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  1. LKMike

    Do you clean cock?

    I always turn around and clean the cock that just bred me.
  2. Got pozzed at Northwich Sauna my gifter was anonymous. Have not told wife yet (we do not fuck)

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    2. tom-morley


      I was sucking another guy off and he came behind me and fucked me

    3. LKMike


      very nice. He knew you were chasing? I have seen lots of your pics with poz me written on your body.

      i am not poz or realy chasing at the moment , but seriously considering castration.

    4. tom-morley


      I know I will never fuck again I exist to be fucked

  3. LKMike

    Pig Breeding With Ugly/unattractive Men

    This is so fucking hot! I love getting homeless guys off.
  4. LKMike

    UPDATE: College Boy with Internal Tension

    This is an interesting thread. Also as someone who is more than twice your age (Oh god! did you stop reading already! I would have lol.) i have to agree with 6811283. i have always been a thrill seeker, was in the ER as a child so often that it triggered an investigation into my parents who then sent me to boarding school. i have been on and off PrEP for about 4 years. i get the thrill factor, i totally revel in it. Over the years i have done the same with many things, raced cars and motorcycles, sky dived ( after my AAD beat me to the pull twice), diving with sharks, aerobatics in a glider, plenty of things that could result in incarceration. Today, few things provide that thrill, as you can see from my avatar playing with castration, is quite a thrill, but i know, like all the other things it will soon lose its thrill. Do something several times and the thrill goes. It will be the same when you contract HIV. i have plenty of broken bones and scares but nothing that i will have to medicate for the rest of my life. i am off PrEP at the moment because the risky anon sex i was having became a chore, with the effort of hooking up out weighing the thrill of the sex. i am sure that will come back, and i will go back on PrEP. i have found that not thinking about taking it, not making it a big mental note, it becomes insignificant. When i first took it, the pill itself was a thrill. I fantasized about it as taking a female contraceptive pill, but that part waned. Its just part of my routine of a calcium pill and mens multivitamin. The pill itself lost any significance. i am sure you probably have a list of activities that were once the thrill of your life! Look at that list, probably some laughable things on it that you were once so passionate about. Be sure HIV wouldnt just be another thing on the list.
  5. LKMike

    PrEP Truvada Side Effects

    Oh, i also lose between 5 to 10 lbs when i am on PrEP and its hard tto put weight on when on it.
  6. LKMike

    PrEP Truvada Side Effects

    i just stopped taking PrEP after nearly 3 years. During this time i did take some breaks of upto a couple of months. i did have some stomach issues the first time, but only for a couple of weeks. My experience was that taking it in the morning was better on my stomach and i had better sleep. i did notice that when i stopped this time, 4 weeks ago i think, my joints felt much better. Dont wake up with stiff elbows, ankles, knees, neck or hands. Not read about this being a side effect, so curious if anyone else has experienced this. I had the kidney function checks every 90 days and they never changed, although i often had lower back pan in my kidney area. Of course the big thing that did change was the amount of unidentified sperm that was pumped into my body. It was strange at first to put my trust in a little pill and i started slowly. Once i had, very nervously btw, taken a couple of anon loads the feeling was incredible! After the 180 day check, which was after taking, at least claimed, infectious loads, and still neg, i totally slutted out. i have been fucked in alley ways in Chicago by homeless guys for a sandwich, and at the hostel on i think its Wilson. i have had so many cocks whose owner i never saw pump their sperm into my ass. i have had wet patches on my jeans and wet socks from spending days just saying yes to anyone on A4A or BBRT who hit me up. i did get anal chlamydia and gonorrhea in my ass several times and anal warts, but no HIV.
  7. LKMike

    Chastity Destroys Dick?

    Hi willingbibottom. Thats very cool! Hows it going? what type of device does he have you in? If you are uncut he can have you pieced through your foreskin, low down above your glans to stop erections. If you look at my avatar you can see that i am banded. Its a method for castrating animals. The band is placed round your scrotum with a device called an elastrator. If left on for more than an hour you run the risk of being castrated. It takes a lot of trust or unquestioning obedience to allow a master to restrain and band you. A minute too long and you are castrated, there is no recovering once past that point. Your testicles are dead.
  8. i was younger than 10 receiving both orally and anally.
  9. LKMike

    I wanna stop prep

    i stopped taking my PrEP 8 days ago, Just had my first anon breeding this morning in a garage over a motorcycle. Didnt ask the guys status. Just knocked on the door , he liffted it and i was at his jeans before the door hit the ground. He was hard instantly and dribbling pre cum. I sucked him as i undid my pants and as i stood up to pull them down past my knees he turned me to face the motorcycle, and i bent over it and he fucked hard and fast, blew his load in me and it was over in minutes. The door was opening as i pulled up my pants and just walked out. I have to admit it was pretty exciting. i still have his cum in me , except for the small amount i let out to view his guys swimming around under my microscope.
  10. LKMike

    First Fuck Location

    i dont think i can post my age when i first got fucked, but it was younger than any post i have read on this thread so far. It was at an adults house who was a friend of my mothers. He didnt take my cherry, but he did watch and help an older boy to take it. He was the first adult to fuck me, and he did it a couple of months after the other boy started fucking me. Hard to remember what my emotions were at the time, but i continued to go to his house and participate with what went on there.
  11. LKMike

    Decision to BB

    Its addictive for sure! Are you chasing? If not, get on PrEP before you start just taking anon loads on hookups. And you will do it, thats how it goes for most. You will love the thrill of the bb sex you are about to have , and you will take more and more risk to get bred, well most probably, and it will be more and more sexually thrilling to take more and more risk, untill you are behind a dumpster begging some anon guy who smells like a tramp to pump his seed deep in your guts! Enjoy the ride! This kind of sex life will satisfy your sexual desires for a while. Have fun.
  12. LKMike

    Frustrations with married guys

    Any apps/sites more likely to have married guys? I am separated from my wife at the moment, but found most hookups on A4A or squirt
  13. LKMike

    Accepting incest like a positive thing

    thinking of Hawwkfans story made me think about when i was a kid. i dont ever remember being told to douche before sex. It was often opportunistic, and even when it was planned, i dont remember ever preparing like i do now. i do remember when i knew it was coming sometimes i would hold a shit, and say to him i need to go to the toilet, that would stop the opportunistic fuck that i could tell was probably going to happen. Like most boys, i usually had skid marks in my undies, and often cum stains that my mom must have seen, just dont ever recall him making me clean out. My mom would sometimes give me ennamas, but usually before a bath and bed.
  14. LKMike

    believe or not believe

    The guy who contacted me about him being poz had actually taken a while to get to meet, was totally paranoid about getting poz. i had told him to get on PrEP, but said he didnt want his parents to know he was gay and they would see it on their insurance. Said he wouldn't bb me because he only bb with a small group of guys who all knew they were neg. Needless to say, the first time we met he used a condom for about 15 minutes before i pulled it off to suck him, he never put one back on and planted his little swimmers in my ass. Asked after if i was sure i was neg lol. i was a prime suspect when he pozd, but i assured him i was neg and could send him my last test after he had bred me for the 3rd time. i contacted him again recently , about a year since he converted. He said it had been one of the original group of guys in his bb group who had pozzed with no fuk flew and had infected 3 of the guys in the group before any of them knew it. The originator was a married guy who had also infected his wife. So with reference to your question and poll Lima, it doesn't matter anyway. If you are randomly hooking up BB, you have a good chance of getting an std and a reasonable chance of taking a poz load at some point whether the other guys knows it or not.
  15. LKMike

    believe or not believe

    i find its the top who usually asks. i am never quite sure why, they probably fall into 3 categories. 1) Its some guy cheating on his wife, says he wants safe sex only, but i cant remember the last time one of those guys didnt either cum in my ass or in my mouth. 2) The guy wants to breed me, but wants a bottom who is "clean" because they know they are because they tested 8 months ago and only fuck "clean guys". i know two guys in this group who contacted me because one had pozzd around the time he bred me and was probably infectious, and one had chlamydia. 3) Guys who know they are poz or have another std and like to know the status of the bottom they are going to give something to. i had my regular 3 month PrEP test this month, and it was the first test in 9 months i didnt have a single std, has been anal gonorrhea and chlamydia before. Which is strange because i always suck my top clean when he has finished in my ass and never had anything in my throat.

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