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    I am a gym fit bear from London who tends to hook up with guys on my travels. I have a blog of my adventures. I usually have bare back sex, and this will act as a diary of the guys I have met, and what happened. I live in London with my partner and he likes nothing better than to watch me take loads from our friends and fuckbuddies so he can use the cum as lube, we are friendly non judgemental and often host.
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    Sex, tops anon or regular, and I love slutty pre-loaded bottom guys.


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  1. lets face it bears make the best bottoms 🙂
  2. Hi Guys Im going to be on a work trip to NYC staying right by times square and up for taking loads off local guys during my trip, you can message me here or find me on bbrts as englishbear Thanks 🙂
  3. I am just back form a week of work in LA, my hotel wasnt ideal as you needed a key card to get up to the room, and it was in DTLA which for a lot of guys might as well have been on Mars but I still took at least one load a day and across the whole week managed to take 10, there were some real highlights, the first guy who fucked me was amazing, a Rocan guy with a thick 8 was a truly outstanding fuck and a lovely guy, the local Chinese top loved a cummy hole and shot huge loads and in all I only had two disappointments, one guy who was hung like a horse, but kissed like a 1000 year old mummy an
  4. well compared to most guys on here I am a beginner but I do my best!
  5. As guys who have read my posts before would know, lining up fuck and go tops is a favorite thing of mine to do especially if I can make it work just before my partner gets home. This happened perfectly yesterday late afternoon. Now I cant usually hook up from BBRTS, as most guys in London who use it are only looking for drugs and chem sex parties, and I hate chem sex as nobody gets to shoot a load. But yesterday was an exception I got an oink on BBRTS from a guy I didnt know and it turns out he was working around the corner and when he finished his meeting he needed to get off. He walled aroun
  6. I do love working from home as I can see who is around and hopefully get a load or two before my partner gets home for him to use as lube. Yesterday I was really busy but was chatting to two possible guys all day, and one hot muscly cub said he was up for cycling over right after he finished work, which he did. Turns out he was American, but living in London, chunky muscly body with an amazing moustache which looked really hot on his young face and felt great while he rimmed me. He plowed in and gave me a really urgent fucking before blowing a weeks worth into my ass. I had noticed that a loca
  7. there is this amazing hot guy who works about a mile from me, who every now and then sucks my cock and swallows my cum. Last time he came to my house, I flipped him over and rimmed him, and got the impression he was kinda terrified I was going to fuck him. After that he didnt even seem to be on line anymore and I figured I had totally scared him off. He has one of those amazing bodies, smooth olive skin, perfect pert ass, huge cock, and such a handsome face, with a lovely short trimmed beard. Hes adorable. Anyway he seemed to be an oral bottom only, who then disappeared............. until last
  8. I really think making sure you dont get robbed, beaten up or end up trapped with a total nutter is very important. Having a friend you trust in another part of the apartment might be best
  9. Today this hot guy who fucked me ages ago hit me up on growlr, and said we should fuck again, but this time he wanted to play verse. I havn't shot for a while so shooting in his ass seemed like a great idea so I got ready. He came over and we both got rock hard, then I fucked him, but as I started getting close he pulled off my cock, turned me over and dove into my ass with his tongue, and then his cock. he got really verbal telling me that he couldn't believe hot how my ass was, and then get fucking and and rimming me until he shot what felt like a massive load into me, he then asked me to sh
  10. I know its not the usual thing to turn away tops or hot guys with big loads, but I guess I am a guy who thinks manners are important, I wont mess guys around and make a big effort to do exactly what I commit to and if I cancel it would certainly be before a guy had got around to douching let along collecting loads for me........
  11. weirdly this guy has fucked me twice before............
  12. I have considered keeping a few frozen loads in the ice box for this kind of situation, then if I cant get a line of of guys especially for a demanding top, then at least he would think I had made the effort.........
  13. so for today I made an arrangement to get fucked by a top who likes a pre-loaded hole. Obviously this takes some planning and with the number of flakes around, it has to be safely organised. So I get fucked by the first guy, who gives me two loads, now the second guy wants to come at 5.30 and the third buy just after 6........ Only issue is that I checked in with the guy I was collecting all this cum for to see what time he needed my wet hole...... and he has bailed on me. I also get the impression that if I hadn't reached out to him, he wouldn't have bothered to tell me he wasn't coming.
  14. There is a guy on bbrts I have been chatting to on and off for a year, he is really hot, with some short ginger scruff and a kind of handsome cheeky face, sticky out ears and a really nice cock we got around to swapping numbers and yesterday I went off to meet him at his, it was a bit awkward as it was basically the hottest day in the UK ever, and over 92 degrees which made the three tubes and the bus I took beyond sweltering. Anyway, I arrived to his air conditioned studio dripping with sweat It was well worth the trip, he was really hot, furry, fit a cute as a button and after sucking him ha
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