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  1. when I was 15 my Daddy had been fucking me for well over a year so I was used to taking his 7 inch thick cock. Out of the blue he announced that 2 of his buddies were cumin over on Saturday night and he wanted to watch them fuck me. I was both nervous and excited. On the night he stripped me and made me get on all 4s on his bed and he blindfolded me. I heard them enter the bedroom and could tell they were undressing. Then I felt the first man's hands on my ass and his cock between my legs. He pressed his cock on my hole and thrust in. He fucked me for 5 minutes and shot. He pulled out and imme
  2. Yeah, I love to make my bottom cum first. I like him to kneel in front of me while he masturbates. I tell him to cum in his hand and not spill his sperm. I make him lube my cock with his seed then I fuck his ass. I think my bottom is more aware of my cock fucking his hole if he isn't horny and he should get his pleasure from being fucked by me. Also I think his hole stays tighter once he's had his balls milked. Only been refused a few times, once a lad was trying to get out of taking my load but I coerced him into it and forced my cock inside his hole. I think it's the mark of a true submissiv
  3. This morning, BBRT group hotel hookup. Got to his room and found him on all 4s. Fukkin beaut big beefy ass - hairyest I’ve had in a while. His hole was fleshy and swollen, it had clearly taken a pounding all night. Sperm leaking out his hole and running down his balls. Fukkin beautiful sight. I went in ball’s deep in one thrust. He was full of man seed. My balls were covered in sperm as I fucked him. I shot my load deep inside him. He told me I was load number 9 and he was expecting 2 or 3 more breeders after me.
  4. Saw this boy in the sauna, in the common fuck room. It was quiet so it was just me and him. He was presenting his hole and looked directly at me and said “fuck me daddy” I mounted him and buried my cock up to my balls in his ass. I was getting well into it when I realised he was fukkin stoned and it was obvious he thought I was his BF. He’s still moaning “fuck me daddy” Should I pull out? Nope, I carried on fucking him until I emptied my balls in his hole and left him dripping with my sperm. Well, what would you have done???
  5. yeah, for me the thrill is in the hunt. undressing him, getting that first look at his ass, smelling hid body, mounting him, the awesome sensation of sliding my hard cock into a new fuckhole and then the conquest when I pump my seed into him especially ifI've had to work hard to talk him into going bareback and the thrill of adding another dude's seeded hole to my tally. soon as it's done I wanna fuck a new hole.
  6. When I go to a group fuck such as cumunion as a top, I want to enjoy myself so I fuck around for at least an hour before I even think of breeding. I like to try at least 6 to 12 asses before I select the one I liked the best, then I go back and breed him. Most tops do the same, there's little seeding for the first hour then it's a total cum fest.
  7. I've never had a big hard black cock down my throat. I can see I'm missing out, Wanna swallow a black dudes sperm asap.
  8. I’ve been blowing a str8 buddy for a couple of years now - especially when he’s hit a dry period. Recently he’s been asking what it feels like to fuck a boy’s ass and why I enjoy it so much. I said why don’t you try it for yourself but he’s never taken the plunge. Last Saturday he thought he was coming over to get his cock sucked but I’d arranged with my boy, Drew to be there as well. Drew douched out his hole so he was clean and fresh. My buddy arrived and we got naked and Drew and I got on our knees and sucked his cock. Drew stood up and bent over the couch with his legs spread. I also stood
  9. I nuzzle his balls and gently lick his cock if he's not yet fully erect. as soon as he's hard I put my mouth over his helmet and use my tongue to skin back his 4skin if he's uncut. I work on his helmet with my mouth and tongue while firmly gripping his balls. I take more of his cock in my mouth and press his shaft firmly on the roof of my mouth - this move invariably causes my alpha to start thrusting. I keep my tongue pressed on his cock so he really enjoys my mouth. Most of my alphas now thrust balls deep in my throat and grind their balls on my chin. I have little to no gag reflex through t
  10. Yeah, I luv the smell of my pits and balls. If I've got a fuck meet coming up I'll spend a couple of hours in the gym first so I smell good for him. The smell of my balls and pits is better than any poppers.
  11. When the cocksucker grips my balls tight in both hands as I pump my load down his throat.
  12. Two men are not gunna hang around while the third fucks and breeds you. In my experience the first top will put 20 or so thrusts up your ass then the second will take his place and do the same, followed by the third. That way they can satisfy themselves. This can go on for a while before they decide to cum, then they will breed you in quick succession. A sling is perfect, makes it easy to seed your hole. Enjoy and milk those tops good.
  13. This morning in a married fuck buddy I only see him once or twice a year. Same every time. He messaged me last night to tell me he'd be at my door at 8am after a nightshift. He's always on time, I let him in, I'm just wearing my shorts. We don't speak. He goes to my bedroom, strips, gets on my bed doggy, presents his beefy ass. I drop my shorts, slam into his asshole, ride him ruff and pump my seed into him. He gets dressed and fucks off. This has been going on for 4 years since I hooked up with him on Grindr. We've never spoken, in fact I've never heard him speak, he just grunts as do I. I th
  14. I like em high an tight - just gotta be hairy and big.
  15. Hard gym session this morning. Wore my unwashed gym jock. I didn't shower after. Told my boy to be ready to eat my sweaty ass. Instripped down to my jock, laid on my back and he pushed my legs apart and back. He buried his face into my crotch and inhaled the sweaty musk from my balls. He sucked on them through my jock and got me good and hard. Then to my delight he worked down to my asshole. He ran his tongue the full length of my crack and teased my hole then he shoves his tongue inside me. Man I was in fukkin heaven. His tongue in my ass and his stubble grinding into my crack had the desired
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