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    Mexico, travelling regularly to Germany, USA etc.
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    Here?? Dirty sleazy BB sex with lots of horny, degenerated guys and free flow of spit, piss and pozz cum
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    German guy who moved to Mexico several years ago. Looking to appear in a BB movie:
    ice guy cums to a dungeon or bar, slams meth in front of all the guys (and of the cam) and ends up as the cum-whore for everybody.. no matter how STD-charged the guys already look.. I will take spit, piss and pozz cum from all of them and receive a PERMANENT biohazard tattoo during the orgy and in front of the cam
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    searching for the opportunity..
    see my amateur BB porn vids:
    Twitter: @BarePigTourist
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    guys and locations to fuck as much and dirty as I can

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  1. I love watching you partying and getting fucked!  Your videos are an inspiration

  2. WOOF !   Extremely HOT - like to be like you !   :)

  3. I've seen some of your vids! Really want to join one of your parties. I am in Mexico City. I hope I can be in one soon. 

    1. henriex


      I love chem sex and bug sharing too. And you are such a hot bottom. I am a bottom too, but I could top just to share you my strain.

  4. WhatsApp: +46704972643



    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Extremely HOT , Beautiful - Breeding and Seeding HOT !    :)

  5. Hola puto ¿Cuándo nos organisamos para una sesión perversa?Folie5.JPG.c4555b9226682392071b05d91b8979e0.JPGPozzedbyChakaCarlos_Compil_smallsize.gif.def254e439251a62025a899f51bdabe6.giflarge.IMG_4674.JPG.b946da9f098b8d2051b0dc041c32948a.JPGlarge.Diapositiva1.JPG.76a1fd419a0cd65126dc113710f244fb.JPGlarge.Diapositiva2.JPG.34cdb4cc343ef09a51d4abd67c5469f8.JPGlarge.Diapositiva4.JPG.167290e93efe5fe6a96394032be1d1e2.JPGlarge.readytofuckass.jpg.e3d2499a931b2776e2e47e75b12616ca.jpglarge.Folie3.JPG.78e1d8b451832a686de4103884be4188.JPG

    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Le's Party , getting Nasty and Dirty !   :)

  6. Well, I usually don´t say formally 'thank you', but since I am very verbal, the tops normally know how horny they make me, by the time they shoot their poz load into my ass. Bu I will say stuff like 'it was super hot', 'hope to repeat' ..
  7. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  8. no idea - in one night definitively over 100: in a Sex-event in Barelin, I started to offer my cunt at the bar and since a fuckbuddy was standing next to me and counted, I know that I received 70 charges there; and assume that over the rest of the night I easily got another 30. In total... somewhere between 4000 and 5000 perhaps?
  9. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to swap🦂 Cumholez too. Thanks for following me too. X☣️X

  10. Thanks for The Follow! :) 

  11. Fuckin hot profile.99? Thanks for following. If ever in OKC...

    1. AZRawPig


      Really like your style.  Just the same types of scenes I like share with YOU, too.

      See who can change themselves the MOST.

  12. here TimTyler I would really love to be in a no-limits POZParty with you - of course with taking pigs and videos and publish the movie showing how proud poz fuckers swap all kinds of filthy stds


    https://www.toxxxictube.com/user/2569/Miguelaleman 2018CDMXMartinMximilin2piggy.gif.db60aad8665a7e7522a3ec05d5bfd9ee.gifDiapositiva1.JPG.cbcf8c825ff83c70ded9b66fc9e54b47.JPGsuckinghottestcockintown.jpg.76dcfcab377abfd6fd9bd602f3941c9d.jpgDiapositiva2.JPG.25270285a8314f55398eda84e6dc972e.JPGDiapositiva3.JPG.3c4d3df54ef2cd7407b7697823bab329.JPGLalomecoge.jpg.f7630cd3790f2892160deba872f9009d.jpgFolie8.JPG.4381297e49d93dd0bd61a5a2e04d98aa.JPGFolie5.JPG.5410b4ed83624d40158d163af232abdc.JPGFolie3.JPG.bf371447b36d8cefb039d6fe13d92336.JPG

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  The Den - so Fucking HOT party's - being used and servicing others - giving - giving - Hot condoms and Poz Pigs deserving breeding others - Let's Party !      :)

    3. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  The Den - so Fucking HOT party's - being used and servicing others - giving - giving - Hot condoms and Poz Pigs deserving breeding others - Let's Party !      :)

    4. MiguelPozfun


      sorry just saw your message TimTylerXXX.. just wrote to you from Miguelaleman55@outlook.com

  13. Can you hook me up with Chakal Carlos?   I'm ready to be poz!   I can fly to Mexico City!   Kevin

  14. How can I get poz fucked by Chakal Carlos?

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