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    Frisco, TX
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    Barebacking, Taking toxic poz loads, WS, Stealth, Perv, Kink, Gang bangs, Spit, open to anything else not listed. Love bearded and hairy guys, and Dom men.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Married, Bottom Cumdump, HIV- man looking to take poz loads. Few if any limits.
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    Poz tops to fill my holes with cum! Willing to take any and all loads.

    From the Dallas area, but travel to OK, KS, LA, MO & AR.

    Love AIDS wasted guys using my body for their pleasure.

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  1. Neg pig bottom looking for toxic poz loads. I can host the night of 9/26 at the Tempe Drury Inn. I’ll be taking any and all loads. No load will be refused. Wreck my hole and fill me with Poz cum. Convert my neg ass. Hit me up here or at 972-347-4809.
  2. Travelbttm

    Texas groups

  3. Travelbttm

    Being Broken In By Black Guys

    Fucking hot. I’d love to be a slave to a black man. Love how he lets other black guys use his white slaves holes.
  4. Travelbttm

    His Black Cum

    Love having my white ass fucked and filled by BBC. It’s especially hot when he is verbal and tells me how tight my white hole is and how he is gonna fill me with his black babies. Love being dominated by a black man.
  5. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Steve Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 972-347-4809 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Home: Dallas, Travel to: New Jersey, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, NW Arkansas Times you're generally not available: I can be very flexible Age: 49 Height: 5'10” Weight: 200 Ethnicity: Caucasian Into taking any and all loads. Negative bottom especially looking for toxic Poz loads, but I will never refuse a load from a top wanting to fuck my hairy ass. Few to no limits. Into most anything. I can host when I travel.
  6. Travelbttm

    Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    I’ve been fucked by all types of men. As a bottom I never turn away a hard cock no matter what the man looks like or his race. I love any cock I can get in my ass. My responsibility as a bareback bottom is to take any cock offered no questions asked. I’ve taken loads from around 5 different homeless guys and they were all some of the most passionate fucks I ever had.
  7. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing. Thanks for sharing your pix & adventures. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

  8. Totally into the same types of scenes with you and other like minded hog's. 

  9. Thanks for the pos rep on by post.  Check out my blog post for more TwisTed  stories.

  10. let's do it ! ill be back to addison soon  

    1. Travelbttm


      Fuck yeah!  Let me know when man

  11. Travelbttm

    Cumdump for use NOW!

    Neg bottom seeking loads nightly from Tues 6/20 - Fri 6/23. Taking any any all loads. No load refused. Into most anything with very few limits. Bring it on. I am hosting in Metairie. Hit me up for hotel and room number.
  12. Hiya ... thanks for the follow xx:*xx

  13. Travelbttm

    piss - do you swallow?

    Love all things piss related. My first experience was with an Air Force man in his uniform. He came to my hotel to fuck me. When he arrived he asked if I was into piss play. I told him I had never done it before but had always wanted to. He had me strip and get in the tub. He stood over me, pulled out his massive cock and started pissing all over me. He then told me to open my mouth and proceeded to fill my mouth with piss. He squeezed his dick and stoped the flow while ordering me to swallow. I swallowed his dark yellow rank piss and opened my mouth for more I swallowed everything he had to give. I have been hooked on drinking piss from the tap since then.
  14. Thanks for the follow m8 xx:*xx

    1. Fistulike666


      .... and for the rep too! :2thumbs::P:*

  15. Come out to midtwone Saturday. I'll lather you good pig.  Missed you at CU 

    1. Travelbttm


      I wish I could get away man but I have family coming into town for Easter.  Good news is that I will most likely be going to Houston soon for work. I'd love to meet up down there and have you give me a bathhouse tour. 

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