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    51 yr old White Trash Poz Fat Pig Slut ... 250# (and losing), 6ft

    Perv was an unfulfilled FANTASY that I am no longer interested in.
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    Its not MY ass, just some options..PHOTOS BY REQUEST

    Nothing required just SOME possibilities...or cum up with your own
    Pig, Rimming, Snot, Spit, Sweat, Farts,
    Scat, Fuck, Fist, 3-way, Group, Gang Bang

    Literally fuck the shit out of me. Maybe suck your cock clean after.

    Healthy POZ (undetectable 3/1/14), no other STDs, expect same. Hep A&B vac. POZ BB preferred.

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  1. Know chances are slim but if ever in Oklahoma City you can literally fuck the shit out of me repeatedly. Shit fist too. Keep me poppered up and make me Ass 2 Mouth after each round. Repeat as needed. Want as many loads in me no matter if Neg. Poz. Toxic Poz. 

  2. urinal toilet & cumdump in Oklahoma City for anyone...toxic Poz breeders a ++++
  3. crabs (genital lice) twice
  4. While rulers are great, I agree most guys don't know what a n inch really is...most add an inch or two (if they even know the length)...I think what helps the most rather then a ruler is a side by side comparison to an object guys can relate to...a beer can or bottle...any common cylindrical product really,,,shaving cream can etc...find something that is similar t your length and girth and take a pic For guys that are curious, mine is smaller than avg...just fits inside a toilet paper tube, length and width...the head just inside the end and wider at the base...fully filling the tube
  5. not sure what some of them are but up for doing or trying most to be breed repeatedly by the sickliest looking AIDs givers
  6. while they may give you a condom when you check in it isnt like they can stop ya from barebacking...i've ONLY done bareback at both
  7. anyone in OKC that wants to give me chemmed piss up my ass hmu...have always wanted to try
  8. if ever in OKC use this fat small cocked nasty dirty slutty poz pig
  9. the toilets, yes...with another row facing them on the other side of the room and the circular fountain type trough urinal inbetween
  10. sounds hot but make sure it is VERY securely fastened/supported to take all the extra weight! Back in the 70s during my jr high school years the upstairs bathrooms were all communual no stalls just rows of toilets facing each other with a circular urinal trough in the middle of the room ...was so hot to be able to see the other boys often hard cocks while they pissed when they stood nearly directly across from you
  11. "I can see the friends face, he looks like he could hurl, clearly sicked by what he's just watched." Did I miss like a typical vanilla breeding...granted a Poz to Neg fucking but nothing that would induce that type of reaction???
  12. Nice...had a coworker find out...didnt cause any problems (I had just started and was still a temp)...he confronted me...said he wasnt into anything and it was never spoken of again ...I was there for 5 years
  13. filthy restrooms are the best...most straight guys wont go in them so it leaves it wide open for the nasty fags
  14. Have been sexually active since jr high/7th grade and while not a chaser per se, was always Poz friendly...I had plenty of anon bareback sex. Most of the time it was status "dont ask dont tell" but if it was disclosed and a guy knew he was Poz I would use a rubber. I would go thru cycles where I would be horned 24/7 and then go weeks/months where I couldnt even get hard no matter how much porn etc I would watch. Then I converted. After the initial shock wore of my sex drive returned full force and have been horned 24/7 for the past 5 years. Crave cum. NO load or cock refused in my fuckhole. But in order of preference 1) Toxic Poz 2) UnDetactable Pos (unPoz). 3) Unknown. 4) Neg Even after being bred and even cumming myself I am back online looking for the next cock/load
  15. You have the answer in your post...get him back on his meds a mother hen and make sure he takes each and every doc told me that is crucial to staying undetectable

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