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    Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Not sure how my avatar changed and kicks me out when I try to change it. That said, discovered I do enjoy what is depicted.

    51 yr old White Trash Poz Fat Pig Slut ... 250# (and losing), 6ft

    Into all sorts of raunchy nasty dirty wet action. Love rimming a DIRTY shit hole. Urinal. Sometimes toilet. Being shit fucked/fisted. Poz preferred. Toxic or undetectable. Even Neg. Undetectable Poz here with no other known STDs. On meds.

    Love to be gang banged sometime. Rough aggressive balls to the wall sex. But NOT into pain or a trip to the ER.
  • Looking For
    Its not MY ass, just some options..PHOTOS BY REQUEST

    Nothing required just SOME possibilities...or cum up with your own
    Pig, Rimming, Snot, Spit, Sweat, Farts,
    Scat, Fuck, Fist, 3-way, Group, Gang Bang

    Literally fuck the shit out of me. Maybe suck your cock clean after.

    Healthy POZ (undetectable 3/1/16) no other STDs, expect same. Hep A&B vac. POZ BB preferred.

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  1. How much piss is safe to drink? (urge to drink ALOT)

    Can't do chem directly due to heart condition but want to try some second hand. Gladly take your piss up my ass.
  2. Profile pic too large...

    Try sending it to yourself as the various file size options and use the largest one that works
  3. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    Seems to be working normally now. Thanks!
  4. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    Upgrade may explain it. Required to log in each time I visit even tho I have the "remember me" checked. I-phone 5
  5. ass to mouth

    Oh hell yes! Ass 2 Mouth is one of my favs. Depending on how dirty the fuck was I may need a deep hit of poppers and be "forced" to do it but it is my duty and honor to suck the cock clean that has been in my dirty fuck hole. Cleaning up after it has been in others is an honor for a faggot like me
  6. Drinking my Piss

    Would hook up with a buddy at the local gay bars. He would be a beer or 3 ahead of me and always had an empty that he would refill with his fresh piss while I bought him his next beer. Sometimes he would refill it in the bathroom. Sometimes in the bar one year we went to the state fair with some of his friends. All day he would refill my empty cup while I bought his next round. Walked around the fair all day in full public view drinking his beer piss. Loved it
  7. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing your adventures, stories, & pix. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.  Wood love to breed it. Thanks for following me Bear.

  8. Thanks for the follow mate.

  9. I've stayed on my meds. Have been asked by a couple of out of staters if I would go off them if they came to see me. I would consider it but don't know how long you have to be off them for viral load to become toxic. Probably varies from person to person. The type of meds etc. have a buddy that says it only takes him a few days to become toxic.
  10. If ever in OKC this fat white trash bttm pig will gladly take your Toxic Poz load(s). Love getting reknocked up. Crave Toxic loads. Love verbal Pozzing talk during the breedings 

  11. Sex In Dallas.

    Sorry to hear midtown closed. Most likely where I converted. While the Club was ok it was for the twinky hwp crowd. Mostly posing and looking good rather than action. Granted it was better cleaned and maintained but that was one of the sleazy appeals of midtown. Plus midtown had all types sized races etc. my favorite was the dark maze with all the glory holes "a shot in the dark"
  12. Where To Unload

    Damn that got my hard. Recently discovered I like a hand around my throat pressing while I jack off after the top has cum. Maybe having the air cut off from the inside while shooting his toxic Poz load down my throat would be as hot. I do have a strong gag reflex that I need to be broke of. If anyone is in Oklahoma City and wants to train me hmu. If you have some toxic Poz buddies bring them along. But NO load refused.
  13. Proudly poz now. About 6 years. Undetectable. At diagnosis was told I wasn't just HIV Poz but had full blown AIDS. Immediately started on 3 med combo and within a month or so was undetectable
  14. Took bareback mostly anon loads in high school and college during that time frame. No Cock refused. Generally a "don't ask don't tell" but if status did cum up and he knew he was poz he would wear a condom. But took thousands of anon loads in tea rooms. Parks. Gloryholes. Peep shows. If fresh cum was still dripping down the partition I'd lick it up. Some would leave used conforms tied off and hanging on stall for hooks. Sometimes added my own cum but often would suck the condomempty managed to get thru it with just a couple of cases of 🦀
  15. Know chances are slim but if ever in Oklahoma City you can literally fuck the shit out of me repeatedly. Shit fist too. Keep me poppered up and make me Ass 2 Mouth after each round. Repeat as needed. Want as many loads in me no matter if Neg. Poz. Toxic Poz. 

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