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    Taking Toxic loads. sadistic dom tops with big cocks who use sub bottoms only for there cunt, who love fucking giving pain n delivering seed. t1na

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  1. bbcunthole

    Warning Points

    really well said from the perspective of suspensions , people that do post , basically make the content , they are the ones that will get pinged , if the ping is a suspension then possibly they dont return or if they do they second guess what they write , or dont write at all . so eventually the posts get boring or non existant, and eeveryone starts leaving . i think there must b some system so speach doesnt get unruly, but i recently did something wrong ( im sure i did, not complaining bout that ) but i came back after my suspension n still not sure how i did the wrong so its hard to fix it or not replicate it. so im not posting as much - which may be a good thing for all concerned - lol
  2. bbcunthole

    Poz me in February

    sounds like u deserve to be pozzed babe . we should get together n offer two neg cunts for pozz men to ruff up n get them to cum out of the wood work . hehe
  3. bbcunthole

    Bottoms with little dicks

    thats so hot , i love top men who get off on my smallness and total inadequacy , especially if they use it as a reason to abuse my hole
  4. im tiny n limp n hairless , basically a cunt on legs for men to breed , my hole is made for pleasuring men
  5. bbcunthole

    Would you bareback a eunuch?

    the best thing about being a eunich or nullo is that any top knows im bever gonna cum , never goona get off n never gonna enjoy the fuck , we must b only fucking for the top n im sick n depressed n perverted to let him abuse me only for his fun , its how sex should b for me , mmmm
  6. bbcunthole

    Bottoms with little dicks

    you sound like the perfect top. i dont care if i cum i dont deserve to cum . my job is to make this fuck as good as i can for the top.
  7. bbcunthole

    First fist

    im thinking that urely an experienced fister will know how to take his balled up hand and with the right chems n lube n sex talk n encouagement, force it steadily in my cunt . i dont want it to feel good i want to hurt u just dont want to be broken , at least not the first time . please help me
  8. bbcunthole

    Tops: Do you care about a bottom's erection?

    sex is for hung tops . the men that breed me would hurt me if i showed disrespect n became aroused when its there time to fuck
  9. bbcunthole

    Bottoms getting hard

    i dont care about my pleasure when fucking all that matters is obeying a top n pleasing a top no matter what. i always stay limp n u should hurt my tiny bald genitals badly if it excites you to hurt me
  10. bbcunthole

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    in my opinion im a cumdump casuse my penis is tiny n im worthless. the smaller a persons cock the less they deserve to enjoy orgasms . the only cum i deserve should be blown in my cunt by very deserving hung n poz men . they should ejac all the time n enjoy sex n abusing faggots
  11. bbcunthole

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    i dont want to get pozzed i want a man to get off on pozzing me . his breif moment of excitement n the orgasm he blows into my cunt with the excitement of infecting me out weighs any objection i might have about getting sick dying for his fun.
  12. bbcunthole

    Prison Sex - Can it be fun in real life?

    id rather it not be fun for me i just want to b able to be abused for men to get off
  13. bbcunthole

    Medical Student Tales

    its sooooo sick . yet so right , getting aroused n sexually excited looking as dying wasted diseased men n blowing load after load because of it n taking dying mens death seed in the place they will suffer n die is so perverted n disguisting , i want it so bad , id love a massive dripping erection attached to a sickly sadistic skelton man to impale me n explode in me . n i so want to later b wasted n sick n defenceless as men us me as i endure sickness n pain n as i waste n expire , totally unable to ever resist or decline there rapes
  14. bbcunthole


    top men enjoying there gift
  15. Thanks for the follow, have returned the favor.

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