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  1. bbfan74

    Porn Wishlist

    Definitely more breeding, i.e. cumming inside without pulling out and while that happens we need to see the bottom's and the top's faces.
  2. bbfan74

    Popper Porn

    Here are some more: Machofucker - 13 inches for Kriss Aston (you only see him take poppers once though) Machofucker - Alex and Jorge Ballantinos (GREAT scene, he takes poppers several times!!) Machofucker - Hard Time I with Igor (the bottom takes poppers a few times) Machofucker - Claude and Igor (also a great scene, he takes pp a few times) TIM - Plowed - Mick and Jesse O'Toole (long scene and huge dick so he needs to take pp a few times)
  3. bbfan74

    Popper Porn

    Thanks a lot for this list! Really helpful!!
  4. bbfan74

    Antonio Biaggi

    It's not a myth. I am speaking of my own experience as a top. I have probably fucked 500+ men bareback over the course of 12+ years and am still negative. If you don't believe that it is harder for tops to be infected, then fine, you don't have to believe it but that is my experience plus that of some other guys I've spoken to who are tops. Also logic tells me: You can only be infected with blood or sperm coming in touch with your dick as a top. Usually guys don't bleed when you fuck them. I know it's possible but usually they don't. And if you'e the first to fuck a guy then they usually don't have sperm in their ass. So of course you CAN contract HIV by being a top but it is much more difficult than it is for bottoms. Having said that, I think we're getting a bit off-topic here as the original thread is about Antonio Biaggi.
  5. bbfan74

    Is Leonardo Poz?

    I'm sorry. Am I not allowed to express my opinion? If you're having such a hard time accepting other people's opinions, then you should not be a moderator? You know what? I can easily leave the message board for good. You know what a message board would be without active members, right? I expect an apology!
  6. bbfan74


    Wow, thanks a lot for posting this. When I find out where the scene is from I will definitely want to buy it. Hope it is available as a download-for-own scene or part of a membership subscription where you can download the videos. I will try to research a little. Thanks a lot!
  7. bbfan74

    Is Leonardo Poz?

    Sorry, I don't get why having a serious disease that most people would not want to have would make him more attractive.
  8. bbfan74

    Is Leonardo Poz?

    Why is it important?
  9. bbfan74


    What a shame no one knows more about him.
  10. bbfan74

    Popper Porn

    I love when they use poppers in porn too. I hate it when some studios cut it out, like RawStrokes for example. You can see the bottom holding a bottle in his hand but never get to see when he sniffes it. Whereas some older Machofucker videos (when the site was still good) have a lot of poppers action. I like it when bottoms have to take it because the top's is so big and aggressive that they're hurting otherwise. Love it. A good assfuck needs to hurt!
  11. bbfan74

    More Major Studios Going Bb?

    And I don't know why the studios don't learn this. Plus, I want to see the top's and the bottom's face while he's cumming inside. I want to see the top's o-face and want to see the bottom's reaction to getting knocked up. These are the best scenes but very, very rare. Although RawStrokes seem to learn. They're having more of those scenes recently but still not enough. Machofucker used to have a few good scenes where they showed both of their faces. TIM usually never has those scenes. I think 90% of the time the top pulls out in their videos and when there is an internal cumshot for a change, it's a close-up, which sucks.
  12. bbfan74

    Bursting Cum From Bottom's Ass

    Igor - best top ever. Wonder why porn studios couldn't see that and hired him for their movies when he was still available. I think he's not doing porn anymore.
  13. bbfan74

    More Major Studios Going Bb?

    I just wonder when the bb studios will realize that we want real breeding videos and no pulling out. Somehow they still haven't understood that.
  14. bbfan74

    the MACHOFUCKER thread

    Yes, I hope so too but for the last couple of months they've only been recycling old videos and present them as new. Hope they will shoot new scenes with the old performers that made the site what it once was.

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