Perth. Cody smiled and told him your seed took." He now works for me." Steve said what as - and Cody said as a male sex worker. Steve was taken aback. Cody and a business partner had a small agency in HK and all of the bottoms Steve had fucked and bred were being funneled into the brother. "They have to learn to take seed, a good pounding and most importantly a good sized white cock, that knows how to fuck and please a bottom," Cody told him. "I have a boy, really cute, from a working class family that is keen to earn some good money - but he needs to be broken in properly with that cock of yours," Cody told him. Steve had the boy delivered to his hotel that night as Cody wanted him to spend three of the last four nights in HK with Steve. Steve boasted (while showing me pics on his phone) that within three days the kid was "howling for my cock" and was taking him six times a day - and cleaning him up. The day the kid left the hotel Cody moved back in to wrap his mancunt around Steve's pole for his last night in HK.

Steve said the morning at the airport Cody gave him an envelope with a "wad of cash in it". Steve has been travelling back and forth to HK three times a year since "educating" prospective bottoms for Cody's business. He even had a trip paid to Vietnam by an associate of Cody's where he spent 2 weeks, teaching 4 Vitnamese boys how to appreciate cock, seed and a good top and how to become addicted to cock. 

While I am getting plenty of spare cock - I think Steve has landed in arse heaven!



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