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    Taking Toxic loads. sadistic dom tops with big cocks who use sub bottoms only for there cunt, who love fucking giving pain n delivering seed. t1na

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  1. as a submissive masocistic btm i wish all tops fucked just like that
  2. i never think about entering anything with my cock . i know that if i just jerk off it takes me ages to cum unless im watching degrading or violent porn to tip me over the edge . However if i have a mans cock in my arse ( and if he wants me to , i dont normally even touch my small cock when im with a top, unless i KNOW that its a turn on for mt top. ) i am generally so hot n horny to be pleasing a mans cock i can pretty much cum in seconds like a 13 year old . i was introduced to sex at ten by an older boy from school . he was very masculine n had hair underhis arms and above his cock and what i now no to be a big cock . i was a skinny white hiarless twink with what i now kno to be a small cock. he was agressive n horny n just wanted to use n abuse n fuck my cute little self, i thought he loooked hot n so did as i was told . he would constantly compare my little cock to his monster and tho we fucked for over 5 years i never grew up to b manly like him. we had no rules n just made it up , so essentially he fell inot the dom top role n i into the sub btm role . dont know if i would have developed differently if not for these first experiences but i kno ive no interest in my cock as my primary sex organ n crave have a mans cock up in me
  3. bbcunthole

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    i personally always want it blown directly in me by the cock thats is fucking me. most guys i play with prefer to fuck my hole rather than just get a blowie. guys only ask a btm once , then ur tagged with there seed and a mental note so every time they fuck it will be released in that place . so when they are in my pussy im alway quick to point out i love being bred n the thrusting usually gets stronger n not long later a a big powerful load is gushing from said guys throbbing shaft
  4. Need a massive viral cock to tear n rip me up
  5. I need to b Pozzed. im masochist sub btm with small cock n giant cock fetish . I’m really just a cunt n a mouth for those men who want to hurt n rape me for there pleasure. Sex is always about someone else’s fun n most my pain n discomfort. I shouldnt b Neg I deserve to get pozzed . This is very important to me and I so want my hiv pregnancy to b perfect in my eyes. I’m seeking really sadistic men that are high vl n get off pozzing . Ill brush my cunt for maximum pain n exposure n want to take several of your loads . This fuck is all about you. Your cock n your cum n delivery as much poz Sperm as possible . If u enjoy punishment that even better as I want to b raped n hurt n not enjoy the delivery of my death sentence at all. It’s the way it should b . I’m hoping I’ll bleed a lot n the virus will enter easily . When I get sick I hope u will b happy to celebrate the conception with another or as many more sadistic punish fucks. Please get in touch so u can help a desperate sorry btm Fullfil a dream
  6. bbcunthole

    How many Sydney guys on here

    In Sydney or Bris needing poz loads in my cunt
  7. bbcunthole

    Chasers and gifters

    Sydney / Brisbane chaser to meet gifter by semen n brushing . Group
  8. bbcunthole

    Don't Slam into a guys ass on the first stroke.

    I love men who want to hurt me or cause me pain while they fuck me . It really is agony when a very big cock rips into my cunt this way , it often takes several minutes for it to even become bearable . I really dohate the pain, especially when it’s unexpected .but when my man is loving it I’ll endure anything . i prefer sadistic men .most love using there Cock to cause pain so I can honestly say I secretly hope penetration starts this way every time
  9. bbcunthole

    Gifting n oozing me in aus

    Sydney or Brisbane a man to poz me Want highVL mega hung top for outdoir anon rough forced painful Rape and gift breeding. Preferably Outdoor n anon. Meet rape cum leave Bring mates . Do anything u want no abuse will b too much if it gets u horny gets u off n makes u cum in my bloody gash Bleeding physical damage obvious agony and uncontrolled screams are expected to be induced in me by your pleasure my fantasy conversion is from a high vl sadistic pain giving ultra hung massively thick top man ( hopefully 14” by 8” plus ) who rapes me n tears me apart inside. As a total masochistic sub need my conversion to be a horrific experience for me. Orchestrated by an evil man or group who use only there Cock to purposely stab n hack away manger tear and rip contort and destroy my internalls all the while this total physical ruin is simply for that fleeting orgasm of this sadistic man . It’s a sacrifice I’m so excited to make , the ultimate expression of pleasure a man can get is there orgasm for the sadistic man it’s even better if it hurts damages or kills a person I want to give that to him. Plus I want this bloodstream from the open wounds created inside me by his giant fleshy club to mix and absorb his semen , the semen that full with virus particles that will ultimately maim and Jill me. My death sentence. I can sense the excitement and thrill he can get , that he deserves in gifting me . Hopefully my fuck hole is never the same again. Hopefully he is in a position to visit me and rape me day after day after day . Further ruining and ripping ,never allowing the wounds to heal . Preferably I’ll go to hospital and be stitched up. On my return home. He is waiting. I am a born cum slut cock whore I’m obliged to accept every penis . He knows that every thrust rips the wounds open anew ,tears the stitches. Makes me bleed more. Makes him more violent a fuck n make his giant fuck pole produce and ejaculate massive quantity’s of this deadly cum.over n over day after day
  10. bbcunthole

    What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    real raping n beating and forced , tied up n whipped, anything where the btm is just used as a piece of meat for a top or a group . long term torture and abuse for a mans arousal being disiplined n humiliateed CBT , serious pain taken by the btm, espcially relelntless gang bang rape. even self cbt to get men offf love the sotries of getting slammed n fucked up n then serious abuse fucking n degradation begging for more castration fucked til dead pozzing , expecially forced and any time the btm is in pain while the top gets off AND pozzes the bttm . yummmmmmm
  11. bbcunthole

    should a sub follow his Dom's commands????

    yes they should . the submissive is thre to be used n abused n to please his top how ever it most excites the dom . isnt the definitiion of a submissive to want to please . sex is all about the doms fun regardless of anything that the sub may want . i know i my role in sex as to please my man , and i love a man who knows that and unconditionally takes what he needs . especially love that sadistic look in a dom tops eye when he knows his pleasure is just pain and abuse to me . mmmm
  12. doggie getting pounded hard . cowboy with me fucking my cunt on your big cock with u watiching me impale myself over n over . always for your pleasure n ur cummmm in me
  13. bbcunthole

    Master's Surprise

  14. bbcunthole

    Sexual Assault And Service

    so true
  15. bbcunthole

    Does Fisting Destroy Asshole?

    i absolutely love the IDEA of being fisted and being a sub btm i want to please my dom tops, so when they wan na fist me i wanna try , but so far , 4 fingers to the knuckle is all ive taken . i know i get nervous n know i tense , but im not trying to overcome it at the moment. ive tried doing it with good fisters n men i trust , slamming n puffing , in the dark in a sling over a whole night ,it seems its just not for me . in reality my hole is my sex organ , i love getting fucked and the feeling of cock in me , a fist or an arm wouldnt feel better , ill stick with a cock. any size is fine as long as u r getting off getting off in me . interestingly i am really " tight" those guys that like there cock sleve to be real snug have told me this , but i know if u get me horny enough ( pretty much just be a good kisser - lol) ill melt n relax n have had a few 11" easily long dicking me cause they got me all hot n bothered. that being said ive had some average cocks that i couldnt take cause the guy was not making me horny

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