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    Atlanta, GA
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    I lov to fuck in group parties. I am attracted to the feel and smell of sweat and cum and poz group bodies. I fuck only POZ bttms, espec black poz pigs. If you are neg or "Don't Know" then don't tell me till after I cum. I am pure fetish. My body just is host to spreading bugs and trashing guys bodies. You are just a conquest.I want guys who recognize my body for its shape/taste/smell/bugs.

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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    TOP fucker for good bttm holes (or to recharge and fellow poz pig). Looking for self-destructive pigs (bttm or top). Im on and off meds. I go off for any major party, such as Pride weekend or World Aids Day. Even when I was neg, I would only fuck poz bttm pigs.
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    looking for bttms who want to recharge

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  1. Anyone LOVE making out with the head?

    i do -- i lov my mushroom sucked, independently of sucking the whole shaft
  2. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  3. Read you post about liking guys that go barefoot.  I love to be forced to go barefoot, leave the house and walk in the club barefoot would be so hot. 

    1. pigpozdad


      yes, i see more and more guys going completely bare-assed, barefoot naked at my fave club.  i think it shows that they are open for anything

    2. rivversub


      That's the reason I like to go that way as well. we should plan a time to play.


    3. rivversub


      A true sub bottom should always be barefoot to show its below men it serves. Only real men wear boots or shoes.


  4. Have no problem if  people watch. and love to be fucked hard  by a poz top

  5. Manifest4u

    The weather has improved, so i will return to Club Manifest and WED humpday parties. Anyone in ATL, meet me
  6. Weirdest Fetish

    Feet: i lov barefeet cos: 1) you can smell if a guy is actually sick by his sweat (check Chinese Medicine) 2) i hate boots or shoes in my face knocking into my face as i fuck a bttm on his back. 3) My exBF was a junkie and I could smell if he had been previously well-used, even if he cleaned up his ass. 4) It's dirty and edgy. 5) If you are a sub, then what right do you have to withhold any body part? Learn how to be a better perv.
  7. thx for finding me on recon.com

    I am glad youre so horny, now that youre poz

    1. William1970


      You're welcome and thank you as well

  8. Im on asspig.com as BigHandsDad.

    My other profiles were censored by the asspig admin

  9. If you like ass and it's contents, then look on scatboi.com

    Look at PissOrPoz

    1. pozBAMA
    2. pigpozdad


      Yep. Sniff, lick, dive into my hole 

  10. Chin up.  Use your meds, and stay on a healthy diet.  Become a freak much later on, whenever this sinks in.

  11. i started to shoot pre-cum at 11, and by 12, it was full cum.  I wouldve let u suck me off if you iived by me

  12. Experiences at CumUnion

    Guys dont know how to suck on a mushroom. At last week's ATL CumUnion, i had to tear myself away from some mouth, and he really roughed up my cockhead. Here is my trophy. This is after 2 days of putting zinc oxide on it. But i was back in action in 3 days
  13. Experiences at CumUnion

    I recently moved down from NYC to ATL, and went to CU with my new black boy in both October and November. I remember fucking you in the back room (I remember the mesh armbands). I also fkd you at Poz/Prep Play (P3) . Now that I see your poz-off meds, I will def fuck you again at P3 in December. I like P3 because of the attitude. I like the guys in ATL -- i only saw one rubber used. The CU on Nov 22 got really hot. I am turned on by guys who go barefoot, and there were 5 dudes there totally naked -- i fucked 3 of them. I like to keep circulating through Club Manifest. I meet my black boy there, we play separately, then cum together at the end. I like CU in ATL much better than CU at Paddles-NYC-Manhattan. Paddles is a cold basement, and because I was on several other BB party lists, I avoided CU at Paddles. I will register on BBRT for CU next month, to add to the numbers and show that i will attend.
  14. Becoming an anon cumdump

    Yes. Since October 2017, i go to most every WED Hump Night (except DILF, underwear nights) i loved CU, Blackout and espec Poz/Prep Play (P3), P3 is sparsely attended, but the pigs are very oversexed.
  15. UPDATE: College Boy with Internal Tension

    Lotta guys go on Truvada and later abandon it. Just ride the wave of your slut emotions --- if you get pozzzed, get on meds initially, and began Grad School. BTW, what is the subject you will study (Medicine would be hot, and you certainly wouldnt be the only poz doctor out there).

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