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  1. Hooked up with a Bear and his young bf. When I got to their hotel room they were both naked and ready for me. The older man told me to strip then he ordered his BF to lie belly down on the bed with his arse in the air. He looked at me and said - “go on, breed my boy” I mounted him and went in balls deep. I was fucking him when the older guy got behind me and gripped my balls - he held them tight and shoved his stubbled face deep in my arse crack and proceeded to eat my hole. It got me so fukkin horned that I pumped my seed deep in the boy’s hole. The older guy asked “did you cum in my boy”? I said, yeah, I loaded him. He told me to stay deep in his BF’s hole until my balls were drained. When I pulled out he shoved his face in his BF’s arse and licked up the sperm that had leaked out. Then he shoved his cock deep in his boy’s hole and pounded him. He was grunting about how much he loved feeling my cum on his cock. He seeded his boy, the pulled out and his shaft was covered in his cum and mine. He made his boy clean him off with his mouth.
  2. Yeah, I love my cocksucker on his knees looking up at me as I stare into his eyes. I love his wide-eyed pleading look as I tell him I'm gunna cum in his mouth - especially when he's a young cocksucker. I love to see him nod his head when I ask him if he's ready for my sperm and his dilated pupils when my seed hits his tongue as I'm pumping my load into his mouth. Then tears rolling down his cheeks as he chokes on my cum.
  3. I like to kneel in front of my feeder. I put my mouth round his cock and close my lips around his shaft and start sucking, using my tongue to tease that spot just under his helmet. I cum his balls, and stroke and massage them. I like his hands on the back of my head controlling how deep he goes. I prefer he doesn't masturbate into my mouth but trusts that I will make him cum using my mouth and tongue. When he cums I like him to shoot his load over my tongue and fill my mouth so I taste his sperm but if he chooses to pull my head onto his cock so his helmet is deep in my throat I keep on sucking and choking on his load - that's my feeder's decision and I must go with it.
  4. Good one buddy. I remember my first bareback fuck. I pressed my cock on his hole then pushed harder and he opened up and swallowed my cock. The feeling of his hole gripping my shaft tight was amazing. I was Hooked - like you will be. Fuck the risk - you will never want to suit-up again! Fucking another dude is just so intense and as you said - pumping your seed deep inside him felt so good you will need to do it again and soon
  5. Had a hot foursome today with my buddy, my younger regular fuckboy and his mate so it was 2 daddies on 2 boys. Me and my buddy put the boys on their bellies and ate out their holes and got em good n wet. We mounted the boys and started fucking them. We swapped boys every few minutes. They were whining like horny pups so we decided it was time to seed them. My buddy ws balls deep in my fuckboy and I was fuking his mate. My Buddy is hairy bear of a man and I love watching him fuck - he said he was gunna cum and I was close too so we emptied our balls in their arses at the same time. We’ve done this loadsa times but it’s always horny as fuck
  6. Hell, I enjoy watching a dude gag on my cock. Gets me fukkin horned knowing he's struggling to take my meat. He can gag and choke as much as he needs but he MUST keep his mouth on my cock and work my shaft with his tongue until I shoot my load into his mouth. Only once he's swallowed my cum can he finish.
  7. I always insist on fucking all my subs bareback. And they must take my load deep in their ass. I would rather masturbate than wear a rubber. For me the most important thing is the physical ad mental rush I get when I'm pumping my load into another dude.
  8. I don't care how many men have seeded the pig, the more the better. I love to shove my dick in a bottom's hole and feel all the other dudes 'sperm on my shaft and balls as I pump my load .
  9. Thanks buddy, I enjoy a challenge I've loaded his ass thee times now but that first seeding was the best.
  10. That was fukkin horny buddy - got me hard. Kudos to your top -he knew how to dominate you. He'd decided right at the start that he was gunna breed your ass and he edged you every step of the way -just let me rub my helmet on your hole - aww you feel so good, let me just slide my helmet inside you - then - just half my cock -then he's deep inside you promising you he won't cum. He got you thinking with your ass - you were horny too and by then lacked the willpower to make him stop - he knew that so he seeded you. We're all men and driven by our cocks - once we start we gotta finish.
  11. Hey guys, Reluctant Bottom hit me up again yesterday offering me his ass to breed. I enjoyed seeding him last time so I agreed - with conditions. I expect him to be on all 4s, ass up, presenting his hole. I told him to beg me to shove my raw cock deep up his ass and when I'm fucking him, to beg me to pump my load into him. He did all that an when I told him I was gunna shoot, ye moans "fuck yeah, load my hole" He's learned fast. I enjoy his hole and told him I'm gunna be breeding him regular now. Gunna make him take other raw cocks too.
  12. Yeah buddy, sometimes I hook up with the kinda guy that gets me up and horned. To be honest I was close to cumin before I even got my cock out. I enjoyed everything about him - his build, hairy ass, sweaty smell, his smoothie asshole - I couldn't hold back and I hate edging - I like to go for it and shoot my load. I hope you got to breed and get bred by the men you wanted.
  13. I had a similar fuck a few days ago. He was horny as fuck with a beaut hairy ass crack.He was my ideal bottom. My cock was straining at my ears to be released. He was naked, ass up. I mounted him and thrust deep into him. Man he felt good. I musta only put 6 strokes up his ass before I started to shoot. He took it as a compliment! Best fuck in ages.
  14. Man, that's a perfect description of the fuck I gave that cub. Before we got naked I was aching to breed him and his ass was so ready for my cock - yeah I was fucking him even before physical penetration. When I thrust into him and he gripped my cock the pleasure was so intense that nothing was gunna stop me cumming.
  15. Yeah, you know how to satisfy your top. So does Drew. He's just taken my buddy's load up his ass and I'm gunna pump my seed into him next. PM me and I'll get Drew to answer - he can tell how how much he enjoyed today's breeding.
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