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    I am a gym fit bear from London who tends to hook up with guys on my travels. I have a blog of my adventures. I usually have bare back sex, and this will act as a diary of the guys I have met, and what happened. I live in London with my partner and he likes nothing better than to watch me take loads from our friends and fuckbuddies so he can use the cum as lube, we are friendly non judgemental and often host.
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    Sex, tops anon or regular, and I love slutty pre-loaded bottom guys.


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  1. Londonbear

    Three Load Lunchtime

    On Friday I was invited to take a couple of loads by my security guard friend who looks after rental flats, he had an empty flat so was looking for a quick lunchtime session. I invited a guy ive met recently with a nice thick cock to join, and we all met at 12.45, I got fucked really hard by all three guys, the security guard with his BBC, the Italian guy with the huge 9" cock who out in his thick PA for the occasion and my friend I took along with a nice thick 8. By the end I was limping and dripping spunk, then went back to work.
  2. I have been so busy I have not posted in a while, so here is a catch up post for the last few encounters. 1. A hot guy came to my office and fucked me in the bathroom. His cock was thick and he blew a big load into me. As he is local he might want to do it again, and has been texting me since then for a repeat. 2. My partner and I went to a friend's birthday party, which was also attended by 15 or so other guys. Our hosts borrowed my sling and groundsheet and set-up a play room. During the night three guys fucked me, and I was fisted by one. I also fisted the birthday boy, who was one of our hosts. I also fucked a hot blonde top raw. 3. On Tuesday an old fuck buddy of mine came over for a threesome with my partner. This guy is a real Scottish stud, furry, tattooed in leather chaps and a jock and harness. It all got really hot and led to me getting double fucked by my friend and my partner.
  3. Londonbear

    Random Greek Tourist

    On Sunday a random Greek Tourist contacted me on Growlr, he was very hair and nicely hung, young guy with a nice beard, like a big cub. He came over to fuck me, and after I sucked him hard he pushed in raw, then pulled out and started playing with my hole with his fingers. Soon, he had four fingers in my hole. He reached the lube off the counter and started pushing his fingers in more and more, while alternating his cock. Soon he had his fist in my hole, then his cock, then his fist, which continued until he shot his cum into my guts. Then he showered, said thanks and left. I never did find out his name.
  4. Yesterday I guy who I have been chatting to on growlr came over to fuck me, he is Italian, skinny, long haired and a chef, 24 yers old, and hung like a donkey. He comes to where I work and we kiss, hes gets really hard so I suck him, deep throat him and sniff poppers, then turn around so he can fuck me, he starts roughly fingering my hole with his fingers, and is actually really quite rough, then abruptly gets a condom out of his shoulder bag, rolls it on and pushes in. He is really thick so it feels good and after ten minutes of pounding he gasps and unloads. as he pulls out, he realises that the condom has simply vanished and he totally freaks out, I run into the bathroom and push out into the toilet bowl and what comes out is scraps of condom, a huge wad of spunk and some blood. The guy is still freaking, and says, but it is ok as I dont have anything......... I tell him its fine and after he cleans up a bit in the bathroom, we kiss deeply, and I tell him how amazing he is and send him my number.
  5. Yesterday I fucked an American Student who lives in a halls of residence not far from my office, this is the second time I fucked him, hes friendly, a ten minute walk away and cum hungry which is all good. I had had a stressful day and emptying my balls into his ass felt good before I went back to the office.
  6. Londonbear

    After a cumdump gangbang, do you catch something?

    I have taken anon loads at group parties, had fuck buddies choose the tops for me, and had a que of tops behind me waiting for a turn, I have hosted for anon loads in hotels in the UK and USA and I have a relatively rare rate of getting an STD, In my view, these days many guys who fuck me know their status, or are on Prep, or undetectable, and test regularly for other STDS so in say three years I have had gono once and chlyamidia twice, which considering the mount of cock and cum I have taken is hardly a burden.
  7. Londonbear

    shot my load

    Yesterday, after a few days of trying I finally shot my load into a very hot Italian chaser. I had been chatting to him on scruff, and his profile said he was 100% bottom and undetectable. I met him on a street corner in the west end and we walked back to his room around the corner, He had a very fit slim toned body, a lightly furry ass and a very big cock, which was thick. we kissed and he sucked my cock until I was hard and I pushed into him with him on his back, just using a little spit. I stopped to ask him if he had any lube, but he said he wanted me to fuck him without any, so I put a bit more spit on his hole and pushed back in. I knew with his hole quite dray and with lots of friction, I wouldn't last long, and soon shot a weeks worth of cum into him. He asked me to stay in him so I kept fucking him and kissing him until he shot a huge load onto his stomach. Afterwards I cleaned up and said thanks, if he wants to meet again, I might as hes very local to meetings I have in the west end, and giving him a second load would be good.
  8. Londonbear

    Pimped-Out at Lunchtime

    Today this building security guy I know had an empty flat. He asked me to take his load as well as that of his friend, about whom he wouldn't tell me much. I agreed, arriving at the flat at 1:15. The two of them tagged teamed my hole, the security guard breeding me first, then his friend, a hot young Asian guy with a nice thick seven inch cock. Then the security guard pushed his BBC back in and gave me his second load after a really rough fucking. Afterwards I was high as fuck on real poppers and dripping cum.
  9. Londonbear

    Two Blowjobs

    Office blowjob: Today after a week on antibiotics (my second since Christmas) I was bored in my office and got chatting to a guy visiting London form Glasgow. A classic daddy type with a nice long beard and stylish greying hair and a thick 7.5 uncut cock. He came to the office and I took him back in the kitchen and sucked him to completion and swallowed his four day load which i can still taste in my mouth. Second Blowjob: A guy I fucked with a few times messaged me last night on scruff, hes young, in his 20s and like a cute furry bear cub, he had just left the local swimming pool and was walking very close to my house, Sadly I didnt have a clean and ready hole, as I had just got in form work so I offered him a blowjob. He arrived literally two minutes later. I let him into the hallway and we briefly kissed before I got on my knees and took his hardening cock in my mouth. hes lovely and thick with big balls, and he quickly grew to his full 7-8 inches. I gave him lots of attention, licking his head and deep throating his shaft, then I started licking his balls, and he announced he was going to cum, so I quickly got the head of his cock in my mouth and swallowed his huge load. He always cums a lot which I love. He then pushed his cock back in his pants and pulled up his trousers, said thanks and explained he was late for a dinner party and headed off. Hopefully next time he messages I will be ready to get fucked, hes only fucked me once before which was amazing as that thick cock feels so good!
  10. Londonbear

    Three Monday Morning Loads

    better cum here then
  11. Today after working at a trade fair and getting zero trade, I got contacted by three guys, all who I have played with before, they came round one by one, thank god I am finally home! 1. Local black care worker with a tick 7" BCC, fucked me by pulling his cock out of his hospital uniform, eating my hole, pushing in and breeding me 2. Spanish guy, oral only, visiting London From Madrid, I gave him a full service deep throat blowjob, until he blew his load in my mouth, I then spat the load into a cup and syringed it into my ass 3. London based Spanish top with thick 8" fucked me using the last two loads of lube, sort a quick load, then fucked me really slowly and blew a second huge load into my ass.
  12. Londonbear

    A quick double breeding in NYC

    so hot ill be in NYC in March cant wait
  13. Today my firm was setting up a trade fair. The building was packed with people and my growlr went "ping". It was a guy, Spanish, in his 50s, asking for sex. I had no idea what he looked like as in his pic he was wearing big shades. I met him in the second floor men's toilets. We loitered by the urinals until the room was empty then ducked into a stall with a good door - one where someone on the outside couldn't see under. I sat on the toilet and he pulled out his nice thin eight inch cock, semi hard, which quickly got harder once in my mouth. I gave him some serious, very quiet cock worship until he tried to pull out as he was about to cum, but naturally I pulled the full length of his cock into my throat so he had no choice but to cum directly into my mouth and throat. As I felt his cock thicken and pulsate, he shot a huge load. I quickly swallowed it all, licked his cock clean and said thanks. After he quietly exited the stall, I waited a few minutes and then returned to work.
  14. This Wednesday I decided to join Craigslist and posted an add looking for guys who wanted a blowjob or who wanted to fuck, adding anonymous was okay. I also posted a picture of my hairy ass in a jock. I received a stream of responses, mostly, I guessed, from closeted men who liked hairy guys. The first guy with whom I met was a stocky, muscular total bloke, a biker. He walked in to my place in full bike gear, removed his helmet and gloves and pulled out a thick eight inch cock. I worshiped it for him, licked his balls, deep throated him, and played with his foreskin until he shot his load in my mouth. Tucking his cock back in his biking gear, he said thanks and left. It was a totally hot. Truly a perfect hookup. Shortly after another guy stopped by. He was not really my type, but as he had made the effort to walk over to my place, I sucked him to completion. An hour later my boyfriend got home and fucked a huge load into me which made it a three load day, but the following morning I awoke at 7.30 AM by a message on Scruff from a guy saying he needed to cum before he went to work and asking me if I would take his load raw. It also turned out he had recently moved only two streets away from my place. He was a top, likes fucking bears and has a thick cock and only tops raw. Also turned out he was a vocal guy, in his late 20s, muscular, dirty blonde with ginger scruff. HOT. So I jumped out of bed, douched and let him in. Without any ceremony he pushed into my ass, repeatedly called me 'Cumdump', breeding me post haste. Afterwards he thanked me and went off to work. Random, fast and very very hot. Later in the day he texted me, saying he wanted to make this a regular event. With this much success, I'm going to subscribe to Craigslist.
  15. Then on Weds a regular top gave me his first load of the year, and my boyfriend then used it as lube and gave me his first load of the year. Then yesterday, an old friend dropped by my work and fucked me in the office toilet and I took his load, it is now January 11th and my load tally is 8 so ill be working to get that up asap. I am thinking of keeping a tally and of giving more loads this year, so will be looking around London for good dependable regular bottoms too,

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