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  1. Hey there stud! Thanks for the follow. Woof!  J -

  2. i went during IML and it was fun. not sure what its like on a regular night.
  3. check out cockeye kink, they make HOT harnesses, no one else makes these kinds of harnesses. They made my Daddy Title harness and I love it!
  4. i have 4 my boy has 5
  5. Woof, sexy hot avator Akula.

  6. The funny thing is when I used condoms I still caught std's so condoms are not the end all cure all. Got crabs while using condoms and stuff from sucking cock so why bother lol. BTW crabs are by far the worse shit I've ever had to deal with!!
  7. I agree that most are probably to scared to let themselves bareback and enjoy it. i feel pity for them.
  8. I'd love to own this boy and whore him out
  9. The shitty thing is alot of times its not that guys don't go to the baths its the greedy landlords jack the rent sky high and the bathhouse can no longer afford to operate there.
  10. Thanks for the follow

  11. I agree, it's very addictive, I will never wear a condom or have one used on me again.
  12. Thanks for following!

    1. akula


      any time boy

  13. where you located boy?

  14. Thanks for the follow stud!

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