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  1. If you ever come back to Toronto and would like a neg PNP sub bottom slut, that you can use almost any way you want, message me. 

  2. whats up dude? huge sick and twsted taboo perv here, love everything from k9, to yng, love vvyng, love boyfeet, felching cum, snowballing, piss, horse cock, incest everything pervy and sick. hit me up lets perv out. horny as fuck with full loads o shoot. i also have kik = pandabare27

  3. Wish I could get pozzed by u!

  4. First video ROCKS! in love with the bad ass top OMG.
  5. fucking hot. id love to pump my load in u dude
  6. My inbox is open now. Message away

  7. Hey, messages sent to you are being rejected... Your mailbox is full.

  8. I love the smell. I often tell the guys not to wash when I'm coming
  9. It's all about breeding for me. Breed a guy or my ass getting a load too. 10x better then sucking
  10. nice cock would love to milk it

  11. If anyone is near or going to visit Toronto let's connect. Inbox me for my contact for sure. Ill show u fun

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