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    bare poz sex

    Full Blown AIDS men
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    Negative Bug Chaser in search of bare poz sex and poz cum. No condoms.
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    poz cum - bare sex - toxic cum
    I am looking for : To become POZ
    Infected and Toxic

    Turned on by Poz Men and Bug Chasers and Bug Chasing.

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  1. Negative take poz cum
  2. Nice Sicilian pig in bathhouse last week filled full of cum
  3. thanks for following

  4. Today, during a break - hole pounded full of cum by an Italian 300 pound bear - felt good inside
  5. vers/top negative here into fucking bug chasers and poz bottoms raw

  6. Hives

    Marks of progress
  7. Thank-you 4 the follow

    1. bznp


      Ur welcome 

  8. Cut Or Uncut?

    Like both uncut is really Hot
  9. Hepatitis B Gonnoreah Herpes Funghus Facial rash from cum - but went away
  10. Hives

    Don't stop
  11. Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    Think it's all how hot the moment is and how toxic they are
  12. In search of more poz cum

    1. curmud


      with U bznp. wud eat dirty azz 2 git preg'd; wud git preg'd 2 eat dirty azz . };- j'"'"'"

    2. bznp


      More cum tonight


      much needed filling of hole with cum

      chase never ends

  13. thanks for the follow

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