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  1. Whoa, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in your bedroom when this going on. ( Do flies masturbate?)
  2. I understand,☺️ I'd give your post a like, but the system won't let me.
  3. Dr. Scorpio, I'll disagree with you here. Back when I was in graduate school, ( yes before the earth was completely cool). There was this incredibly handsome tall blonde, chiseled, porn star hot colleague of ours , ( he like 50% of us was gay), and he dated only men over 70. And maybe the rest of us weren't 'hot guys" , but we were in our 20's. When you are in your 20's you are a defacto hot guy. My point: We were in awe of him, and even met one of his 70 y/o fuckbuds ( who held a dinner in our honor in his home), and we never thought less of him, because of his preference in much o
  4. Darkroom Taker: I read your post the other day and thought about it. And at risk of sounding contrary, there may be something else going on with the notable numbers of guests , and it may not be nefarious. Confession: I have been a dedicated reader of BZ since 2016, and for years enjoyed your posts , and Darkroom Taker I ( still fantasize about bending you over, with a little benign play with my used underwear in your mouth until you squeel like the pig you are until I cum in your ass), and also enjoyed many other writers including Wood, BBZH, Tommy Tank, Dr. Scorpio,, Bareback fli
  5. I'm in PDX Love to join .I just have to figure out how to get on Telegram ( it csn't be that difficult ).
  6. Trust me, I'm a cautionary tale on this one. And actually he initiated it, and I got punished and lost a friend. ( See my earlier post) ( I've decent emotional intelligence, I thought if it was his idea, I'd get a free pass.No, I got punished anyway.)
  7. OK, I thought San Francisco Cum Union was hot, but Budapest sounds like a life affirming gay, bisexual pansexual sloppy cummy piss filled fuckfest, heaven on earth. Amazing! WOW. Your life is a gay man's heaven. ( And you have stamina like a bunny) Super hot story !! 2 Questions : 1) With the hot 51 y/o, you mentioned that you guys snowballed . What is that? 2) With the 23 y/o, you mentioned he liked to play dirty? ( I don't know what that is, but it sounds like fun.) I'm going to have to read your story gain, this time with my lubed up cock in my
  8. My comment is not even relevant to this discussion. However what an arousingly provocative and appealing image you've created. And you remind me that I've been mostly abstinent during this Covid period ( not high risk, but not going to chance it), and how I'd really love to grip a man's hips and move my cock in and out of him while I fuck him doggy . And we both watch on the proverbial mirror reflecting a man in ardor bobbing up and down on my pole. What a delicious image ! My cock gets so ragingly hard , like now , picturing this appealing scenario, that I'm almost afraid that I'll c
  9. At risk of sounding greedy, We haven't had a story from you in a while. ( I know you're getting your groove on plenty. I see you  on twitter fucking up a storm with wank fantasy quality men) Go ahead, impress and entertain  us  with a story, ( as you usually do).

    1. bareback-flipflop


      Yes, you’re right my friend. However, I was too tired to do more than just reading and commenting on the one hand. And I didn’t have any source of inspiration for writing on the other hand. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t have adventures but these weren’t so special or exciting that inspired me to write them. Now, thinking back to the last ten days I’ll try to write something retrospective summary. 😉

    2. GoingEasy


      Awesome! ( I can hardly wait)😀

  10. Hot story, well written .You're a pro. Got more?
  11. Wood : I'd give your post both a like and thumbs up,( but as a newbie they don't give me access to those today. ) BTW, you're one of my favorite posters on this site, I have learned quite a bit from you ( regarding PREP and men's health in general). And because of you anyone who even thinks of using BBC terminology gets a invitation from me to rethink that pejorative term . I assure you , my stories are verifiably true ( no chasing nor reckless, just kinky and horny) I'd be flattered and honored if you took a look .
  12. Cukie: Firstly welcome back, 😺. Secondly, what is Eros like? ( aside from it's excellent location near Castro). Never been, b/c Cum Union San Francisco is such an awesome hot inclusive marathon of a fuckfest , that I never considered anything else. However, when restrictions end I want to bathhouse and sex party the whole west coast corridor , starting with Rain City Jacks in Seattle and ending with Club San Diego. So is Eros worth a visit?
  13. Ok, I'm a little reluctant to agree with Bootman LA ( because I'm still smarting from him ,deservedly , calling me out on my hissy fit the other day regarding the closure of bathhouses and sex clubs due to likely prolonged mask mandates here through December. Yes, I'm a self centered spoiled brat, but I pretend that others don't see that.) When I was 18 and coming out, my favorite clubhouse so to speak ( much more than a bar, really) was a small quiet music filled lesbian bar in my hometown. They women, (it was about 97 % women / 3% men) who were gentle, kind and supportive, and
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