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    Cock, cock, and more cock. Plus the regular piggy things but you don't want to read about that.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    A pig. Versatile at times but I love servicing cock, the more cock the better. I love cum deep in my holes, wearing on my face, rubbing into my skin.
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    Tops, bottoms, pigs. I have a major foot fetish, I love red heads, huge nuts, swapping cum, anonymous play, public play .... actually I love sex in general...

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  1. Beautiful cock and Balls mate. Awesome..

  2. Orlando is always fun for cock and cum.... will have to give Doublelist a try.
  3. Beautiful day here in Jacksonville Florida... spent the day by the pool and the husband felt a little frisky. Before I know it there random guys walking in the back yard.... as we were naked they stripped down too. A few beers and some dips in the pool we were horny. I am a talented cock sucker so I went to work 4 men in my backyard and started to suck them all.... I was instructed to inside and bend over on the bed so you could see me from the pool bent over. For a few hours I was used repeatedly. One at a time sometimes 2 and spitroasted... at one point all of us were inside and I was just being passed around. By 4 o’clock in the afternoon I had take 9 loads and my husband who is normally a btm saw the cum dripping from my hole and then I felt his big dick rip me open and flood my hole too adding the 10th load . sat back at the pool and notice my hole was dripping and I was smiling .it was a great afternoon.
  4. In my experience smokers and guy who drink alcohol regularly always have bitter tasting cum.
  5. I love being called a Cock sucking faggot.... I believe some men think that is a degrading word but I find that word very empowering because I know what I am and want to thank you for recognizing it... of course I show my appreciation by continuing to service til they blow their load ...
  6. I am an equal opportunist cock sucker... any cock will do as long as they blow their load in me somewhere. I believe every man is deserving of a warm mouth wrapped around their cock be it big, average, or small
  7. I suck 4 married straight guys off a week.... last one brought another married bud with him..... 1 of them will fuck me too. They are so deprived and they just want to blow their load hands free.... always much obliged to help out a fellow man
  8. ATM is one of my favorite things to do either as the top or btm.....
  9. Those are the best night..... I love being an unapologetic whore
  10. It is a flattering feeling that someone would go against everything they know just to be with you... makes for very hot sex
  11. I love long foreskin... I used to run the tumblr blog powered by submission called CockSnout before Tumblr went all righteous
  12. This is my total fantasy. Hot story please continue!
  13. I dont' know if this should go here or what but it is a real experience and one that I find intriguing. True Story.... I found out about this guy through a buddy of mine that has used him before, there is no advertising and he isn't on any website. My buddy said he heard about him from another guy he was fucking and so on and so forth. Since I have found out about him I have used the holes pretty much weekly for the last 3 months (not always the same hole). I am have become a regular and on one occasion the gentlemen invited me to stay for a drink when I was done..... I did and I started to ask questions.... So this is how it works. There is no set schedule and you literally have to drive by to find out if a hole is available. When you pass the house this guy has 4-6 towels hanging on the fence by his driveway easily viewed when driving by, when the towels are out on the fence a hole is available. You stop by grab a towel and head to the front door ring the door bell. A gentleman opens the door and says nice towel, you reply thanks and he literally tells you 3rd door on the right. Sometimes you are using the hole alone and sometimes you are using it along with the other towels holders. I asked him whats with the towels and he says it cuts down on the questions... he sees the towel he knows what they are there for and invites them in and it cuts out the little pleasantries and trying to figure out if they are there to fuck or just someone who came to his door. When you are done using the hole on your way out you hang the towel back up. That day I was the 3rd load of the day before I was asked to stay (of course after I hung the towel back up). As we chatted there was 9 towels holders to stop in and use the hole. I then heard a bell.... he went outside and brought all the towels in and told me I could watch if I wanted to... he then went back to the hole and proceeded to use all 12 loads as lube to fuck the hole with his beer can cock..... He talked dirty to hole saying things like this is why all the holders used you, you needed that pussy stretched out to let me in didn't you.... and all you could hear from the hole was moans..... and this guy just pounded away with power and started to churn up all those loads before he let out a big ol howl and bred the hole.... literally you could see the cum flowing out around his cock and you saw his balls pull up with each squirt.... this hole got what he wanted..... and before you know it the hole was packed up and out the door in like 10 mins..... We continued to chat and he told me he had about 4 guys that would volunteer with the assumption that his cock was the last to use the hole of the session.... He asked me if I wanted to volunteer .... it was a thought but I need to be the right state of mind for that. The guy has a great set up and I watched some hot guys go in and out as well as have used a few of the holes with some hot guys.... the most unassuming guys as well.... just looking to get the nut off and go.....
  14. This happened about 20 mins ago.... traveling for the weekend on my way back to Tampa and we all needed to get out and stretch our legs. We all sat there bullshitting and such and finally I departed the group to use the restroom. First of all this shit NEVER happens to me. At bookstores and cruise parks yes, but not random rest stops. Anyway, as I walked in to the restroom, I thought nothing of the guy taking a leak in the last urinal, i step up to the one 2 over and proceeded to do my thing. I couldn’t help but glance, I think it happens subconsiously sometimes. Well he caught me, then looked over his shoulder (assuming checking for other guests) and showed me stroking his cock. He nodded his head to the stall and I followed. Closed the door I sat down and began to nibble on his foreskin, running my tongue under his hood and as much as I wanted to savor this I knew I didn’t have much time so I just engulfed his cock down to the base. He was precumming like mad and it tasted so sweet. He started to show those telltale signs someone was about to blow their load. So I increased my efforts, I wanted him to feed me that load. All of a sudden he pushes my head back( shaved head so I don’t have hair to pull) and whispers I want to fuck you. I shook my head no I don’t have time, he pleaded, he is so close he just want to cum from fucking. He then said there is a family restroom. He didn’t take much to twist my arm so I followed. Inside he squeezed a huge dollop of Pre-cum and slide his finger over my hole as I was bent over the sink watching him in the mirror. I had no lube and no poppers so this was gonna hurt. But when the hunger strikes you feed it. He spit on his fingers and added more to my hole and then spit on his cock trying for some type of lube. I pushed my ass out and he squeezed another doll up of Pre-cum on my hole smearing it with his head. He applied pressure and I started to open, but fuck it hurt but we proceeded. Finally all the way in he pumped like 3 or 4 times and the grunted as he flexed his hips filling me up. He thanked me and we got dressed and walked out, I saw him go to another car and a woman was waiting, my friends questioned if I was ok and I feined stomach problems. Now I sit here in the back seat typing my story out on my phone with a sore hole, the fuck wasn’t for me it was for him, but I still got the load. I can feel it inside me and my cheeks are cummy.... you know the feeling I am talking about.... WHAT A GREAT NIGHT... this shit never happens to me . Sorry for any errors like I said back seat passenger
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