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  1. DanishAss


    I take cock from all sorts of guys. From young bucks to retired old men. If they have a cock (and live up to basic hygienic standards) I'll take it. Preferably raw, but a rubbered cock is better than no cock. But sometimes something better comes along... I've been exchanging messages with a guy on a more "conventional" dating site, and he seemed both handsome and charming, so for a while we've been talking about meeting up for a movie night some time - and last night it finally happened. Well, that is to say... On Saturday night we were apparently both sitting at home, sharing a bottle of wine with ourselves, and you know how alcohol can reduce inhibitions... So the messages went a bit beyond flirty and became very explicit in terms of what each of us were into. So when I showed up at his place for a movie night I knew what I was in for! I was immediately poured a glass of wine and shown a chair where I could put my clothes, and then I knelt down naked and leaned in over the coffee table where he had put a few cushions so it would be comfortable for me. It was going to be a movie night, so he put on a movie (a Scandinavian noir thriller) and I had a perfect view of the TV from my position. And then he began. Basically he rimmed my ass for the duration of the movie! He on seemed to stop to come up for air, but otherwise he kept on relentlessly licking and eating out my hole while I tried to watch the movie and drink my wine. That tongue had some SERIOUS stamina!!! The movie was good - but the rim-job was exceptional! After nearly two hours of tongue, my hole felt wet and supple and BEGGING for cock! He got up and undressed, and then he went in front of me and offered me his hard cock, glistening with pre-cum. I did my best to repay the attentions he had given to my hole, but I was distracted by the fingers of his right hand reaching over my back to play with my hole... Pretty soon I had a cock in my throat and three fingers in my ass! That nice-looking young man who had written such intelligent and witty messages to me was now telling me what a good cocksucker I was and how I was soon going to take his cock in my ass... AND I LOVED IT! Eventually he pulled his cock from my mouth and moved behind me, somehow managing still to keep his three fingers in my ass. He then told me to take three deep hits of poppers, and when I finished the third hit he roughly pulled out his fingers. He gave my hole a couple of wet licks, and then he put the head of his cock to my hole, told me to take another couple of hits of poppers, and then he pushed all the way inside me in one deep thrust. FUCK YEAH!!! He fucked me hard and deep for a while, and then he pulled me down on the floor for a 69 with his cock in my mouth and his tongue in my ass. Then he had me on hands and knees on the floor, switching back and forth between my ass and mouth again and again before he finally dropped a load in my hungry ass. Of course it didn't stop there. I did my best to keep all of his sperm inside me, but his tongue still managed to felch out a fair bit - and then he pulled us both up standing and kissed me, the taste of his cum heavy on his breath... And... That was our first kiss? I swear, if we end up dating, that is one heck of a first-kiss-moment! He then topped up the wine glasses, put on another movie and then we spooned on his couch - and when I felt him hardening against my buttocks I reached back and guided him inside me where his hard cock just stayed still as we watched the movie, sipped wine and chatted... When I finally left it was with three loads in my ass. We've agreed to meet for coffee in a café next time to make it less horny and more of a classic date... (But I'll be wearing a jock strap under my respectable clothes! And I'll know where his tongue has been...)
  2. I haven't been fucked in ages... Time to change that! 

    I'm now getting my arse ready for 8 inches of raw, demanding cock.

  3. glad you liked Gaping Hole Contest buddy. I have just finished the final part and published it - Ozpig

  4. DanishAss

    Taking Turns...

    No loads wasted... :-) And yes, it was fucking amazing! Just goes to show that proper porn-style scenarios CAN happen in real life...
  5. DanishAss

    Taking Turns...

    He was a brilliant bottom, really. Moaned and groaned - and took it all!
  6. DanishAss

    Taking Turns...

    When I arrived there was only the host, but pretty soon the other bottom arrived. We were ordered to strip naked and get in a 69 on the bed, and after a short while the other tops started arriving. At first they just watched us sucking each other, but eventually there were hands groping our bodies and arses, and I could feel fingers exploring my hole while I could se other fingers exploring the whole of the other bottom while I sucked his cock. Finally when all the tops had arrived we were ordered up on hands and knees side by side, but in opposite directions so my mouth was next to his arse and his mouth was next to mine. There was a total of 6 men - and us two bottoms on the bed, showing our willing holes... Then it began. A hard cock in my mouth, while I could see another hard cock enter the arse next to my face - and I knew the other bottom could see the cock that pushed inside my arse while he presumably also had a cock in his mouth! They went hard at it, and both me and the other bottom were moaning as much as you can with a hard cock fucking your mouth! But between the two of u we only had 4 holes - and there were 6 hard cocks to service, so inevitably there would be some switching around. Every cock would go in every hole... The second cock in my mouth came directly from the other bottom's arse! And I knew that the cock from my arse probably went in his mouth... They kept switching around between our holes, fucking deep and hard as we moaned with our mouths full of cock and only short breaks in the cocksucking to allow us to sy doped up on poppers. Damn, the sound of our moans mixing as we were getting used side-by-side was so hot... But the main act was still to come! Two of the tops laid down on the bed on their backs side by side, and we were ordered to sit down on their cocks and lean forward, exposing our holes to the two other cocks that were now forcing their way up our holes. I looked across to the other bottom and I could see on his face that he was in as much pain as myself, trying to adjust to having two hard cocks fucking each of our arses! We were told to load up on poppers, and then the remaining two cocks were presented to our mouths for us to suck. Each of us was now serving three cocks each - and once we got used to the double-fucking it was quite clear that we both LOVED taking so much raw cock at the same time! There was a bit of witching around of cocks so all of the tops got to have a go at the double-fucking, though I'm not sure all of them tried double-fucking each arse; I was beginning to lose track of who was fucking what hole at that point and just enjoyed being used and hearing the moans and groans of the other bottom. Damn, SO HOT!!! Eventually the double-fucking stopped and the two of us where directed up in doggy position side by side and we were ordered to finger each other's arses to feel how open our fuckholes had gotten... Damn... We were both wide open!!! And then it was time for the breeding. The tops were all lined up behind us, and two by two they fucked and bred us until each of us had three loads in our arse... When we got our first loads I locked eyes with the other bottom and it was clear he was just as ecstatic as me to be bred! And after each dump the cock would move to the mouth of the opposite bottom to be sucked clean! And so it continued until we each had three loads in our arse. (Of course I would have LOVED getting all six loads myself, but it was also VERY hot to share the breeding experience with another BBottom!) After we each had three loads in us we were ordered back in a 69 as in the beginning and told to drain each other while the tops looked on. I was lucky enough to be on the bottom of the 69, so the cum leaking from the other bottom's arse was slowly dripping down to his balls where I could clean it off! That was so fucking hot that I blew my load in the other bottom's mouth way before he finally came in my mouth - and the moment he had cum we were ordered to get dressed and clear out! We had been there to be used, and we DEFINITELY got used! Once we were outside the building we shook hands and said goodbye in a very polite way that probably didn't indicate to passers-by what we had just had done to us...
  7. DanishAss

    His BBC

  8. DanishAss

    White cum dump

  9. Did I just invite a 9" cock over to breed me later today? I guess so... Better keep the poppers handy, then!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DanishAss


      Of course I did! I'm not stupid enough to pass on a 9" cock!!!

    3. DanishAss


      And now he's coming over again tomorrow...

    4. Dane


      I'm sure you will soon get used to his 9" :*

  10. I haven't been bred for a week. This is a DISASTER!!!

    I need some raw cock, STAT!

  11. So needy this morning... I NEED some cock and some thick, juicy cum up my arse!!!

  12. DanishAss

    He Wanted To Make Me Gape...

    I thought so, too... I still get an instant craving for cock and cum every time I re-watch that short video of cum squirting into my open hole...
  13. DanishAss

    Fucked Dry...

    Wednesday afternoon I was once again fucked by the guy who made me gape for him last week. He's never been a big fan of lube, normally preferring to rim me wet or lube his cock up with spit (or sometimes when I'm lucky he uses loads he's stored up for me in his freezer). On Wednesday, though... Ouch! I let myself into his apartment, put on the blindfold he always leaves out for me, and even before I had finished undressing his hands were groping my arse. And when I dropped my trousers for him there was almost instantly a finger in my hole. Dry. And then he shoved his fat cock in me! Oh, fuck-fuck-fuck!!! THAT HURT!!! He normally likes hearing me moan and whimper in discomfort, but apparently I was too noisy even for his taste, because he put his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams as he forced his cock in me to the hilt. Dry... I begged for lube, but he told me very decisively that I should no longer expect lube when I visit him, so there was no point in begging for it! Well... It hurt like hell, but obviously I was madly turned on by being completely dominated and under his control... So I figured I'd beg for something he might agree to, and I begged to take me to his bed and let me take his cock doggy style - that's normally easier for me than standing up, and it would also make it easier for me to dope myself high on poppers... Eventually I did get a bit of lubrication, though; while I was taking a hard pounding doggy-style he shoved a fat dildo in my mouth, so that allowed me to get it slick with my own spit before he pulled his cock out of my arse and replaced it with the dildo. And with him, a dildo in my arse always means one thing: it's DP time... The dildo was quite wet with my spit, so that helped a little when he began pushing his cock up alongside it - but DAMN! The dildo was 9 inches deep in me, and he didn't stop until his cock had it's full 8" length in me as well! And then he started fucking me... Oh... oh... OH!!! FUCK, he opened me deep and wide! I didn't have many anal orgasms - there was just the one orgasm that kept going and going as he pounded my distended hole! SO FUCKING GOOD!!! Eventually he came, pumping his load deep inside me - and then fucking it even deeper with the help of the dildo... I left him with a VERY sore hole - and it was wet and open as it should be.
  14. DanishAss

    Unexpected Consequences...

    A delayed treat, though - we've had to postpone until Monday. But it will no doubt be interesting!
  15. DanishAss

    Unexpected Consequences...

    You know that photo a fuckbuddy took after fucking me HARD a week ago? I absolutely love it... It's so hot seeing my hole in such a state! And it's so hot to stick it on more or less every online profile I have so men can see me for what I am; a fuckhole! Well, it seems popular with well-endowed, dominant tops that want a hole that doesn't play hard-to-get, but there has been one particular reaction I didn't see coming (or cumming?)... A perfectly charming and handsome young man has asked me on a date! A proper, honest-to-God date... As a result of a picture of my gaping hole waiting to be bred... So tomorrow evening I'll be visiting him to share a bottle of wine and do small-talk and whatever else one does on a first date. And he genuinely seems like a nice guy; suitable age for dating (I have a narrower age range for dates than for guys who want to fuck me...), sends quite funny and intelligent messages, has a handsome face... Even if I hadn't seen pics of his cock or knew he was into BB and CRAZY about rimming a hole wet I'd probably still go on a date with him. I guess I won't have the option of playing hard-to-get, though... It's a bit late for that. Not that I've ever done that, neither physically nor emotionally - but going on a date with a guy who knows I'll take any cock and cum I can get DOES make it a bit obvious that even if it's a disaster he still gets to blow his load in me...

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