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  1. Decision to BB

    Its addictive for sure! Are you chasing? If not, get on PrEP before you start just taking anon loads on hookups. And you will do it, thats how it goes for most. You will love the thrill of the bb sex you are about to have , and you will take more and more risk to get bred, well most probably, and it will be more and more sexually thrilling to take more and more risk, untill you are behind a dumpster begging some anon guy who smells like a tramp to pump his seed deep in your guts! Enjoy the ride! This kind of sex life will satisfy your sexual desires for a while. Have fun.
  2. i was so dissapointed when i started getting bred by a new top in his 70s recently. He said he couldnt cum in my ass, but would jerk on my cunt and then fuck it in. i just felt i had to get this guy off deep in me! It left me emotionally empty to not have him cum in me. This weekend he managed it! It just leaves me feeling so complete when a top is trying to push his dick so deep in me when he cums. He said he hadnt cum in someone for years , but would be dumping his sperm deep in my guts every time now. it is such an incredible feeling knowing i am going about my day with a mans sperm swimming around in my body. i think i have posted this before, but i sometimes push some out and make a slide and watch the sperm under a microscope. One time it was a slide of 3 mens sperm that had been planted in me that day.
  3. Frustrations with married guys

    Any apps/sites more likely to have married guys? I am separated from my wife at the moment, but found most hookups on A4A or squirt
  4. cum

    This is my underwear the morning after a poz breeding
  5. Accepting incest like a positive thing

    thinking of Hawwkfans story made me think about when i was a kid. i dont ever remember being told to douche before sex. It was often opportunistic, and even when it was planned, i dont remember ever preparing like i do now. i do remember when i knew it was coming sometimes i would hold a shit, and say to him i need to go to the toilet, that would stop the opportunistic fuck that i could tell was probably going to happen. Like most boys, i usually had skid marks in my undies, and often cum stains that my mom must have seen, just dont ever recall him making me clean out. My mom would sometimes give me ennamas, but usually before a bath and bed.
  6. Hi, can anyone recommend a place for BB in Chicago or surrounding area? Thanks.
  7. believe or not believe

    The guy who contacted me about him being poz had actually taken a while to get to meet, was totally paranoid about getting poz. i had told him to get on PrEP, but said he didnt want his parents to know he was gay and they would see it on their insurance. Said he wouldn't bb me because he only bb with a small group of guys who all knew they were neg. Needless to say, the first time we met he used a condom for about 15 minutes before i pulled it off to suck him, he never put one back on and planted his little swimmers in my ass. Asked after if i was sure i was neg lol. i was a prime suspect when he pozd, but i assured him i was neg and could send him my last test after he had bred me for the 3rd time. i contacted him again recently , about a year since he converted. He said it had been one of the original group of guys in his bb group who had pozzed with no fuk flew and had infected 3 of the guys in the group before any of them knew it. The originator was a married guy who had also infected his wife. So with reference to your question and poll Lima, it doesn't matter anyway. If you are randomly hooking up BB, you have a good chance of getting an std and a reasonable chance of taking a poz load at some point whether the other guys knows it or not.
  8. believe or not believe

    i find its the top who usually asks. i am never quite sure why, they probably fall into 3 categories. 1) Its some guy cheating on his wife, says he wants safe sex only, but i cant remember the last time one of those guys didnt either cum in my ass or in my mouth. 2) The guy wants to breed me, but wants a bottom who is "clean" because they know they are because they tested 8 months ago and only fuck "clean guys". i know two guys in this group who contacted me because one had pozzd around the time he bred me and was probably infectious, and one had chlamydia. 3) Guys who know they are poz or have another std and like to know the status of the bottom they are going to give something to. i had my regular 3 month PrEP test this month, and it was the first test in 9 months i didnt have a single std, has been anal gonorrhea and chlamydia before. Which is strange because i always suck my top clean when he has finished in my ass and never had anything in my throat.
  9. Hemorrhoids: a fact of life?

    i had them before i met someone who wanted me to take big toys and his fist. As i got into relaxing to be able to take what he wanted to put into me, including toys bigger than his fist, the hemorrhoids stopped and shrunk, and not had one for over 2 years now.
  10. Hooking Up With Poz Guys

    Did GE fuck you on Fathers day? How did it go? Dp the whole Oraquick thing?
  11. Making Him Piss Himself

    i pissed myself when i was in a sling. This guy had had me in it for over an hour, useing different size toys, and was trying to fist me. He started using this large dildo and i suddenly felt like i needed to piss as he pushed it in. i told him i needed to pee and thought he would let me out for a minute, but he just said really and pushed the dildo hard against my bladder and it just spurted out over me, it was the coolest feeling to have no control over my bladder. i do enjoy diaper play, and enjoy being made to wet diapers and wear baby clothes.
  12. Well this was totallly unexpected. Been working from home, had BBRT on in the background. got an oink, but was in the middle of something so ignored it, yea i know, what a douche! Anyway finaly get to it, mid 30s black guy on the south side of Chicago, him and his friend are playing video games and need their cocks sucking. Always a good chance you can get a cock in your ass once its hard in your mouth Anyway get there, its a nasty dirty smoky apartment, the guy had buzzd me in the building and txtd me the number and told me to come in just push the door closed , strip and they were in the second room. the door is open, i hear them playing video games, i strip leave my clothes by the front door and sure enough they are on a couch in front of a tv playing a bball game. one of them says get over here and suck my dick bitch, so i go over kneel down in front of the couch pull his dick out of his shorts and go to town. They both just keep playing, seem more interested in the game than me. The one guy is txting, and about 5 mins latter i hear another guy come in the room. They talk, i find it really hard to understand south side black accent so not sure what exact conversation was, but i did get the jist that he asked if this was the bitch and had they fucked me already. the guy i wasnt sucking said no they hadnt and he wanted $20. A $20 fell on the couch and he said get over here bitch. The guy i was sucking pulled my head up by my hair and i saw the other guy stood behind the couch. i got up and walked around as he undid his pants and stepped out of them. He was mid 40s big uncut cock. Its in the 90s here today and they were all a bit ripe and this guys cock was no exception! i sucked him hard and he started fucking my face and i started gagging, lol tears running down my face. he pulled me up and bent me over the couch between the two guys still playing video games. They were laughing and telling him to fuck the bitch some place else. He told them to shut up and forced his finger in my ass. I had put some lube up in me before i left just to be prepared. He said to the other you already fucked this bitch, they said no and then he asked me, i told him it was just lube. He worked my ass with his fingers a bit them i felt his cock at my hole and he pushed straight in. He was big and it hurt. He started slow but deep long strokes, and then just got faster and faster, The other guys were laughing and yelling he was moving the couch, he was long and it hurt when he bottomed out and my feet were off the floor trying to make it harder for him to bottom out. i could feel his sweat dripping on my back and he eventually dumped his load in my ass. i just stayed bent over the back of the couch. He pulled his pants up and spoke to the other two and he left. The guy i had been sucking came round the back and said he needed my ass all whipped up and started fucking me The other guy i hadnt touched yet started talking on his phone, and i heard him say, its open. 5 mins or so latter i hear two more voices and then they are in the room watching me get fucked over the back of this couch, then they agree on $10 and the guy stops fucking me and pushes me back down on my knees and puts his cock in my mouth. The other two gys both get closer, pull the front of their shorts down and i start going from cock to cock. They all get hard then its back over the couch and not sure who starts but i am getting fucked again. One guy cums pretty quick, but the other two are swapping and taking longer. Then the guy who has been on the phone is kneeling on the couch and he is hard and i am sucking him. He is making me gag and choke and the other two are going at it pretty hard, and then one cums and it slows down for a minute while he drains every last drop in my ass, then the other guy is back in me fucking fast again, so i am being pushed down on the other guys cock in my mouth and gagging again. He starts holding my head tighter so i know he is about to cum and he blows a load down my throat which i am choking on and coughing. He steps away and the last guy is absolutely pounding my ass and he finally blows his load. The guy who i had swallowed said "aight we done" and they just went back to the game with the other 2 and i walked back to the door put on my shorts and tshirt and left. It took about 45 mins all together and i am still full of cum, i stink of it, and i have a big round butt plug in me.
  13. Newly on PREP

    Pitty you are just too far away, you could breed me everyday exclusively
  14. Catheter Play

    oh wow! Those are super cute diapers btw! what brand. i love being diapered. Can you still wet them with the cath like that?
  15. Neg boyfriend

    Yea, you should discuss it with him. Not right to just knock him up.

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