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Jerking Off Deep In His Ass




My Playroom—May, 2021


He was one of those guys who checked in on AssPig every few months.  Evan had an uncanny ability to write me just as I was going into a project that cut my play time.  I would explain what was up…and he’d try again, offering his ass during some other busy time.  There was also geographical distance to be juggled.  Then there was Covid.  And my move.  But by May all the stars aligned.   From our profiles, we were pretty sure we’d be a good match. 

He showed up right on time.  Evan is a little younger than I am, maybe 5’ 9” and thin and trim—with a shaved head.  The ass looked great in his jeans—I couldn’t wait to see it naked.  He went off to clean up after a long drive…and I took the lube down to the playroom…


He’s naked and hot and is still slightly damp from the steam as we embrace.  Evan drops to his knees and takes me into his mouth.  I am easily erect.  Evan manages to take most of me pretty effortlessly.  I don’t spend long face fucking him as I can’t wait to taste his ass.

“Get on the bench.  I need your butt on my tongue.”

He crawls up on it.  I sink to my knees and bury my face in his warm, wet hole.  My tongue darts into him and he clamps down on it.  I pull it free and do it again.  So does he.  I get harder with each spasm of his ass.

I spit and start pushing it in.  His hole swallows it up.  I rock back and look at his ass.  My finger pokes a strand of stray spittle into him.  Evan moans.

“Give me your dick,” he murmurs.  “Your raw dick…”

I stand up.  My cock head stretches his hole a little more—and I sink into place.  He welcomes me with a hard squeeze.  I hold.  Then begin the slow drag back. 

Evan does a huge intake of breath.  “Fuck!”

I begin a slow fuck rhythm. 


I build to a hard fuck. 

Slow down. 

And do it again. 

Then I pull out and taste his hole.  Oh, yeah…he is a self juicer.  His ass is really wet with natural lube.  I rim him deeper now.  Then stand up and fuck.

I grab the slender egg-headed toy.  I grease it up and slide it in him…adding my cock just seconds later.  Evan loves the stretch of the DP.  I fuck him, doubled, for a long time—staring at myself in the mirror in front of us.

I pull out and let him clean my cock—which he does, hungrily.  I go back and pull the toy out and grease up my eight fingers.  I do a lateral stretch.  With very little work my left hand goes into him.  Repeatedly.  Both of us enjoying the moment his ass lips snap down on my wrist.

We move to the sling.

More fucking.

Now fisting, with alternating hands.  The hand that is not in him is stroking my drooling cock.  I stand up. With my left hand still in him, I slide my cock down my wrist.  It pushes through his engorged ass lips and is buried in my palm deep inside him.  Evan is breathless—having watched it all in the mirror above him.  He groans now as I begin moving my hand in his ass—jerking off in his guts.

I pull out and do it again.

I try it with the right hand inside him, but it is not as easy so I go back to the left.

I move on and grab the big black butt plug.  I grease it up.  I work it into his inviting hole.  He snaps his hole shut around the slender stem after the cone is deep inside.  I am kneeling and love seeing the big black base filling his hole.  I tap it.  His body responds with a slight tremor.  I pound on it with my fist.  Evan groans out his pleasure as it seems to hit all the right spots inside him.

I fuck him again.  I grab the smallest chain and grease it.  I work it into him link by link.

“That is so heavy.”

I smile, holding onto the last six links as I stand up.  My cock is added, gliding over the hard, smooth links.

“Damn…” he exhales.

I fuck for a bit then pull it out link by link.  Each link giving him a mini stretch.

I fuck him.

I move on to the speculum.  He loves the cranking—and the prostate examination my lubed fingers give him.

We break.

I pull out the rimseat.

“This is a first,” he tells me.

“You want to?”


I get under it and he sits.  His ass is amazingly open—with the seat spreading him even more.  My tongue goes deep.  He squirms—wanting more.  I eat his hole for a very long time—edging my dick all the while. 

We go back to the sling.

Soon I have my fists back into him.  We try for a double—but it doesn’t quite happen.  A goal for another time.

“Jerk off in me again.”

His eyes are riveted to the mirror above him as my left hand pushes into him.  My very red, very thick cock slides down my thin forearm—and into his hole.  I curl my fingers around my cock, deep inside him.  The slightest movement inside his ass is amplified for him.  And there is the mind fuck we are both feeling.  My hand is moving.  Barely.  But it must feel momentous for Evan.

“Shoot in me.”

My hand flicks over my over sensitive head.  Once.  Twice.  And I explode.  Covering my fingers.  Covering the inside of his ass.  My fingers working my load into him…


The original post is here:  [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/jerking-off-deep-in-his-ass.html



Recommended Comments

56 minutes ago, bareback-flipflop said:

I want to try this on both side. I want to play, to lick the fistee’s rosebud or let the fister do the same with mine. 

Just know it takes a man who has a lot of experience to get both inside.  But it's a great goal.

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1 hour ago, FelchingPisser said:

Just know it takes a man who has a lot of experience to get both inside.  But it's a great goal.

I know it of course. It might be a dream. Unfortunately, I have never met a guy who had enough patience to let me the necessary time to open my hole. 

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51 minutes ago, bareback-flipflop said:

I know it of course. It might be a dream. Unfortunately, I have never met a guy who had enough patience to let me the necessary time to open my hole. 

Patience is everything with fist.

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