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A Blast from the Past in My hole

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Last night was hot. I usually spend every Friday night in the city kicking off my weekend by going to the backroom and or to tops' places that can host to get myself loaded up and opened up for a weekend of raw cock.  Sometime ago I had sex with a top at his place and he fucked me twice while his boyfriend sat on a chair in the room and watched me service his husband. He told me before we met that his bf did not clean cock, did not swallow loads, and if he was lucky he got a root once a week as his boyfriend was more a homemaker than a lovemaker. I remember how hot it was being the best slut I could be for the man and the look of disdain sometimes, awe sometimes as I got two loads from his husband, sucking his balls, cleaning his cock, changing fuck positions and thoroughly worshipping his 7" thick cut cock.  We swappped number prior to meeting and the top told me he would call me again for a fuck sometime. I am always ready to be fucked so I was more than looking forward to him breeding me again as  was a good hard fuck and I just love thick cocks. Yesterday afternoon I was on the train coming home from work, I got a text from him asking if I wanted to come over and get fucked. I simply said yes and told him I could be there by 8.30. I thought it would be a good way to start Friday night - go to his place, get loaded up and opened up and then head to the city for more cock or visit my Indian friend who just loves fucking me when I have loads in me. 

I got there, and again his partner was there. John and I swapped pleasantries and he said "Patrick is upstairs waiting for you,  will be up shortly." I was a little bit confused as I thought "oh no a threesome with another bottom." I went upstairs and Patrick was naked and already half hard,. In no time I was down to my jockstrap and had a mouthful of his beautiful thick cock. I was enjoying giving him head when he told me to slow down as he had not come for a week. That was music to my ear. He reached for the lube and I told him it was not needed. I had douched before I left home and his cock had plenty of saliva on it and in no time at all I sat on his cock and swallowed it first slide down like a pro. In no time he rolled me over and was pumping away when his partner came into the room and again sat on the chair in the bedroom like he had before. Only this time, he started filming Patrick fucking me.  That only made me work my toosh harder and use my muscles to give his cock the best massage my hole could. I was telling him how beautiful his cock was and what a good fuck he was. In no time he blew. I could feel his cock pulsing big time, as he spurted jets of jizz into me. I immediately cleaned him up. When he caught his breath he said he felt like a beer, and offered me one. The three of us adjourned downstairs to the kitchen and while we drank our beer, I let him know I wanted round two., kneading his cock and balls with my hand, telling him what a dream fuck he was. In 15 minutes he got his mojo back and started to stiffen up and he said ready to go again. I said certainly. I got up thinking we were going back upstairs, instead he stood up - turned me around and leant me over the kitchen table. I pushed some of his seed back for lube and he proceeded to give me a great knee trembler for 15 minutes before he dropped another load in me. Again John filmed it.  There is nothing hotter than fucking another bottom's partner in front of them. I again cleaned his cock and balls, and like last time, I knew the party was over. I left so horny, telling him again anytime he wanted a hole to use I would come over. 

I immediately texted my INdian friend and told him I had two loads in me if he wanted to add to the seeding. He said yes so I headed straight to his place and got two more loads and a lovely frozen cum cube to suck on while he fucked me with his cock and two dildos. It was a great Friday night. Myhole was gaping and dripping as I drove home - what a great way to start the weekend.

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