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    Sydney AUSTRALIA
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    Taking Toxic loads. sadistic dom tops with big cocks who use sub bottoms only for there cunt, who love fucking giving pain n delivering seed. t1na

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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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  1. Thanks for the follow.

  2. Hi man I'm a bbcunthole too, happy to follow you around 

  3. im only 2" and hairless n limp . never wanted to be bigger but im hoping a sadistic man will castrate me which should make it look bigger lying against my groin?
  4. bbcunthole

    Hey Wanna Get Aids?

    i deserve to get aids . please help
  5. are there any infections i can get in my cunt hole that make me itchy or be painful when im fucked
  6. bbcunthole

    My first time with a black guy

    hung n black n sadistic for bttm men to impregnate ... im so horny right now
  7. bbcunthole


    gay skinny .. just dont eat there will b nothing in your hole for all the cocks entering to find..
  8. bbcunthole

    tell me about prison

    i hope your dream comes tru , u deserve to be raped
  9. bbcunthole

    Favorite Moment During Sex

    the hurt from a huge cock slammed inside ,. the goal is always pleasing ur hung man , getting him offf
  10. O.M.G.  !   You are Truly Amazing Male - Love and Adore your style bbcunthole - especially Dicks !   :)

  11. bbcunthole

    Public toilet virgin

    sounds like u didnt enjoy that at all . you were lucky enough to b able to have those men get off in you , get off hurting you . it doesnt get much better for them , i hope u r grateful to them for hat opportunity n honour
  12. bbcunthole

    Bottoms - What Size Dick Do You Like Best?

    very large n hard n attached to a fit sadistic man . mmmm
  13. bbcunthole

    Little dick bottoms

    a small dick means im having sex to get another man off . i especially love hung sadistic fucckers getting of on abusing me . its the way of the worlkd people , lol
  14. bbcunthole

    Would you bareback a eunuch?

    i want to b a eunich for men to abuse
  15. bbcunthole

    Very short fucks?

    i dont ming hung men really ruffly pounding my hole n blowing deep in me after a few strokes . its a certainty i was in agony the whole time whilst he loved my convulsding cunt so much he seeded . its a win win i think

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