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    W k r sloppyholes - drop me a line

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  1. Thanks for following, buddy

  2. A guy fucked me in a park when I was 17, it may have been my first fuck. Afterwards, when he threw the condom away, he turned to me with a smile and said I should bring my own condoms... my hole was very wet all the way home and I wondered why....
  3. I’ve always had pretty good control of my gag reflex and loved deep throating - need a bit of practice now. But all the guys I’ve been with have been too gentle, stopping if I gag, checking I’m ok. I want one hand on the back of my head and one around my throat, fingers on the back of my neck holding me tight, thumb applying pressure at the front if I resist too much. If I gag, I want the guy to fuck my throat harder, if I puke, fuck harder, if I try to push him away, I want him to fill my throat and stay there until I panic from lack of oxygen...... and then still just stay there! Choke me ou
  4. I can’t Dm you 


    what part of London?

  5. Love the cum oozing out around that PA...love you to fuck me with it and fill me with your bug

    1. Lockandload


      Love a greedy hole

  6. Oioi, thanks for followin, mate

    1. FFslutboi


      Oink, likewise mate

      Would love to get your strain if you ever visit

    2. Lockandload


      I'd be happy to oblige

  7. You’re a hot fucking AIDS pig. 


    1. Lockandload


      You better fuckin believe it, buddy. 

  8. [deleted] sloppyholes on w.-kr-.
  9. First time I choked someone out was in a club in Berlin. Freaked out a bit! Recently a guy I was fucking choked me just as I was cumming in his hole - fuckin intense
  10. Fuckin horny dude

    1. Madbugger


      Good pig. I like horny men

    2. Lockandload


      I like getting messy with pig men

    3. Dirtyblkpig


      I like smelling and eating dirty pig cocks & holes

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