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  1. Reading comprehension does not appear to be one of your strong points. I said Bill Clinton TRIED to lift the military ban, it was due to the republicans who refused to even consider anything remotely like lifting the ban that we ended up with don't ask don't tell. I remember it very well being I was active duty Army at the time.
  2. haven't used one in 17 or 18 years, no way I'm starting now.
  3. Ok Rick lets look at this train of thought. Gays hate republicans more then republicans hate gays. Lets go back to the 1980's, AIDS made it self known in 1981 Ronny Raygun didn't mention AIDS until the end of 1985 but it only was killing gays so who gave a fuck? you might want to watch the documentary short by Scott Calonico called When AIDS Was Funny. It notes one of the exchanges between a reporter, Lester Kinsolving asking reaguns press secretary Larry Speakes about AIDS and Speakes jokes and laughs about it. Says alot there. Bush senior gave lots of li[p service to AIDS and gay rights but
  4. I fuck around with younger guys because alot of the older guys in my area just don't take care of themselves. They look strung out or have saggy asses and limp cocks. I have fucked around with HOT older guys and would again.
  5. fuck thats hot wish I was closer I love breeding ftm boy pussy. Even hotter if chance I knock you up.
  6. Hey there stud! Thanks for the follow. Woof!  J -

    1. akula


      your welcum pig

  7. i went during IML and it was fun. not sure what its like on a regular night.
  8. akula


    check out cockeye kink, they make HOT harnesses, no one else makes these kinds of harnesses. They made my Daddy Title harness and I love it!
  9. akula


    i have 4 my boy has 5
  10. Woof, sexy hot avator Akula.

  11. The funny thing is when I used condoms I still caught std's so condoms are not the end all cure all. Got crabs while using condoms and stuff from sucking cock so why bother lol. BTW crabs are by far the worse shit I've ever had to deal with!!
  12. I agree that most are probably to scared to let themselves bareback and enjoy it. i feel pity for them.
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