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    Ft Lauderdale FL
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    I lov to fuck in group parties. I am attracted to the feel and smell of sweat and cum and poz group bodies. I fuck many POZ bttms, espec black poz pigs. If you are neg or "Don't Know" then don't tell me till after I cum. I am pure fetish. My body just is host to spreading bugs and trashing guys bodies. You are just a conquest.I want guys who recognize my body for its shape/taste/smell/bugs.

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    Poz, On Meds
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    TOP fucker for good bttm holes (or to recharge and fellow poz pig). Looking for self-destructive pigs (bttm or top). Im on and off meds. I go off for any major party, such as Pride weekend or World Aids Day. Even when I was neg, I would only fuck poz bttm pigs. I lived in NYC until moving to Atlanta. I'm NYC native and went to jacksofcolor.com and GSA and Paddles and other spors
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    looking for bttms

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  1. Very interesting profile.... Here me are for you poz TOP

  2. Fuck you sound hot, would love to take a load or 100 off you

  3. That's why I love to fuck anon ass in the dark where I only go by feel and smell. I dont wanna know what I am fucking. A few times I have figured out who some of the bttms were later, and said to myself "did I fuck that?, oh well, his ass was so good."
  4. I hope when clubs reopen that Atlanta can become #1 again
  5. I'm also wondering how Cumunion.com has been in this age of covid19 I see that cumunion is still listing parties at Augusta
  6. Thanks for the follow 🐷☣️dad. 


  7. Any guy who is 100% naked always gets my cock at attention
  8. If u ever make it to Denver hit me up and charge up my hole!

  9. Thanks for the follow Dad! If you're ever in the UK I'd love you to breed my hairy ass.

    In the meantime there are hundreds more pics and vids of me on twitter.com/jonny4dad


    1. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT , Delicious and Beautiful !  more - more - Please !

    2. DarkroomTaker


      Needs eating now

  10. I like feet that stink because i could tell when my exBF stopped at his dealer before coming home at 3:30 am . I could tell if he took a shower before getting home. Now I love to fuck a dark skinned guy on his back with his stinking barefeet in my face. Its good interracial fun
  11. I'm waiting also for vaccine and wanna return to Heretic and cumunion. I wanna fuck you
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