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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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    cum up my ass
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    grounded,down to earth.........late starter but i learned fast what i love
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    Amateur stuff only - nice FF clip on Porn Hub
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    meets NSA or regular......lots of cum (pnp sometimes) 121 or 3-somes with all night breeding,etc......i can accom.

    Would love to find another insatiable top for a LTR & Love (yes im romantic)

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  1. fisterm8


    if you have already sent some - thankyou im now needing more loads in the post guys.....ask me for details......im not asking for money or anything else except 2 or 3 loads from each of you.
  2. would LOVE your loads up me ;)

  3. id have collected all the used condoms and emptied them up my ass too.
  4. fisterm8


    looking for more loads sent in the post - UK only.............c,mon lads......knock a few out and send to me ASAP.........just do it.
  5. love the back tatt with wings - superb

  6. fisterm8

    How do you like ass to feel inside?

    I have one of these..........im told i have an amazing arse very often.
  7. fisterm8

    UK cum loads wanted by post

    hi lads.........looking to receive your spunk loads by post....you must be in UK and able to send a cpl of loads safely (so they dont leak or burst in packaging)..........if you are able to do this for me then plz send a private message - thanks.............this is a genuine advert so no trolls or timewasters please.
  8. fisterm8


    ur cum/condom sent to me in post!!! - im looking for lots more spunk loads in the post - be genuine plz and in UK...........send a pvt msg - ty
  9. fisterm8

    Can you take a hard fuck

    the mantra is "breed till i bleed"
  10. fisterm8

    pozzing for older guys

    i seem to be at that inbetween age where young poz guys want to breed me .............. i dont mind ........... ive even had some send me poz loads in the post which is sweet of them.
  11. fisterm8

    My First slam

    nice....hope the dildo was 14 inches and thick
  12. fisterm8

    condoms or no condoms?

    the only way i will have a condom inside me is if im emptying 30 anonymous loads from it inside my ass............i love UK guys to send me used condoms so i can mix all the loads together..........once ive about 30 loads saved up i fill my ass with them. Any UK guys wishing to send a few loads to me then plz drop a msg - thanks
  13. fisterm8

    Body Modifications

    my body mod was getting my ass wide enough to be fisted & punch fisted.........i love nothing more than to see a gaping wide hole or a huge rosebud on a bottom guy
  14. fisterm8


    c.mon lads - i need more cum.........get sending me some loads so i can make a large devils dick.
  15. fisterm8


    who,s sending me loads? (uk)

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