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    I am a gym fit bear from London who tends to hook up with guys on my travels. I have a blog of my adventures. I usually have bare back sex, and this will act as a diary of the guys I have met, and what happened. I live in London with my partner and he likes nothing better than to watch me take loads from our friends and fuckbuddies so he can use the cum as lube, we are friendly non judgemental and often host.
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    Sex, tops anon or regular, and I love slutty pre-loaded bottom guys.


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  1. Random Lunchtime Breeding

    cum here Ill take your load
  2. Bursting to Unload

    in the uk poppers are no longer Amyl, they are made of something else, the go off really fast and are more headache inducing than fun to be honest, some guys seem to be able to get what I call real poppers, which I guess they buy in France Germany The Netherlands or the USA which are actually Amyl. This guy was from the USA and had an American bottle that was real Amyl, so I had a nice rush while fucking him
  3. Bursting to Unload

    After taking a random load at lunchtime I realised I hadn't cum for a few days and my balls were aching, so I looked around on Bbrts for a willing and local bottom. It is all very well having a cummy hole, but if I am not careful I am prone to forgetting to top for ages until like today I am really just bursting. My favourite bottoms are pre-loaded and slutty, but I got chatting to a student bottom in a local halls of residence who looked like he had a lovely ass, who said he would be ready shortly to take a quick load, so I walked over and met him in the lobby. It was kinda funny as he had to sign me in, take me up in a lift to one of those student dorm places, but thankfully had his own room. As soon as we got inside he stripped down and got to work sucking my cock, giving me a really great blowjob, which was made better when, having told him I had been fucked earlier that day, he slid a finger into my hole, playing with the cum that was still oozing out of my hole. This was seriously edging me, so I quickly flipped him around and pushed in. Thoughtfully he had pre-lubed his hole with some nice gel or something so I could slide right in, balls-deep. He also had lovely "real" American poppers which helped me not to unload too fast. I tried to give him a nice longish fuck but as I had already been fucked and he had blown me so well, there was only so long I could last. I wasn't surprised when, before long, I shot a huge load into his ass. I couldn't honestly remember the last time I bred a guy, and would have to check my blog to determine as much, but in any event I think he got a good week's worth. Then I went back to my office and picked up some packing tape on the way home, which was such a lame excuse for being out and around but hey, better than nothing.
  4. Random Lunchtime Breeding

    Today, a guy who has fucked me twice before, hit me up on Scruff to say that two bottom guys he fucks both cancelled on him, so he needed my hole. I quickly cleaned up and he arrived at 12.30 and it was a true pump and dump, fuck and go. He gave me a huge three day load, the third I have taken off him so far
  5. Two Loads on a Monday Night

    Yesterday I was working from home and chatting to a few guys during the day seeing if there was an action around. I also messaged this young guy form Ireland who fucked me once before, who just got a job in London and has moved here. He came over around 6.30, and immediately asked me about PreP as when we met the first time he fucked me raw, then had obviously had a bit of a crisis about it. I told him that I was on Truvada and he told me that he wanted to get on PreP as quickly as possible. I must say I think its great that these super young guys can go get PreP and know about it and get out and find it. After our quick chat abut that he was hard as a rock so we got down to sucking and then some fucking. Sadly he grabbed my poppers, and took some, which were really old and crap. This seemed to be a temporary hard-on killer. Nothing worse than old poppers. So he pulled out and we kissed a long time, and I sucked him hard again. Then he pushed back in and got a really nice pace going and quickly shot a load into my ass. He pulled out and apologised for the amount of spunk, but explained that at age 27 it was always a bucket full. I think he kinda wanted to chat and cuddle, but my phone started beeping with work stuff so we said our goodbyes and promised to meet again soon. Pretty much as soon as he left my boyfriend got home, so upstairs we went and he gave me the hardest and longest pounding he has for a while. He really does have such a big cock, that despite my being pre-loaded and fully of 27 year old cum, it was a challenge to take it, especially as he was in a rough mood and really went for it. Eventually he busted really deep in my hole. Then we went down to take the dog out for his evening walk and I cooked the food I had prepared.
  6. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    Hairy asses rock, especially mine.
  7. Last night a guy I had met sometime earlier at a friend's birthday messaged me on Scruff and asked if I was up for a fuck. He want a door-on-latch-ass-up-in-a-jock situation, which I was happy to do, as frankly, I couldn't actually remember meeting him socially, so I saw this as a potential anonymous load, which is very hot for me. While he was on his way over, a neighbour who likes fucking in groups texted me to ask if I was playing. He is a mid 50s muscle guy with a huge nine inch cock, which is nearly as big as my boyfriend's. This guy only likes groups and never meets me if I am by myself, so I asked the Scuff guy if he minded a small group. He replied he was fine with a group, as long as he got my hole first. So at the appropriate time I waited ass up on my bed, the door on the latch. The Scruff guy arrived first, rimmed me, got my hole really wet and pushed in. His cock was amazingly thick, and we were both really getting off on the anonymity of the session, especially as the Scruff guy didn't even both removing his pants, he just unzipped, pulled out his cock, and shoved it in. As the Scruff guy was going at it, the neighbour arrived and pulled out his nine inches. The Scruff guy went kinda wild, and started sucking the neighbour while he fucked me. He was so turned on I knew he wouldn't last long, and indeed he blew a huge load in my ass within minutes. The neighbour didn't miss a beat. As the Scruff guy pulled out he pushed right in, and pounded my ass, exploding deep in my hole. Each then literally tucked his cock back into his trousers, said thanks, letting themselves out. My boyfriend got home about 30 minutes later, and I took him right upstairs. We cuddled for a bit, then he pushed on and gave me a really long hard fuck and really got off on my pre-loaded hole. Oh course he didn't ask me who's cum it was He just loves using cum as lube and going second, third or even seventh in my ass. He was also particularly happy I had made him this huge Thai feast for dinner, so after we fucked, took the dog out everything was ready to go. It's nice to be able to look after him properly.
  8. Sex and Work with Blurred Boundaries

    yes I think you are right, if I stopped the sex he might be less inclined to do work projects and the sex is now kind of expected as part of our interaction, I feel OK about it as he has a husband so there is only so attached he can get in the end
  9. Sex and Work with Blurred Boundaries

    He has a husband and I have a boyfriend so I think its just going to be sex but he does seem a bit smitten with my ass
  10. In September when working in West London, I got chatting to a guy on Growlr, after a while he came and met me where I was working, and later that week, came and met me at my house and fucked me. He fucked me really well and has a very thick cock and he fucked me raw and came in me. He is in his late 50s, and is quite grand in his profession. Since then, we realised we work in similar fields. He invited me to his home, and fucked me again, and again came in my ass, but then he began doing business with me, which has led to having instigated a big project which we are doing together. Now when we meet the boundaries of our relationship are blurred. A few weeks later when he finished work, knowing I had to keep working, he drove back to my house and fucked me again, raw and came in my ass. Lat night we had a meeting at his work place about our project. This took an hour, we looked at print material and I met his staff, with whom I will be working. After a while we went to his car, and drove back to his place where he fucked me raw, cumming in my ass for the fourth time. Then he made me dinner, opened wine and we enjoyed a civilized evening. I think that rather than just being a top who likes fucking me, he has formed a kind of emotional attachment and is trying to help me professionally, he has also looked me up online and googled me extensively and knows things about me he could only know by really checking me out in detail. And it is quite clear he wants to keep fucking me as time goes on.
  11. On Monday I was contacted on Growlr by a Brazilian, 37 years old. I had met some time earlier when I was out clubbing. He asked me if I was up for any fun. I was, so I invited him over after work, around 6:00 PM. He arrived on time, fucked me bare back with his very large cock, shooting a huge load in my ass. After he came he asked me if I was 'clean'. After he left a regular came over and went second, blowing a large pent-up load into my ass, commenting, as he was cumming, how slick my hole was after taken the load from the Brazilian guy. Then at 7:30 PM my boyfriend got home and dumped a huge load into me. He really loved going third. Then I made dinner, and we enjoyed a couple of gin and tonics. The next morning, I woke up and found I was dripping spunk. My hole was also quite puffy. I felt amazing.
  12. taking anon loads

    Ill be taking anon loads in east London close to London Fields park today from 7 pm, you can easily find me on bbrts as englishbear
  13. load used as ff lube

    Last night my boyfriend invited a guy round off Recon to fist me, but first my boyfriend fucked me while this guy watched and came in my ass, then the random guy fucked me, and then added crisco and j-lube to the mix, and started fisting me. He pushed in first while I was on all fours and i was able to take his big bear paw, after that my boyfriend and him took turns fisting the load deeper into me for a couple of hours, I have not been fisted for a while so today I am really feeling it!
  14. anyone else into breeding rent boys?

    Did he fuck you?
  15. Four More Loads in Munich

    Last night Friday I arranged to meet a PrEP'd-up young German guy who was very much my type: skinny, tattooed bearded and very hung. He warned me that he was not a quick draw and liked long sessions, and that he could shoot more than once. Sounded great to me. He came to my hotel at 8.45 and was much shorter than I expected making me feel huge at 6.2, but very cute. I dropped my towel and got on all fours on the bed as we had agreed. I could hear him stripping off his clothes behind me, then felt his beard on my ass cheeks and his tongue in my hole, he rimmed me really well and sucked on my hole, then suddenly stood up and pushed his cock all the way in. I had not seen or felt his cock before and was really taken aback by the length and girth. I do love it when a skinny little guy has a big fat cock. He then started to pound my ass really well, pinning me down to the bed until he announced shortly after that he was "I'm ready to cum," blowing a huge load into my ass. What happened next was amazing. He remained balls deep inside me, his cock remaining rock hard as he whispered in my ear that he had no intention of stopping and could keep going like this for hours. Which he did. During the next two hours he fucked me every which way using his first load as lube. This was a totally natural fuck, no lube apart from his load, no poppers and just intense raw fucking. He came in me a further two times until finally we were just so hot and sticky we called it a night. He showered and went home promising a repeat on Monday After he left I showered and checked my phone. The guy from the night before was in the lobby on the off chance so he came up and pulled out his thick Egyptian cock. I am not sure he could tell how much I had been fucked already but I guess he must have known as my ass lips were quite puffy and I was full of the first guy's cum. Just as he had the night before, he started pile-driving my ass, giving me my fourth load of the night. Afterwards he showered, thanked me, we shook hands and he left. I passed out on the bed with a sore and dripping hole.

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