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    Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma
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    Not sure how my avatar changed and kicks me out when I try to change it. That said, discovered I do enjoy what is depicted.

    51 yr old White Trash Poz Fat Pig Slut ... 250# (and losing), 6ft

    Into all sorts of raunchy nasty dirty wet action. Love rimming a DIRTY shit hole. Urinal. Sometimes toilet. Being shit fucked/fisted. Poz preferred. Toxic or undetectable. Even Neg. Undetectable Poz here with no other known STDs. On meds.

    Love to be gang banged sometime. Rough aggressive balls to the wall sex. But NOT into pain or a trip to the ER.
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    Its not MY ass, just some options..PHOTOS BY REQUEST

    Nothing required just SOME possibilities...or cum up with your own
    Pig, Rimming, Snot, Spit, Sweat, Farts,
    Scat, Fuck, Fist, 3-way, Group, Gang Bang

    Literally fuck the shit out of me. Maybe suck your cock clean after.

    Healthy POZ (undetectable 7/21/17) no other STDs, expect same. Hep A&B vac. POZ BB preferred.

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  1. Stealth Pissing

    I've never had a top that wasn't at least open to the idea. Most can't piss with a hard on so that precludes many. Unless you get them before they get hard or after they cum. For those I ask that they just stay in me after they cum and as their cock starts to soften they can let the piss flow. Often like a race horse There have been those that are extremely piss shy. For those I have them piss in a large mug. And I'll drink it down in front of them or later. Most are fine with piggy anywhere body fluids sex but some are "don't get any on me ... Drink it all down. Don't spill any or blow back." Having your cock in someone's mouth or Ass is amazing. In the ass it can feel like you are cuming the entire time if the bttm tightens up and cuts off the flow then releases time and again ill take piss anyway a guy wants to give it. Stealth or otherwise. From the tap. Golden shower. Up the Ass. have drained the load later of piss and cum into a container and drank it down
  2. Out in public with cum on face?

    There have been times recently after a session I didn't bother cleaning up before drifting off to sleep then forgetting about it when I left the house. Going to Walmart etc then scratching an itch and feeling the crusty cum in my goatee. Got me hard knowing others could see. Have also grabbed my cum and piss stained sex shirt in the dark and not realized it until later when I unzipped my jacket in the store
  3. Do you clean cock?

    If ever in OKC gladly be fucked and breed by you. Usually a dirty hole so it is my obligation to perform Ass to Mouth after. Often poppered up "forced" but the more I do it the less "force" is needed (but always enjoyed) and poppers aren't even required (but enjoyed as well). OINK
  4. How Long Have You Gone w/o Sex?

    Even when I was in my teens my sex drive was cyclitic. Horned 24/7 for days/weeks countered by non-sexual. Even to the point of not getting hard or jacking off. Was lare 40s in one of my down times when I was diagnosed being Poz. Not only Poz but AIDs. Was in a state of denial since it had been well over 3 months since I had any sexual contact or any sexual activity of my own. Plus I thought I was getting regular HIV tests with my normal blood work for a couple of years but wasn't. After the shock of being Poz we're off and I became undetectable my switch was turned on 24/7 for about 6 years. Just a couple of weeks ago was down for 2 weeks but back up now. So not sure if I am back to cyclitic or not.
  5. Swallow Your Own Cum

    The desire was always there but after climaxing unless if I did it immediately the craving would quickly pass. Talking a couple of seconds tops. But it is something you just have to set your mind to do it no matter what and power thru. Then it becomes habit and something you don't even have to think about anymore. You just do it. Enjoy it. Repeat as needed 💦💦💦
  6. Hemorrhoids

    Thoughts on rimming a top with bleeding roids? As long as the top doesn't mind of course. The idea gets my little fag cock hard and dripping. I'm a sick fag, I know.
  7. Thanks for the follow ... if ever in OKC use me like the 6 6 6 fag that I am 

  8. First Fuck Location

    Jr high. 9th or 10th grade. Had discovered bathroom sex and abs. Looked older than I was and never got ID'ed at the abs. For details message me
  9. Choking Fetish

    Being the pain pussy that I am, surprised myself whe I discovered that I like being choked either when getting fucked or jerking off. First time was with a younger (legal) black stud with an amazing thick cock. Always aggressive hard pounding literally fuck-the-Shit-out-of -me whenfrom behind when he put his arm around my neck for leverage discovered I found it hot and eve part of our regular routine. Since then regular buds will often choke me. Never passed out. And only with someone I trust
  10. Wankers!

    When I was younger as many as 10 times a day. Now that I'm on my 50s not so much 1. Wank when I can't get someone to use me 2. Wank when I am eating out a dirty hole 3. wank after the top has cum and hopefully his hand is around my throat as I jerk a load off. Usually cum big time with #2 or #3. Not so much with #1
  11. Senior needs

    There does seem to be an obsession with youth. The younger the better for many. Most are generally attracted to guys there own age (plus of minus a few years) so I can't really fault them for that. And you were probably the same way when you were their age. Yeah it sucks. But I have found that older guys don't have the attitude and are more appreciative as a result. Done would say it is lowering of standards but I like to look at it as opening up whole new areas of possibilities and pleasures I have missed out on.
  12. Got Crabs, My First STI. Help!

    Take a few deep breaths. Relax. Calm down. Crabs was my first STI. Got them from being a anon cocksucking slut. Mostly tea rooms and ABS glory holes. Can't recall how long it took to clear up but I don't think it was very long. Yeah it's a pain to was everything (the heat of the dryer is what kills the little bastards). Since you are going to get tested anyway have a frank talk with your doctor. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Nothing they haven't heard before. In other words it is new to you but not them. As far as not having sex until it clears that is your choice but as I am sure you are aware there are guys on this site that chase multiple things so it shouldn't preclude you from at least putting yourself out there. Just be honest with any possible encounter.
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So how do you define "monogamous". LOL
  14. Great pics. Love massive black cock raping my fuckhole. If ever in OKC breed me

  15. If ever in OKC hmu. Lots of common interests. Private me to discuss specifics. Oink & Woof !

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