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    Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma
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    Not sure how my avatar changed and kicks me out when I try to change it. That said, discovered I do enjoy what is depicted.

    51 yr old White Trash Poz Fat Pig Slut ... 250# (and losing), 6ft

    Into all sorts of raunchy nasty dirty wet action. Love rimming a DIRTY shit hole. Urinal. Sometimes toilet. Being shit fucked/fisted. Poz preferred. Toxic or undetectable. Even Neg. Undetectable Poz here with no other known STDs. On meds.

    Love to be gang banged sometime. Rough aggressive balls to the wall sex. But NOT into pain or a trip to the ER.
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    Its not MY ass, just some options..PHOTOS BY REQUEST

    Nothing required just SOME possibilities...or cum up with your own
    Pig, Rimming, Snot, Spit, Sweat, Farts,
    Scat, Fuck, Fist, 3-way, Group, Gang Bang

    Literally fuck the shit out of me. Maybe suck your cock clean after.

    Healthy POZ (undetectable 7/21/17) no other STDs, expect same. Hep A&B vac. POZ BB preferred.

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  1. Hemorrhoids

    Thoughts on rimming a top with bleeding roids? As long as the top doesn't mind of course. The idea gets my little fag cock hard and dripping. I'm a sick fag, I know.
  2. Thanks for the follow ... if ever in OKC use me like the 6 6 6 fag that I am 

  3. First Fuck Location

    Jr high. 9th or 10th grade. Had discovered bathroom sex and abs. Looked older than I was and never got ID'ed at the abs. For details message me
  4. Choking Fetish

    Being the pain pussy that I am, surprised myself whe I discovered that I like being choked either when getting fucked or jerking off. First time was with a younger (legal) black stud with an amazing thick cock. Always aggressive hard pounding literally fuck-the-Shit-out-of -me whenfrom behind when he put his arm around my neck for leverage discovered I found it hot and eve part of our regular routine. Since then regular buds will often choke me. Never passed out. And only with someone I trust
  5. Wankers!

    When I was younger as many as 10 times a day. Now that I'm on my 50s not so much 1. Wank when I can't get someone to use me 2. Wank when I am eating out a dirty hole 3. wank after the top has cum and hopefully his hand is around my throat as I jerk a load off. Usually cum big time with #2 or #3. Not so much with #1
  6. Senior needs

    There does seem to be an obsession with youth. The younger the better for many. Most are generally attracted to guys there own age (plus of minus a few years) so I can't really fault them for that. And you were probably the same way when you were their age. Yeah it sucks. But I have found that older guys don't have the attitude and are more appreciative as a result. Done would say it is lowering of standards but I like to look at it as opening up whole new areas of possibilities and pleasures I have missed out on.
  7. Got Crabs, My First STI. Help!

    Take a few deep breaths. Relax. Calm down. Crabs was my first STI. Got them from being a anon cocksucking slut. Mostly tea rooms and ABS glory holes. Can't recall how long it took to clear up but I don't think it was very long. Yeah it's a pain to was everything (the heat of the dryer is what kills the little bastards). Since you are going to get tested anyway have a frank talk with your doctor. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Nothing they haven't heard before. In other words it is new to you but not them. As far as not having sex until it clears that is your choice but as I am sure you are aware there are guys on this site that chase multiple things so it shouldn't preclude you from at least putting yourself out there. Just be honest with any possible encounter.
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So how do you define "monogamous". LOL
  9. Great pics. Love massive black cock raping my fuckhole. If ever in OKC breed me

  10. If ever in OKC hmu. Lots of common interests. Private me to discuss specifics. Oink & Woof !

  11. Strangest place you were fucked?

    Hottest and one of my earliest fucks was my first year at the University. We had hooked up in the cruisy men's room in the Student Union and there was too much traffic going in and out. He slipped me a note under the stall to follow him, that he knew a place. I dutifully followed the frat/jock type guy a few paces behind. Walked a few buildings over across campus to the Library and I followed him back to an older part of the building back in the Stacks. We got on the elevator just the two of us. As the doors were closing we told me to get completely nude that he was going to fuck me. He only unzipped his jeans and pulled out his already hard cock. He pressed the emergency stop. This was an older elevator that didn't set off any alarms when you did that. And as far as I know this was before security cameras were common. He told me to bend over and grab my ankles as he held my head against the elevator wall and rammed his raw upturned 8" or so slender white cock balls deep first thrust. I was really tight and no lube and it felt like I was being split in two. I yelped from the pain but it didn't slow him down If anything it made him more aggressive. He pounded my hole for a couple of minutes before tensing up and growling "take my dirty seed you stupid fuckin' faggot". I had no idea what he meant but the pounding he gave my prostate caused me to cum too. Before I could recover he stuffed his cock back into his jeans and pressed the "go" button. I panickly got dressed as quickly as I could. Managed to get everything back on before we reached the next floor and the doors opened but shoes were untied, shirt on inside out etc. He exited first thru the 5 or 6 students waiting. I quickly got the hell out of there. His dirty load didn't take, that didn't happen for several years and probably 100s of loads later.
  12. If ever in OKC hmu and use this nasty white trashy pix bttm pig. Dirty & Wet & Toxic Poz encouraged 

    1. renaissancemanuk


      Dirty, wett and toxic is the best way.

      And it is my way.

  13. armpit worshipping

    Oh hell yes. Love sweaty smelly Pitts. The top ordering me in there and then holding my head pressing my face into his hairy musk
  14. If ever in OKC use this shit pig most anyway you want. Shit fuck me. Shit fist me. Breed me. Drink your piss from the tap. Golden shower. Up the ass before/during/after fucking/breeding. Poppered up Ass 2 Mouth after each round of course. Etc. very few limits except for pain

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    2. BearOKC69_Poz


      Love eating out a dirty shithole. Being an asswipe right after you take a dump   Not the best at swallowing esp if on my back under s rim seat but love it when a man is comfortable enough to just open his hole up and take a dump directly into my toilet mouth. Since I almost never get flushed out for fucking it is my duty to perform Ass 2. Mouth after a man has honored my dirty shit hole with his hard Cock and breeding me with his toxic Poz DNA. So fucking hot tasting my own shit sling with his cum on that glorious cock. Also gladly Ass 2 Mouth any cock after its been in another pigs hole

    3. BearOKC69_Poz


      Only limits so far is pain. (Tt, cbt s&m etc). No pleasure for me. Just pain. I am s pain wimp for sure

      my faggot kunt is getting looser all the time. May not be long before I have to start wearing diapers for it.  Love being fisted and wanna be double penetrated some day. Have been ball fucked before and loved it. Heard about a pig whose hole was loose enough to get the tops cock and hand in, with the top jerking off from inside the faggots hole. Sounds very intense

    4. TopPigBB




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