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    I am a gym fit bear from London who tends to hook up with guys on my travels. I have a blog of my adventures. I usually have bare back sex, and this will act as a diary of the guys I have met, and what happened. I live in London with my partner and he likes nothing better than to watch me take loads from our friends and fuckbuddies so he can use the cum as lube, we are friendly non judgemental and often host.
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    Sex, tops anon or regular, and I love slutty pre-loaded bottom guys.


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  1. Today after working at a trade fair and getting zero trade, I got contacted by three guys, all who I have played with before, they came round one by one, thank god I am finally home! 1. Local black care worker with a tick 7" BCC, fucked me by pulling his cock out of his hospital uniform, eating my hole, pushing in and breeding me 2. Spanish guy, oral only, visiting London From Madrid, I gave him a full service deep throat blowjob, until he blew his load in my mouth, I then spat the load into a cup and syringed it into my ass 3. London based Spanish top with thick 8" fucked me using the last two loads of lube, sort a quick load, then fucked me really slowly and blew a second huge load into my ass.
  2. A quick double breeding in NYC

    so hot ill be in NYC in March cant wait
  3. Today my firm was setting up a trade fair. The building was packed with people and my growlr went "ping". It was a guy, Spanish, in his 50s, asking for sex. I had no idea what he looked like as in his pic he was wearing big shades. I met him in the second floor men's toilets. We loitered by the urinals until the room was empty then ducked into a stall with a good door - one where someone on the outside couldn't see under. I sat on the toilet and he pulled out his nice thin eight inch cock, semi hard, which quickly got harder once in my mouth. I gave him some serious, very quiet cock worship until he tried to pull out as he was about to cum, but naturally I pulled the full length of his cock into my throat so he had no choice but to cum directly into my mouth and throat. As I felt his cock thicken and pulsate, he shot a huge load. I quickly swallowed it all, licked his cock clean and said thanks. After he quietly exited the stall, I waited a few minutes and then returned to work.
  4. This Wednesday I decided to join Craigslist and posted an add looking for guys who wanted a blowjob or who wanted to fuck, adding anonymous was okay. I also posted a picture of my hairy ass in a jock. I received a stream of responses, mostly, I guessed, from closeted men who liked hairy guys. The first guy with whom I met was a stocky, muscular total bloke, a biker. He walked in to my place in full bike gear, removed his helmet and gloves and pulled out a thick eight inch cock. I worshiped it for him, licked his balls, deep throated him, and played with his foreskin until he shot his load in my mouth. Tucking his cock back in his biking gear, he said thanks and left. It was a totally hot. Truly a perfect hookup. Shortly after another guy stopped by. He was not really my type, but as he had made the effort to walk over to my place, I sucked him to completion. An hour later my boyfriend got home and fucked a huge load into me which made it a three load day, but the following morning I awoke at 7.30 AM by a message on Scruff from a guy saying he needed to cum before he went to work and asking me if I would take his load raw. It also turned out he had recently moved only two streets away from my place. He was a top, likes fucking bears and has a thick cock and only tops raw. Also turned out he was a vocal guy, in his late 20s, muscular, dirty blonde with ginger scruff. HOT. So I jumped out of bed, douched and let him in. Without any ceremony he pushed into my ass, repeatedly called me 'Cumdump', breeding me post haste. Afterwards he thanked me and went off to work. Random, fast and very very hot. Later in the day he texted me, saying he wanted to make this a regular event. With this much success, I'm going to subscribe to Craigslist.
  5. Then on Weds a regular top gave me his first load of the year, and my boyfriend then used it as lube and gave me his first load of the year. Then yesterday, an old friend dropped by my work and fucked me in the office toilet and I took his load, it is now January 11th and my load tally is 8 so ill be working to get that up asap. I am thinking of keeping a tally and of giving more loads this year, so will be looking around London for good dependable regular bottoms too,
  6. I never slut shame anyone? If people here on breedingzone get slut shamed then there is no hope for anybody anywhere
  7. A top who fucked me late last year suggested he pimp out my hole this Saturday and put up a 'No Load Refused' advertisement on BBRTs. As is typical for London, eight guys said they were coming but only three, (including the host) showed. I put on a white jock and got on all fours and took the first load from a hung ginger guy, then licked his cock clean. Then I took the load of a hairy daddy type, followed by the load of our host. His load was promptly followed by a second load from the ginger guy, and a lot more fucking from the other two tops, topped with a second load from the host. I left at 2:00 AM with five big loads inside, keeping them in all night.
  8. A busy day!

    thanks ctcumlover that all happened yesterday
  9. Yesterday I was contacted by a guy who I know from my old Gym. It must be two years since Ive seen him. When we first met I used t see him working out, and after a while he messaged me on Scruff. I had an office nearby the gym and some lunchtimes he would come to my office and fuck me always with a condom, until the last two times when he would fuck me with a condom, then pull it off last minute,push in raw and breed my hole. I think two years ago I took two of his loads, which at the time was a huge turn on for me, and obviously for him too. Since I last saw him I think he has now got his head around the whole PreP undetectable thing as when he hit me up yesterday, it was on bbrts, and he was inviting me to get fucked raw by him, and a friend. He explained that he had started topping during his lunch hours with a friend who has a central apartment and they enjoyed tag teaming bottom guys together. He asked if he could send my picture to his friend, and I agreed. I arrived to be let into a building by a hot muscly buildings security guard, who showed me into the lift and took me up to the fourth floor and led me into a smart upscale rental apartment which by the look of things had just been vacated by the tenant. It turned out that this security guard was the friend who was hosting and my old gym buddy walked into the room already naked. My Gym buddy is Italian and 6ft, and really very hung, mid 50s and one of those tall skinny guys who just well, has a huge cock. The security guard was black, muscly, uniformed and when naked also nicely hung. Me and the Guard stripped down, grabbed poppers and went into the bedroom. I was quickly on my knees sucking my gym buddy to full mast while the guard played with my hole. I turned and sucked the guard who thickened in my mouth to a thick 8.5. The guard lifted me up onto the bed and put me ass up on all fours,I couldnt see who was lubing my hole but I knew it was my gym buddy who fucked me first due to the size of his cock. these two guys spent the next 45 minutes tag teaming me and feeding me poppers, they had really different styles. My gym buddy really battered by second ring and fucked like a train, the security guard much more playful, teasing my hole and changing pace. The combination of the two and strong poppers was mind blowing. My gym buddy came first, and made sure to tell me it was a four day load. The security guard pushed back into me right away and with my now flooded ass didnt last long and blasted his load into me. We all thanked each other and agreed to do it again, it was seriously hot sex and the set up with the handy rental apartment was perfect. I got home about four and met a friend who wanted to drop of a gift he had brought me from his recent holiday, I kinda suspected it was just a story and he really wanted to fuck and sure enough, he had not been in the house two minutes and we were kissing. he said he didnt have much time so we went upstairs right away and he literally pulled out his cock and pushed into my hole, trousers around his ankles. I am not sure he could tell I had been fucked earlier, but he did comment on the amount of pre-cum he was leaking. He gave me a long 45 minute pounding, on all fours, on my side and eventually dripping with sweat unloaded in my hole. We were both boiling hot so he towled off said thanks and hurried off and I rinsed off in the shower. I needed to cool down as the combination of the fucking, the central heating and the poppers, had me spinning! As I was getting out of the shower a friend texted me to say he was on his way over. I had forgotten he had wanted to hook up, and seeing as I had a clean (if rather cummy) hole I told him id see him shortly, he is a really cute cubby guy and one of the very switched on twenties PreP generation. I dont see as much of his as I would like, as he is cute as a button, charming bright,and top. We have been fucking on and off these last three years, I think I help him out with his daddy issues and he helps me out by just being a beautiful young man in my arms. We had the most amazing session of cuddling, talking, catching up, some sucking, a bit of him fucking me, which then built up to him pounding my hole and breeding me and just after he had literally shot his load, my boyfriend came home from work. He bounded upstairs to say hello to see me wrapped around a hot furry cub and in his usual easy going way, said hi, stripped off and joined us. The cub explained that he had just cum, but would love to watch us fuck and watch he did as my boyfriend got sucked to full mast. The cub joined in the sucking and then my boyfriend pushed into my hole and gave me an almighty hammering while the cub held me and kissed me, it was actually a really hot scene and full of affection that ended up with me taking my fifth load of the day. The cub showered and went home to his boyfriend and I on a whim texted the medical student who likes my hole when its really cummy (and by now it was dripping) and as chance would have it he could be over in about an hour, my boyfriend and I did some domestic stuff, then I waited ass up and my boyfriend let the student in. This guys has now fucked me about 6 times and I have posted here about him before, hes a hot young guy with a nice thick 8" who just loves going last, the sloppier the hole the more turned on he is and he spend a happy twenty minutes alternating between fucking and felching my hole, eventually busting four days worth into my ass. As soon as he heard the front door close, my boyfriend was straight back upstairs and straight back in my hole to give me a second load. by this time I was truly sloppy and he didnt last long before shooting a huge last load into my ass, my seventh of the day.
  10. on a roll all afternoon yesterday

    im taking that as a compliment!
  11. frozen loads

    Today I was really horny and had planned an ass up breeding session, two of the guys flaked and my boyfriend is away, but one guy responded on scruff and this hot student guy responded by text. at 4.00 the first guy came over hes a hot spanish guy and he fucked about a weeks worth into my ass before going out for an early dinner, then I texted the student, and mentioned I have some of my boyfriends cum in the freezer. the student loves a really sloppy hole so he asked me to out the door on the latch, and to leave the frozen cum next to me ass up on all fours. I heard him coming up the stairs, and then he rimmed me enjoying my cummy hole wet form the Spanish Guy earlier, then he pushed his cock in, he has a lovely thick 7.5, then he started pushing frozen pieces of my boyfreinds cum into my hole and fucking them in deeper, as they melted my hole got sloppier and sloppier, soon I had the load form the spanish guy and eight of my boyfriends defrosted loads in my hole, and it was really dripping, this pushed the student over the edge and he blasted his cum into the mix, then cleaned off his cock, said thanks and left.
  12. Yesterday I worked form home, but I had a serious contract to finish, but douched on the off chance. A regular texted me and came and busted his last load of the year into my ass at 4.20 before heading off to Canada today, then the local gardener who has fucked me a few times before messaged me on Growlr, and cycled over about 5.00, he is a beautiful tattoed dreadlocked Spanish guy, thin muscly and toned with a lovely thick 7 and the most handsome bearded face, came and fucked me with so much passion, blowing a huge load in me after edging me cock with my hole for about a half hour. After we chatted, and kissed until he got hard again, which led to load number two. Now dripping I posted an add on BBRTS saying "three loads in" and a guy I have been chatting to for ages messaged right back "can I be number 4" he arrived 40 minutes later after asking me to set up a door on latch scene where he came in and found me ass up on the bed. he made me suck him hard and work his cock to full mast, and was quite beary and dominant, then pushed in and gave me load number four, even after the first two cocks he felt thick in my ass. He then got me back sucking him and blew load 5 into my mouth. My boyfriend got home about 20 minutes later and couldnt believe how cummy my hole was, and pushed his huge cock in and gave me load 6. However much cum I have in me for him to use as lube, he is so big that it still is a real challenge even though he fucks me as often as he can I just never get used to it. I do love working from home, six loads in four hours.
  13. Ive not posted a while, for a weird reason, I took two loads off a really really handsome guy a few weeks ago, and if I had described it here, people might have been able to work out who it was, so I took a short break from posting. Last night his young Irish guy who just moved to my area messaged me on the apps saying he was horny, we have fucked a few times which is fine, but I think hes a bit romantically inclined which will not work for me, a fuck buddy is one thing......... anyway, he popped round and I took his load, but told him I have friends for dinner so he didnt hang around. My boyfriend came in from work and was pleased to find me with a cummy hole ready for him just how he likes it and we had a really hot fuck. Unusually I shot my load while he fucked me, and I think I was just so turned on because of what happened earlier in the day. I was working from home (mondays are the best) and saw a guy wanting a anon scene on BBrts, I walked over to his place and found him ass up on his bed on all fours wearing a kind of spandex hood so he couldnt see a thing. I rimmed him a while which drove him crazy, then pulled my hard cock out of my jeans and pushed in. It didnt take long for me to blow my load in him and his ass felt amazing smooth and silky. I was still hard so kept fucking a while to see if I could build up a second load but realised soon that I was done. I noticed he was rock hard so I slipped his hard cock into my mouth and he quickly shot a load which I swallowed, thanked him and left, All in all a good day. gave a load, two in my ass, one in my mouth!
  14. Random Lunchtime Breeding

    cum here Ill take your load
  15. Bursting to Unload

    in the uk poppers are no longer Amyl, they are made of something else, the go off really fast and are more headache inducing than fun to be honest, some guys seem to be able to get what I call real poppers, which I guess they buy in France Germany The Netherlands or the USA which are actually Amyl. This guy was from the USA and had an American bottle that was real Amyl, so I had a nice rush while fucking him

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