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    I've been lurking for a while and decided to finally just join. I'm a Nordic guy and I travel quite a lot now so if you're traveling to any of the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Denmark) send me a message, would be fun to meet up!

    Love the outdoors, hiking and skiing and of course fucking outside when possible!
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    I'm pretty horny overall and I suppose my favorite is sensual raw sex. Love top/vers guys that are into kissing, touching, fucking slower before slamming it in and dumping a nice load. Big fan of groups and the sexual energy of being a totally depraved cum hungry pig.

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  1. How many loads did you all take during Folsom? Didnt go so crazy as I was feeling off first two nights, then a super slut. Got around 12 loads Sunday before and during C&C, great fun, and flooded ass with cum.
  2. It’s so annoying as I love random toilet fucks and other piggy stuff like that and the position of choice is then from behind like that. The dildo strategy seems legit but wondering if I am missing any other tricks to combat this?
  3. I have a question for anyone bottoming... I have been getting fucked more again lately after a longer lull in my sex life. (from focusing on other things in life) But its a consistent problem for me when getting fucked in doggystyle, or from behind like that, that a top with an 8 inch cock (20cm) or more will always "hit the wall" bottom out in my ass and it really hurts when they jackhammer the wall of my ass instead of into my hole. If I switch to lying on my stomach ass up, or take it lying on my back the hole is deep and there are no issues. I am wondering if anyone else has a similar experience and if they do if it is possible to do anything to take cock easier in doggy and these other positions where it is more difficult?
  4. 1. Insecurities and judgements in the bedroom you've gotten past. Being a hairy guy, very hairy. After embracing it guys in fact tend to find me sexier. 2. Imperfections in a partner that don't bother you Any shape and size of cock and guy. Dont want a guy to be super obese, but anything within reason I find sexy if the guy is confident in himself.
  5. I will be again this year. Renting a room with a top friend. Not sure if doing Fickstutenmarkt or some other party Saturday night otherwise seems like the same gig is up as with others: Biohazard Friday and Coffe and Cream Sunday. Want to also have some spontaneous fun, daytime fun etc. so trying not to focus all my attention on these parties.
  6. When is the fickstutenmarkt? What was your experience from it and have you been both top/bottom?
  7. Please open it again
  8. Yep I think that's the plan! A nice start to a few days of debauchery!
  9. To be safe I go on the assumption they're always going to hit second hole. So it means you need to rinse out well ahaed of time and then exercise or move around to get the last water and dirt out. Then rinse real quick with less water and you're good to go
  10. In my experience this is unfortunately how it is. Your constitution, diet and other things affect how effectively things move through you so sometimes you stay clean for long and sometimes you don't. I've gotten much better at "feeling" when I'm completely empty so when I deep clean I know that it usually takes about 45min-1hour for the bowels to really empty everything (like you say, no dirty water left). If you stay clean for a day with a 4 ounce saline it's because you emptied well last time and lets say "the next one" is denser and taking longer to move through you, it actually had nothing to do with your own cleaning routine. If you do decide to deep clean (which means anything more than 4-6 ounces, preferably a liter or so) I would recommend doing it first once, then do some activity or movement to help move things along, and then clean out 2-3 times more after 45min-1 hour. With deep cleaning it always takes time to come out, and all movement helps, so just filling and emptying will tear on your ass too much before you're even ready to play.
  11. Good luck and I hope you will have a fun piggy time being a cum dump!
  12. Haha nice! The Riu is also very close to the action... What are you wanting to do then for Folsom?
  13. Alright! Time is getting near! Who else is excited for the non-stop fuck fest?
  14. I will let you know when I am over in New York ;)

    1. DadP


      That's a good idea boy.

    2. NordicBtm


      Do you come down to the city on occasion?

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