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  1. Thanks. I get it with larges toys. I have a spherical butt plug, and when my body says it's coming out, it's coming out! It's actually a pretty enjoyable feeling.
  2. Tops are often very sensitive right after breeding. It's a very different giving of oral after being bred, than before a top mounts and breeds.
  3. I am always think it's hot to see the expression on a tops face when he comes into my house and notices the family photos as we go up the stairs. You know the wife and I and the 4 kids over the years, even one with a grandchild. They almost all want to breed me in one of the kids rooms when given the choice. One regular top always wanted to hear about how I would squeeze his cum out my ass, let it run down my balls and then fuck it into her. He always said it would be hot for her to get pregnant that way, but it never happened.
  4. Hi, I am not very experienced and have only had one inexperienced guy fist me. Our first time, him as a top me as bottom, was together. We have used crisco and Jlube. I can not believe how much I have enjoyed the feeling! I can still remember the feeling of total incredulity I had when he told me for the first time his fist was actually in me, and I lifted my head and looked down between my legs and saw his wrist disappearing into me! The question is I have is about a physical feeling and reaction I have. My body obviously feels it is full and needs to evacuate. My stomach muscles contract, I
  5. That's cool! Congratulations. I have an appointment in December with an HRT Dr. Not sure I want to feminize, but want a better way to lower my T before I finally get the courage to get surgically castrated.
  6. I have used androcur on and off for several years now. Each time its effects happen more quickly, and when I stop it takes way longer to recover. I did speak to my NP about the fact i take it, and he said if I kept taking it, the chances of one day my testicles not restarting are pretty high. I get T tested before each time I start and then when I stop and usually a month after. My T has significantly reduced from being at the high end of normal, to its none medicated level being barely in the normal range for my age now.
  7. I am on androcur at the moment. Enjoying the loss of T. You look great! You should post a more recent full body picture. Have your testicles shrunk a lot? Do the feel hard?
  8. Cool. So female hormones or just blocking T?
  9. No, sorry. Are you on hormones Beanna? Is your profile pic a recent one of your breasts?
  10. I have a regular top, in his early 70s. After our first couple of meetings , his emails arranging for me to come over started having very male trying to get female pregnant type of language. I asked him what he meant when he said he was going to knock me up. He said he thought of me as a young girl and he enjoyed the fantasy that he would get me pregnant, and asked if it was a problem. He had no idea that " knocking me up" was also a euphemism for making me HIV+. So whenever we email and meet its between a grandpa aged man and an innocent virgin girl. I have even worn girls ( hanna anders
  11. About a year ago in Washington park in Hyde Park. Made eye contact with a guy in a wheelchair on the bus. We both got off at the same stop. I said hi as we waited to cross the street, asked if he had had a good evening. He said he had been to boystown, but hadn't had any luck. I just said " I will suck you off if you want in the park." He looked shocked but said sure. We crossed cottage grove and just stopped about 40' from the the road. He undid his pants pulled them down past his knees spread his legs, and pulled out his hard cock. He could only have been 3' tall, and rather deformed, bu
  12. I think I have been stealthed twice. Both A4A hookups. First one, got to the guys house. Went to bedroom. A large towel was laid out on the bed with a tube of lube and a condom. I was on my back sucked him hard, then he rimmed me. He picked up the condom like he was about to open it, and told me to stand on the floor and bend over the bed. I did, assuming he was putting on the condom. He lubed my ass and started fucking. He moved me into several positions on my back and front and eventually climaxed with him stood on the floor, me on my back at the edge of the bed with him pinning my legs
  13. In Chicago I have been asked if I wanted the clinic to contact my sexual partners. I have tested positive for chlamydia and gonorrhea several times. One time I walked into a clinic. Told the receptionist I had been exposed to chlamydia. Nurse took me in back, asked how I knew. Told her someone had told me on an app he had fucked me and then tested positive for it. She didn't even test me, just gave me the pills and told me to to abstain for a week. I have to say, during the time I was regularly getting anal and throat STDs, getting a call from an always caring and respectable sounding
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