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    Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Not sure how my avatar changed and kicks me out when I try to change it. That said, discovered I do enjoy what is depicted.

    51 yr old White Trash Poz Fat Pig Slut ... 250# (and losing), 6ft

    Into all sorts of raunchy nasty dirty wet action. Love rimming a DIRTY shit hole. Urinal. Sometimes toilet. Being shit fucked/fisted. Poz preferred. Toxic or undetectable. Even Neg. Undetectable Poz here with no other known STDs. On meds.

    Love to be gang banged sometime. Rough aggressive balls to the wall sex. But NOT into pain or a trip to the ER.
  • Looking For
    Its not MY ass, just some options..PHOTOS BY REQUEST

    Nothing required just SOME possibilities...or cum up with your own
    Pig, Rimming, Snot, Spit, Sweat, Farts,
    Scat, Fuck, Fist, 3-way, Group, Gang Bang

    Literally fuck the shit out of me. Maybe suck your cock clean after.

    Healthy POZ (undetectable 7/21/17) no other STDs, expect same. Hep A&B vac. POZ BB preferred.

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  1. If ever in OKC hmu and use this nasty white trashy pix bttm pig. Dirty & Wet & Toxic Poz encouraged 

    1. renaissancemanuk


      Dirty, wett and toxic is the best way.

      And it is my way.

  2. Anyone Into Scat Play

    Fuck yeah. That's the kind of thick log I yearn to have poppered up forced down my faggot toilet throat and/or reoacked up my fuckhole and fucked or fisted in deep. Anyone in OKC that needs an asswipe or toilet...
  3. armpit worshipping

    Oh hell yes. Love sweaty smelly Pitts. The top ordering me in there and then holding my head pressing my face into his hairy musk
  4. thanks for the follow, fucker

    1. BearOKC69_Poz


      If ever in OKC use this pig

    2. piglooking4pigs
  5. If ever in OKC use this shit pig most anyway you want. Shit fuck me. Shit fist me. Breed me. Drink your piss from the tap. Golden shower. Up the ass before/during/after fucking/breeding. Poppered up Ass 2 Mouth after each round of course. Etc. very few limits except for pain

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BearOKC69_Poz


      Love eating out a dirty shithole. Being an asswipe right after you take a dump   Not the best at swallowing esp if on my back under s rim seat but love it when a man is comfortable enough to just open his hole up and take a dump directly into my toilet mouth. Since I almost never get flushed out for fucking it is my duty to perform Ass 2. Mouth after a man has honored my dirty shit hole with his hard Cock and breeding me with his toxic Poz DNA. So fucking hot tasting my own shit sling with his cum on that glorious cock. Also gladly Ass 2 Mouth any cock after its been in another pigs hole

    3. BearOKC69_Poz


      Only limits so far is pain. (Tt, cbt s&m etc). No pleasure for me. Just pain. I am s pain wimp for sure

      my faggot kunt is getting looser all the time. May not be long before I have to start wearing diapers for it.  Love being fisted and wanna be double penetrated some day. Have been ball fucked before and loved it. Heard about a pig whose hole was loose enough to get the tops cock and hand in, with the top jerking off from inside the faggots hole. Sounds very intense

    4. TopPigBB




  6. unwashed smelling cock

    Cock cheese is the one thing I am still getting used to but love getting poppered up and "forced" to do it. Love unshowered sweaty ripe dirty cocks. As others have said, tasting the Ass juices of another's recently fucked hole on his cock or even my own is wonderful. Let's me know he is a top who needs to fuck and breed a lot and any and every hole will do. The dirtier the better for this pig. If any uncut cheese makers are out there in OKC and want to train me to enjoy cheese hmu
  7. BOTTOMS; Picky about who fucks you?

    Same here. For the longest time black guys did nothing for me. If they were in porn or s magazine I would skip past. Just did nothing to make my duck hard. Then one day I realized my asshole didn't care what color the cock was that was fucking my brains out so why should my head/cock? That was the turning point for me and now prefer black cock because it has been my experience without exception that black cocks are always hung and / or thick. And most blacks are more aggressive / animalistic in their fucking breeding techniques than others. However I am an equal opportunity slut and will take any hard cock in my fuckhole
  8. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    For a couple of weeks I was not able to type anything in any field anywhere. The unread content screen would end after one page instead of the load more or whatever it's called to continue. Couldn't access any of my notifications. Could only see the number at the top of the screen and whenever clicking on the icon nothing would happen. Couldn't access the help or contact screens either. Most of those problems have been resolved. Although there is still a glitch in the email messaging. While I can enter text in the required subject line I can't enter anything in the required message area. Running on a iPhone 5 is there an email address for help where I can send to from another application if similar issues crop up again? Thanks in advance
  9. How much piss is safe to drink? (urge to drink ALOT)

    Can't do chem directly due to heart condition but want to try some second hand. Gladly take your piss up my ass.
  10. Profile pic too large...

    Try sending it to yourself as the various file size options and use the largest one that works
  11. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    Seems to be working normally now. Thanks!
  12. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    Upgrade may explain it. Required to log in each time I visit even tho I have the "remember me" checked. I-phone 5
  13. ass to mouth

    Oh hell yes! Ass 2 Mouth is one of my favs. Depending on how dirty the fuck was I may need a deep hit of poppers and be "forced" to do it but it is my duty and honor to suck the cock clean that has been in my dirty fuck hole. Cleaning up after it has been in others is an honor for a faggot like me
  14. Drinking my Piss

    Would hook up with a buddy at the local gay bars. He would be a beer or 3 ahead of me and always had an empty that he would refill with his fresh piss while I bought him his next beer. Sometimes he would refill it in the bathroom. Sometimes in the bar one year we went to the state fair with some of his friends. All day he would refill my empty cup while I bought his next round. Walked around the fair all day in full public view drinking his beer piss. Loved it
  15. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing your adventures, stories, & pix. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.  Wood love to breed it. Thanks for following me Bear.

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