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    cum up my ass
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    grounded,down to earth.........late starter but i learned fast what i love
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    Amateur stuff only - nice FF clip on Porn Hub
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    meets NSA or regular......lots of cum (pnp sometimes) 121 or 3-somes with all night breeding,etc......i can accom.

    Would love to find another insatiable top for a LTR & Love (yes im romantic)

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  1. beautiful hole

    1. fisterm8


      thanks buddy ;)

  2. Man that is a H☣️T hole !  Woof

  3. Senior needs

    im finding it the opposite at times with not many dry spells.............younger guys 18-40 seem to love getting inside me and letting themselves fuck me bareback...some come back a few times or tell friends about me so this helps to keep my hole supplied of plenty young cum.
  4. Erection Issues/solutions?

    get your hormones checked too
  5. very nice - id love your DNA up my hole ;)

  6. WS after a fuck session

    ive had my ass pissed in before i was bred but i expelled it first...........i prefer bred after so i can have and keep the cum inside me - dont want cum flushed out with piss
  7. Thanking the top?

    i always say thankyou to a top who has just bred me........i never ask status either
  8. some nice vid clips you have.......id love to see you siT on some huge dildos coated with powederd T xx


    Took a load from a mate around midnight and another from him at 5.30 am before he left my place to go to work........hopped online and found someone else who would breed a spunky hole so at 8am i took a third load.............i have it all inside me as i sit here typing and it smells so good.....smells so good i wont wash my ass all day so the smell matures. Will stay logged on to sites i use and with a bit of luck i may get some more loads this morning or afternoon..........i love different cum loads inside me getting mixed and churned together - very HOT.
  10. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    ABSORBED...........always try when possible to sleep all night with it inside me as i love the cummy stink from my hole in the morning as its matured overnight mmmmm
  11. if you are worried about it then please go have yourself checked out.......if youve not had a regular bowel movement? have you been eating as normal?............did you deep douche before you were fucked?...............could you also be anxious about either barebacking or getting a PA inside you?.........did you use chems?...........is there a possibility you may have contracted an STi...........I KNOW LOTS OF QUESTIONS but alot of things can make your bowels slow down a wee bit. GO GET A CHECK IF ITS MAKING YOU ANXIOUS...........dont worry about it then making yourself miserable/stressed out.
  12. Fuck music

    i LOVE this group........link is one album on yt but there are loads more if you search for them. www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5tKeJX6DcI

    ive had it a cpl of times where ive recived a text asking if i want their spunk up my ass and when i ask "who are you".....the reply was a "friend said you are a great fuck so i want to fuck you"........... a good girl never refuses a load LOL
  14. Lube Suggestions

  15. Car Sex

    was fucked bareback and deep fisted (almost to his elbow) in the woods by a young guy - both in and out my car in dark - very quiet secluded and wonderful experience - one i will never forget........played for around 3 hours non stop.

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