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  1. 158 loads up my ass between 8/7/15 and 11/2/15. I'm new to being a cumdump and I can't fucking believe I didn't start years ago. Some nights I have guys meeting in my driveway as one cums and the other goes. My hole is so fucking full of cum most nights and 3 or 4 guys text me every night to see how full I am before heading over. I don't have to tell most guys on this site, but damn, there is absolutely nothing like serving my ass up to a random man, any man, and having him just unzip, pump and go. Or, having him call me every filthy name in the book as he makes me describe who popped a load in before him. I'm in a college town and get the hottest fucking dudes who swarm around my house as the bars close.
  2. I thought I was a no load refused kind of cumdump, but I had a guy a few months ago that smelled so bad, was so obese, and hung so small in addition to talking in a whiny tone about not having gotten laid in 5 years that I just couldn't go on. I felt so bad for him, embarrassed that I couldn't do it, and was actually fighting a gag reflex so bad. I like submitting to dudes, but this guy just made my skin crawl and I asked him to leave. I'm never rude to dudes, but I just could not do it.
  3. I didn't realize this was "a thing." I had a boyfriend that was a 100% dominate african american dude with the standard BBC. After he'd blow his load in me, once or twice a week, he'd fall asleep on top of me. The first time that he did it, he told me that if I was good and stayed still, he'd reward me with another load some time during the night. If I didn't do whatever was necessary to keep his dick in my ass, I'd get nothing. Like other's have said in this thread, I loved the feeling of him waking up and starting to grind in to me again. So, I'd lay there for hours, underneath this sleeping, sweaty man, dozing in and out, but always being 100% aware of his COCK and my HOLE. He'd gently hump a little in his sleep (not sure if it was intentional or some unconscious thing). I'd feel his cock getting periodically harder and softer and would hope each time that he was waking up and rewarding my keeping him inside me. I've never felt so connected to a man before or since. He wasn't a touchy feely guy, was usually an animal in bed, but this act was hands down the most sensual thing I've ever experienced.
  4. name scott phone text only 602.301.3649 email: bbcmdmp@outlook.com location Tempe (Phoenix), AZ 85283 Best Time 24/7 age 45 height 6' weight 225# white No load refused. I work from home so I can often rearrange things and take your load during the day.
  5. I had an incredible 36 hours of cum-filled excess in Phoenix over the weekend. I’m in town to buy a new house and relocate after ending a five year relationship, but don’t feel sorry for me, because if this trip is any indication, it was a change that was long overdue. 1: Still being on east coast time, I woke up on Saturday morning at 4:30 and decided to drive around Phoenix just to see how things had changed since I used to live here. As soon as I get in to my car, I get a Facebook message from an old friend who says he notices that I'm in town. Evidently FB messenger lists your location even if you haven't posted anything. We start talking and I ask him if he’s up so late/early is because he’s been partying. He says yes and that he’s now a dealer too. Of course, I rushed right over. I haven't partied in about five years, so we'll, you know, I was quite a lightweight. He and I chat about old times as I start to get my buzz on. I start rubbing my cock through my jeans by reflex and I look up and see that he has porn on. He’s about 50 years old, 300 pounds, and a white bottom but he's got a decent, thick 7 inch cock. We sort of fooled around once a decade ago, but upon realizing we were both bottoms it never went anywhere. Well, maybe he was really horny or since he’d been obviously slamming by the look of his arm, we end up in his bed and he rammed his bare cock in to my unprepared hole in a quick thrust. 30 minutes later he filled me up with a big gooey load of spunk. 2: I’d noticed a cute, 25 year old, short construction worker type sitting on my friends couch when I’d come in. He was sleeping but clutching a fancy water pipe and straight porn had been playing on the tv. My friend said the guy was “straight” but made air-quotes while saying it. I walk out of my buddies bedroom to get some water and straight guy is wanking a nice 8 incher and looking real dazed. I say hi and he says it sounds like I was having some fun without looking up from the TV. I glance back at my buddies room and he gives me a go for it look. I walk over to construction worker guy, grab his cock, jerk it for a minute then start to give him head. He’s not super hard at first and doesn't look away from the TV. Eventually, he’s hard as a rock, bends me over the back of the couch and slides it right in. He never looses eye contact with the screen where some blond chick is getting anal from a roomful of dudes. He’s got a jackhammer kind of rhythm and shoots his load after about 15 minutes. He never says a word and just goes back to the couch to smoke and watch porn. 3: My buddy gives me some party supplies, a bottle of lube, and an almost empty bottle of poppers as I'm leaving. At this point, it’s around 9:00 AM and I head back to my hotel. I put the first of many ads on Craig's List advertising an anon hookup with a bareback hotel bottom. The add includes the truth about my age and weight (45 y/o & 235 pounds) and also has a pic of a huge black cock plunging in to my ass that some dude had sent me a copy of years ago. I start to get the usual volley of emails, most of which don’t amount to much until guy #3 actually shows up. It’s the kind of hotel with electronic security, so I have to go downstairs to meet him. He’s early 30’s, scruffy beard in a hip kind of way, white, straight looking guy. He gets out of a contactor’s truck. We go upstairs and he drops his drawers showing a hard 7 ½ incher. I start sucking him and notice his wedding ring. After about 10 min, I assume the position on the bed. He hesitates and says he just wants a bj. I told him the ad was pretty specific about what I wanted. He says he’s never fucked a guy before and do I have a rubber. I told him again that my ad was pretty specific about what I was expecting. I put my head in the pillow and just wait and figure if he leaves that’s fine. After a pause, I feel his cock head ram quickly in to my ass in a way that shows he really never has done it before. He makes an inrush sound and mumbles something about “having no idea.” No more than a dozen tentative thrusts and he groans like a moose in heat and I feel his cock swell as he pumps in load number 3. By the time I look up, he’s out the door. 4: Around noon, guy number 4 comes over. I meet him downstairs and we ride up in the elevator. As soon as the elevator door closes, he kisses me. He’s a good kisser but I kind of freak out since there are cameras everywhere in this hotel. So, this one is obviously a gay guy (not by looks, but by the fact he wants to kiss, talk, etc). He’s about 40, solid build, and a thick seven incher. His pants fall to the floor as we get in to the room and I suck his cock. He is evidently close very quickly since he picks me up, throws me on bed and doggy’s me for all of 6 strokes before cumming. Afterwards he tries working in my cock, but I've got Tina dick and don't really like the focus to be anything but my ass anyway. He seems perturbed that I’m tweeking and gives me a little bit of a speech about drugs and unsafe sex before he goes. 5: An hour later number 5 comes over. He’s remarkably similar to number 3, but younger and also with a wedding ring. His cock is about 7, beautiful, but not much girth. I grab some lube and rub it on my ass while I'm on my knees blowing him. He notices and asks me what that was for. He’s a really nice guy so that when he doesn't show any sign of wanting to fuck, I finish him off by blowing him. I do think I freaked him out a little when I spit his considerable load in to my hand, rubbed it on my ass, and pushed as much in as I could. 6: Around three in the afternoon, a 50 something straight guy with an electric company truck and work clothes stopped by. He said he hasn't done this in years but that his wife doesn't give head. He pulls out a 4 incher which goes, hard, soft, hard, and ultimately soft. After about 30 minutes of trying, we both kind of give up and says he’d like to come back some time (he actually did email me days later but I begged off). 7: At 4 PM, a 34yo black guy who says he needs to be discreet comes by with a thick 8 incher and a very tight metal cock ring. He’s “ready to release a load with another guy” and he does, right in to my willing ass. He asks me to drive him home, but I tell him that I don't drive when I’m spun. He walks home in the Phoenix heat as I enjoy his hot load up my ass. 8: So, my ad is very honest about my age, weight, height, etc. The ad also says that I don’t care about the dudes stats, race, looks, age…it’s all about the dick. Guy number eight is getting off a 12 hour shift somewhere and simply replies to add “where?” and doesn't ask anything about me. I'm waiting outside when he pulls up and he walks around the building twice after seeing me. Finally he texts and I tell him that he’s at the right place and that I'm the guy. We go up in the elevator and I catch him really looking at my ample body in a not so happy way. We get up to the room and he immediately turns off every light there is. I know I'm not Justin Bieber or all that hot any more so I'm not offended. Guy #8 is a hot looking early twenties Hispanic guy with lots of tattoos. I drop to my knees and pull out a huge, soft, uncut cock. I can just hear his thoughts as he’s trying to imagine I’m as hot as he is. He’s disappointed in my comparable hotness level but he’s horny and he’s here. I suck his impressive meat in the dark until it’s pointing straight up like a compass pointing north. I jump up on the bed and assume the position just as he says “I only play safe.” I tell him I don't do condoms and I think that I'm ok with him leaving anyway since its so obvious I'm so not his type. I crawl up the bed to grab my iPad which had just dinged with a new email when he sighs and says “got porn?” I say yep and put on a bb clip of a Hispanic dude fucking a twink. I lean over the bed again and just wait. I'm glad he stayed. He is an incredible fuck. He pumped fast, then as he got close just stopped. I could feel his cock pulsing with his heartbeat as he alternated between perfect strokes and desperate rests to keep from cumming. The fact that he didn't actually like me was a weird turn-on. He started calling me a “dirty cumdump faggot”, slapping my ass, and at one point after touching my Tina dick, he asked if I wanted his cum in “my nasty old tweaked hole?” He shot one of those loads that was so strong, I felt the pulsing flood all the way from my ass to my eyeballs. He dressed in 30 seconds and was out the door. The next guy that I had lined up said he only wanted 100% anon and didn't like that I was at a hotel where I had to come let him in. He said he pictured his cumdump’s face a certain way and didn't want it ruined by actually seeing it. I agree that one of the best parts of a cumdump evening is waiting there ass in the air for the unknown cocks to use me. I decided to move my operation down to a cheap motel 6 about 10 miles away. 9: I get to the Motel 6 around 8pm and checked in. I update my Craigslist ad with the new location and I log in to BBRT to place a party ad. On the BBRT site, there is already an ad for a cumdump at the very same motel! I sit there thinking that it would not be good sportsmanship to post an ad that competed so directly with a fellow cumdump. Besides he was probably hotter than me and I kind of assumed he’d be territorial. On a lark, I emailed him to tell him I was in same motel with same idea but wouldn't place my ad. Surprise, he emailed me back and said that he was actually not feeling well haven taken a viagra on a empty stomach. He said I should go for it and then proceeded to send me the handles of 5 or 6 tops who usually come fill him up. I placed my add and the fellow cumdump and I continued to exchange messages. After about an hour he says he’s feeling better so why don't I come and smoke with him. I walk over to his room and he’s got quite the setup. He’s a hot Hispanic dude about 45 and he's got a very hard 7 inch cock. He’s wearing a harness and a jock strap. We smoke a little and start to talk about the cumdump lifestyle or whatever you call it. It’s fucking hot, this dude is 100% in to everything I am. Really! We talk about how straight and black guys just want to fuck an anonymous hole. He tells me about the best times and motels in Phoenix for anonymous sessions. We talk about the best wording for cumdump ads, how to not draw undue attention in the motel, about how both get off on being video recorded. He reassures me that my being a little heavy is no concern to the anon tops who “just want hole and don't want to even see your face.” We’re both so turned on by the conversation that he orders me to assume the position on his bed and rams his cock right in me with one forceful jam. When I protest he tells me loves it when it hurts and that as a cumdump I should too. For a fellow bottom, he does know how to fuck. It doesn't last long, but before he cums he asks me “you sure you don't mind a charged load?” I answer with my hips instead of my mouth and he pours a witches brew of god knows what in to my willing ass. 10: I head back over to my room to meet the next guy. He was a 25 yo black dude from Ohio who was staying at a hotel across town with some other guys..sad it was some kind of work thing. He was 160 pounds and promised a 9 inch dick which he delivered. I sucked him hard. It was a long, but just average girthed cock. As he fit it in, he said “there won't be any poop on it will here?” I said no, but was thinking, no shit but plenty of other dudes jizz up there. Despite all my previous fucks that day, I had a hard time taking him. He was ramming hard and seemed to be hitting some vital organ inside me. I grinned and bared it as he pumped his first load in me with barely a sound. He washed himself off with my towel and I stayed in doggy position as I usually do until the dude leaves. He surprised me by coming back to the bed and going for round 2. He fucked me a good 20 minutes and again silently added to my collection of cum. After he left, I noticed that the towel he used had just a pale hint of blood on it. I guess he was hitting something important in there. 11: At 1:30am, I received this message “love to fuck a wet slippery hole, I ready right now, 42 6 feet 3 245 ddf and hiv-“. He was a white dude who also included a nice cock shot. He doggy fucked me but the angle was bad, or his dick was small, or I was opened up too much after my last fuck and he kept falling out. He gave it a good try and I kept trying to adjust myself to the optimal contortion and he finally popped one off. I caught a quick view of his face as he was leaving and he was one handsome dude. 12: Around 2:30 AM I got this message “Can I come over?? Would love to walk in and see you get fucked and I wait my turn. 26 Latino 230 cub here's cock pic.” It was a nice thick looking uncut dick. I was in the position when he came in to the room and he went straight in to fucking. Despite all the earlier ax, I could feel e girth of that thing and it was rock hard. After about 15 min he made an unmanly sounding whimper and stopped fucking mid-stroke. It was probably just a few seconds, then his thick cock seemed to swell to twice its size and I felt pulse after pulse of very hot cum. After he pulled out I quickly swiveled around to clean up his cock. I love how the mixed jizz of all those dudes was trapped inside his foreskin. I sucked it as long as he could take post orgasm without ever looking at his face. 13: I headed back over to the friendly cumdump’s room. He was feeling better and was going to opening up for service soon. We smoke a little of his superior product and talked more about being a cumdump. I loved that his so damned proud of it. Even his friends know about what he does and will and him random dudes that they come across. It was so cool hanging out with someone who gets off on the exact same things I do. We talked about taking any dick from any dude and I told him how I prefer ugly dudes over hot ones since they make me feel more humlilated/turned on. We then jerked off while watching videos of each other servicing dudes that we both had on our iPads.. So,at a out 4:00, a dude that had no-showed earlier said he was outside my door and was pissed that I didn't answer. I ran back over to my room and assumed the position. The email he’d sent earlier said “BBC 37 6'1 230 8.5-9cut.” He comes n the room, drops his shorts, and drags me off the bed to suck him off while he sat in a chair. His dick was 9” like the earlier bbc, but was super thick. I sobered up and down on us cock and he watched my every move, grabbing my hand when I touched myself and yelling at me to pay attention to my work. Eventually, he tells me to go back to the bed and slowly inserts his bbc n to my wanting ass. He only fucks for a few minutes then stops and tells me I'm enjoying it too much. He goes back to the chair and I finish him off with a bj, the whole time, arching my ass up hoping he'd go back to what I really wanted. No dice. He held my head down and shot a bitter tasting mouthful of jizz. I wanted it in my ass, so I waited for hm to leave before I spat it in my hand and got as much up my ass as I could. 14: I was getting pretty tired and was really spun at this point, when an old fuckbuddy with a real beer can sized dick (the thickest dick I’ve ever had in my life….hell I still fantasize about that monster and I haven't seen him in 10 years). I tried putting him off because I kind of wanted to see him under fresher circumstances. I could have a thing for this guy if he was the relationship type. Anyhow, he kept at it and I told him which room number. He came over but he’d been partying even harder than I had and his gorgeous beer can dick, although teasingly thick and long just hung there. He did get it up a few times, but couldn't get it in to my surprisingly still tight ass. I fucking wanted it, but it wasn't to be. I told him I had one last guy coming over at 7:00am and needs to close my eyes for a few minutes before he got there. Well, my beer can buddy is also a renowned rimmer. While I dozed in and out for the next 90 minutes, he ate out load after lad f those other guys come from my ass. 15: I was still getting rimmed when the hottest guy of the night walked in. His profile name was “jock” something or another. He was ripped, young, hung, and obviously slumming with this cumdump. He’d contacted me early the night before and specifically asked for a 7:00am appointment. I'm not sure why, but I imagine him being out with some equally hot safe sex dude and knowing that he’ll want to fuck a bare ass once on his way home from his hot but sheathed encounter. I imagine that he knows that a cumdump is the best fuck even if he would never date one. My beer can rimming buddy jumped off my ass and on to jock boys cock immediately. Once jock boy was hard, he fucked me for about 10 minutes while huffing on my pipe. A part of me thought this guy was the hottest piece of meat ever but I wasn't going to acknowledge it like the whole world probably does. I took his perfect sized, perfectly shaped, perfectly coifed cock up my ass the same way I’d taken homeless grandpas dicks before. I'm just a hole for anyone to use. 16: I checked out of the hotel and since I was still horny, I went to the closest adult bookstore. It is now Sunday morning about 9:00 AM. Was hoping to catch the church crowd, if there is such a thing. The theatre was empty so I went to a preview room and watched a straight interracial gang bang movie. I tried the doors of the other rooms, and one f them was open. It was an 50 year old accountant looking married guy watching Asian chicks. He didn't protest so I entered his room and felt his hard but small cock through his shorts. He just sat there, didn't even unzip to give me access. He didn't acknowledge me at all or help me to help him. I had to unzip his shorts, lift him enough to get them to the ground and then repeat the whole thing with his tighty whities. I spent an hour on his hard little dick and boy did he have control. It wasn't until his movie was ending that he finally looked at me with a far away look and silently choked me with a gallon of semen. It came as such a surprise that I coughed, swallowed, and didn't get to keep any for my waiting ass. 17: I go back to my room and eventually hear the accountant leave and another person enter the screening area. It is actually two guys and they are speaking Spanish. I can hear the movie and I'm confused about two Mexicans watching porn together but eventually get enough courage to try their door. It is locked. I rattle it a little and go back to my room. 10 min later I head out to try the rooms again and it is open. They are two Hispanic dudes in their 20’s. One is heavy, one is thin. They’re both short and have their uncut dicks out. They both seem to have the classic 6 inches. One of them motions me in and over to him. The two of them say something in Spanish then one points to his buddies dick and asks me in English if he ”can go to my room and watch my movie while I do that?” I guess they are straightish or embarrassed but they are definitely here for what I am offering. I start sucking the tall guy alone in the room and I do it slowly since he looks like he’s very excited. After a few minutes, he kind of tugs at my shorts and says something in Spanish. I’m not sure what he said but I pull my shorts down and he immediately is groping my cummy, well fucked ass. He seems surprised when his hand comes back all wet but relieved and the happy after he smells his finger and realizes it's cum. He doesn't seem to know what to do next, so I jumped up and sat down on his uncut dick. It had a pronounced bend to the side and was hitting me in an area that felt great. I'm not a big fan of riding dick but it seemed like a situation where I had to take charge. After about 15 min, he shot his wad and held me down sitting in his lap as his breathing slowed. I got off and again got to clean up multiple loads of cum from his shrinking uncut cock. I headed back to my room where e other guy was waiting. His dick was thicker and I think he was a little gayer cause he kept trying to touch my Tina dick. I sucked his dick and offered up my ass but he didn't go for it. I pointed at my ass and at his buddies room and he grinned and briefly ran his finger over my hole. It took about 30 min for me to get him off. My mouth was running a bit dry from the Tina, but he finally pulled out, aimed for my ass and shot his load. It went a bit high in my back but I appreciated the effort and scraped it in to my hole after he went back to his room. I heard them laughing in the next room but couldn't understand a word. I'm guessing they were calling me a cumdump or a crazy anglo. 18: After 2 hours, the movie ends and I head back to my hotel. No get to the hotel and realize that I'm still horny. I decide to go to “the chute” bathhouse in Phoenix. It isn't very crowded there on a Sunday afternoon, but I get a room and lay ass up, drifting in and out of sleep. I wake up and find my way though the maze of rooms to the bathroom. I look up and there is my cumdump friend from the night before. We laugh and he tells me which room he’s in. I stop by and we make out and then he pushes me down on the bed and fucks another one of his charged loads in to me. I’m jealous of a bottom who can fuck but happy to see and feel my friend again. 19: I go back to my cubicle and eventually a dude comes in and I suck his cock. He gets hard and I jump up on the bed assuming the position. He quickly grabs his towel and leaves. I'm embarrassed but remember my new friend telling me to own being a cumdump so I just man up, think it’s his loss and lay back down. 20: The bathhouse is clearing out and there are a handful of guys left. An old ugly guy wanders in to my room and I suck him hard. He has a nice cock hanging between his ancient legs but I soon realize he’s a bottom too. Maybe it's been a long day and a half and something went wrong with my bottom cumdump programming, but I got rock hard. I bent grandpa over my bed and pushed my 6 incher in to his ass. I've probably only fucked about 6 times in my life, but I tore in to his ass while he wheezed away underneath me. His ass felt so wet, I chcked down there expecting the worst and instead found that grandpas ass was full of cum. When I go for over a day having sex, I can shoot enough to fill ten shot glasses and put smeone’s eyes out. Feeling all that cum in that old trolls ass sent me over the edge and I let it lose, giving him every ounce that I had. Grandpa was very grateful and I was finally spent. This trip, especially those 36 hours, were like something out of a TIM Dawson movie. I have never been so happily full of cum and sexually fulfilled in my entire life. I wonder if I can ever top it…um…or should I say bottom it!
  6. So, I was in Phoenix over the weekend and did the cheap motel cumdump thing. Here was my ad: 27 Ave Indian School Hotel Cumdump - m4m - 45 45 yo white dude taking loads at cheap motel. Need to get off? I don't care about your age, looks, whatever. Guy #1: Bear - rimmed me good, fucked me OK,dumped his load and said he'd be back later. Guy #2: Older African American gentleman - asked about protection and I said no...banged away...dropped his load and left. Guy #3: Young African American guy - 10.5 (real) inches...two hours of fucking and he didn't come. He kept making sure the curtains and door were open... he let in Guy #4: Never saw his Face....was busy sucking Guy #3 I was getting sore from Guy #3's massive dick and I had to get to an appointment, so he jerked off with just his tip in my hole (wish mine was big enough to do something like that!) and added to the mix. After I got back from my appointment, Guy # 1 comes back and hoovers my ass to get all the cum he can before fucking me again. Later, I got the following response from Guy #5: On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 11:45 PM -0700, #5 wrote: "I have a load I would love to give your hole " He included a cock pic. On Mar 28, 2015, at 11:46 PM, "I" wrote: "229 (the room #)" On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 11:53 PM -0700, #5 wrote: "You ddf? And Do I just walk in drop my pants fuck your hole? And you goys lots of cum in your ass already? ;)" On Mar 29, 2015, at 12:00 AM, I wrote: "Works for me!" I'm on my knees, ass to the door, when #5 comes in and pops his cock right in. He talks dirty about all the cum in my ass. Asks me if I want his and pops a load. I look over my shoulder as he's getting dressed and see that he's a cute, hot, teenager, (hopefully legal!!). I see him drive off in (mommie's??) car. Then, this starts: On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 12:13 AM -0700, #5 wrote: "You're not HIV positive are you?" On Mar 29, 2015, at 12:14 AM, I wrote: "Nosir...boring businessman...haven't done this in two years." On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 12:18 AM -0700, #5 wrote: "How many people have came inside you tonight? And why do you do this?" On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 12:18 AM -0700, I wrote:"Um..5 or 6...and I'm on "prep". And why do I like anon sex? That's a hard one....just something different every once in a while..." I then spent an hour or two trying to get the African American guy down the hall who kept playing with his bulge and seemed to be outside smoking a lot of cigarettes...no dice.. though... Guy #6, was another guy who messaged me that he was also in the motel...wanted safe, so he just jerked off on my ass and left.... 3 of the cocks attached:
  7. I was on Jury duty about 10 years ago. The case was for "indecent exposure" at a bookstore that I always went to. I knew the guy and he knew me. His lawyers looked happy that I was on the jury but it turned out that I was the "alternate" juror. I had to sit through then entire case but got bumped at the end so I didn't get to get him off...err..so to speak. He ended up being convicted.
  8. just got home from bookstore...took a load from a mexican biker guy..nice, uncut...wedding ring..showed him my lubed ass that I'd primed from two condoms I'd found on the floor.
  9. 1985 and I was 13 too..lol..small world... i was at the library and some 30 year old dude took me back to his house...i'd already sucked dick a lot but never really thought about fucking...he introduced me to it...shot his load up my ass...was over at his house a lot after that....
  10. Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 563.484.0797 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Bettendorf, IA Times you're generally not available: Always available for a load Age: 45 Height: 6 Weight: 240 Ethnicity: white

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