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"He Wants Your Cum..."




Near Home—April, 2021

So my last outing in April was back to the bookstore nearest my home.  If the time before (detailed in the last entry) felt like I could not put a step wrong—this one felt quite different.  Until an explosive end…


The parking lot is busy—but not totally full as I pull in.  A good sign.  I pay and enter the larger, straight video room.  A small crowd.  I can actually sit in the aisle seat in the back.  It’s the one I call the cocksucker seat as guys can stand along the back wall and with a simple turn be in your mouth.

I stroke.  Two guys are in the chairs in front of me and two guys are standing along the back wall. When I take my dick out, so do the men on the wall.  I look at the one nearest me. He’s guy around my age who I have sucked before—and I know he likes my mouth.  The other man is younger and new to me.  He is late 40’s and looks like he is fresh from his construction job. 

I make eye contact with the guy closest to me.  I nod at his cock.  He nods back and begins to turn to me.  With lightning speed the construction guy is on his knees and sucking the guy.  I watch, slightly pissed, but wait for my turn.  But in moments the guy being sucked blows his load and leaves.  I wait for the construction guy to offer to suck me—or vice versa—but he zips up and leaves.  In the dim light I can see the puddle of jizz on the floor where he shot as he took the load.

The men in front of me are unaware—or pretending to be—or one of them may actually be asleep. 

I button up and go next door.  I am all alone.  The movie is good so I stay.  Again, taking the cocksucker seat.   I am not alone for long.  A younger guy comes in.  He stands against the side wall.  He openly stares at my crotch.  I spread my legs, that not so subtle invitation for him to kneel.

He stands still and squeezes his bulge under his khakis.  His eyes only leave my drooling dick once to look in my eyes.  Instantly he looks to the floor, seemingly ashamed we had eye contact.

“Do you want to suck it?”  Even with the half-voice I use, it sounds loud in the empty theatre.

He takes his eyes off me and looks at the screen for the first time. 

There is a long moment before he whispers:  “I want to, but someone might come in.”

“No one will care.” 

I can see him wrestling with himself as he looks back at me—and then back at the screen.  He finally decides.  He takes a deep breath and comes near me.  He kneels.  He kisses the head of my dick.  Then seems unsure.  Finally:  “That jock of yours smells really strong.”

I sigh and wait for him to bolt.

But no, he unzips and pulls out his very small dick—and then opens his mouth and takes the head of my cock into his mouth.  His tongue begins lapping quite nicely. 

But then his teeth connect with the glans—hard.  I flinch.  He doesn’t notice.  Every time he comes up on my dick his teeth connect with my helmet head.   Finally, I can’t take any more.  I stand up—still in his mouth—and begin to fuck his face.  This is better, I am in control—and deep enough not to let his teeth connect with my cock head.

But it is too much for him.  He shoots all over my boots. 

“Sorry…” he whispers as he stuffs himself into his Andrew Christian underwear and scurries out.

Other guys amble in.  Three of them.  All are content to watch me stroke—and nothing more.

I go back to the straight side.  I lean against the wall. 

A rather thin, fey university student I recognize from here is in the cocksucker seat.  He nods at me—but his attention is on a man leaning against the side wall by the door.  With good reason.  He is mid-30’s, perfect hair, chiseled features.  In fact he’s the stereotype of the young dad in some Johnson & Johnson advertisement.

I pull my cock out.  It is harder now—at the thought of doing anything with this guy.  The college kid moves his hand, so the guy can see both our dicks.  He nods at us, his hand going to his crotch and cupping his literal baby maker.

I nod. 

He nods.

The kid nods.

The baby daddy walks over to us.  He is now between us on the back wall.

He touches the shoulder of the college kid.  “Suck my dick.  Next door.”

They go out, the kid barely having time to zip. 

I try to figure out if I should follow.  I don’t want to be the sore loser.  I wait a bit, sitting in the vacated seat.  The two men ahead of me are still in the same places—one watching the movie and one now definitely asleep.

I get up and go next door.  The three men I left in the gay theatre are ringing the Baby Daddy and the college kid.  They are all stroking to the scene in front of them.  The college kid is on his knees, his dick out but forgotten, as he gives BD head.  It’s a big dick, the daddy is sporting—at least 7 inches and thick.  The kid is working hard.  He soon resorts to his hand—jerking while sucking the head.  Daddy will have none of that.  Each time he does it, he pushes the kid’s hand away.

I join the circle and pull out my dick. 

The Baby Daddy smiles at me.  “I want to see you suck that big dick,” he tells the college kid.  Gamely, the kid crawls over to me and starts sucking.  The Daddy moves next to me, jerking wildly.  “Blow your load down that cocksucker’s throat,” he tells me.

Everybody in the room starts jerking faster as they watch me begin to fuck the college kid’s ovalled mouth. 

“That’s it.  Make him take your load.  Deep.  So he can’t spit it out.”

His own words are obviously turning him on.  BD’s cock has grown thicker as he talks.

The kid is tearing up.  He can’t take much more of my pummeling. 

“He wants your cum, man, give it to him…”

And I do.  My body contorts and I shoot.  Deep in the kid.  He takes every drop.

“Shit!” says Baby Daddy.  “Let me…”

I pull out.  Baby Daddy steps in and shoots an impressive load all over the kids face.  It runs down his nose, covers his lips and chin.  Two spurts on his thick brows are about to drip into his eyes—but the boy smears them away, covering the rest of his face with cum  .  I flick the tip of Baby Daddy’s spent cock head and get the last drop on my index finger.

He tastes as good as he looks.


The original is here:  [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/he-wants-your-cum.html



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