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    Leathered bottom men, hungry, gaped holes to fuck raw, fist deep and felch. Furry muscle and chunky bears and cubs, piss play, fisting, heavy nipple play and nipple pumping. Biohazard men, group fucking and fisting.

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  1. Thanks for following me Pig Daddy!  Love your stories and descriptions of what you get into.  Breeding a pig and felching all loads from his sloppy pussy, and then snowballing them into his hungry mouth!  YUM!!

  2. I fuckin’ want that with you HardOneLA
  3. I like you fuckin’ attitude RawChad. We need to spend some time together
  4. Last night went over to my fb’s house. He organized a last minute spontaneous fuck gathering. There were 5 of us there. At one point I was sitting on his rim chair with an expert tongue fucker working on my ass lips and hole under me. My dick was hard with his tongue working inside my ass and his sucking and slurping on my ass. A furry cub backed up and squared over my hard dick and he started to ride up and down on me. His ass was full of cum loads and he was leaking all over my lap as he was fucking himself on my dick. He couldn’t hold this squating over me and on my dick for very long with his legs on other side of the rimming pig lying on the floor. These guys know I like my nipples played with hard. I blow my load fast when they get worked on hard. The cub’s furry bear boyfriend got behind the rim chair and put some nipple clamps on my nips and was pulling on the chain and pulled hard on my nips. Adding the clamps was the key that pushed me over the edge and I flooded the cub with my load inside his sloppy cum filled hole. Adding my load to the gut warmed fuckslop already in him and leaking over me was great but even better was felching on the cub’s hole after and sharing the slop with the cub and his furry bear boyfriend. There was a lot more nasty play all night.
  5. Thank you for choosing to follow my account, Sir. It would definitely be an honor and privilege to fuck around with you sometime~

  6. I'm sorry just starting to learn how to respond,to a breeder,I'm sorry,,i will make it up to you,however I need too


  7. thanks for the add. !

  8. Fuck I want your ass pig. Breed it when it's filled with cum. Lots of other pigs to watch and swap loads with us. Sucking, felching, piss fucking!
  9. WUFF,   fucking nice Sir

  10. Thanks for the follow, have returned the favor.

  11. Hey stud, thanks for the add! Wish I could give you my ass to use as your cum dump sometime ;)

  12. I have this fbud who's a cum addict and phones me up whenever he's loaded and wants more. If i'm not busy and horned I go over to his place and add my load. He phoned last night and woke me up at around 1:30 am. He told me he had 6 loads in him and begged me to come over and fuck him. I quickly threw on my clothes and drove over and sure enough he was there waiting for me stinking of poppers and pigsex which is a fuckin' turn-on for me. I was still sleepy but the stink of his fingers smelling of his ass juices and cum held out to me quickly ended my sleepiness and i was ready for fucking his ass. He's stocky, shorter than me, covered in fur with big muscular arms and shoulders and a furry chest; nice thick nipples from years of pumping and has a shaved head and thick bushy ginger mustache and goatee. He was standing at the door in his jock and his army boots with this grin on his face knowing he had entrapped me for another fuck and I was ready. He got down on his knees at the door and unzipped my fly and started sucking my already hard dick. He's an expert at sucking dick and he sucks with a lot of saliva and sucking noises and moans....he reached up with his fingers and squeezed my nipples under my T-shirt but knows when to stop before I blow. Both he and I wanted my load in his ass and not down his throat. On the edge of his bed he squated on his knees with his ass raised and his thick asslips were opening and closing with juices from the 6 loads running down his balls onto the bed. He moaned for me to fuck him but I first clamped my mouth over his ass lips and began sucking and tongue fucking his furry ass. He groaned and pushed his ass harder against my face. There was a lot of slop in him and he tasted and smelled so fuckin' good. I was so fuckin' turned on by his ass fluids and his groaning and begging me to fuck him, that I stood up over his ass and slid my dick into him to the balls with both of us grunting and rough fucking against each other. I came almost right away I was so horned and caught up in his cum hunger. I pulled out and he cleaned up my dick in his mouth. I got down for some serious felching in his ass. He had a lot of fuckslop in him and we shared the slop mouth to mouth. I piss fucked him after and he squirted a lot of the 6 loads with the piss in my mouth which we also shared. I left soon after and woke up this morning with the stink of his ass juices in my beard.
  13. Very hot. Would love a poz, not on meds cock in me foreverd

  14. Topping all in my hole old man?

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