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  1. Last night I had a fantasy cum true. My son, Drew brought home a real cute black lad for us, Darren. He had the most beautiful round ass. I had to eat it. Man he tasted good. Drew fucked him first. I loved watching Drew ride Darren and soon he grunted his load into his hole and pulled out. I got into position and was about to go in when I saw Drew’s thick white sperm leaking out. It looked so fukkin horny on Darren’s black ass crack and balls. I had to go down and eat Drew’s seed from Darrend’s hole. I lapped up Drew’s load then I mounted him and I only lasted 5 minutes before I seeded his a
  2. When I'm fucking a random hookup I like to fuck doggy - men should always fuck like animals in heat - best for thrusting, hard penetration and deep breeding. Also I get to smell the sweat off the man I'm fucking. That said I often fuck my son on his back, legs wide open. He enjoys looking into my face when I'm pumping ny sperm inside him.
  3. I’ve written about my son, Drew before. We both fuck around a lot but I still get a Lot of physical pleasure from his body. This morning he was snuggled up beside me in bed when I woke up. I was already hard so I moved him on Ito his belly and mounted him. As I penetrated his hole he just moaned “aww Daddy” I’m 56 and Drew is almost 22. He gets my cock so fukkin hard when he calls me Daddy. I stayed on top of him, my cock deep inside his ass and kissed the back of his neck. I didn’t thrust into him, I just enjoyed feeling his heart beat as his hole pulsed on my shaft. I was in him for about 2
  4. Yeah, my married buddy tensed up when he felt my tongue on his asshole. He clenched it shut but I persevered and I could feel his hole and muscles relax. I didn't go in too deep but he fukkin loved me eating his ass. He stayed hard so I knew he was loving it. I'm proud to connect a str8 dude with his ass. I wonder if he'll ask his wife to eat his hole. I bet she won't so he'll soon be back at my door!
  5. My married buddy texted me this morning waiting a blow job. I told him to cum over. Usually I just get on my knees, unbutton his jeans, get his cock out and suck him to completion. Today Was determined to strip him naked. I took my time, teased his cock and finally he was naked. He sat on my couch and opened his legs, I went to work on his cock and balls. I lifted his legs and he slid down, I planted my tongue in his asshole and he started to protest then gave in - he’d never had his hole eaten out before - most straight men haven't. I rimmed him for 20 minutes while he moaned then took his co
  6. I wouldn’t call it an addiction. I get intense physical pleasure fucking males so I fuck as many men and boys as I can, as often as I can. My cock is like fucking steel when I press my helmet on my bottom’s asshole and a strong tingle runs up my spine when I push my cock deep into his ass feeling his hot chute grip the full length of my shaft. I gotta pound his ass as hard as I can till my balls explode in a torrent of sperm deep inside his guts. Pumping my sperm into another male’s ass makes me feel like a stud bull. Wearing a condom would deny me the pleasure I crave and be a total waste of
  7. Regulation Bike jockstrap looks the best but it's gotta be loaded with sweat and sperm so it looks and smells like the wearer is a proper cum dump.
  8. Speaking personally; when I'm boring my hard cock deep into my boy's asshole and I'm about to cum, the last thing on my mind it to mull out and jerk off over his ass. I fuck men and boys so I can breed them, Gotta pump my sperm deep inside their guts. Breeding is awesome.
  9. I always tell my sub when I'm about to nut in his ass and order him to push back down hard on my cock. If I'm taking cock I love to hear my alpha tell me he's about to shoot his load in me. I enjoy the anticipation that I'm about to get an ass full of hot seed. I enjoy it even more when I'm sucking cock. I love to hear "I'm gunna cum in your mouth"
  10. Sorry posted this in the wrong forum, not sure how to move it to General.
  11. I’ve always had a busy sex life but ever since I hit my 50s and embraced my Daddy identity I’m getting more younger men and boys than ever before who are willing to take my raw cock. I’ve got a regular, almost permanent live-in “son", Drew and hook-up regularly with other boys, either just me or me and Drew. I look after myself, hit the gym regularly and have a decent sized cock but my balls are kinda big so I rock a jockstrap. I live in a big city but it’s never seemed easier to find a “son” who’s willing to be barebacked and seeded by me. What so other Daddies and Sons think.
  12. Last night my boy, Drew brought a buddy home. I spent the night as a Daddy sandwich with my cock buried in Jason’s (Drew’s buddy) crack and Drew’s cock buried between my hairy cheeks. When we woke up Drew and Jason went down on me. First Drew ate my ass while Jason sucked my cock then I stood up an they got on their knees and shared my hard cock. In Drew’s mouth then Jason’s then both of them facing each other running their tongues along the length of my shaft. I grunted that I was about to cum and Jason closed his mouth on my cock and I fed him my load. Kid swallowed all I shot into him. Onl
  13. Yeah, I told him that he's still daddy's young cum dump and I will pump loads up his ass or down his throat any time I want then I told him I was emptying my nuts inside him. Just to remind him I force fucked his ass this morning and again an hour ago. I'm gunna seed him least twice a day this week to remind him who his breeding daddy is.
  14. Yeah, there's a str8 dude I suck 0ff now and again. He shows up, usually early morning with a raging hardon. His 0nly words are, suck.my cock man. He's got a beaut cock and shoots a big thick load so I'm happy to service him. I get on my knees, unbutton him, take his cock out and suck him deep. He's moaning about how fukkin great it is. Then he cums. I've barely swallowed his load when he's buttoning his jeans and is out the door like a scalded cat. He always Does this and I know he will need me to suck him off before long.
  15. Yeah, a fuckbuddy of mine had well handsome cock, about 8 inches long and real thick. Eventually I learned to take him thrusting it up my ass. I saw he had a hole for a PA and asked him to wear it next time. He did, it was 8mm with ball closing, a serious piece of steel. I loved sucking on his cock but with the PA in it was awesome in my mouth. He got me in position and slowly shoved it up my ass - I could really feel the steel inside me. He fucked me with long deep strokes and I fukkin loved it. He made me cum hands-free and then he seeded me. Go for it, you will love having him fuck you with
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