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    Atlanta, GA
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    I lov to fuck in group parties. I am attracted to the feel and smell of sweat and cum and poz group bodies. I fuck many POZ bttms, espec black poz pigs. If you are neg or "Don't Know" then don't tell me till after I cum. I am pure fetish. My body just is host to spreading bugs and trashing guys bodies. You are just a conquest.I want guys who recognize my body for its shape/taste/smell/bugs.

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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    TOP fucker for good bttm holes (or to recharge and fellow poz pig). Looking for self-destructive pigs (bttm or top). Im on and off meds. I go off for any major party, such as Pride weekend or World Aids Day. Even when I was neg, I would only fuck poz bttm pigs.
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    looking for bttms who want to recharge

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  1. Thanks for the following. You're the first one to do so. Nice profile. I wish we were closer, so you could recharge my newly infected hole.

    1. pigpozdad


      Thanks for getting the bug. I have been to MAD and BCN, about 5 years ago. I always thought that Barcelona was a great place to shoot my seed, and now i see that Madrid is great too. How are the clubs and saunas

    2. hotelcumdump


      You're welcome to come back! Sauna Center is perhaps, the wildest place in Madrid. I have never seen a condom there. There is a lot of bareback in general in all saunas around town.

  2. I have fisted several guys with bumpy anal warts. I also deep fingered a dude who was getting sucked and when i pulled my fingers out, they were red. He seemed to love it.
  3. Hope some pigs will stop in Atlanta on the way down.
  4. True, Flex Spa is the only bathhouse. Manifest is a close second, but manifest doesnt have showers or water (manifest has everything else, like darkrooms, slings, lounge, fuck bench). Flex has a $5 for one day, but you have to rent a locker, which may be $15, depending on the day.
  5. True, Flex Spa is the only bathhouse. Manifest is a close second, but manifest doesnt have showers or water (manifest has everything else, like darkrooms, slings, lounge, fuck bench)
  6. And after being fucked bb by a poz guy, you are still neg. It takes a lot of fucking to poz you.
  7. Hey pig poz dad I would love for you to bareback me and give me a charged load that will infect me with hiv. Please convert me. I will open my legs and arch my back to receive your viral load. Call or Text 404-915-4316

  8. Yep. And there are also 85 registered as of Tues morning. It will be crowded, and not everyone pre-registers. Should be hot.
  9. Next, try some adult diapers. You can become an adult baby
  10. Yes, and i was glad he told me about the Hep A right away, sout didnt do long-term damage. Ahhh, i miss that little pig.
  11. My exBF blew a load onto my hamburger and i did the same before we ate. A short time later he told me his doctor visit revealed he had Hep A. We gave each other gonno several times.
  12. Bbrt just today listed CU-Atlanta at Manifest and CU-Augusta at P-house. Be careful which one you choose
  13. One of the best Nycta subway toilets to fuck ass was Metro Ave-Grand St on the G train, where the Police Canine unit was on the same mezzanine. Usually the lights were off in the T room. Entire mezzanine is closed now.
  14. Manifest4u.org 404-549-2815 2103 Faulkner Road NE Atlanta, GA 30324

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