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    I've been lurking for a while and decided to finally just join. I'm a Nordic guy and I travel quite a lot now so if you're traveling to any of the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Denmark) send me a message, would be fun to meet up!

    Love the outdoors, hiking and skiing and of course fucking outside when possible!
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    I'm pretty horny overall and I suppose my favorite is sensual raw sex. Love top/vers guys that are into kissing, touching, fucking slower before slamming it in and dumping a nice load. Big fan of groups and the sexual energy of being a totally depraved cum hungry pig.

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  1. NordicBtm

    Folsom Sep 2018

    When is the fickstutenmarkt? What was your experience from it and have you been both top/bottom?
  2. NordicBtm

    Cum dumpster map on life360

    Please open it again
  3. Hot hot writing... please bring us more!
  4. NordicBtm

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Yep I think that's the plan! A nice start to a few days of debauchery!
  5. NordicBtm

    A Bunghole So Clean, It Will Gleam.

    To be safe I go on the assumption they're always going to hit second hole. So it means you need to rinse out well ahaed of time and then exercise or move around to get the last water and dirt out. Then rinse real quick with less water and you're good to go
  6. NordicBtm

    A Bunghole So Clean, It Will Gleam.

    In my experience this is unfortunately how it is. Your constitution, diet and other things affect how effectively things move through you so sometimes you stay clean for long and sometimes you don't. I've gotten much better at "feeling" when I'm completely empty so when I deep clean I know that it usually takes about 45min-1hour for the bowels to really empty everything (like you say, no dirty water left). If you stay clean for a day with a 4 ounce saline it's because you emptied well last time and lets say "the next one" is denser and taking longer to move through you, it actually had nothing to do with your own cleaning routine. If you do decide to deep clean (which means anything more than 4-6 ounces, preferably a liter or so) I would recommend doing it first once, then do some activity or movement to help move things along, and then clean out 2-3 times more after 45min-1 hour. With deep cleaning it always takes time to come out, and all movement helps, so just filling and emptying will tear on your ass too much before you're even ready to play.
  7. NordicBtm

    Help a cumdump to cheat on his bf

    Good luck and I hope you will have a fun piggy time being a cum dump!
  8. NordicBtm

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Haha nice! The Riu is also very close to the action... What are you wanting to do then for Folsom?
  9. NordicBtm

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Alright! Time is getting near! Who else is excited for the non-stop fuck fest?
  10. I will let you know when I am over in New York ;)

    1. DadP


      That's a good idea boy.

    2. NordicBtm


      Do you come down to the city on occasion?

  11. NordicBtm

    Cheating escapades

    Damn that sounds hot. Never tried escorting but would do it for a lot of money lol. I would more be the presentable business partner by day and fuck slut by night. Thanks for the comments and reactions guys!
  12. NordicBtm

    Cheating escapades

    Lol true. I have this kind of personality where I love to please people and be flexible. This leads me to kinda quickly go back into relationships even when I don't really want it. Every time I've had a new relationship it happened because a fuck bud became infatuated and then I was like oh-kaaaaayyy. So from there is the struggle... is that after that happened I've been like "ok now I can be a good boy".... NOT! At this point I don't know if it's the cheating I enjoy or that I just need to have sex with many men and take loads in my ass. I think the latter to be honest, because it turns me on to be in a relationship with a guy that is just as slutty as I am and then we could both play together and separate, without the jealousy factor
  13. NordicBtm

    Cheating escapades

    So like many others on here I struggle with monogamous relationships. I can handle it just fine for about 6-9 months and then it's like the floodgates are opened and the urge to have sex with other men cannot be curbed longer. I have this relationship now I've been in for a bit over a year and the past 3 months have just been overfilled with sex with others. I have a really slutty Grindr profile that just encourages guys to contact me for sex and since I have "neg on prep" most guys can be convinced to go BB after I have convinced them that I don't fuck that many guys BB (yeah right... total lie lol). This summer has been some kind of a record for me as I've had some low activity at work (freelance) and my libido has been ever present. The pride week in particular was nuts. The BF was going to see his friends so I had some hours to spare. I contacted first a couple I know who were in town since we had intended to meet up for sex. We weren't sure we would have chemistry so we had drinks near my house with the option to fuck after. Suffice to say we were all horny from the first moment and went home quickly. They are both tops so we started out with some sucking each other followed by a nice spit roasting session where one came in my mouth which I fed in a cum kiss to his man that then came violently in my ass. They left and a regular fuck buddy had contacted me and asked to come over. He gets really into the slutty son / breeding dad play so I was excited. He was an hour away so I was killing time on Grindr when a faceless Grindr profile contacts me from 200m away. Turns out he's a discreet top that needed to dump a load so I told him to come immediately if he didn't mind a quick one. He came over was a nice young guy who is into trained hairy ass (like mine). Was super turned on by my cum filled hole and bred me deep after about 10 min of fucking. Thanked me and left. 10 min later my "sir" came and found my wet hole with his fingers. He prefers to be the first to mark my ass so he punished my for being a slutty boy but understood and fucked me good and sloppy for about 30 minutes before planting his load deep in my ass. I snapped some of it with my fingers as my well used hole was leaking cum and ass juices. He left and my BF came home about 45 min later. He was horny as fuck so wanted to fuck and breed my ass. I of course obliged though he was really churning the cream at that point and there were big globs of cum pooling on his dick (I noticed when I looked back). I said it was because I had used a lot of boybutter (the lube). Though it was pretty obviously cum and he was really into how sloppy my hole was. Next: my weekend getaway with a crush online... (while bf visiting his family).
  14. NordicBtm

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Woof. PM me your whatsapp # if you'd like and we can stay in touch in Berlin then
  15. Absolutely LOVED the scene in Sperm Bank where you cum loudly into the guys ass... woof :) and nice to see you on here!

    1. Marc Short

      Marc Short

      Thanks, NordicBtm!  It was probably my favorite scene to be filmed in.  We were on the rooftop stairwell of a garage in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan, and overlooked by the Gaavensport hotel.  I am sure some of the guests figured out what was going on behind the camera umbrellas set up in front of the doorway, particularly when we took a break before going after Johnny Farell's ass a second time.


    2. NordicBtm


      Nice :D

      Just getting hard now thinking about it woof.

      It is among a handful of porn experiences where I just wanted to be there. I wanted to Johnny Farrell, I wanted to be one of the tops, I wanted to smell and listen and join in. Thank you again for making porn with such a real pig soul... ;)

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