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    Indianapolis, IN
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    Vers and Very Oral - love sucking cock, chewing pecs,licking sweaty pits. Love a good flip fuck - but also love breeding a hot boy....or taking a hot daddy dick or two....partnered with a hot big dicked top.....
    into role play, jocks/gear/leather/latex/neoprene, ball stretching, toy play and ws
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Behind the scenes at Falcon, Hot House, Raging Stallion and even Treasure Island and Hot Desert Knights
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    looking for vers or top fuck buds to explore hot raw times

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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed 🦂 your Cumholez too. Thanks for following me too. X☣️X

  2. Thanks for the follow! :) 

    1. hryjcklvr


      Thanks for following in return 

    2. Saturn1


      Nooooo problem! :) 

  3. Thanks for following me man :)

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    2. arseontap


      Fuck yeah!!!! Spend all night breeding and filling my hole

    3. hryjcklvr


      Be hot love to flip breed 

    4. arseontap


      not all the experienced as a top but would give it a shot to get your loads :)

  4. Hope to get spit roasted by my husband and a buddy I’ve missed - they will both take turns on me - a new friend wants the three of us to breed him

    1. LoadsNeeded


      I'd love to be bred by the three of you too!!

    2. jaybird


      tag team .. and doublefuck you?  :-)


    3. LoadsNeeded
  5. Thanks for the follow ... if ever in OKC use me like the 6 6 6 fag that I am 

  6. Thanks for following me stud!

  7. thanks for the follow 

  8. Hi buddy, thanks for following me ;)

  9. hryjcklvr

    Anybody else not care for darkrooms?

    I have a hard time relaxing in a space where I cannot see....in fact I’ve had a full on panic attack in a darkroom..:not fun
  10. Thanks for the follow!!

    1. hryjcklvr


      I should have responded in kind I’m sorry 

  11. Thanks for the follow!!

  12. Nothing sexier than a hairy chested stud wearing a jock and showing off that bulge!

  13. Hey man, thanks for the follow.  :D

  14. Hi! Thanks for the follow. Followed you back. Have a wonderful day! :)

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