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    Taking Toxic loads. sadistic dom tops with big cocks who use sub bottoms only for there cunt, who love fucking giving pain n delivering seed. t1na

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  1. bbcunthole

    I think im going to hell for this one :/ ....

    that would be hot , befreind a really hung mentally challenged guy n then become his life carer n spend my time pleasing his cock
  2. bbcunthole

    Question For Bottoms

    really really rough sick breeding sex with agressive sadistic top. punched n hurt n choked out slapped n caned n tied up once only castration piss n substances play with chems
  3. bbcunthole

    Tumblr acounts

  4. bbcunthole

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    god has blessed you with a massive cock . its the only thing that matters, it makes you a god to bottoms n u should be proud n arrogant n sadistic to use your tools properly for your pleasure only . large cocks all deserve to be worshipped n cum in holes constantly
  5. bbcunthole

    Molested as a kid

    when i was 5 i had teenagers fucking me regular , they degraded me n abused me , but i knew who i was. and they could too , thats why i was targted , if fact id almost say i led them on to get what i needed, these type of boys are only doing what comes natural, i can say now that the training i had in sex for only pleasuring other men then has made me the total faggot slut that i am now.
  6. bbcunthole


    Anything goes love sick dirty chat with doms sissy n BBC, rape, rough pozzing, molested. deth n dying, extreme sexual violence . castration , perm injury kik ; jaimecd01 let me know who u r
  7. bbcunthole

    High egard for rape.

    get off on hurting me please
  8. bbcunthole

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    about 14 the men molesting me didnt care about my tiny cock , i dont cum at all any more tho , my small cok stays soft when im getting fucked , i have sex so hung men can get off , preferably my hurting me. i dont enjoy getting fucked n do look fwd to pleasing the most sadistic guys and enduring the pain they inflict til it makes them explode .
  9. def face to face him thrusting deep if he is huge m so i can see his sadistic smile as he watches my agony on every stroke
  10. bbcunthole

    Bottoms with little dicks

    i have a small hairless limp dick . most tops i meet are agressive n abusive n dont care about my cock n weather in enjoying or getting off , i love those men the best who see my tiny cock n make fun or abuse it , slap me n punch me in the groin as punishment
  11. this is so true. i was used at 5 and from then on i knew what my purpose in life is . i seek our dominant sadistic rapists n love iteveery time.
  12. bbcunthole

    Addicted to Pain?

    pain n screams n blood from the btm is the best fucjing
  13. bbcunthole

    should a sub follow his Dom's commands????

    mmm yum , if he is psycopathically abusive HVL n massive tool . ill submitt totally. as long as u hurt me
  14. thanks for the follow man!

  15. bbcunthole

    Raping Fantasies

    men into forced n beating me n get off when im in agony is my favorite sex

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