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    Sydney AUSTRALIA
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    Taking Toxic loads. sadistic dom tops with big cocks who use sub bottoms only for there cunt, who love fucking giving pain n delivering seed. t1naLove all filth n sick n disguisting things u wanna do when I see the erection u get. I'm obsessed with poz men. Been bored constantly by infected men.it seems I'm not believed when i find a sadistic hung man n say i want him to ra9e me n poz me if it gets him horny n thrills him . no one poz will dump in me in australia unless they are medicated . i think i need to travel oversea n find sick wasting untreated cock that appreciates the ability to destroy slutty neg holes n wants to kill me . please tell me if u kno the best places for me to find TOXIC MASSIVE COCKS attached to sadistic men who will hurt me for there fun , so i can arrange my trip

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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    tox cum slut . getting into more n more abuse men n fists on me n in me n only dream of tox cuum n men into kink n filth n flying chilled times
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    watched alot - lol . bareback only . trannies are hot . women fucked up the arse . groups of sweaty men
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    sadistic men to get chilled n filthy with n who will terrorise me n poz me up

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  1. Hey, thanks for the follow!

  2. wow thats hot . love it when guys go rock hard like that after they realise they have actually hurt me
  3. im in qld all the time babe . infect me too please :)

  4. fuck thats like the perfect cock . thick long n meaty . n has a diseased man attached to it , shame ur medicated n not yet spewing out that irrisistable death seed . xx

  5. thanks for the follow!

  6. mone of the tops that fuck me care at all about my cock unless its to slap or squeeze or otherwise make me scream or squeeze my hole for there pleasure . i never go erect n never cun n always focus on my tops enjoyment .
  7. thats even hotter id not even worry about that, in fact doesnt it get ur cock harder n u give them a better fuck knowing ur infecting therm for your fun , its a win win
  8. ANY GUY WHO WILL GET REALLY TURNED ON BY tieing me up so i cant move n destroying my ballsac n everything within very slowly n painfully . electro , burning cutting n castration , watch me terrrorized n ignore me . sick n sadistic n u climax to my destruction
  9. Thank you for following me. 

  10. none of the men i see care about my cock at all n only ever touch it or my balls if they wanna hurt me. a man reaching round n squeezing my tiny ballsac so the pain is so bad til im squeelingg into his cock or asshole as i suck or lick makes me work so mujch harder for him
  11. preferably death by way of you enjoying your toxic weaopon dumping seed in neg nerg neg boicunt.... mmmm. makes u a god .
  12. i take the veiw that me getting infected is a compliment n top men with hvl loads decide when n how . its nothing to do with my neeeds n i deserve it regardless . tops will b tops we should just relax n hope they get off in us rathger than complain afterwards
  13. any big cocks really as long as they are toxic
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