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    Midlands U.K.
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    Briefs, raw breeding, broken condom play, hnh
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Sleazy top, sometimes pnp, collect my seed in a condom to use as lube on a hole, or put it in my Own hole
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    Made a few traiga films joe the plumber the removal men the cock inn
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    Chat, fun, pnp

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  1. Woof woof you sound right up my street lad. Would love to shoot my toxic spunk up your arse and take your toxic spunk in my guts too

  2. Love to have you stick that gorgeous poz cock into my neg arse

  3. Love to stealth you bro. Hear the pop and see the sheath tear as I go  balls deep raw in you and plant toxic seed 

  4. Love to watch and take part in stealth porn. A few lads a fuck bring their special doctored rubbers and roll them on my dick. Love hearing the pop they make a the sheath tears and we go from 'safe' to raw and they get the contents of my balls in their guts, then I roll the ripped rubber on their dick while its still covered in my cum and get them to extend me the same courtesy and destroy that rubber up my hole and leave me full of their seed. Afterwards I'll wank off with the rubber and keep it for a while as a trophy. I'll usually discard them at cruising sites where they never seem to stay
  5. Such a hot sexy bloke there mate...

    1. Briefsbreeder


      Cheers bro. Back at ya. Love darkroom breeding. Being spunked up and spunking up a random hole 

    2. DarkroomTaker


      Wish you was in my Darkroom fella....

  6. Hi men,



    I do like your profile and would like to meet you and get your POZLOADS deep in my POZHOLE???


  7. I sell my used briefs and condoms on eBay....guys like it and it's a bit of cash in my back pocket too. Neil.tift1978@gmail.com
  8. T slam high collecting my poz seed in a rubber





    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ronnie4u


      So Fucking HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - bet on demand all the time - buy a ticket for a Wild Ride ?

    3. barepozcumpig


      yes super HAIL Sarah Palin i like also frozen POZLOADS to use as lube.....


    4. ronnie4u


      Love to OBEYING your need's - Helping me - Instructing Me - Showing me - My Cunt and Uncut Dick is ready - anxious - breeding and seeding - being others Cum Dumpster - Young and Old - born to Please  other !

  9. Want to pnp play n poz breed with you bro

  10. Wanna breed n seed your hole bud

  11. Hey


    1. DarkroomTaker


      Awesome mate... thank you..

  12. Nice!! Love briefs dude

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Cheers mate, I love used briefs too.

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