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    I lov to fuck in group parties. I am attracted to the feel and smell of sweat and cum and poz group bodies. I fuck many POZ bttms, espec black poz pigs. If you are neg or "Don't Know" then don't tell me till after I cum. I am pure fetish. My body just is host to spreading bugs and trashing guys bodies. You are just a conquest.I want guys who recognize my body for its shape/taste/smell/bugs.

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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    TOP fucker for good bttm holes (or to recharge and fellow poz pig). Looking for self-destructive pigs (bttm or top). Im on and off meds. I go off for any major party, such as Pride weekend or World Aids Day. Even when I was neg, I would only fuck poz bttm pigs. I lived in NYC until moving to Atlanta. I'm NYC native and went to jacksofcolor.com and GSA and Paddles and other spors
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    looking for bttms who want to recharge

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  1. And Dominican holes are also hairy and yummy😆
  2. I love the smell of male sweat,so yeah hairy is best. Several years ago I once had a guy who had a crack so hairy that you had to dig deep to find the hole 😆😆😆
  3. I tried it one night last month and immediately found some guys in my area but it turned out that I knew them already. It may show some promise soon in the future.
  4. Oh yeah. I demand a clean mouth cost the mouth may be dirtier than the other end
  5. I have shaved a sub in the past just because I like the feel of him against my dick
  6. Damn. In Atlanta, many bars and clubs also are closing and may relocate in the future
  7. I always assume they are lying, so believe that someone who lists as 24 is actually 2 or 3 years less.
  8. Hopefully, yes. But look at Ft Lauderdale/Pompano Eagle, which reopened in Wilton Manors, but is smaller, different.
  9. The iconic Eagle. The leather bar – the site of an infamous raid that brought reforms to the Atlanta Police Department – is closing. Within weeks, the Midtown nightclub will shut its doors after 33 years and become the latest LGBTQ business so severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that it couldn’t survive. But owner Richard Ramey is ready to flip the script on COVID-19. His closing announcement came with a big asterisk. “We are not going out of business,” Ramey said. “We are not closing permanently. We are going to come back bigger, in 2021
  10. I never went to Amsterdam Bar in Atlanta, cos my boy showed me only Club Manifest for cumunion, but the pictures of Amsterdam looked great.
  11. As announced in Project Q Amsterdam-Atlanta an expansive staple of LGBTQ nightlife since 2005 – shut down last month, becoming the latest victim of the pandemic. “Our lease was coming up in November, and the business just wasn’t what it was after the pandemic,” co-owner Joel Bradshaw told Project Q Atlanta. “Winter’s coming on, and the majority of our business is outside on that patio.” But at Swinging Richards, busy is slowly returning to the all-male strip club. Among the new coronavirus safety precautions is masks – for the nude dancers. “People onstage naked have
  12. I couldn't go but I asked my friend how CU was at TV: boybottom4use wrote: Yes I went from 8:30-11:30, it was ok but not real crowded. Maybe 50 or so guys, some wore masks some didn’t. I didn’t wear one, I collected 9 loads in my ass and sucked a couple guys off. All 3 floors were for Cumunion but most action was in the darkroom on the 1st & 3rd floors. There was this young, skinny twink boy who got fucked by multiple guys. I talked with him for a little bit and he said he was new to Atlanta. He had a real cute little ass and loved getting fucked. I told him about Here
  13. I just tried sniffies.com in my browser and it looks promising. How do you like it
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