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"That's Better Than My Girlfriend's Ass!"




I was bored, so I drove out to the local cruising ground and took a walk...

Within 5 minutes I noticed somebody, so I walked down a dead-end path into some shrubbery and waited for a bit. When he approached I pulled down my shorts, showing my ass so he would have no doubt what I was after.

He came over, and I immediately reached for his cock. Nice one... Already firm, but... Yeah, I got down on my knees and pulled his shorts down and began sucking. He was hard in SECONDS! VERY HARD! And not small, to say the least... But he didn't want me to suck him; he grabbed hold of my head and began fucking my mouth rather hard and deep.

With a bit of a warm-up I can be a half-decent deep-throater, but when it comes like that with no warning? Rough! I did my best, but eventually I gave up, got up and turned my ass towards him.

That's when he said that really, REALLY annoying phrase: "Do you have a condom?"... I mean, with cruising you never know what you're gonna get, so yeah, I had a condom. So he put that on and BAM rammed inside me! Ouch... That hurt... A lot... I mean, he wasn't small!!!

He nearly knocked me over, so I had to take two steps forwards so I could lean against a tree - but he just kept hammering away at my hole. No mercy.

And then he began telling me what a slut I was; how I was basically a whore for free for taking his cock up the ass. And... Which pleased me most... How my ass was so much nicer than his girlfriend's! Honestly, that turned me on SO MUCH!

And yes it hurt a lot at first, but I knew it would; I hadn't been fucked for a while, and when I'm out of practice it always hurts at first, even with a smaller cock. And he was - I know I've already mentioned it - NOT small! But after a few minutes I had adjusted, and it felt great to have this guy just hammering away inside me.

I could feel he was building up to cumming, and I felt a little sad that it would be in a condom - but perhaps I could pick up the condom afterwards and shove his load up my ass myself? But then he pulled out, whipped off the condom and told me to suck him again!

And I did. I sucked as best I could whilst he was holding my head and ramming his cock into my mouth until he came!

Did I swallow? Of course I did! That sperm was going inside me, and if it couldn't be in my ass then my gullet is the second-best place...

"Fucking slut!" were his last words to me as he pulled up his shorts and left. I'm okay with that; it seems an apt description.


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That is Better than my girlfriend's Ass - close to it - remembering my mother giving me enema's - bent over her legs - perfect sight seeing her hairy pussy in her tiny panties . Seeing her pussy lips - she lubing me up - sticking the nozzle up inside me deeply . My mother was your average type Italian female - big / full tit's - thick body - love wearing sexy clothes - smoking - heavy perfume - love going braless in public . She enjoyed teaching me accepting the lube nozzles up my ass hole - coaching me !

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