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    Would love to find another insatiable top for a LTR & Love (yes im romantic)

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  1. i would do anything to please a top and not just chastity.........a top usually knows he can do stuff with me whatever he wants and use me to his full satisfaction whatever that may be - he does not have to ask as the answer is YES each and every time.
  2. beautiful pics - id love to take your loads up my ass sexy man ;)

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      You have great body and a divine hole that needs a lot of goody in it lol

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      take me on a trip anywhere you want....and your loads sound like just what i need - sexy man ;)

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      Here to serve and to satisfy your needs stud

  3. Merry Christmas ............ i,d love a gift from you ;)

  4. Pay attention dear - tut tut - LOL....... Adam is the cum & fist slut - Paul loves huge holes as he is xxl endowed and Brandon well he is swinging both ways and will be a daddy before we know it LOL. Will write more when i have the time too - hopefully soon
  5. Brandon bursts into the room and says "holy fuck guys she is pregnant" to which we all burst out laughing........."she said she has been sick and done a pregnancy test and im a daddy" Brandon declared............Jesus Christ i thought to myself - what do i do now - so i blurted out "congratulations on being a daddy"........."she thought i had her female friend here that she left us with in the club and when she saw spunk and blood on the sofa cushion from Adams arse then she freaked out crying and said i had been fucking her friend on the sofa" - we all burst out laughing again......."thank fuck she is away home i said" followed by "Paul made me pregnant when you were through in the living-room with her" - "i want a baby too" - and they laughed........well - that was a kinda shock to say the least but the feeling didnt last as i was high and really honestly didnt care - i wanted my hungry arse used and i wasn't finished yet so i turned to look at Paul and asked him outright to "please stretch my hole as i want it widened" and his eyes lit up. Now we had each other all to ourselves and guaranteed not to be disturbed..........Brandon switched a bedside lamp on and closes the door then picks up a small tub from the bedside table and lightly throws it to Paul to catch - i can see it says FIST LUBE written on its label .......Brandon picks up his glass pipe and adds some powder into the bowl then passes the baggie to Paul who starts fishing about inside it with his finger......"how wide" he says through the cutest smile ever......all i could get out my lips was "please fist me"......Brandon by now is lighting his pipe and blowing clouds and Paul has coated his finger with lots of tina - looks like loads of the stuff and he says "this will make you very very wide like a fucking slut" as his finger found itself all the way inside my arse and the burning started allover again - oh fuck !.........Paul opens the small tub up and scoops out some lube and feeds it into my hole then repeats it another 2 times.........he then coats all of one hand with really flying as the tina hits me hard on top of what is already in my system - i feel really good - on top of the world - i pull my legs back to my chest to get a better view and my hole has opened right up and Paul is now pushing fingers into me and im begging for more as Brandon is enjoying the show watching us. "please push your fist in me" i cried out not caring who hears and Paul is now working 4 fingers into me gently stretching me as he goes inside then withdrawing and pushing forward again i feel my hole stretch as he is upto his knuckles and trying to go beyond that - i feel alot of pressure and Pail keeps it up not pulling back now so i push my hole down onto his hand trying to force it all inside my greedy ass with urgency - there is no pain - it feels beautiful - i want and need more............"deeper baby" i cried out as i keep the pressure up against his hand and suddenly my hole just gave in and opened right up immediately swallowing his whole hand to the wrist.......i cried "oh fuck - that feels amazing baby" followed by "please fuck me" and he did..........Paul is gently fucking his hand in and out of me and my arse is dancing inside wanting more "harder please" i blurted out so he started to speed up in and out and im absolutely loving it all.........Paul doesnt let up for 1 second and i know its making him happy as he loves huge holes - he is loving playing with my hole as i can see the satisfaction on his face - im absolutely stinking of spunk as he is fisting it all into me using his hand like it was a giant cock......"can i have a turn" Brandon asks and Paul withdraws his hand allowing Brandon to get at my exposed hole - he has HUGE hands but i will manage i say to myself as he starts working fingers into my opened slutty hole "dude your arse is soaking wet with spunk and looks beautiful when its opened like that" and he is pushing 4 fingers into me now and then tries 5 with his big hand but my hole feels tight and im a greedy determined fucker - the tina is making me into a whore but i tell him to "push harder" and he is pushing and i feel my hole stretch and he keeps pushing and im pushing back down onto it and his knuckles are inside me "harder baby" - "fuck me harder" and i open and hes now pushing inside me - "oh fuck" i cry out as the feeling is intense and i dont want it to hole is now wrapped around his hand and he is wrist deep inside me........Paul is loving watching and cant take his eyes of my hole..........Brandon is now fucking me in and out quite fast and im bucking my hips to match his speed begging for more and more as my mind is flying and im sweating allover "please fist me hard" i blurt out so Brandon fists me faster - i feel like i want to piss but my cock is shrunk like a tiny purple grape - my hole is stinking of spunk and its definitely making joyous noises that i love as Brandon keeps pumping into me then it changes......he makes his hand into a closed fist and is trying to stuff it inside me and the stretch is out of this world but my hole is resisting.......Paul grabs the pipe and lights it passing it towards my lips and im used to it by now so i inhale deeply - Brandon is pushing into me and im opening up - Fuck given a 2nd hit with the pipe then Paul starts taking hits to hole has now opened more and like an over stretched elastic band it gives way allowing the knuckles inside me and i start working my hole by pushing down hard as i want that big fucker inside all the way - the stretch is immense but the feeling is out of this world "push it all inside" i cry out so Brandon pushes more and firmer and he keeps pushing gently as i feel my stretched hole slowly start to swallow the closed hand a centimeter at a time - oh my goodness me - fucking heaven "fist me baby" i cry out and Brandon has now reached his wrist - im totally opened up by his HUGE beautiful fist........Brandons now holding it still inside me to let my arse get accustomed to it but im wanting to ride myself on it in extacy like some possessed slut.........Brandons now withdrawing his fist slowly and i feel every bit of it - this Tina has made my hole so fucking sensitive - then Brandon pulls out and my hole pushes out at the same time as i let out the most beautiful moan ive ever had in my life - "oh baby - please fuck me again" i cried out and "please put your fist back inside me".........Brandon starts pushing back into my hole and im trying to let out some moans but Pauls pushing the pipe to my lips so i inhale and im flying like fuck and i keep holding it and Brandons now wrist deep and hes starting to gently fuck me - and i exhale at the same time as his fist withdraws and my arse muscles are trying to push it out and my holes pushing out and Brandons fist is now out and it feels like heaven but he pushes it right back into me fully closed........."you fucking slut - you are a fist slut now" Paul says as he leans into me to shotgun me his smoke - it was so nice to taste his lips again.........Brandons now punch fisting me gently and my hole has given in as its offering itself to every thrust.......i exhale Pauls smoke and my hole is wanting it harder so i blurted out "Fist me harder" being punch fisted now and its hard and fast and i let out a huge loud moan as i bounce my hole down allover it "oh fuck" and "dont stop" i cry then i let them both know "im a fist slut and i love it "....then i start to piss as my hole is being punched - im squirting piss every time Brandons hand is withdrawn..........Paul quickly finds a plastic jug and its placed to catch anymore piss and Brandon doesn't let up - my hole sounds very loose and is making cum fart sounds as its getting stuffed - sweat is pouring out every pore and im soaking,im sure my eyes are rolling - my arse is loving every second as i arch my back pushing down to meet each thrust........"you had enough or want more" im asked after at least 10 minutes of fisting..........Brandons arm is getting sore........"i want more" i blurt out "i want more" but Brandon stops and Paul quickly takes his place but then in told "turn over and go on your knees" .......i swear Paul has got Tina on his finger as i feel slight burning and i ask "more tina"? as i feel my hole burning with desire - "do you want more" paul asks and im flying and say "yes more" so he is passed the baggie and puts more onto his finger - Brandon laughs and passes Paul the tub of lube so his fingers go in that too then his hand is going inside me rubbing around and coating my insides with tina lube - its burning "fuck me" i cry and my hole feels like it can take anything so i cry out "fist me" and paul is all inside and i feel him gently push deeper and i instinctively push back "oh fuck"......Paul is gently fisting me and it feels deeper than his wrist and my holes wanting to eat his arm and chew down on it "baby fuck me deeper" i cried and my holes opening up inside - i can feel it relax - its wanting fucked deep........Pauls keeping a steady pace and i feel like im riding his arm now and he is now punching me and my hole just opens right up for him - im begging for more now with my arse in the air but Paul knows not to overdo it but keeps in and out "you fucking slut" he said and Brandon butts in "yeah dude Adam is just a fucking fist slut" and they both laughed............i dont even know how long id been getting punch fisted but my knees eventually packed in..........felt good to get on my back again - my mind is flying and pauls hand is back at my hole pushing into me not letting up and im pushing back and hes right inside me now and holds it still - this feels like bliss - im gently rocking to try coax him deeper - my hole is burning and hungry "please fuck me Paul" and "deeper please" - im pushing it deeper - fuck i feel it opening me up and Pauls pulling out and straight back in and im swallowing what must be 10 inches now and Pauls fucking me harder and im begging and he makes a closed fist and without any resistance i sallow it all and he is making love to me with his fist "fuck me baby" i cried as im in heaven,im pissing again as Pauls punch fisting my hole "oooooh fuck" "fuck" "fuck" and i suddenly squirt the biggest load of my own spunk allover my belly and Paul doesnt let up but my arse starts forcing his hand out and eventualy needed to rest as it started resisting...........Both Brandon and Paul are sitting either side of me on the bed - 3 in a has just licked the cum from my belly and we are sharing kisses between all 3 of hole is pulsating and im flying and i reach down to feel my hole and they join in and start feeling it too.
  6. paul and i are side by side propped up with pillows and headboard and Brandon hops onto the bed and slides himself up towards me on his knees - he,s got that huge smile again.....his finger finds my hole and he is definitely booty bumping me as i feel the burning immediately - i love that feeling - and he is rubbing around inside my hole which feels wider after Paul trying to fist me and all i want is fucked again......Brandon takes my ankles - slides me down bed sligtly and with one swift motion my feet are each side of my head as my legs are pushed right back behind me.........Brandon has lined his cock head up with my hole and he pushes it hard right into me without hesitation - i absolutely love it pushed all the way like that - "please fuck me hard" i blurt out and he very much flying at this point and all i can feel is pure pleasure as Brandon fucks me inside out with as much force as he can and im begging "fuck me harder" and "fill me with spunk".......its all very beautiful and im sure the neighbors are enjoying it as much as i am but Paul reminds me "shhhhhh dude" but its easier said than done when your ass is loving all this attention........Brandon fucks me non stop like this for at least 5 minutes - my arse is in heaven......then we all are startled when the security entry buzzer sounded.........."fucking Becky" i said and Brandon keeps fucking me but faster and harder........then the buzzer goes again as she is getting impatient but Brandon keeps fucking hard like he never heard it then without much warning i feel him stiffen,contort his face and let out the beautiful moans as he started unloading squirting his spunk deep inside me....."fucking slut" he said followed by "take my fucking load" and he is sliding in and out still pushing as deep as he can then the buzzer sounds again..........Paul jumps up but Brandon says "dont answer it - i will" two have to pretend you are sleeping.......Brandon pulls out of me and hops off bed and pulls his dressing gown on and heads out the room.......Paul jumps under the duvet motioning for me to join him and he puts the lights out so we are in total rushing,breathing fast as is my heart beating out my chest like a drum but Paul pulls me into him and we lay there kissing......we are aware of the flat exterior door opening as we hear Becky.....Paul just says "shhhhhhhhh" to me in the dark to let me know to stay quiet so he can hear whats going on as he kisses me more. Then the flat door closes and Brandon must have let her into the flat as there are still voices........they must have gone into the living-room and Beckys turned hysterical and shouting loudly "where is that fucking slut" followed by "i know she is here - dont lie to me" and Brandons mumbling lower voice trying to calm her down is undecipherable ........ meanwhile Paul is still kissing me and its getting real wet so i take his hand and guide him down towards my cock before i then realize i have no cock so i raise one leg up slightly and allow his hand and fingers find my hole as i really want him to play with my arse as it feeling greedy......He is fingering me now,my minds flying and arse on fire and im making movements as if to say - another finger _ and Paul instinctively knows as i feel him enter a second finger and he,s hard as i can feel his cock growing against me ,so i push my arse down harder and he pushes his fingers deeper then says "stay quiet but turn around" so i do holes feeling very wet and horny.....weve assumed a spooning position and Pauls arm comes around me pulling me closer to him and i feel his cock slide into my freshly fucked spunky i push my ass back harder towards him and he pushes his thick cock deeper and hits base all the way inside me - holy fuck - he,s big.........i manage to stay quiet but want to scream the house down as it feels so fucking nice..........Brandon is inside me making gentle movements and hes kissing my neck and ears and i can hear him breathing........ "please fuck me baby" i said quietly and he started gently sliding almost all the way out of me and a deep stroke all the way back inside "i love you" is all i could say as he continues fucking me in and out and my holes opened right up,soaking with spunk getting used as the cum lube makes it easier sliding inside and my holes now making these sloppy farty sounds which i love........we are still aware of Becky and Brandon speaking and Becky crying in outburst before calming down again or her voice raised now and again..........Paul and i are loving this moment in the dark - i want fucked really hard but we cant - Paul wants to fuck me hard too but cant........."i have a gift for you baby" he said and i quietly laughed out thinking of unwrapping a christmas gift but nothing could make me happier than i feel right now getting fucked.........."im going to cum baby" he said and he started to empty his balls inside me and us both making gentle moans - it was so nice having him pull me closer into him while im impaled deep on his cock as its exploding inside me.....i can feel him squirting inside me "please fill me up baby" i said and we are lying there still,sweaty and breathing heavy as im still full of cock and that smell of spunk wafting up from under the duvet from my arse which i love.....i can feel Paul relax as his breathing slows down but my minds still flying and my arse too and Paul stays inside me slowly getting soft until it plops out.....he kisses my neck and says "thankyou baby" and i say "thankyou - thankyou for my gift" followed by "i love you".....we just lay there hearing voices but not making out a word of what is said. we assume Brandon is now getting Becky out the living-room as she is heard to say "you dont want me here as that fucking slut is in your room" but Paul says "im alone" and "Paul and Adam are asleep" and we hear the door unlock as Becky says "i dont want to go home" but Brandon must be edging her closer to the door to get her out and we hear him say "call me another day but you have to go home and besides Adam will see you tomorrow" - then the door closes and the whole flat is now silent............"thank fuck" i say to Paul and he laughs.
  7. you lucky slut getting all that lovely black cock,cum and fists.........i love T up my arse followed by a HUGE punch fist to make me nice n loose then raw cock and multiple spunk loads up me all night - heaven ;) looking for a filthy blk boyfriend but im in the UK and not many in Scotland (cries)





    1. ChiRawBBBtm


      Beautiful arse you have.  I love Tina up my arse too followed by all the Black dick I can find flooding me with their loads.  Love being a cum whore.

  8. Paul switches on the bathroom light and i have to shield my eyes to let them adjust as it feels sooooo bright - white tiles everywhere and that huge mirror that the light is reflecting in and bouncing back into the room......i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror - "fuck me" my hair is soaking and looks a mess but my eyes WOW look fucking amazing - ive never seen them look so bright blue as that before so i look closer - i feel amazing and if i could kiss myself i would......."too bright for you dude" Paul asks realizing its kinda affecting me and i laugh as its like football stadium floodlights.......he ruffles my hair and says "back in 2 secs" and he nips out to find Brandons lighter while i sit myself down on the toilet.......i sit there and look downward to avoid the light and see that my dick is almost non existent - i dont feel like pissing but my loose hole lets out what feels like everything thats been squirted inside me - almost feel disappointing letting these 4 loads out to be honest....almost feels like ive lost a baby........but thank christ id douched earlier to make room for that i thought to myself.......the smell of spunk was amazing and pink cum was bobbing about in the bowl - it didnt phase me in the slightest as i knew a huge cock or two would do that to a tight hole....... i reached in-between my legs to feel my opened hole and felt it was slightly swollen - even managed to shove two fingers up myself and it felt even better fucking myself with them - fuck i feel so loose like a right slut and im feeling waves of pleasure rubbing it inside so i dont stop but do it faster and start circling my finger around up inside my hole like Brandon had done earlier.....all i can think of is getting cock up me again as this feels so feeling very slutty.......i hear Brandon and Pauls voices in the distant room and the occasional laugh from them both with whatever they were discussing then Paul returns with his hands full carrying the lighter,small lube bottle,a large candle and Brandons pipe. "having fun" he asks as he catches me fingering my arse.......i laugh and say "thanks baby" as i stand up and flush......Paul places the candle on a shelf and lights it and puts main bathroom light out....."becky has just phoned Brandon" Paul says and "she says you ignored all her calls but he has let her know you are safe here with me and we are both asleep" followed by....."started giving him verbal too and she sounded drunk".....we both laughed.........Paul turns shower on and sets the temperature so it wasn't too hot and we both step into it....Paul reaches for a bottle of shower-gel and squirts some into his hand ..... "close your eyes" he says as i then feel him gently massaging it into my scalp ........."feels so good baby" and he leans in closer to me but im not seeing a thing and cant open my eyes or they will sting like hell if it gets in them.......Pauls now kissing me and were alone,feels so good,his arms are now around me making me feel secure - i could almost imagine we are anywhere in the world right now on some sandy beach as we gently kiss and it feels so nice tasting each others lips as the water bathes itself over us.....i had imagined kissing him long before now and id often imagined making out with him but this has exceeded all expectations....i never though for one second id be getting fucked by Paul on our first date but i end up with his flatmate too.....what a fucking filthy slut im thinking but it passes quickly as i dont care what i think......if being a slut feels this good then i dont want it to stop.....he reaches down with one hand and spreads my cheeks open while fingering me at the same time - my hole is tingling like fuck,his tongue gets deeper in my mouth and im trying to breathe with all this water cascading down on us too but im in love "turn around" he asks and i hearts doing ten laps around a race track and my minds rushing at the thought of him fucking me again but he crouches down and starts licking my cummy hole........"mmmmmm yeah"......."got the cream of the crop tonight" he says as i lean forward against the tiles for support with my chest and arch my back pushing my arse out towards him more as i let out whimpers of pure pleasure feeling his tongue now probing me,licking me deep and feasting on my spunky hole........."Brandon told me you had a lovely ass but this tastes truly amazing" followed by "and best of all i love open holes especially when i can make them wider" so i push back more like a slut wanting his whole head inside me as it feels so fucking good......"please make me wider" i blurted out but instead his tongue goes deeper and im moaning to beg for more......we are like this for a good 5 minutes and Paul steps out of the shower to pick up the pipe then lights it as i step out too and sit back down on the toilet to use it like a seat.......paul leans forward and shotguns to exhale the smoke into my mouth and lip locked we are looking right into each others eyes,looking right into each others souls,i feel amazing again and he is fucking beautiful in this candlelight ....... that body tingle gets stronger but we try hold it not letting any smoke escape,then i exhale a big cloud towards the ceiling .....paul flicks the lighter again and heats the bowl up and passes the pipe to my lips and my arse starts getting that "i need fucked right now" feeling again so i repeat "make me wider" as soon as i exhale the second cloud......."stand up and turn around" Paul says as he relights the starting to fly again as its put back to my lips and he says "hold it longer this time" so i i do this he opens the small bottle of lube up and im aware he is pouring it on his cock behind me but i dont look around to see it........he puts the lube back on the shelf in front of me then goes down on his knees. He has coated his finger with the stuff instead as he starts fingering my hole to get me lubed up and he is doing that circling motion inside my arse which drives me absolutely fucking crazy......."i love you so much" i blurted out and he adds a second finger and im pushing back to get them inside me as deep as possible and around and around he goes and adds a third finger and i feel my arse expanding and opening up as it stretches and another finger is added and im pushing back as it feels fucking beautiful "please make me wider baby" i beg and he keeps a constant pressure on my hole holding it still and im pushing back harder as my arse is wanting filled and stretched to please my man ......"please fill me and make me wide" and he trys gently pushing more and im opening up and almost feel his knuckles invade my hole so i push back harder but he pulls back slightly before pushing again "please stretch me wide baby" i insist and he slowly starts pulling out and pushing back in and he is fucking me with all 4 fingers and now Brandon burst into the bathroom and out loud he says "guys you gotta stop as Becky is on her way round here right now"........."fucking drama queen bitch" i shouted out "what the fuck is she wanting at this time of night"........"she knows im here the fucking cunt and doesnt own me" minds flying but Paul blows out the candle grabs some towels,lube and pipe and we get our asses out the bathroom like we have done something wrong and head for his bedroom............."fucking bitch - im sick of her" i said and Brandon says "me too dude thats why we split up....too much drama".........we get into Pauls bedroom and Brandon calls her on his mobile "dont come here at this time....Paul and Adam are asleep and i aint in no mood for talking especially if you,ve had too much to drink"........i dont care if you're halfway here or not i dont want to see you" and he ends the call then says out loud "fucking slut" but his eyes are looking toward me when he says it but we all start laughing.
  9. thanks for your response bareall77 ...........see Adam thought he was meeting Paul for the first time that night as friend/potential boyfriend,etc and was naive very much until his first hit on the pipe then his world changes and that quiet little college boy was no more - i guess there is some of myself in Adam (shy,naive) and hopefully this will give it some realism - we are getting the story from the lips of a bottom boy craving lets say a bf & love ,however the story would have been very different - some would say normal - had they just had a normal cigarette or spliff down that lane but well when miss T makes her entrance then we can say goodbye to normality for a while at least as it brings Adams inner slut out (laughs) but he is in safe hands with Brandon and Paul (i hope LOL) - he should have been shocked so far with "the straight" Brandon fucking him but as we see he isnt phased and doesnt care with T in his system - infact anyone could fuck him right now and he wouldnt care .....every story should have a beginning,middle and far we are still in the beginning.......the middle is going to be very interesting with some drama and revelations however it will all work itself out in the end to what i think is a happy satisfactory conclusion for all involved (i will say no more)........keep reading im adding each new chapter onto comments section as i go along so wierd your getting notified of other readers actions and not mine in with them too but ive had that myself on other posts and accidentally discover replies that folk have left maybe intended for me say 6 months previous - i dont know if i was supposed to add 2nd,3rd,etc tagged onto 1st as a quote? so am adding as comment as i continue story.....i am getting notified each time someone makes a response or likes,etc.......maybe designed to keep you on your toes to go back checking everyday ha ha - who knows? .......enjoy !!
  10. There is still lots lots more to come ....... .i have the story line already planned and worked out in my head and we are not even nearly halfway through yet - ha ha......there are a few fantastic twists in the storyline to look forward too yet and if you have read and been observant to every word so far then there are some very small clues already written into this story but please please dont leave comments saying or suggesting you know the outcome as it wont then come as a surprise to some readers as the story unfolds before their very eyes and everything falls into place LOL.......i will try do some more writing tomorrow so please do check back often....... G xx
  11. im accomodating any BB tops..........poz unmedicated with high VL,poz undetectable or neg........any age or looks welcome and from anywhere worldwide - no loads refused.......can host for extended weekend or whole week for insatiable breeding tops........i am in Scotland UK with a greedy hole that needs well used.

  12. This is all getting too much for Brandon watching us fucking on the sofa so he gets up onto his feet and his cock is pointing straight out........"grrrrrrrrr...."i need up there soon" he says as he walks over to a side table and picks up what looks like a small bottle of lube and proceeds to pour a steady stream down onto his cock while massaging it up and down the shaft evenly with his other hand......."you are fucking going to enjoy this" he says out loud and picks up his small baggie of powder,opens it and i can make out he is sprinkling it on his hard cock.....i,m still riding Paul and he now has his arms around me so i cant move so much and he is breathing heavy in my ear,nibbling it and kissing my neck and telling me how nice my wet hole feels inside.........he pinches my small tina cock and pulls on it "thats nice" he said then followed it up with "do you want Brandon to fuck you now before i cum inside you or do you want both our spunk inside you"........"i want you both" followed by "i want you both to fuck your spunk up me" and at this point Brandon is standing right in front of me looking down at my face as im now looking straight at his tina coated glistening black cock and looking up to his gorgeous smile - fuck he is beautiful i think to myself........Paul tells me to pull my legs back and he hooks both hands in behind my knees to hold my legs steady and Brandon is now down on his knees and the tip of his cock is resting at the entrance to my already cock filled hole. "you are stinking of spunk like a filthy slut" he said as he starts pushing into my hole with the head of his hard cock......and the burning starts almost instantly and i blurt out "fuck me like a filthy slut and fill me with your spunk".......i feel the tina go around my whole body and straight into my head and now my hole is really on fire.........Brandon pushes another inch or two into me and i feel my hole stretching open even more......its a nice full feeling but it doesn't give up easy so he pushes harder and and he is almost half into me and my holes burning even more but im feeling it open up to accommodate him alongside Paul......."do you want it all"........."fuck yes give me it all" i cry out so he pushes harder and i get that fucking animal urge again and shout out "push it all inside me"..........i dont care if my holes too tight for both cocks i thought "just fuck it all inside me like a slut".........i didn't care if it was even going to hurt or not my arse was on fire with lust,i was tingling allover my body and my eyes were doing christ knows what as i could barely focus and my balls have went tight while my cock is shrinking even smaller until it almost disappears inside me like a tiny boy.......i still had Paul breathing down my neck and i was trying to keep myself together and buck my hole around both cocks and trying to force my hole down onto both of them with an urgent need as im being stretched open to the max.........Brandon forcefully pushed the rest of his tina coated cock all the way inside me and i cried out so loud that im sure all the neighbors heard but it was a good pain - it was so fucking good i almost cried with tears of joy......and then it started .........Brandon was slowly pulling out halfway from my spunky hole and pushing all the way back into me and my arse was adjusting itself inside with each move and i cried out "fuck me baby" followed swiftly with "FUCK ME" out louder and in and out Brandon went inside my spunky sloppy hole and deeper all the way he went and harder and faster he started to build up the thrusting like a machine that had lost control.......Paul is holding my legs back tightly by now and Brandon is pounding me hard and fast and my hole has opened right up - it feels so easy - so fucking beautiful - feels so right like its meant to be......i am flying and my heart is beating so fast i think it is going to leap out of my chest and im sweating like ive just stood under a back is sticking to Pauls chest and i feel trickles of sweat drop off me and down onto Paul but Brandon doesnt let up..........Pauls hard cock manages to stay inside me and Brandon is stuffing me so hard i feel like an absolute whore............"yeah baby take it all...take it fucking all" he said out loud as his relentless pounding tore into my now gaping hole digging it wider and deeper with each thrust............"you enjoying that baby "Paul whispered in my ear" and Brandon said "this fucking slut is loving it but were not done yet"......"im going to tear your fucking hole up until you bleed" he said and "he needs a gift for getting both our cocks inside him"..........Paul said "lets do this together" as he is trying to now fuck me from below making his cock feel like it just got harder and thicker inside me stretching me even more and im just laying there letting them both use me for their arse is pushing out around both their cocks,pulsating,gyrating and gripping them both like it has a mind of its own and im giving it all up and yes i am absolutely stinking of spunk,sweat and tina............"im cumming up your slutty arse right now" Brandon says as he is keeping his momentum up and Paul starts moaning beneath me and i can tell he is spunking inside me and im crying out "please fuck me" "fuck me harder" and "please fill me up" over and over and Brandon is ramming me hard as fuck and cumming inside me as his face gets that grimace and he is growling and moaning like he cant stop cumming and hes now pushing deeper and deeper squeezing another inch into my slutty arse and i can feel it all and he stops and holds it still as i try to squeeze and tighten my hole around both cocks but it feels impossible as my hole is destroyed and i know feels fabulous ........."oh man" Paul said "you are the fucking best slut we have ever fucked" and Brandon lets out that deep laugh he has and im looking right into his eyes and he is still hard inside me milking out every last drop of his spunk up my guts "you really are a fucking filthy cum slut" and i know i am and love hearing both them speak like that to me.........."im just a fucking cum slut" i say out loud and Brandon leans into me while still inside and Paul puts his arms around us all to hold Brandon onto me like a group feels like we lay there for at least 5 minutes sticking to each other and hearts pounding like fuck while we recovered....."i love you both" i said and they laughed......"we love you too" said Paul and he kissed my neck..........."time for a shower and tidy up" Paul says as Brandon pulls his cock out of my hole and stands up....i can see its covered in alot of spunk tinged with pink and red...... i dont care as it was the best fuck ive ever hole feels really loose and Paul is still inside me but lets it plop out by itself......i again try to tighten my hole as a rush of air trys to get inside me........but im destroyed........Paul helps me to my feet and i can see pink spunk stains on the cushion which is also darkened with sweat where we had been laying........we both stand there having a hug and kiss while Brandon tidys up taking his pipe,baggie,lube and picking all clothes up and my glass of water he leaves the room....."lets hit the shower" Paul says and he puts the lamp out in the lounge before taking me by the hand and leading me to the bathroom to get washed.
  13. we walk from the car park towards the apartment building - im walking without my shoes or shirt on and dont care - Paul has his arm around me across my shoulders and Brandon is slightly ahead but looks back every so often to catch Paul and i stealing kisses with each other........Brandon reaches the entrance door before us and opens it then holds the door open wide for us both to pass in front of him......"nice ass " he said looking at me and then lets out a slight wolf whistle and laughs..... i approach the steps to reach the upper 1st level......Paul is matching my steps on each tread walking up the stairs and level with me he manages to slide his hand down my waistband and his finger or fingers were back inside me fingering my hole as i tried to legs were feeling a wee bit wonky but we managed to get up the 2 was around so Paul gave me a deep snog and again i got to taste his beautiful soft lips - he is a good kisser i thought then i blurted it out "i love your kisses baby"....... "dont i get one" Brandon asked so i turned and let him kiss me for the first time too........"mmmmm - lets get inside" Brandon said as Paul opens the door to their flat and im offered to step into the dark hall before him and the door closes,light comes on and door locked........"welcome home" Paul says followed by "make yourself at home" as he opens the lounge door letting us all enter........"we can have a shower first and some drinks to keep you hydrated - but lets shut the curtains first" Paul said as he headed across the room to close them and switching a table lamp on too.......i put my shoes on the floor at the end of the sofa and dropped my shirt over the arm of it - i,m rushing like fuck and my arse feels very very wet but i still plunk myself down on the sofa - Brandon had disappeared into his room i had assumed but comes back with a large glass of water for me before disappearing again - i think i easily gulp half of it down......i fish my mobile phone out my trouser pocket and switch it on.........fuck me i thought.........ive a mixture of 15 unanswered calls and texts all from Becky...........she,s asking where i am and where Paul is and where Brandon is and asking why i left i read through each text im not really able to concentrate on everything she has said but each becomes more cheeky like she is my parents demanding answers to where i am and she is pissing me off with that attitude as she surely knows im with Paul - the final text asks where her female friend is who was left chatting in the club with myself and Brandon and she asks me to call her asap to let me know whats happening..... "fuck her" i said out loud and i switch my phone off and drop it over the side of sofa hoping it lands near my shoes.......Paul kicks his shoes off along with his top and comes to join me on the sofa - i instantly get that butterfly feeling again as i immediately put my arms around him for a cuddle......our lips meet once more and im now pulling him onto me as i sink into the sofa getting us both comfortable and half lying down - his lips and kisses are beautiful and his tongue found its way back down my throat and mine down his - mmmmmm my minds racing im thinking to myself that we should have met months ago and im aware my dick isnt getting hard and my hole is twitching like fuck like its on overdrive....."we have a rule in this house" Paul said and he laughed - "no trousers" and he starts to undo mine so i start unbuttoning and unzipping him too........Brandon comes into the lounge and has stripped already but is wearing a dressing gown and says he is off to shower and hope we can join him soon.. Now that we are both alone Paul gets up from sofa and pulls my trousers all the way off leaving me fully naked sitting there then steps out of his own.....i honestly can,t believe how large his hard cock is and im seeing it for the first time in full light....i can,t believe that huge thing was all the way inside me in the feeling like a champ now and i surely deserve a medal or a gift........he smiles and drops to his knees pushing himself forward inbetween my knees and leaning in to kiss me deep all over feeling the tip of his hard cock at my ass crack as it lines itself up along the sofa cushion and as if im programmed to do so i raise my feet off the floor and pull my legs open and back so my thighs are resting on my chest........"please fuck me again Paul" i begged and his tongue went deeper - we were both letting out small moans of pleasure as our lips ate at each others "please fuck me" and then i felt his cock head start to push into hole felt loose as half was inside me before i knew it then he pushed it all the way to the base "oh fuck baby,fuck me" i cried out "fuck your huge cock in me and fill me right up" i hole felt like it was pulsating as it was stretched out around his thick cock then he started pulling out halfway then back in again to the base with a firm and out in and hole was doing these summersaults again inside and massaging itself against the skin of his raw cock and spunky lube then Pauls fucking got harder and rougher......he loves me i thought to myself so i push my hole out to meet each thrust and im in hole didnt know if it was coming or going but it was begging for more and loving every thrust,feeling every move he made.......i felt like i had gallons of spunk up me as my holes making these slurpy sloppy sounds and his balls are banging against me hard too "please baby....fuck me harder" followed with "i love you"....."im going to fucking own your ass" he said and ramps it up by fucking me even harder like a crazed animal ,he,s pulling it all the way out and stuffing it back in just as fast and balls deep to the base........."oh baby fuck me....please dont stop" i cried followed with use me and fill me with your spunk".....i am totally lost,spinning and spun out to fuck and i feel like a fucking animal getting impregnated and demanding Paul "do it harder baby"........this all continues for at least 20 minutes and im sweating allover the sofa and feel my back sticking to it - Paul is sweating too even though he hasnt smoked any tina tonight.....he is breathing heavy and still dropping me kisses now and again during the arse stuffing he is giving me.....then im aware of Brandon in the room watching us as he is lighting the pipe again. Brandon stops and pulls out and jumps right next to me on sofa and with my back still facing him he pulls me up and onto him and my hole somehow automatically finds its way back onto his cock and i slide myself down onto it all the this point Brandon has got himself onto the sofa too and is kneeling at the side of me with a lovely big smile as he offers the pipe upto hand reaches out like i know exactly what to do and i dont need told to inhale it deep,then hold as long as i can before letting a huge cloud out which floats around us..........Paul is kissing my ears and neck and i fucking absolutely love that - do that to me and it drives me crazy with lust......."and another" Brandon says as the pipe finds my lips again and i repeat the process......Paul takes the pipe next and inhales a big one and i sortoff have my head turned to watch him and he then plants his lips on mine and exhales it into my mouth ensuring none escapes....i feel his tongue push into me at the same time and i suck on his tongue like a slut wanting all his wet saliva in my mouth.....then i now gently trying to ride my hole on Pauls cock but it aint so easy when you are spun but he puts both his hand on my hips and helps me buck up and down and my arse is feeling out of this world......."another" said Brandon but this time he inhales then shotguns it into my mouth locking his lips into mine.........."good boy" i hear Paul say and im trying to ride him harder almost getting all the way off and plunging down just as fast......."i think we have a nice slut" brandon proclaimed and i blurted out "fuck me like a slut" and they both laughed.......we continued fucking like this for at least another 10 minutes and i just knew all that spunk up my hole was now leaking out and coating Pauls cock and balls - i could smell it - fucking beautiful smell i thought to myself.......i was hoping it handnt leaked out so much and left a stain on their sofa otherwise i wouldnt be invited back again.
  14. stil lots lots more to come guys - lots more..........hope you are enjoying iT so far.........please feel free to pop back to read updates and comments wel"cum" meet Brandon & Paul (with glasses)

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