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  1. I seldom have problems with BBRT and have hooked up with a lot of guys from the site. I've been a member since day one and will stay a member.
  2. Long story but SW used to have a big steam room but the 2 guys that own it HATE each other and refuse to cooperate so its now just a play space. SW is usually full of posers lots of strutting around but very little action. Z can be very fun I've had many good times there but not been since covid showed up. Like most other bath houses it's hit or miss.
  3. I had this asian boy over to fuck, he hardly spoke english. I started fucking him and then I smelled the shit not just a little but A LOT and it was every where. I busted a nut and kicked him out and took a long hot shower. Had to wash my sheets and comforter that night, no way I was letting shit soak into my bedding.
  4. thanks for following, bud!

  5. Fuck wish it was like that when I was in the Army. Some hot fuckers I'd have been happy to rim, suck, kiss, fuck, or get fucked by. I miss the gang showers, was fun joking around and checking out everyone's tats and of course seeing what they were packing.
  6. That's interesting in one breath you believe in live and let live but then shit on people for attending pride or bringing their kids to pride. Just to point out the reason we are as far along as we are IS because if those people parading around half naked demanding our rights. If you don't like going to pride then don't go. Stay home clutch your pearls and cluck your tongue in disgust, NO ONE CARES. If you think being passive and hoping the str8 haters will be nice to us, well dream on because it never happens. We got rights and respect by demanding it, period.
  7. thk you sir


    2021-02-13 123921 (2).jpg

    1. akula


      you are very welcome boy

  8. Ajaxx63 makes a bunch of hot shirts like that. They used to have a booth at Seattle pride with boxes of their 2nds for $5 each, needless to say I've got quite a few.
  9. They have a leather mall at the main hotel and pretty much every major and minor vendor will be there so you may want to wait and see what they have there. Check out Cockeye Kink they have some incredible harnesses, they made my title harness and I love it.
  10. Very nice profile. Thanks for the follow, king

  11. Fuck... you are Hot handsome man.

    1. akula


      thanks pi so are you

  12. Retired military (21 years), commercial diver, now work for the Navy doing stuff.
  13. Well it's not much different then going to Steamworks or Club Z, lots of possers and lookers but no one wants to actually do anything. It's one of the problems we have in Seattle Men in Leather, guys say they want sex parties and classes and other stuff but when we organize its the same 12 or 15 guys show up but none of the ones who bitch that there is nothing to do. It seems to be a PNW malady.
  14. Club Z for sure too many posers at steamworks
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